Bachelorette Party Ideas (And Not A Club Or Cocktail In Sight!)


Before the chaos of married life ensues and before the gifts begin to pile up, there is that lull before everything ramps up. This is usually the perfect opportunity for the bride to take stock in the situation and look forward to married life or tie up admin loose ends. But from the perspective of the chief bridesmaid, it’s now time to take them into the world of bachelorette parties. And while your natural instinct could be to get them into the most decadent state of debauchery you’ve got to remember that not every bride goes for full-on party mode. But there are so many different types of bachelorette parties out there. Let’s show you you the smorgasbord of celebration.

The Stylish Approach

If you really want to treat the bride you could very well think about hiring a limousine to ferry everybody around. And although this usually feels like a lap of luxury, if you want to go one step further you might want to ask yourself how much does a jet cost? You can hire private planes and if you really want to keep everything as stylish and luxurious as possible you cannot do far better than this.

The Holistic Methods

Maybe the bride isn’t a full-on climate change activist just yet but if she’s very averse to the idea of hitting clubs you can do things more in keeping with her day-to-day life. A very good example is yoga or Pilates. And there are many companies that provide yoga for bachelorette parties. After all, bachelorette parties don’t have to be clubs in the traditional sense. There are companies out there that provide group yoga sessions, letting you relax and preparing yourself for a more modest bachelorette party.

The Cultural Approach

If you want to take the bachelorette party to the next level you might want to think about immersing yourself with cultural traditions. If you want a very unique experience there are companies like Takayo Malone that give you the opportunity to get involved in traditional Japanese garments. Dressing up in kimonos and learning about all things Japanese is another alternative to the traditional bachelorette party.

Rent A Property

As a bachelorette party can be about getting all the girls together and reminiscing about times gone by as well as looking towards the future, you may want to keep it very low key. Renting a property that gives you the opportunity to let your hair down without worrying too much is a very simple idea. In fact, it’s something that many people are doing because bachelorette parties can become quite costly affairs. Taking the opportunity to sit and relax with a few bottles of wine and just talking could be the ideal way for you to prepare the bride for the big day. Bachelorette parties don’t have to be those debauched affairs. Naturally, if you all sit around and you get bored, you can just hit the town.

Go For Cocktails In A Different Way

This is probably your first thought but instead of just hitting the bars and swinging numerous mimosas you might want to mix it up with something a little bit more substantial. There are plenty of opportunities for you to cook up a storm. And if you are all mad on your food, there are plenty of cooking parties for bachelorettes doing the rounds. Taking the opportunity to build a meal from scratch that you can take home afterward could give you that perfect opportunity for some downtime eating a meal you’ve all prepared together. And besides, if you can swig a few drinks in between it’s going to be a far more fun experience. Just make sure that they don’t get mad and kick you out because you’ve had one too many cocktails.

A Simple Meal Together

If you want to hit the town, but without dancing until 4 in the morning, a trendy upmarket private dining experience is the way to go. You have the opportunity to hang around with the people you love the most with fantastic food, and bottle after bottle of wine. If there’s been an eatery that you’ve been lusting after for so long but couldn’t justify it, now is the perfect opportunity, Having a simple yet decadent meal together can feel like that one last blow out before the big day. If you want to keep it modest make sure it’s just a handful of the bride’s closest friends. You may feel that you are too old for clubbing, in which case, you can stay there until the early hours with a liquor coffee, catching up and reminiscing, especially when nobody has time to get together in the modern-day. Having a meal together is the perfect excuse for a catch-up.

The Spa Treatment

Many bridal parties can’t get away with having a treatment. In fact, it’s almost expected of you. Having that opportunity to rest, recharge, and cleanse ahead of a long day is indulgent yet relaxing. Many wellness providers can give you wedding packages for the bride or groom. Ensuring that you are relaxed in the lead-up to the big day is crucial. Having that opportunity in the middle of wedding stress to have a facial, foot massage, and a rich exotic mud bath is, for many people, the very definition of a bachelorette party. The great thing about having a spa treatment is that you can do it early on in the day and then progress to the more debauched elements of the party later. Every spa also provides a three-course meal for you to refuel. If you are trying to count your pennies it could be that perfect balance meaning that most of your friends can jump on board.

If you are trying to give the bride a perfect send-off and you don’t know where to begin these options can springboard you in numerous directions. A bachelorette party doesn’t have to be gulping cocktails until the dawning light but it can be something that the bride will truly treasure. This is their last grab at freedom and you know them well enough to give them the goods.

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