Reading Reviews Can Save You a Hassle


Are All the Items I Buy Actually Good Quality?

Do you read reviews before actually buying? Taking the time to read reviews of products you are looking to buy will prevent owning poor quality products and having to waste time returning or reordering something better. Many online stores now provide great return policies but not all of them. Instead of being left to the mercy of the seller, take precautions that are no different than you would find at an in-person store. Imagine walking into a store blindfolded and hoping to pick up the right product. This is the equivalent of buying products without reading reviews.

What Am I Actually Buying?

Unfortunately, with trends being the driving force for many consumer products, many sellers will imitate low-quality versions of high-quality products and post pictures showing the product you think you will receive. This is known as deceitful marketing and can leave a user frustrated and betrayed. Many sellers are guilty of this, so it is important to scan reviews for keywords such as:

  • Good/great quality
  • Works well/works great
  • Will buy again
  • Love it
  • Happy with purchase
  • Highly recommend

Some listings have a lot of reviews which doesn’t promote you to want to read through them. Simply scanning and skimming for keywords is simple and only takes a few minutes out of your day. You can avoid being lopped into the one-star section of angry customers who didn’t read reviews first by doing this.

How Can I Trust These Reviews?

Sure, anybody can be paid to come up with false reviews, which in turn can defeat its purpose. However, if one can’t tell upon first glance, there are sites that hire actual people who have used certain equipment or products. Those that have used the equipment or product provide the best reviews. Also, find the pro deals that are out there. This is a chance for you, as an expert in your particular area, to help others find the products and services that people need while enjoying a discount on products and equipment you love.

There are not a lot of ways to verify information, but this is a very viable option. Building this trust is also important, due to the fact that it would be nice to have a product you can always rely on time and time again. By listening to or reading a review by someone who has used a certain product, it would help the decision-making process.

Do People Actually Buy This?

It’s not easy to tell at first glance how many happy customers bought a particular item. Some sellers simply post the product and receive zero reviews. This could be for harmless reasons, for example, the seller may have chosen to list a rather unpopular item. Regardless, one should look at the number of orders placed and how many highly-rated views it obtained. Not all sites have this. They may have order numbers, ratings, one of each, or possibly none. The latter is rare, but you can’t always depend on just one indicator.

Having high orders and a high amount of great customer reviews is much better than going off of one marker. You want to improve your probability of receiving the right product quality by taking preventative measures. If I were buying a filtration system, I would read thorough reviews until I am fully satisfied and confident with what I am getting.

Why “Just Returning It” Won’t Always Work

You are buying for the convenience of your item being shipped to you, right? Why waste time dealing with unreliable returns that make your life harder? Many wholesale sites ship from China, which means it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for a package just to arrive. This outdated package system also applies to returns as well.

Plan on getting gifts during the holidays? Expect another month of waiting due to an increased volume of orders from around the world. I, for example, ordered a pack of sculpting tools and never actually received them! I waited for months. This does not happen to everyone; however, this is also another reason why you must check who you’ve bought from. You may end up in an unlucky situation like I did. This is not said to exclude China-based sellers, as many top sellers and products of quality today are from China. It is simply the fact that no matter where you buy from, or what country, you should always gloss over reviews to save you time and energy.

Preparing Is Always Beneficial To You

You should feel confident in your online shopping journey. This article has provided the necessary tools in making your shopping experience a few steps up from the norm. Can you honestly say you’d be able to prepare for all scenarios? It’s not realistic. However, you can use these tips to make your shopping, the majority of the time, hassle-free. Building your confidence is key to getting the right products for you.

Check out the fun and unique games at Far Out Toys


I work with children in an after school program. In addition to homework help, we do crafts and projects with the kids, take them outside to play, play in the gym and go to the computer lab. We also make sure to have plenty of games and arts & craft supplies on hand.

My “work kids” love to play games. We have a fun assortment, from classic games like chess and checkers, to current,  popular games.

Card games and board games are fine, but sometimes my “work kids” like games that are a bit more involved.

The website, Far Out Toys, carries a very unique, and very fun, assortment of games. They were kind enough to send me a couple of games to try out with my “work kids.”

I am sorry, but I am unable to show photos of my “work kids” on my site (for obvious reasons). I tried to get pictures of them playing the games (back of heads, just the hands) but nothing worked out. I did get a few photos, but they were not the best quality. Sorry.

I was sent to review the following fun games.

Springing Spiders


The moment I saw the video about this game (see below) I knew I had to get this for my “work kids.”

Some of my work kids are totally into horror and creepy stuff (they are 4th – 6th graders, 9-12 years old). What is more creepy that spiders flying through the air?


This is by far the easiest game to set up. All you need to do is remove the side pieces from the box and attach the plastic spider web. That’s it! That is all you need to do. I also like that it’s easy to clean up and put away.

The game comes with black spiders and white spiders.

The object of the game is to get the most spiders (of your color) on the web. That might sound easy, but it’s not. Whenever the web is hit with a spider it wiggles a bit, which sometimes causes a spider or two to come lose and fall off.

The most of a single color I have seen when watching the kids play this game is four. They kids play the game when I am not around, so it’s possible someone has been able to get more spiders to stick successfully.

The kids LOVE to use the spiders in other ways. One way I’ve seen them use the spiders is place them at the end of the cafeteria table and see who can get a spider to travel the furthest down the table.

I’ve also seen the kids simply flinging them through the air for the fun of it.

It didn’t take me long to get the knack of launching a spider. All you need to do is push down on it’s end and is launches into the air.

I have the kids put the different colored spiders into different zip lock bags. That way I can make sure we have all the pieces. The game and web fit nicely into the box.

This game reminds me of a game I played as a kid, but for the life of me I cannot remember what the game was.

Boneless Chicken Launch

Just reading that name makes me laugh. This has to be one of the silliest games I have ever played.

This game requires just a wee bit more of a set up than the Springing Spider game, but it takes second. You just have to put the fence together, which is just pushing the main piece into the support pieces.

The game comes with boneless chickens. They are plush chickens that have no filling in them. They are kind of like deflated bean bags in a way. They are bean bags without the beans!

To play Boneless Chicken Launch, simply gather up the chickens and place them one at a time on the chair perched on top of the launcher piece. Then aim your chicken towards the fence and hit the launcher and watch your chicken fly through the air. It’s the funniest thing.

Check out the brief video about this game.


This game takes practice. You need to try out different “strength” (for lack of a better description) when hitting the launcher. Too hard and your chicken will overshoot the fence. Too light and your chicken is going no where.

You also have to play around with the distance from the launcher to the fence. Too far and you can miss the fence. Too close and you can overshoot the fence.

No two people play the game the same way. I have seen kids place the launcher at different spots on the table. It also takes a few tries before you get the knock of it.

I have seen kids have a chicken or two land on the fence. They mostly land on the one point spot. I have seen a few land on the three point spot.

I’ve noticed that the launcher is easier to use now compared to the first several times the kids played the game. I think it needs a few games to get lose enough to make it easier to launch the adorable chickens.

As for me, I have yet to have a chicken land on the fence. I’m really bad at this game. LOL!

I have the kids place the five boneless chickens in a plastic bag, then place them in the game box to ensure that none of the chicken fly the coop (ha ha, I couldn’t resist).

Both of these games are available for purchase on Amazon.com. They sell for $14.99, which is pretty much the average price for games.

Because of the uniqueness of these games, and the silliness of the Boneless Chicken Launch game, I think these games would make great holiday gifts. They would also make gifts for traveling due to the fact they are easy to set up and come with few pieces to worry about losing.

To see what other fun games Far Out Toys has to offer, visit FarOutToysInc.com. The brand is also on social media. You can find the links at the bottom of their website.

What do you think about these games? Do they look like something fun that your child would love to play?


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas from Santa and Playmobil


Can you believe that Christmas is fast approaching? We have just a few weeks left before the big day. I don’t know about you, but I still need to finish shopping. I have next to nothing for my kids (they are young adults – all they want is cash or gift cards, sigh…). I only have a couple of things for my husband. I’m already finished with my co-workers and son’s girlfriend.

If you are in the market for some fun gift ideas for a child, let me tell you about a super adorable holiday play set from Playmobil. It’s called Christmas Bakery with Cookie Cutters (Item Number: 9493). It is a delightful play set that would make an ideal pre-Christmas gift for your child.

I know, some people are probably wondering why I am referring to it as a pre-Christmas gift. That is because it’s holiday related, so you’d want your child to get the most out of it before Christmas, just in case you pack away such items after the holidays are over, only to bring it out again next year.

I adore Playmobil sets, so it goes without saying that I jumped on the chance to review a play set from Playmobil. They sent me the Christmas Bakery with Cookie Cutters set to review.

This set took my husband and I about an hour to put together. It probably would have taken less time, but some of the pieces are itty bitty and we have “sausage fingers.” Ha ha. Thankfully the instructions are well laid out, including drawings which helped immensely.

This set has all you need to have hours of fun “baking” cookies with Santa and his elf helpers.

This set comes with Santa (dressed up in his bakery attire), two elves, two cats (one with a movable head), a mail box – complete with a letter to Santa, detailed bakery equipment and the cutest little cookies and baked goods you’ve ever seen.

The bakery can be played with both inside and outside. The outside features the mailbox, working front door and a slide/shoot that the baked goods come out of, making it easier to load them on to Santa’s sled.

The inside of the bakery features very detailed cooking equipment, such as a cookie press and milk, as well as logs for the oven and a big press table.

The oven door opens and closes, and there is a slot on the inside that you can push the baked goods through so they came down the shoot.

There is also an upper floor that Santa or the elves can take a nap in (or to store some of the equipment).

Here are some images from the play set I was sent to review. My apologies for the poor quality. It’s so much nicer in person.

Playmobil put a lot of detail in this set. For example, there is a pretzel that hands from the front on a plastic chain. Another great example is that one of the cats can move it’s head so you can have it eat or drink from the included bowl.

One of my favorite features is the Santa letter that goes into the mailbox. I think that is such a sweet (no pun intended) idea for this bakery set. I never thought to send Santa my sweet treats wish list.

The little recipe book is cute too.

This play set comes with something different that other Playmobil sets – cookie cutters.

Placed on top of the roof are three little cookie cutters and one cookie press that looks like a smiley face. I didn’t take a picture of the smiley face, but it’s located under the chimney. The chimney pops off to be used as a press.

The cookie cutters feature an angel, Santa and an elf.

These cookie cutters can work as real cookie cutters, but they are a bit small. None the less, kids can use them to make cookies with grandma, or use them as cookie cutters for Play Doh or a similar product.

The cookie cutters don’t stick to the roof, so I would recommend taking them off when playing with the building.

This set would go great with other holiday sets from Playmobil, like their Advent Calendar set, like the 1-2-3 Advent Calendar: Christmas in the Forest.

The Playmobil Christmas Bakery with Cookie Cutters is available for purchase on the Playmobil website. I also see that the set is available at other retailers as well, including Amazon.

What do you think about this cute play set? Does it look like something your child/grandchild might like?


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Oliver the Ornament Meets Belle


Our kids at Christmas time (many years ago – they are adults now). In the background you can see some of our ornaments.

Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, are you one of those families/people that enjoy putting their tree up ASAP after Thanksgiving (or even before Thanksgiving), or do you prefer to wait until closer to Christmas? Do you have an artificial tree, or a real tree?

I heard on the news the other day that you should only keep a real tree for 14 days. After that, it can become a potential fire hazard. As much as I love the look and smell of real trees, stuff like that scares the heebie jeebies out of me.

As for me and my family, we have a artificial tree. We put it up the day after Thanksgiving and make it a point of hanging the ornaments together, as a family.

My uncle bought me this ornament the year my mom was in the hospital for Christmas. She would buy me a new ornament each year, but she couldn’t that year, so my uncle filled in for her and bought me this reindeer ornament. 

If you look at our Christmas tree, it does not resemble something you’d see in a department store. Our tree is overflowing with purchased ornaments, and handmade ornaments. There are ornaments on the tree that my husband and I had as children (and we’re in our 50’s), including a handmade ornament my 3rd grade teacher gave me. Also on our tree are many ornaments our kids have made us over the years, both at school and at home. Some are well thought out and planned (school ones), and others are just random things our kids chose to make at home, using whatever we had at that time (paper, glitter, gems…).

The best part of decorating our Christmas tree is reliving the moments and memories behind each and every ornament. Each one tells a story, albeit even if it’s a as brief as “I saw it and I liked it.”

Last year I did a review post about an adorable book set called Oliver the Ornament. The set included a charming book and a cute ornament. You can read that review here – Oliver the Ornament.

Oliver the Ornament is the first book in a planned series of books and ornaments that families can turn into a new holiday tradition. The second book in the series is called Oliver the Ornament Meets Belle.

In the original book, the story was about how Oliver came to be with his family.

Oliver the Ornament is a tale of one family’s cherished Christmas ornaments. The story centers on Oliver, who has been with this family since Mom and Dad’s very first date.Years later, Oliver, now injured and bullied, still has the magic of Christmas in his heart. The story follows Oliver’s excitement for Christmas, his heartbreak, and his determination to overcome all odds to save the day. Oliver, along with his friends, will warm hearts with his kindness, humility, and love for his family and friends.

In the second book, Oliver tells the kids how lonely he was being the only ornament on the tree, aside from the ornamental balls, who didn’t talk back to him. Thankfully Belle came along and he finally had a friend to talk to.

Meanwhile… up in the attic there is a mean ornament named Nellie that the other ornaments don’t like. She’s done mean things to them, such as gluing down a ladder and trying to melt another ornament in the sun coming from the window.

The ornaments want to get through to Nellie, but Nellie is not going to let them. In fact, Nellie has other plans for the ornaments and Christmas.

I have a strong feeling that the next book in the series is going to focus on Nellie (a donkey).

In Oliver Meets Belle, all of the beautiful illustrations are there, same as the ones in the first book, Oliver the Ornament. I appreciate the consistency, especially for families who plan on purchasing the new book and ornament in the series each year.

I liked the story, but I do feel like it was a bit disjointed. There is very little in the story about Belle, especially considering it should be about her. The book focused more on Nellie. Not only that, the story bounces around too much. It starts off with Oliver getting ready to tell the story about how he met Belle, then to Nellie, then a brief story about Belle, then back to Nellie again. The story just ends too, and it’s the way it ends that leaves me to believe that the next book and ornament is going to be about Nellie and why she hates Christmas.

Belle, She’s much nicer in person (this is not a great photo).

Even though the story seemed to flow in an odd way, and it didn’t focus that much on Belle, it’s still a cute story. I’m sure most children aren’t going to be a “nit-picky” as adults are.

As for the ornament, it’s just as beautifully made as the Oliver ornament is. It’s solid and well made with great detail and bright colors. Belle looks so sweet next to our Oliver ornament, which we hung on our tree again this year.

I think having special ornaments is a fabulous way to make memories, and to relive those memories year after year.

Recently I saw something that was shared on Facebook that I found to be very true. I don’t know who originated this, so I cannot provide proper credit. If anyone knows, please shoot me an email so I can credit the image and/or quote properly.

This is all so true. Except I do remember when I was 9 years old I received a Ballerina Barbie. That was the year my mom was in the hospital for Christmas. She was in ICU and they wouldn’t let me visit her because I was a child. She called me on the phone Christmas Eve to wish me a “Merry Christmas” and to let me open up one gift while I was on the phone with her. It was Ballerina Barbie. That is why that is the one present that I will never forget.

If you are looking to start a new holiday tradition, why not pick up a new ornament for your child (or children) each year, or let them choose one. Of course, you can always pick up Oliver the Ornament and Oliver the Ornament Meets Belle (and the rest of the books/ornaments in the series as they are published each year).

For more information about Oliver the Ornament and Belle, visit OlivertheOrnament.com. You can also check them out on social media. Their links are found on the bottom of their website.

What is a holiday tradition that YOUR family has?

Do you have a special ornament? Tell me about it. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Have Santa call your family with Portable North Pole


Do you remember when you were a kid during the holiday season? I do. I think about it often, most especially around the holidays.

Christmas was my favorite holiday, as it is for many children around the globe. I still remember the excitement I felt Christmas Eve night. I wasn’t able to sleep at all! I would lie in bed listening for the sounds of Santa and his reindeer on our roof. Each and every little sound I heard, I thought it was him.

I remember waking my parents up several times in the middle of the night, wanting to know if it was OK to go downstairs to see if Santa was there. They always told me to go back to bed. Normally they would finally give in to me around 5:00 or 6:00 AM (I was persistent).

Meeting Santa in person was the highlight of the holiday season. I still remember the little candy canes his elves would give out to the kids.

Ahh… memories.

Things have changed a lot since then. Now you can actually receive a call from Santa, as well as personalized videos. I can’t imagine having something like that as a child. That would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Let me introduce you to Portable North Pole. They are known for their customizable videos and calls from Santa. Yes, you read that right. Your child can get a phone call from Santa, personalized with their name and other details that will leave them in aww. In addition, customizable videos are also available.

Here’s how it works;

  • Download the free app
  • Input a few details about the child
  • Upload a photo

In just a few minutes, a customized video is delivered to you.

Check out this brief video.


The above video is the EXACT same  quality of video your child will receive from PNP. As you can see, they make it look so realistic. I love it!

Can you image the excitement your child will feel knowing that Santa knew that he/she did great on a test, or that they have been doing their chores without being told (depending on the details you include).

With PNP (Portable North Pole), Santa knows their name, if they are on the naughty or the nice list, gives them tips on how to improve to the nice list or how to stay on it, and knows what they want for Christmas.

Check out just a few of their newest digital products for 2019:

  • A brand new special multi-device scenario straight from Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve with a personalized video message from Santa on one device (desktop, smartphone, or tablet) and integrated into the video message is a call from Santa to your phone during the video message. This message can be made for one child or the whole family. *
  • a total of five new Premium personalized videos with even more ways to personalize the message. *
  • Another new multi-device Premium video scenario with a group option. This is great for parents looking to encourage good behavior from their children in the days leading up to Christmas. *
  • The Reaction Recorder is now available on Google Chrome for desktop and laptop, as well as on the PNP mobile app to capture the moment your loved one realizes it’s Santa speaking to them directly on one of our Premium videos and create a lifetime keepsake. *
  • New personalization options. Santa will know even more about your loved one, than ever before. *

* Features only available with purchase.

PNP is celebrating its 12th year, helping families make the holidays even more magica. The personalized video and phone call tradition has caught on around the world, with more than 220 million video message views from PNP by Santa fans.

Portable North Pole has reached various achievements, such as:

  • 768,000+ Fans on the PNP Facebook page @PNPSanta.
  • 1.4 million Facebook Likes.
  • #1 trending mobile App on iOS in the USA during the weeks leading up to Christmas.
  • It’s the top trending Santa App in 67 countries on Google Play during the days leading up to Christmas.
  • Achieved a 4.6 rating for both Google Play and iOS with hundreds of thousands of joyful reviews.

That is pretty impressive.

The app doesn’t ask for much detail (such as an address or last name), so it’s safe to use. As a parent, I certainly wouldn’t want to provide too much person details.

The app is free to download.

You can also access all of the features on the brand’s website, PortableNorthPole.com.

I created a video to try it out for myself. The video seems so real! It’s not like Santa pauses when he talks and has another voice (or robot) say your child’s name or what state the child lives in. It’s flawless! It’s amazing how it seems so real.

Just so you know, they ask for the child’s state because Santa asks something to the effect that he hopes the weather in (state) is good. For a child, knowing that Santa knows where they live, only adds to the magic of the video or phone call.

PNP also sells a nice selection of toys, books and games to add to the magical experience. Each product comes with a special magic code that gives you access to the videos and calling features on PNP.

Some of the adorable toys include;

Poseable “Do Good” Elf – I was sent one of these to review. It was much bigger than I thought it would be. He’s super adorable and is available in red or green (outfit). You can use this elf the same way you’d use an “Elf on the Shelf.” You can also let your child play with it like they would a regular doll (I’m sure children would love to snuggle with one of Santa’s elves at night).

The purchase of the Poseable Elf include four free Santa videos, via PNP.

24 Sleeps Until Santa Storybook – I was also sent this book to review (it gives you the code for one free Santa video).

This is a beautiful book which colorful images that really get children (and some of us “big kids”) super excited about Santa’s arrival. Each day is featured on a page, so that every night before bed you (or your child) can read up on the goings on at the North Pole as everyone prepares for Christmas day.

Karamelli, Santa’s Sweetest Baby Reindeer – I have a soft spot for adorable plush toys. That is why we have a collection of holiday toys that we keep around the tree, including a huge reindeer.

This sweet plush reindeer will make a great snuggle buddy, especially when reading the 24 Sleeps ‘Til Santa Storybook (sold separately).

Maybe your child can even teach this cute little reindeer how to fly, so that one day he/she can join Santa’s team and pull the sled.

This comes with a code for a free Santa video too.

There are other toys and games available as well as the ones mentioned. They are available on the PNP website, or you can find them at other retail locations like Target, Walmart and Barnes & Noble.

If you are interested in learning more about Portable North Pole (PNP), look for the free app in the appl store, or visit PortableNorthPole.com. You can also find PNP on all the social media channels.

Would your child be excited to recieve a personalized phone call and/or video from Santa? Feel free to share you thoughts.


*I received free products and an excess code in order to do my review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Make your home smell delightful year round with Aroma Delights


Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE scented things, most especially things that will make my home smell amazing.

I own a lot of scented products including oils, plugins, candles, sprays and wax melts. Every day I use at least one or more of these products.

For me, scents can evoke memories, make me feel relaxed and make me feel more “awake.” My favorite scents are a REAL Christmas tree scent and a REAL lilac scent. I have found only a few brands that make such products.

There is one brand that makes the most scrumptious, heavenly and a-m-a-z-i-n-g scents – Aroma Delights.

I did a review for Aroma Delights several years ago. I fell in love with the scents, so much so that I reordered more.

I enjoy hosting guests in my home. I always try to create a welcoming atmosphere, which includes things like playing holiday music, setting out holiday plates and platters, and of course, making my home smell like the holidays.

Aroma Delights was kind enough to send me some new scents that I’ve never tried before, old favorites, and some fun new products.

I was sent to review the following goodies.

Monster Repellent

This product would not only make a great stocking stuffer, but it’s also great for year round use.

Many kids (myself included) are worried about what can be lurking in their bedroom closet, or under their bed. Is the Boogeyman lurking in your home? Do vampires hide in the closet? Are creepy clowns hiding under the bed? Sadly, kids who worry about such things often don’t get a good night’s sleep. They stay up at night worried about what can get them in the middle of the night.

Aroma Delight’s Monster Repellent has come to the rescue. Just a few sprays on your child’s linens (pillow, blanket), in the closet, under the bed, furniture, clothing or anywhere else your child fears monsters are lurking, creates and invisible shield that monsters can’t get through. The soft and gentle formula is skin safe and alcohol free. It also dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry about damp linens.

The Monster Repellent spray doesn’t really create an invisible shield, but your child doesn’t need to know that. It’s just a way of helping your child feel protected.

Monster Repellent is a spray scented with essential oils. Monsters “don’t like the smell” of it, as another form of “protection” for your child against creepy monsters.

Monster Repellent is available in six kid-friendly scents:

  • BUBBLEGUM BLAST: Sweet bubblegum!
  • COOKIE CRUSHER: Butter shortbread cookies!
  • FEARLESS FRUITY O’s : Fruity cereal blended with sweet cream!
  • GRAPE GOBBLER: Juicy grapes blended with whipped cream!
  • GUMMY GUSHER: Sweet mixed fruit gummy candies!
  • PEPPERMINT POWER: Cool peppermint blended with vanilla!
  • REBEL ROOTBEER: Rootbeer blended with creamy vanilla ice cream!

I was sent a few bottles of Monster Repellent to test out for myself. I received “Cookie Crusher” and “Fearless Fruity O’s.”

The scents are true to their titles. Cookie Crusher smells exactly like a shortbread cookie. You can smell the vanilla and butter. It’s mouthwatering!

I was surprised by the Fearless Fruity-O’s. WOW! It smells like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles (or similar cereal). It’s crazy how identical the spray smells compared to the real product.

My husband still eats “kid’s” cereals, including Fruity Pebbles. I sprayed some of this spray for him, and even he was surprised at how identical the scent is to the cereal.

Auto Scents 

Does your car smell? Sometimes cars get a bad smell to them due to foods, drinks, pets, and a variety of other sources. Aroma Delight’s Auto Scents can take care of that.

Auto Scents is a scented spray that you can spray on upholstery, fabric and even linens (you can use it around your home as well). The spray dries immediately and a couple of squirts of the spray lasts a long time. The spray is also alcohol free.

The spray is available in 30+ different scents, including seasonal scents, food scents, floral scents and unique scents, such as “Monkey Farts” and “Yummy Gummy.”

Just like with the Monster Repellent, the Auto Scents smell amazing. I was sent to review “Lemon Kiss” and “Orchid Dreams.” I currently have Orchid Dreams in my car. Orchid Dreams is a subtle, floral scent. It’s not overwhelming. Lemon Kiss on the other hand has a bold, lemon scent. I am currently using the Lemon Kiss scent in my kitchen. Whenever we take out the garbage, I use a spray or two in the garbage can to freshen it up. The scent carries around my kitchen, so my kitchen has that fresh lemon scent. I love it!

Roll On Perfume

Perfume is a popular holiday gift. Aroma Delight’s roll on perfumes make great gifts and stocking stuffers. They are also great for year round use, since many people use perfume on a daily basis.

I used to use roll on perfumes a lot when I was a teen and young adult. It’s not something you see that much of anymore. Most of the time perfume comes in a spray.

I actually prefer rolls on perfumes. I feel like you have better control of it compared to sprays. Sprays go all over the place.

We have a cat with severe asthma and I try not to spray anything when she’s in the room. I don’t want her to breath it in. With the roll on perfume from Aroma Delights, I am able to apply perfume anytime, anywhere (it fits nicely in my purse).

The roll on perfume is available in 40+ scents. Some of the scents have the prettiest names, like “Garden of Eden,” “Disco Diva,”” Fairy Dust” and “Wishes.”

I was sent to review “Cashmere Glow” and “Flower Child.” Cashmere Glow is a lovely scent. I don’t see it on the website, so I am not sure if it’s still available or not. Cashmere Glow is a lovely scent for the office, or a night on the town.

Flower Child is a pretty, floral scent. You can definitely smell the jasmine in it. I think this scent would be a great “every day” scent.

In addition to these great products, I also received a few bottles of essential oils AND a super cool burner to review.

I had a burner to warm my oils, but unfortunately the bulb part start working, even after replacing the bulb. I am grateful to have a new one.

This is not a great photo. Hopefully you can tell that it’s dolphins under the sea. It’s very pretty in person.

I think warming oils is the best, and quickest, way to scent a home. Since the oil is warmed by the heat of a light bulb and not a flame, it’s safer than a candle. I do recommend that you keep it away from pets and young children. You wouldn’t want them to get burned by the oils or consume the oils.

I received the following scents;

‘Twas the Night – This scent is made with citrus, spices and a hint of pine. When you smell the scent in the bottle, you can pick up the citrus and spices very well. When you warm it up in an oil warmer, the scent of pine is a lot more noticeable.

This is a beautiful scent for your home for the holiday season. The scent screams CHRISTMAS! I love it!

Christmas Morning – As I mentioned, I love the scent of a REAL Christmas tree. This scent has my beloved Christmas tree scent, but a bit more. There is a touch of cinnamon in it, and possibly other spices (it’s hard to tell).

This scent is a delightful way to make your home smell like Christmas. I really love this scent too!

Silver Bells – For the life of me, I cannot pin point what this smells like to me. I can’t find the scent on the Aroma Delights website, so I am not sure what it’s suppose to smell like. I honestly smell different things each time I smell it. It’s kind of sweet…then it’s not. It’s kind of a clean (soap-like) scent…but then it’s not. It’s kind of a fruity scent… then it’s not. It’s definitely a unique scent. I do like it. I just wish I knew what I was smelling.

Summer Rain – This is a clean, soft scent. It’s made with amber and violets. I definitely smell the floral scent, but not so much the amber. That is OK with me. This is the type of scent you want wafting through your home after you clean it. It’s a nice, fresh, clean scent.

Country Cottage – This has been one of my favorite scents for years. It’s a floral and powdery scent, but, that is not what I smell. It’s honestly hard to describe it, but it’s a very spring/summer like scent. I’ve enjoyed the year round, but it does smell like something you would want to use during nicer weather months, and not necessarily winter.

Bonfire – WOW! This scent is totally marshmallow! If you love marshmallows, this is the scent for you.

I would think this would have a wood-like scent. I don’t really smell that, but I sure do smell marshmallows. Yum!

Tea for Two – This is another favorite of mine that I have purchased on my own from Aroma Delights. If you love tea, this is the scent for you. It truly smells like a cup of tea!

Drinking tea is something I’ve done since I was a child. My mom was from Wales, and we had tea time every day. To this day I still love drinking tea. When I smell this scent it reminds me of tea time with my family.

Pumpkin Latte – I love any kind of an autumn scent, including all form of pumpkin scents (pumpkin pie, pumpkin caramel, pumpkin spice…). I have these kinds of scents from well name brands (the kind of stores you’d find in the mall). Aroma Delights’ Pumpkin Latte scent smells EXACTLY like the scent you’d find from other brands, except Aroma Delights’ is cheaper AND you get A LOT more of it. Other stores give you small vials where as Aroma Delights gives you a generous sized bottle.

Aroma Delights bottles compared to two other scented oils. You get A LOT more with Aroma delights.

Hopefully these photos give you an idea of the amount you get with Aroma Delights.

Oatmeal Cookie – Some bakery scents can be very strong (I am referring to all brands, not Aroma Delights). So much so they can become too much. Aroma Delights’ Oatmeal Cookie gives you the sweet, mouth-watering scent of freshly baked oatmeal cookies without being overpowering. It will make you crave cookies! I know that is how it makes me feel. With this scent you can have the scent of the cookies without the calories. Ha Ha.

Vanilla Woods – You can definetly smell the vanilla in this scent. I also smell a touch of floral notes as well.

My husband LOVES the scent of vanilla, and he thinks this scent is wonderful. He enjoys when I use it in my oil warmer.

This is just a small sampling of all the great scents and products available at Aroma Delights.

I find that the prices are fantastic, considering the amount of product you are getting. Not only that, a little bit goes a long way. You only need a few drops in your warmer to scent your home (depending on your home’s size of course). We live in a 900 sq. ft. condo and I can smell the scents in the kitchen, dining room, hallway and living room (they are all open to each other – I warm the oil on the kitchen counter).

You also don’t need to use a warmer, as there are other ways to use essential oils. I like to put a few drops in a spray bottle with some vodka (or you can use water) and use it as a an air freshner/fabric freshener.

Aroma Delights does sell several oil warmers. A warmer, combined with a few oils, would make a great gift.

If you are interested in checking out the available products and scents at Aroma Delights, visit AromaDelightsOnline.com. Be sure to check out the brand’s Facebook page for customer reviews, new products announcement, giveaways/contents and more!

What do you think of these products from Aroma Delights? Are you interested in trying any of them? Do any of the scents sound like something you’d like to experience for yourself? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.