Get Yourself And Your Home Ready For Spring


Spring is definitely on its way, and although there are still grey clouds out there, heavy rain and the threat of ice and snow, we are now on the home stretch of winter and ready for brighter days, sun and gorgeous spring blooms. However, winter can make us quite lazy when it comes to how we look and present ourselves and also we can forget that certain aspects of our home may need checking. This time of the year is the ideal time to really spend some time on yourself and on your home. With that in mind, here are some of the things to focus on now. 

Your hair and skin may need some attention

In the winter, we can easily cover up bad hair days by simply accessorizing our outfits with a woolly hat of some kind. It is the ultimate winter fashion accessory but it just won’t cut it in the warmer months ahead. Of course, hats don’t need to be discarded entirely, but you may find that you want to give your hair some love and attention. Winter can actually dry out your hair and it can even cause you to have a dry scalp, so you may want to look into things like a decent shampoo for dry scalp or even a nourishing hair mask to bring those tresses back to life. You might also find that your skin is a little drier, due to you wearing more layers or being open to the elements of the harsher weather. Moisturizing and changing your skincare routine could be a wise option to start now. 

What jobs can you do now in your home?

It isn’t just about preparing your body and your mind, it is also about thinking about your home and the changes and updates that may need to be made. Things that you may not have used over the winter months might need some attention, such an air conditioning unit. You may want to book in an emergency ac repair to ensure all is working as it should be. You might also want to think about other aspects of your home like your garden and exterior elements. Could you do anything now to improve them ready for summer?

It is time to really focus on the wardrobe

Your wardrobe might be full of jumpers and warmer things, but now would be a good time to get yourself a little more organised. While the cold weather hasn’t left us just yet, you probably don’t need all of the winter items you currently have stocked in your wardrobe. Give things a good clear out and leave yourself with a capsule wardrobe for the last few weeks of winter. Bring out your old summer clothes from storage or head to the high street as the latest seasonal trends will be in store. Now is the ideal time to mix the seasons ahead of the transition, but to be organised ready for the warmer days means you are just one step ahead. 

I hope that this helps you get yourself ready for spring. 

Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to looking and feeling your best.

Rev-up your beauty routine with RevAir



My hair and it’s natural wave (it’s shoulder length now).

Do you have any resolutions for the new year? Eat better? Drink more water? Get more sleep?

Do you have any resolutions as far as your beauty routine is concerned?

I, personally, don’t take long to get ready. It takes me just a few minutes to put on my make-up. Letting my hair air dry takes the longest. I need to start getting ready a couple of hours before I need to leave if I want to let my hair dry naturally and have my natural wave come through. If I don’t mind not having my natural waves, I can just blow dry my hair.

My daughter takes FOREVER to get ready. Not only is she very particular about her make-up (she has to have the “perfect” eye), but her hair… oh my goodness her hair… that takes the longest. First she needs to take a shower and wash her hair. Then she needs to blow dry her hair. She has very thick hair, so that alone takes a very long time. After her hair is dry, she then has to use the straightener to straighten her hair.

If only there was a way she could dry and straighten her hair at the same time, but that would not be possible. Or would it?

Believe it or not, you CAN blow dry your hair AND straighten it at the same time. All you need is a revolutionary product called RevAir.

RevAir is the world’s first and only reverse air dryer. By reverse air, I mean instead of blowing hot air on your hair, RevAir “sucks” (for lack of a better description) the wetness from your hair. I liken it to a vaccuum cleaner… but for your hair.

Not only does RevAir dry your hair 3x faster than conventional hair dryers, it also straightens your hair too.

RevAir is good for all hair types, from fine to thick and from straight to kinky/curly. Anyone could use and enjoy RevAir.

I was sent a unit to review.

I was shocked when I received the package. The brand includes a lot with the unit (depending on the package you purchase). The one I received included a holder, clips and more goodies.

This is NOT your ordinary hair dryer. It literally looks like a mini-vacuum cleaner. The RevAir has a triangular shaped base, a thick hose and a strangely shaped wand at the end.

The wand creates a reverse-air tunnel that surrounds your hair from root to tip with heated air to naturally dry and straighten your hair. The high heat setting is half the wattage of a standard blow dryer. There is also a low heat setting and it can be used with no heat, as a cool shot of air. Reverse-air moves heat in the natural direction of cuticles helping to smooth hair. Consistent tension effectively straightens hair replacing the need for a brush’s damaging friction.

Check out this brief video to see the RevAir in action.


Due to a shoulder injury, I am unable to use the RevAir myself (using it was my initial “game plan” when offered a unit to review). My daughter was more than happy to use the RevAir and help me to facilitate my review.

My daughter has very thick hair. It’s normally wavy towards the ends of her hair (as seen in the photo below). It used to be thicker/wavier, but years of coloring and cutting it has taken away some of the thickness and wave to her hair.

My daughter’s hair is still wet/damp in the above photo. The top layer of her hair has already started to dry. You can use RevAir with wet hair (it just took me a bit to take the “before” photo, which is why it started to dry).

Small sections of you hair goes inside of the RevAir wand to “suck” the water out of it, while straightening it at the same time. If you would like to learn more about the process, you can read about it here – https://myrevair.com/pages/how-it-works.

Here is my daughter’s hair after using RevAir (disregard her split ends – that is from content coloring her hair).

It’s amazing how quickly my daughter can get herself ready by combining two steps (drying her hair and straightening it). We both like how her hair looks afterwards. Using the flat iron makes her hair look stiff and too flat/straight. Using the RevAir her hair is straight, but in a more natural looking way.

Here are some tips to using RevAir;

Tension (Reverse Air Speed)

  • This is the dial on the Base Unit. Tension replaces the need for a brush or hot flat irons. Start at setting 2-3. Once you see what your individual hair can tolerate, you can go up one level at a time. If you have any tangles, go down a level. Do not turn it immediately to level 7, as it may not give you the best result – in fact, it can be the opposite. Coily, Type 4 hair usually works best around Level 5-7.


  • This is located on the Wand. The Temperature Settings are No, Low and High Heat.  Even the hottest heat of the Wand is LESS than the lowest heat on most Flat Irons.

No Pumping

  • There is no need to pump or bounce the want. In fact, when you do that, you are not allowing the roots to get dry. The reverse-air move constantly and consistently down the entire length of your hair, drying from root to end at once. Bouncing the wand may distrupt air flow and that can cause tangles.

Time to Dry

  • Each section will dry in 30-90 seconds, so long as Wand is kept to scalp. Thickness, texture and section size mean your time may vary. Experiment to find your ideal time.  Test by pulling Wand a few inches away from scalp and touching roots.  If they are dry, it is likely you are done.
  • Waist length hair is much less dense at the ends, watch your tension setting and perhaps use detangler on the ends. You may need to use a bit bigger section if tangles occur at low tension settings (1 or 2). Some may have to dry in 2 phases – Dry the roots first, then move about half way down on a lower setting to be sure each section of hair gets dry time in the wand chamber.

Want it straighter?

  • For those with Type 4 hair, you may find you want to finish your look with flat ironing.  Remember, getting hair to this point has just happened in less time with less heat, meaning less damage.

It took my daughter a few times to figure out what level works best for her. Now that she has the settings figured out to suit her hair type, it takes her even less time to do her hair. She’s a “pro” at using RevAir now.

Once my shoulder is better, I am going to start using the RevAir too. I do like how my hair looks with it’s natural wave, but those times where I want to change up my look, or I just need for my hair to dry faster (for example, when it’s freezing cold outside), I will defiantly use the RevAir. I have seen how nice my daughter’s hair looks using it, and I know what a time saver it is.

There are only a few “issues” some might have with RevAir. For one, it is costly (over $300+), so it is not “budget friendly.” If you would like to take into considering how much time it saves you on your beauty routine, then the price makes it well worth it. I would never be able to afford one myself, but owning one, I can appreciate the benefit to owning one.

The unit is large, and the hose is cumbersome. You would need room in your closet to fit it. My daughter keeps in on the floor by her dresser because we have no other place to house it. It does take up a lot more room than a typical hair dryer.

Initially it’s a little awkward to use, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not that bad (as per my daughter).

My daughter loves the RevAir, and she uses it all the time. She’s also very picky about her beauty products, so that says a lot about the RevAir.

If you are interested in learning more about RevAir, visit RevAir.com. The brand can also be found on social media. All of their links are found at the bottom of their website.

Check out their YouTube channel to see RevAir in action and some gorgeous before/after results.


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Mox Mind + Body Care – Now launching at select CVS and Kohl’s stores


Have you jumped on the CBD bandwagon? Everywhere you look, there are more CBD products popping up, most especially in the health and wellness category. There are plenty of pet products featuring CBD as well.

I have noticed a lot more beauty products with CBD in them. In fact, I have tried several of them.

It seems like most CBD beauty products are only available online. I have not come across too many that you can purchase at your local drug store.

There is a new skincare line called Mox Mind + Body Care that is one of the few select CBD beauty brands to be part of a CBD beauty launch at select CVS and Kohl’s stores. Now you can buy skincare with CBD without having to worry about paying shipping and delivery fees.

Unlike traditional drug store brands, Mox replaces water with nutrition and ingredients that support healthy skin. Products contain pharmacist-designed formulas that are “power couples” of proven vitamins, minerals and organic CBD. No water, fillers or preservatives are used.

Here is some additional details about the launch of Mox Mind + Body Care at CVS and Kohls.

CVS has been the retail innovator in CBD and was one of the first retailers to feature pain relief products in this category. The drug store chain is now expanding its CBD assortment to include new beauty brands and Mox was one of five selected. The initial launch includes 12 CVS stores in California, but will expand to 14 other states by early next year. Look for Mox’s Multivitamin Serum, Peppermint Salicylic Cleanser, Eye Bright, Triple Action Toner and Mineral Hydrating Mist on an end cap near you.

Kohls is building out its beauty business and Mox is honored to be part of its CBD beauty launch where it was one of four brands selected. Look for Mox’s Multivitamin Serum, Muscle Roller and Peppermint Salicylic Cleanser in 238 stores in the US.

Here is some additional information about Mox Mind + Body Care products.

Peppermint Salicylic Cleanser – Put an end to tired skin. Illuminate, awaken and cleanse skin with this organic hemp-derived CBD and Peppermint formula combined with Salicylic Acid to gently exfoliate and improve clarity.

Multivitamin Serum – You wouldn’t think twice about taking your vitamins for your overall health. Give your skin the same benefits with this serum loaded full of vitamins C, A, E, D, and K in addition to organic hemp-derived CBD, Chamomile, Licorice and Natural Lipids.

Muscle Roller – When you’re traveling or on-the-go, get on-the-spot relief from muscle soreness that’s like your very own tiny ice bath in a tube.  Along with eucalyptus to cool the skin and wintergreen to help calm muscles, you’re getting premium vitamins, plants and minerals to naturally soothe your body. Try it for headaches and migraines too!

Eye Bright – Ever wish your eye cream did more? CBD could be the ingredient you’re missing. Mox launches this new hydrater, plumper, and tightener combining CBD oil with hyaluronic acid and polyelectrolytes leaving the eye area smooth, soft, bright and nourished.

Triple Action Toner – Remove those pore-clogging impurities and dead skin cells with powerful ingredient combinations made with glycolic multi-fruit acids. Exfoliate, soften and smooth skin and reduce blemishes.

Mineral Hydrating Mist – Give your skin a hydrating boost with a combination of Polyelectrolytes, Hyaluronic Acid and organic hemp-derived CBD.

I was sent some Mox products to try out for myself. I received the facial cleaner and the facial serum.

I was a little concerned about using a product with Salicylic Acid in it. I’ve always associated Salicylic Acid with acne. I don’t have acne (at least not for the past 40+ years). I didn’t think it was an ingredient that I would need. So I Googled it. I found this;

Salicylic acid is a keratolytic (peeling agent). Salicylic acid causes shedding of the outer layer of skin.

Since dead skin cells can cause your skin to look dull and drab, I can see a benefit to having this ingredient in a beauty product such as a facial cleaner.

I love this cleaner. I love how it smells (peppermint!). It’s invigorating and wakes me up. I feels very refreshing as well.

Some people might find the scent a bit strong. Initially I did, but after using it a few times, I welcomed the lovely peppermint scent.

You only need a little bit of this cleanser. A little bit goes a long way.

I love how my skin looks and feels after using this cleanser. It’s really nice.

I can’t say that my skin looks illuminated, but it does wake me up and it’s a nice cleanser.

I also received to review the facial serum.

I was hoping that it smelled like licorice (I love licorice) or chamomile. It doesn’t really have a scent at all.

This serum is more of an oil then other serums I have used. That is OK. Just know you only need very little to cover your entire face. I would say just a couple of drops on damp skin is more than enough. You also need to gentle rub it in to help with absorption.

The product doesn’t take too long to absorb. I don’t care much for the feeling at first, but once it’s absorbed, I don’t really notice that I have anything on my skin.

I don’t think I have been using this product long enough to notice a huge difference, but knowing I am providing my skin with healthy vitamins, I’m happy with that. Most products I use don’t provide those vitamins (or any vitamins) for my skin.

If you are interested in learning more about these and other Mox Mind + Body products, visit MoxMindBody.com. The brand can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Those links are found on the bottom of their website.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

5 Reasons You Need Regular Dental Checkups


It’s easy to fall out of the routine of visiting your dentist, especially if you’re good at taking care of your teeth. The fact is, though, that even if you’re committed to flossing every day and brushing every morning and night, you can’t achieve the same results as a dentist can.

Preventative dentistry is a key part of your dental health, helping keep your teeth healthy, and ensuring you avoid nasty infections, breakage, and decay.

Take a look at these 5 reasons why you really do need regular dental checkups;

Your Teeth are Connected to the Rest of Your Body

Studies have shown that your dental health can affect other areas of your body quite significantly. Bad dental hygiene has been proven to make heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and even an infection of the heart lining more likely. For those who already suffer with these conditions, poor dental hygiene can make the symptoms worse. Don’t risk your health – be sure to visit your dentist once or twice per year.

Tartar Build-up Can be Hard to Spot

You might think your teeth are in great shape, but tartar build-up can be difficult to spot without the right equipment. Professional dentists have the tools and knowledge required to get to those hard-to-reach spaces in your teeth and grind away the tartar build-up without damaging your enamel. This ensures your teeth are well-equipped to protect against bacteria, reducing your chances of developing cavities. 

Preventative Measures Save You Money

Not only does preventative dentistry help save your teeth by stopping cavities in their tracks, but it can also save you money in the long run. Problems that are left untreated only get worse over periods of years, though in some cases it may be just a few months before a tooth becomes so badly infected that it cannot be saved.

Regular checkups with your dentist can quickly put a stop to infections, cavities can be properly filled and repaired, and your teeth can be preserved properly. That saves you money on tooth repairs, and lets you keep your natural teeth.

X-Rays Show Everything

Even with good brushing habits, you’ll never be able to capture the kind of detail that X-Rays do. Your dentist can use X-Rays to see deep inside your teeth, allowing them to identify teeth that may be at risk, and see what can be done to stop your teeth from becoming damaged or weak.

It’s a Cancer Checkup, Too!

Did you know that every dentist is trained to spot the signs of oral cancer? Every time you visit the dentist for a preventative checkup or a standard cleaning, you’ll be getting a full checkup to see if you show any signs of developing cancer in the mouth. This is an extremely important function of dentists today, and it’s something you should definitely take advantage of.

So, next time you’re due a dentist visit and you delay it because you feel like you don’t have the time…don’t!

The Evolution of Braces


Dental braces and orthodontics aren’t as modern as you might think. In fact, orthodontics appears to date back as far as the Ancient Greeks and Romans who used gold bands to preserve teeth after death, and used fingers to regularly push emerging teeth into their optimal positions.

It was only in the 17th and 18th Centuries that dental impressions began being taken with wax and plaster of Paris, and swelling threads and wooden wedges were used to separate crooked teeth.

The First American Braces

In the United States of America, orthodontics began to really grow in the early 19th Century. “The Dental Art,” a book by Chapin A. Harris, published in 1839, set out a number of orthodontics basics that we still use to this day. It also introduced early dental concepts including gold caps on molars, bands that helped with tooth rotation, and early braces that kept teeth straight.

In 1864, Dr Sanford Christie Barnum invented the first iteration of the modern dental dam. By puncturing a hole in a piece of rubber, which he then pulled over a tooth, he was able to create a dry working field for the first time. The advancement was hugely important for the developing dentistry industry, and within just a few years, the method became widespread and used by dentists all over the United States and beyond.

Then, in the 20th Century, Edward Hartley Angle created modern orthodontic equipment, including early braces, thanks to his accurate identification of misalignment and malocclusion of the teeth. The standards set by Hartley Angle were improved upon until big changes started appearing in the 1970s.

Moving Beyond Wire Braces

Early modern braces used wire to hold brackets to the teeth, which made them large, unsightly, and uncomfortable. After the 1970s, modern adhesives meant that braces could be made smaller and less intrusive by sticking anchors directly to the tooth. The metals used changed, too. Instead of gold, stainless steel was a more affordable and durable metal that could be used for long periods of time.

But no matter how strong the adhesive was, dental braces were still noticeable, uncomfortable, and unsightly.

In the late 20th and early 21st Century, everything changed.

A Clear Dental Revolution 

In 1997, Invisalign produced the least invasive dental brace product yet. This is a 100% clear dental brace that align your teeth without unsightly metal bands and wires, and with no adhesive. The invisible brace can be taken in and out of the mouth whenever the patient likes and, over time, custom-made aligners are replaced so that they reflect how the teeth are moving.

Every two weeks, a new Invisalign brace will push the teeth further until they have been set permanently in their new position. Not only is the process less invasive and unsightly, but it takes less time and doesn’t require a complicated fitting process.

Early braces and dental technique seem terrifying compared to today’s advances, so let’s be thankful that clear braces are available to us and correcting crooked teeth is painless and easy.

Review: AZN Labs Anti-Aging Eye Gel Patches


Getting older… I’m not a fan. I mean, some people relish getting older. Not me. Not at all.

Aside from the obvious (dying), I don’t like getting older simply because I don’t like looking or feeling older. Every day I wake up to a new silver or white hair. I’m finding more and more wrinkles on my face, and my body is making creaking and cracking sounds (that can’t be good). Sigh…

I can always color my hair, and if I exercise I’m sure the cracking sounds my body makes will dissipate. Looking my age is another story. I DON’T want to look my age. I’m 51. I don’t want to look like I’m in my 20’s or 30’s, because that would be unrealistic. Looking in my 40’s would make me happy. That would mean less wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin.

One of my favorite reasons why I love blogging is because it affords me to try out products that I might not otherwise know about. Such is the case with AZN Labs. I never heard of them until I did a review of one of their products a while ago, their Afterglow Ampoule. You can read that review here – Introducing Afterglow Ampoule by AZN Labs.

AZN Labs has introduced two new products – a Hydrogel Afterglow Lip Mask and AZN Labs Anti-Aging Gel Patches. These products were included inside the awesome gift baskets given out to celebrities and the link at the Oscars back in September. Only the best of the best products are giving out at the Oscars.

AZN Lab’s products contain something called Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin (AX) was introduced to the cosmetics industry in Japan and is the strongest antioxidant in the world, helping to protect skin from free radical damage and slowing down premature aging, while camellia extract helps to boost collagen production and fight pollutant-induced stress. Due to its unusual molecular structure, astaxanthin is commonly said to be a far more potent antioxidant than other carotenoids and commonly used antioxidants.

Anything to slow down the aging process sounds great to me.

I was sent the eye patches to review.

The AZN Labs anti-aging gel patches have 24K gold and 6,000X the potency of Vitamin C to help lift and firm the delicate eye area in just ten minutes. This luxurious eye treatment gives skin a warm, dewy glow and minimizes dark circles for a revitalized, youthful suppleness under the eyes.

I have never used eye patches before. I have seen them advertised, as well as featured on other blogger’s websites (reviews) and YouTube (reviews).

I watch 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days (it’s one of those “guilty pleasure” shows) and one of the people featured on the show, Tim Malcolm, has been shown wearing under eye patches on more than one occasion (which seemed very odd to me). I could never understand why eye patches appealed to people, and what exactly did they do?

The AZN Labs anti-aging gel patches are suppose to reduce the look of dark circles and fine lines, as well as give your skin a “dewy” appearance.

You can see the spoon-like tool that comes inside the jar of eye patches.

To use the patches, simply remove one for each eye using the special “spoon” that comes with the package. Apply one patch under each eye for 10-15 minutes, then remove and discard.

I wasn’t sure how frequent I could use the patches, so I was only using them twice a week. I was told that they are safe enough to use every day if I wanted to, so I have been using them every other day when I wash my hair.

The first few times I used them it felt a bit weird. They have a bit of a “slimy” feel (which is not necessarily a bad thing) that took a little getting used to. After a few uses I didn’t think twice about it.

Try to position them as best as possible under your eye. I have found if you need to remove them to re-position them, they lose a bit of their “stickiness” (how they adhere to your skin). They don’t actually stick to your skin, but they do adhere enough that they don’t slide around. If you re-position them after you applied them, they will slide around (at least that has been my experience).

The patches actually feel good when you have them on. The gel gives them a cooling effect, which feels nice and soothing. I liken it to what a spa treatment might feel like.

I’ve been using the patches for a few weeks now. The first two weeks I only used them twice per week. After that, every day. For that reason, I might not be seeing the full results of using them.

I love the shimmery-gold look to these eye patches. It makes me feel like royalty when I use them. LOL!

I like the way my skin feels after I remove them (and the gel absorbs into my skin). I think maybe the area under my eye looks a little “tighter,” and not as saggy prior to using the patches. For me, that is a good thing. I HATE those bags under my eyes.

As far as the dark circles, they do seem to be less prominent than they usually are. I don’t sleep that much, so dark circles under my eyes are an every day thing. For people who get adequate sleep, I’m sure these gel patches will work even better on circles under the eyes, since mine are due to lack of sleep and not the normal aging process.

As for wrinkles, that I really haven’t noticed a difference – yet. Unless the bags under my eyes count as wrinkles, since they do have a wrinkly appearance to them.

So far I am please with the AZN Labs anti-aging gel patches. I think with more use I should see even more of a difference.

I am sorry that I don’t have any before/after photos. I am horrible at taking “selfies,” mostly because I hate how I look and I cringe every time I snap a photo. Very rarely am I a happy with how I look in pictures.

If you are interested in learning more about these eye patches, and/or other AZN Labs products, visit BeautyTap.com and search for AZN Labs.

Are you concerned about bags, wrinkles and/or dark circles under your eyes? If so, what are you doing about them? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.