A unique gift idea for that special man (or woman) in your life


Father’s Day is almost here. Have you picked up a gift for that special man in your life?

I’m not a fan of buying gifts for men, with the exception of my husband. My husband is a big kid at heart, so I can bu him a plethora of things from toys to sports memorabilia, and from books to music. He’s so easy to shop for. Other men in my life (like my father) are near impossible to buy for, at least in my eyes. There are just so many mugs and bottles of cologne a man can own.

When it comes to gift giving, I also like to put thought into my gifts. I don’t want to buy any random thing. Every gift I’ve ever given my husband I have put a lot of thought into. Some Christmases I even have a “theme” where all his gifts go along with that theme.

If there is one thing I know about men, they love to eat. As odd as it might sound, food gifts are not a bad idea. Not only are they practical, but they are something you know the recipient will use (eat) and appreciate.

There are plenty of gift basket companies that sell gift baskets for men that include beef and cheeses, but if you really want to give a unique food gift, check out Manly Gift Baskets from The Manly Man Company.

The Manly Man Company Manly Gift Baskets are unique because theirs do not include cheese and crackers, like ordinary gift baskets. Their gifts baskets are full of jerky.

If you are not familiar with jerky, it’s lean trimmed meat that has been cut into strips and dried (dehydrated) to prevent spoilage. Jerky used to be made out of beef, but these days jerky is made out of chicken, turkey and fish. There are even jerky made out of alligator, bison, wild boar and yak. No thanks. I’ll stick to the less exotic types of meat.

I happen to like jerky. I don’t eat it often, but I have been known to down a Slim Jim or two here and there. Of course that brand of jerky is the “cheap” version. Real jerky tastes so much better.

There are different types of gift baskets to choose from. Here are just a few examples.

The Best Jerky Gift Box 

  • 1x Barbecue Mesquite Beef Jerky (3oz.)
  • 1x Old Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky (2oz.)
  • 1x Pepperoni Jerky- Straight up Pepperoni (2oz.)
  • 1x Draft Ale- Black Label Beef Jerky (3oz.)
  • 1x Whiskey Straight- Black Label Beef Jerky (3oz.)
  • 1x Manly Man Original Beef Jerky Flower Trimming (3oz.)
  • 1x Manly Man Teriyaki Beef Jerky Flower Trimming (3oz.)
  • 1x Manly Man Hot Beef Jerky Flower Trimming  (3oz.)

Pizza and Beer Gift Box 

  •  2x Pizza Jerky – Straight Up Pepperoni.
  •  1x Pizza Jerky – Meat Lovers Paradise.
  •  1x Pizza Jerky – Screamin’ For Supreme.
  • 1x Pizza Jerky – Aloha Hawaiian Style.
  • 1x Manly Man Co. Pint Glass.
  • 1x Manly Man Co. Coaster.
  •  1x Man Card – Beer Bottle Opener.

Bloody Mary Kit

  • 1x Mixed Flower Jerky Bouquet (Half/Full Dozen).
  • 1x Manly Man Co. Pint Glass
  • 1x Manly Man Co. Coaster.
  • 1x Bottle of Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning (8oz).
  • 1x Demitri’s Bloody Mary Bacon Rim Shot.
  • 8x Spanish Manzanilla Olives.
  • 1x Mini Tabasco Bottle.
  • 1x Can of Tomato Juice.

The Manly Man Company has several other gift boxes/baskets and other gifts to choose from. I find their jerky bouquets especially interesting.

The Manly Man Company sent me their Best Jerky Gift Box (mentioned above) to try out for myself. Or should I say have my husband and 20 year old son try it out, since it’s a manly gift.

I should mention that WOMEN can enjoy these gifts too. They are not just for men. Jerky loving women would probably get a kick out of the jerky bouquet.

I received all the contents in their Best Jerky Gift Box.

I was super excited to try the pepperoni first. I love pepperoni pizza. Interestingly, the pepperoni jerky didn’t have the same “kick” as the pepperoni you find on a pizza. That doesn’t mean that it’s not good (it is!), it just didn’t taste as spicy.

The “flowers” are actually bits and pieces of jerky (not strips). You can enjoy them as a snack, or use them to top off baked potatoes, salad or mix in with eggs. I think whatever you can use bacon bits for (that size of meat pieces), you can use the “flowers” for.

I am IN LOVE with the Old Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky that comes with this gift box. WOW!!! The moment I took my first bite I too claim on the rest of the package (LOL). I did share with my husband and both of my kids, but I was the one who ate (and thoroughly enjoyed) the bulk of it. If you like bacon, and maple, you are going to LOVE this jerky.

The Manly Company does sell most of these jerky varieties individually on their site. I am going to buy more of the Old Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky for sure.  Mmm… I wish I had a piece right now.

I personally was not a fan of the Whisky Straight jerky, but aside from that one, I like all of them that came with this gift box. As for my husband and son, they enjoyed all of them (although I didn’t let my son try the Whisky Straight or Draft Ale varieties. He’s 20 and I’m not sure if there is any alcohol content in them).

Forget about mugs and colognes. If you want to get a gift that special man in your life can use and enjoy, why not check out all the great options at The Manly Man Company, ManlyManCo.com. The brand can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Those links are found on the bottom left of their website. They are also on Twitter (it’s not linked from their site).

Are you a fan of jerky? How about the special man (or men) in your life?


*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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