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I’m all about simplicity. I’m a simple person and I like simple things. It’s not that I don’t appreciate technology (I do!), it’s just that I don’t see anything wrong with getting back to the basics.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list of your favorite products? Take for example a simple bottle of shampoo. I have no clue what 90% of the ingredients are, let alone what they do for your hair. Why can’t shampoos be made with something that just cleans your hair and nothing fancy (and certainly no chemicals).

Whenever possible, I like to look for products (beauty, cleaning, foods…) that contain simple ingredients.

Artisan crafted soap maker, Soapcreek Company,is making more than another pretty soap. They’re soaps are made without synthetic fragrances, dyes, and other harsh chemicals. They replace them with sustainably-sourced essential oils, natural clays, minerals, butters, and herbs.

The meaning of natural doesn’t stop at the ingredients used. Soapcreek abandons the ideals of modern soap making with complicated, technical processes for handmade products. Their products are crafted in a labor-intensive way being hand-poured and hand-mixed. There’s an actual person overseeing every step of their soap-making process from making sure the right ingredients get added at the proper time and in the proper amounts, to verifying that the mixing is thorough and complete. The end result is an original, artistic product.

Soapcreek Company’s products are also made right here in the U.S.A. They also use minimal, recyclable packaging, to encourage people to conserve, re-use, recycle, and make the world a better place for all.

I have purchased and used handmade artisan soaps over the years (most especially from our local street fair). What I love about handmade soaps is that they are sometimes to pretty to use. I love it when soap makers made soaps with different colors, patterns and designs and/or add decorative embellishments like visible flower petals.

Soapcreek Company soaps are equally as beautiful.

The brand sent me some of their soaps and other products to try out for myself.

The Soapcreek Company sells soaps, heel balm, lip balm, body butter creams, bath bombs and more.

I was sent to review some of their beautiful soaps, lip balm, heel butter and body butter.

I received the brand’s Lavender Honey and Provence Lavender soaps. They both were way too pretty to use, but I did.

The Lavender Honey soap has soothing Aloe and French Clay, with another layer loaded with Raw Honey to hold moisture to the skin. The top layer is a purple’ish color, and bottom layer is a honey color. The honey layer has a honeycomb design on it (the bottom of the soap). On the lavender side of the soap it’s topped with what I suspect is orange rind which gives it it’s touch of citrus scent.

The texture of the soap feels good on your skin too. I find it invigorating.

The Provence Lavender soap is a layered in dark and light purple. It’s made with relaxing lavender essential oil, and soothing Aloe Vera, with Clay straight from France. It’s topped with a sprinkling of lavender flower pieces. Of the two soaps, this one is my favorite as far as the scent goes.


Both soaps feel lovely on your skin. They rinse of fully and leave your skin looking good and feeling wonderful. These are far better than commercially made, mass produced soaps. The difference is very obvious.

The Lavender Lush Lip Mend that I received is also nice. It is lightly fragranced with lavender. I’ve used many lip balms over the years, but never one that was scented with lavender.

The lip mend/balm is made with coconut, jojoba seed and sweet almond oils. It’s oily instead of waxy like most lip balms. At first it took a bit of getting used to (I am used to a popular lip balm that is waxy). After I got used to the feeling of it, it’s not so bad. It does take a little bit to fully absorb, so I would hold off eating or drinking until it does (only because you don’t want it to wipe off).

I LOVE the Lavender Honey Body Butter Cream. Not only does it smell lovely (and relaxing), but it also feels good on  your skin and leaves your skin feeling so soft and soothed.

I use the body butter cream every time I shower and shave my legs. This body butter cream is excellent on freshly shaven legs. It soothes them and leaves them feeling so soft.

I also use this body cream all over my body, concentrating on places where I tend to get dry skin more often such as my arms and elbows.

This product is made with exotic butter, raw organic honey, and nourishing olive oil. A little bit goes a long way too.

I also received to review the brand’s Heel Butter. It’s currently only available in a Lavender Eucalyptus scent.

I do not see any ingredients listed for this product on the brand’s website, but ingredients listed on the side of the tube list shea butter, cocoa seed butter and sweet almond oil as some of it’s ingredients.

This product comes in a tube that you push up to access the product. I like that you don’t have to touch the product to put it on your feet. Simply push up the product from the tube and rub it on your feet.

I recommend using this product at bedtime because it takes a while before it fully absorbs into your skin, especially your heels. You don’t want to chance slipping on the floor.

I didn’t find that this product helped to “cure” or “fix” dry, cracked heels, but it does make your feet feel great if you first remove the dead skin (using a pumice stone or a product like Pedicure). Once dry skin is remove, this product is ideal for maintaining your skins moisture and preventing cracking from happening.

Did I mention that this smells wonderful too?

Overall I have been very pleased with all the products I received to review from Soapcreek Company.

If you are interested in learning more about the brand or checking out their products, visit Soapcreek.com. I don’t see any social media accounts listed on their website, but I was able to find the brand on Facebook.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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