7 Small Bathroom Design Ideas


Just because you have a small bathroom to work with, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or luxury.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make the most of your small bathroom designs, with practical designs and luxury features – to help turn your bathroom into a space you’re proud to share with visitors, and love using on a daily basis.

So, if you are looking for practical and sophisticated bathrooms designs for a small bathroom, here are some tips to help point you in the right direction.

1st Small Bathroom Design Idea: – Consistent Styling

When it comes to styling your small bathroom, simplicity & consistency are key. Avoid mixing different styles, or trying to add too much variety to small spaces – this can create a confusing or cluttered feeling. You may want to choose a modern look, a more traditional design or something in-between, but be sure that each component reflects the overall style you’re going for.

Mismatched styling never looks good, and in smaller areas, the impact is simply magnified!

The old saying, “less is more”, definitely applies to small bathroom designs!

2nd Small Bathroom Design Idea: – Selective Inclusions

Where large bathrooms offer more options for features and inclusions, with small bathrooms you need to maximize the space you have available. This means in some cases having to give-up certain “nice to have” items to focus on the essentials.

This may include choosing a smaller, simpler vanity – or one which hangs from the wall to retain the space below. Another option would be to use recessed cabinets, to maximize open space and reduce the feeling of “clutter” within the bathroom.

Combining key items can also be a great way to save space, without losing functionality. This is where a bathroom designer can really help to come up with creative ideas you may not have otherwise considered.

3rd Small Bathroom Design Idea: Lose the Bath

These days, most adults tend to use showers more often than baths – they’re quicker, use less water, and are generally more practical. While baths are often convenient for washing young children, as those children become teenagers, the use of the bath may become far less frequent. Depending on your family situation, you may find that a bath ends up gathering dust over time – so if you can live without it, why take up precious real-estate with a large bath?

Considering how much space the bath uses, many people opt to simply exclude one from their small bathroom design during renovations or remodels.

4th Small Bathroom Design Idea: Large Mirrors

Full-length mirrors are not only helpful and practical additions to a small bathroom, they are also an effective way to create the illusion of a much larger space. When choosing which wall to place your mirrors on, consider natural sunlight from windows or skylights which may negatively “bounce” the light off the mirrors, causing eye-strain for you and your family in the early mornings.

5th Small Bathroom Design Idea: Sufficient Lighting

A skylight can help fill a small bathroom with natural light, giving a sense of spaciousness. The skylight doesn’t need to be particularly large, but it does require consideration to ensure you’re maximizing the available daylight.

Your bathroom is not the place for “soft light” globes; this is one room in your home where you want to be using globes which emulate natural light as much as possible. You may also want to consider using a digital mirror which includes a light around the edges; this can be very practical for applying makeup and so on.

6th Small Bathroom Design Idea: Sliding Doors

While most bathrooms will use a hinged door, these do take up additional space in your bathroom when opened. The arc of the door means you’re not able to place any items in this space.

As an alternative, you could consider the use of a quality sliding door for your small bathroom. This way you are free to maximize the area around the door, without limitation or risk of damaging your bathroom accessories.

7th Small Bathroom Design Idea: Use of Niches & Recessed Shelving

Storage is a problem for almost every bathroom, and even more so for small bathrooms. One way to maximize your storage space while minimizing protruding edges is to make use of recessed shelving solutions. These can be used within the shower area (for holding your bottles of shampoo & conditioner, lotions and soaps etc) and beside, above or below your sink (for your toothbrush and personal hygiene items).

Obviously, you’ll want your more personal items stored within a recessed cabinet with a door, and not out on display for all to see!

Final Thoughts for Small Bathroom Ideas

There’s no denying that small bathrooms represent unique challenges, but engaging the services of a qualified and experienced bathroom designer can be a significant help. Professional bathroom designers are trained to maximize any given space, for maximum results, at a price you can afford.

While it’s always a good idea to do your homework (like reading this article!), it’s always best to seek help from someone who works in this area every day of the week, before deciding on a final design.

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