#CampWarnerBros Week #3 – We Bare Bears: The Movie & Gummy Bear Slime!


Welcome campers and camp directors to week #3 of #CampWarnerBros. I hope that your summer, and camp experience, has been going great thus far (and continues to stay that way).

Do you go camping? If you do, where do you camp? Do you like to camp in the middle of the woods/nature, or do you prefer camping grounds? Personally, I prefer camping grounds. I like having restrooms and showers. I can only “rough it” so far.

Do you send your child to summer camp? Do they go to a camp in the woods with cabins, or do they go to a day camp where they come home every evening? My kids went to town camp. I put them on the bus in the morning and the bus dropped them back off in the afternoon.

When it comes to camping, I think most people picture tents pitched in the woods. What comes to mind when you think woods? For me it’s woodland creatures like coyotes, rabbits and bears.

Speaking of bears, this weeks summer film is We Bare Bears: The Movie. It’s currently available on streaming services.

I have heard of the Cartoon Network show by the same name (We Bare Bears), but I have never watched it. I thought it was going to be crazy, like a lot of today’s cartoons are. I just watched the film and I must say that I enjoyed the characters. As a result, I am going to check out the cartoon series the next time I see it on television.

We Bare Bears: The Movie, stars the voice talents of Eric Edelstein (Grizz), Bobby Moynihan (Panda) and Demetri Martin (Ice Bear). Patton Oswalt, Jason Lee and Ellie Kemper also lend their voice talents to this film.

Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear are excited to be the first in line at a new Canadian poutine food truck opens up. Poutine is french fries with cheese curds topped with brown gravy.

On their way to the food truck, they wreak havoc around down such as ruining a wedding and accidentally taking someone’s pizza that needed to be delivered.

The residents are angry and want to file complaints with Officer Murphy, to go along with all the other complaints against them.

While they are at the food truck with Officer Murphy and the angry residents, a popular social media Koala named Nom Nom shows up. The bears are in awe of how much people admire him.

The bears get a great idea – create the ultimate viral video so that they can be just as popular as Nom Nom. Sadly, things didn’t work out like they had hoped, and they ended up causing the residents to dislike them even more.

At a meeting at the town hall, the residents let it known how much they dislike the bears. Officer Murphy is not sure what to do with them.

During the meeting a wildlife control officer, Agent Trout, shows up. He detains the bears and tells Officer Murphy and the residents that he plans on taking them to a wildlife preserve, far away from people.

Thankfully the bears are rescued and are able to flee into the woods, but not without Agent Tout hot on their trail.

The bears know that they need to find some place where Agent Tout can’t find them. That is when they get the great idea to flee to Canada, because in their eyes, Canadians love bears.

Getting to Canada is easier said than done. Agent Tout is hell bent on finding them and taking them away to the wildlife preserve (which isn’t the type of place you would imagine it would be – it’s a bad place that no bear would want to go to).

Will the bears be able to get to Canada before it’s too late? Will Agent Tout finally give up and leave them alone? To find out you need to rent/purchase We Bare Bears: The Movie.

This is a very cute movie. I think the characters (the bears, the woodland creatures, Officer Murphy…) are all very likable.

I have never seen the series before, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like the movie. Sometimes kiddie movies based on shows are either boring or painfully hard to watch. That was not the case with this movie. I enjoyed it from start to finish. There was never a dull moment. The film kept me entertainment the entire time.

It’s a short film at only an hour and nine minutes.

I like that there was a subliminal messages in this film, that is, fitting in, being excepted and that you shouldn’t try to be someone you aren’t just to “popular.”

This is a fun, family friendly film, perfect for summer nights.

If you would like to try a craft/project that is tied into the film, here is the recipe for slime made out of gummy bears.

I tried making this slime myself. I am not a fan of slime, but I do know how much kids love it.

My son pictured up some of the ingredients for me (sugar and gummy bears). I already had corn starch.

My son could only find sour gummy bears. I don’t know if that mattered or not. He also couldn’t find powdered sugar. I read that you can replace powdered sugar with confectioners sugar.

For the sake of this recipe turning out OK, use regular gummy bears and powdered sugar. My slime didn’t turn out right, and I followed the directions exactly. I even used more of the dry ingredients, but it didn’t help much.

My slime turned out more sticky than slimy. It was also messy, but that’s OK. Kids LOVE messy projects.

Next time I try making this I am going to use the exact ingredients, and maybe less gummy bears. I’ll start with half the bag and work my way up to more if I need it.

Make sure you do this craft/project with your kids. The gummy bears are hot and very sticky when you melt them in the microwave. The slime can also get all over the place if you are not careful. No one wants to be picking Gummy Bear Slime out of their carpets, that’s for sure.

You can also take advantage of Pinterest and find other bear themed crafts and projects you can do as a family. One idea I can think of it grab your favorite teddy bear and snuggle with it while you watch We Bare Bears: The Movie together. Or maybe have a teddy bear picnic in the living room while watching the movie. There are so many fun things you can do.

I hope that you’ll check out my site next week for week #3 of #CampWarnerBros, where I’ll have more fun ideas you can do with your camper this summer.

You can see what other Camp Warner Bros. Directors are doing by checking out the hashtag #CampWarnerBros on social media.

Below is the film’s trailer for your enjoyment.



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