5 Reasons You Need Regular Dental Checkups


It’s easy to fall out of the routine of visiting your dentist, especially if you’re good at taking care of your teeth. The fact is, though, that even if you’re committed to flossing every day and brushing every morning and night, you can’t achieve the same results as a dentist can.

Preventative dentistry is a key part of your dental health, helping keep your teeth healthy, and ensuring you avoid nasty infections, breakage, and decay.

Take a look at these 5 reasons why you really do need regular dental checkups;

Your Teeth are Connected to the Rest of Your Body

Studies have shown that your dental health can affect other areas of your body quite significantly. Bad dental hygiene has been proven to make heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and even an infection of the heart lining more likely. For those who already suffer with these conditions, poor dental hygiene can make the symptoms worse. Don’t risk your health – be sure to visit your dentist once or twice per year.

Tartar Build-up Can be Hard to Spot

You might think your teeth are in great shape, but tartar build-up can be difficult to spot without the right equipment. Professional dentists have the tools and knowledge required to get to those hard-to-reach spaces in your teeth and grind away the tartar build-up without damaging your enamel. This ensures your teeth are well-equipped to protect against bacteria, reducing your chances of developing cavities. 

Preventative Measures Save You Money

Not only does preventative dentistry help save your teeth by stopping cavities in their tracks, but it can also save you money in the long run. Problems that are left untreated only get worse over periods of years, though in some cases it may be just a few months before a tooth becomes so badly infected that it cannot be saved.

Regular checkups with your dentist can quickly put a stop to infections, cavities can be properly filled and repaired, and your teeth can be preserved properly. That saves you money on tooth repairs, and lets you keep your natural teeth.

X-Rays Show Everything

Even with good brushing habits, you’ll never be able to capture the kind of detail that X-Rays do. Your dentist can use X-Rays to see deep inside your teeth, allowing them to identify teeth that may be at risk, and see what can be done to stop your teeth from becoming damaged or weak.

It’s a Cancer Checkup, Too!

Did you know that every dentist is trained to spot the signs of oral cancer? Every time you visit the dentist for a preventative checkup or a standard cleaning, you’ll be getting a full checkup to see if you show any signs of developing cancer in the mouth. This is an extremely important function of dentists today, and it’s something you should definitely take advantage of.

So, next time you’re due a dentist visit and you delay it because you feel like you don’t have the time…don’t!

The Evolution of Braces


Dental braces and orthodontics aren’t as modern as you might think. In fact, orthodontics appears to date back as far as the Ancient Greeks and Romans who used gold bands to preserve teeth after death, and used fingers to regularly push emerging teeth into their optimal positions.

It was only in the 17th and 18th Centuries that dental impressions began being taken with wax and plaster of Paris, and swelling threads and wooden wedges were used to separate crooked teeth.

The First American Braces

In the United States of America, orthodontics began to really grow in the early 19th Century. “The Dental Art,” a book by Chapin A. Harris, published in 1839, set out a number of orthodontics basics that we still use to this day. It also introduced early dental concepts including gold caps on molars, bands that helped with tooth rotation, and early braces that kept teeth straight.

In 1864, Dr Sanford Christie Barnum invented the first iteration of the modern dental dam. By puncturing a hole in a piece of rubber, which he then pulled over a tooth, he was able to create a dry working field for the first time. The advancement was hugely important for the developing dentistry industry, and within just a few years, the method became widespread and used by dentists all over the United States and beyond.

Then, in the 20th Century, Edward Hartley Angle created modern orthodontic equipment, including early braces, thanks to his accurate identification of misalignment and malocclusion of the teeth. The standards set by Hartley Angle were improved upon until big changes started appearing in the 1970s.

Moving Beyond Wire Braces

Early modern braces used wire to hold brackets to the teeth, which made them large, unsightly, and uncomfortable. After the 1970s, modern adhesives meant that braces could be made smaller and less intrusive by sticking anchors directly to the tooth. The metals used changed, too. Instead of gold, stainless steel was a more affordable and durable metal that could be used for long periods of time.

But no matter how strong the adhesive was, dental braces were still noticeable, uncomfortable, and unsightly.

In the late 20th and early 21st Century, everything changed.

A Clear Dental Revolution 

In 1997, Invisalign produced the least invasive dental brace product yet. This is a 100% clear dental brace that align your teeth without unsightly metal bands and wires, and with no adhesive. The invisible brace can be taken in and out of the mouth whenever the patient likes and, over time, custom-made aligners are replaced so that they reflect how the teeth are moving.

Every two weeks, a new Invisalign brace will push the teeth further until they have been set permanently in their new position. Not only is the process less invasive and unsightly, but it takes less time and doesn’t require a complicated fitting process.

Early braces and dental technique seem terrifying compared to today’s advances, so let’s be thankful that clear braces are available to us and correcting crooked teeth is painless and easy.

Review: AZN Labs Anti-Aging Eye Gel Patches


Getting older… I’m not a fan. I mean, some people relish getting older. Not me. Not at all.

Aside from the obvious (dying), I don’t like getting older simply because I don’t like looking or feeling older. Every day I wake up to a new silver or white hair. I’m finding more and more wrinkles on my face, and my body is making creaking and cracking sounds (that can’t be good). Sigh…

I can always color my hair, and if I exercise I’m sure the cracking sounds my body makes will dissipate. Looking my age is another story. I DON’T want to look my age. I’m 51. I don’t want to look like I’m in my 20’s or 30’s, because that would be unrealistic. Looking in my 40’s would make me happy. That would mean less wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin.

One of my favorite reasons why I love blogging is because it affords me to try out products that I might not otherwise know about. Such is the case with AZN Labs. I never heard of them until I did a review of one of their products a while ago, their Afterglow Ampoule. You can read that review here – Introducing Afterglow Ampoule by AZN Labs.

AZN Labs has introduced two new products – a Hydrogel Afterglow Lip Mask and AZN Labs Anti-Aging Gel Patches. These products were included inside the awesome gift baskets given out to celebrities and the link at the Oscars back in September. Only the best of the best products are giving out at the Oscars.

AZN Lab’s products contain something called Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin (AX) was introduced to the cosmetics industry in Japan and is the strongest antioxidant in the world, helping to protect skin from free radical damage and slowing down premature aging, while camellia extract helps to boost collagen production and fight pollutant-induced stress. Due to its unusual molecular structure, astaxanthin is commonly said to be a far more potent antioxidant than other carotenoids and commonly used antioxidants.

Anything to slow down the aging process sounds great to me.

I was sent the eye patches to review.

The AZN Labs anti-aging gel patches have 24K gold and 6,000X the potency of Vitamin C to help lift and firm the delicate eye area in just ten minutes. This luxurious eye treatment gives skin a warm, dewy glow and minimizes dark circles for a revitalized, youthful suppleness under the eyes.

I have never used eye patches before. I have seen them advertised, as well as featured on other blogger’s websites (reviews) and YouTube (reviews).

I watch 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days (it’s one of those “guilty pleasure” shows) and one of the people featured on the show, Tim Malcolm, has been shown wearing under eye patches on more than one occasion (which seemed very odd to me). I could never understand why eye patches appealed to people, and what exactly did they do?

The AZN Labs anti-aging gel patches are suppose to reduce the look of dark circles and fine lines, as well as give your skin a “dewy” appearance.

You can see the spoon-like tool that comes inside the jar of eye patches.

To use the patches, simply remove one for each eye using the special “spoon” that comes with the package. Apply one patch under each eye for 10-15 minutes, then remove and discard.

I wasn’t sure how frequent I could use the patches, so I was only using them twice a week. I was told that they are safe enough to use every day if I wanted to, so I have been using them every other day when I wash my hair.

The first few times I used them it felt a bit weird. They have a bit of a “slimy” feel (which is not necessarily a bad thing) that took a little getting used to. After a few uses I didn’t think twice about it.

Try to position them as best as possible under your eye. I have found if you need to remove them to re-position them, they lose a bit of their “stickiness” (how they adhere to your skin). They don’t actually stick to your skin, but they do adhere enough that they don’t slide around. If you re-position them after you applied them, they will slide around (at least that has been my experience).

The patches actually feel good when you have them on. The gel gives them a cooling effect, which feels nice and soothing. I liken it to what a spa treatment might feel like.

I’ve been using the patches for a few weeks now. The first two weeks I only used them twice per week. After that, every day. For that reason, I might not be seeing the full results of using them.

I love the shimmery-gold look to these eye patches. It makes me feel like royalty when I use them. LOL!

I like the way my skin feels after I remove them (and the gel absorbs into my skin). I think maybe the area under my eye looks a little “tighter,” and not as saggy prior to using the patches. For me, that is a good thing. I HATE those bags under my eyes.

As far as the dark circles, they do seem to be less prominent than they usually are. I don’t sleep that much, so dark circles under my eyes are an every day thing. For people who get adequate sleep, I’m sure these gel patches will work even better on circles under the eyes, since mine are due to lack of sleep and not the normal aging process.

As for wrinkles, that I really haven’t noticed a difference – yet. Unless the bags under my eyes count as wrinkles, since they do have a wrinkly appearance to them.

So far I am please with the AZN Labs anti-aging gel patches. I think with more use I should see even more of a difference.

I am sorry that I don’t have any before/after photos. I am horrible at taking “selfies,” mostly because I hate how I look and I cringe every time I snap a photo. Very rarely am I a happy with how I look in pictures.

If you are interested in learning more about these eye patches, and/or other AZN Labs products, visit BeautyTap.com and search for AZN Labs.

Are you concerned about bags, wrinkles and/or dark circles under your eyes? If so, what are you doing about them? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Cloud 10 CBD-Infused shampoo and conditioner restores and revitalizes your hair


As each day passes, I am encountering more and more products infused and/or made with CBD.

Just in case you are not sure what CBD is, CBD is short for cannabidiol, a chemical compound from the cannabis plant. It does not contain the part of the cannabis (marijuana) plant that causes you to get “high.” That is known as TCH. There is no TCH in CBD products. Just think about it, the government would not allow so many products on the market made with CBD extracts if it had anything to do with TCH or getting people “high.”

CBD is available in just about every product you can think of. Some products, such as sauves and lotions help with pain relief. Edibles and other ingestables help with anxiety, to help people feel calm and help people to sleep. And there are topicals that help with inflammation and redness, such as in face creams.

You can even give certain CBD products to pets to help with pain and to help them feel calm.

A new one for me is hair care products. I never knew that people were putting CBD in hair care products.

I was sent to review a CBD infused shampoo and conditioner from a company called Cloud 10.

Cloud 10 CBD-Infused formulas help to restore and revitalize the natural health of your hair and scalp with nutrient-rich ingredients.

Cloud 10 products include a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in scalp toner, all-in-one hair lotion and a glossing mist. There is even a sampler set that allows you to try all five products.

Cloud 10 products are vegan, non-GMO and not tested on animals.

I was sent the shampoo and conditioner to review.

Cloud 10 CBD Infused Shampoo

Cloud 10 Broad Spectrum CBD-Infused Shampoo adds vitality to all hair types. Its advanced formula helps smooth and strengthen hair, helping to prevent breakage while combing, and protect color-treated hair. Panthenol helps improve physically or chemically damaged hair, reducing the appearance of split ends and adding texture. Mandarin orange peel extract, with antioxidants to help protect against the harmful effects of pollution, improves brittle hair and gives it a healthy shine.

You can tell the first time you use this shampoo that it’s not like mass produced shampoos that you find on the market. First and foremost it doesn’t provide you with a crazy amount of lather. I don’t mind lather because it lets me know that I washed all parts of my hair. At the same time, too much later makes it difficult to fully rinse your hair. This shampoo lathers, just not a crazy amount of it.

I have thick, course hair that comes past my shoulders. One pump of this shampoo is enough for me. That said, one bottle should last a long time, especially if you wash your hair every other day like I do.

The shampoo washes well and rinses off easily enough.

Cloud 10 CBD Infused Conditioner

Cloud 10 Broad Spectrum CBD-Infused Conditioner is rich in fatty acids to protect and soften your hair while helping to keep it youthful and healthy looking. Panthenol penetrates the hair shaft to help reduce split ends and add shine and texture to hair damaged either physically or chemically. Natural actives such as baobab seed oil moisturize, soothe and help defend dry, fragile hair against environmental damage while improving shine and elasticity.

You need to leave this on for a few minutes in order to reap it’s benefits. I NEED conditioner in my hair, otherwise combing it would be a nightmare and my hair would look like such a mess.

I put the conditioner on after washing my hair and while I’m waiting for it to do it’s magic, I wash the rest of my body and shave my legs. Then I just rinse everything off from top to bottom.

I have not tried either of these separately. I’ve always used both the shampoo and conditioner together. I think that it gives you a better feel for a product when you use products only by the same brand. If I used a different brand’s conditioner with Cloud 10’s shampoo, or a different brand’s shampoo with Cloud 10’s conditioner, I wouldn’t get a good enough impression of Cloud 10’s products (hopefully that makes sense).

Cloud 10’s shampoo and conditioner are made with ingredients (including CBD) to help restore and revitalize your hair.

To be honest, I don’t know if it really helped to restore and revitalize my hair, but I can tell you that it leaves my hair feeling clean (no residue on my hair or scalp) and soft. I can comb my hair easily enough (limited “knots”), and it looks good after I dry and style it.

I do color my hair, but hair color doesn’t usually last in my hair too long. I will color my hair a darker color, and about a week later my hair is considerably lighter. After a few weeks it looks like I never colored my hair at all.

I THINK (I can’t be 100% positive) that this shampoo has helped extend my hair color a wee bit. My roots (gray, sliver and white – ugh!) didn’t pop out as quickly as they normally do (or so it seems). Whether or not this shampoo and conditioner had any effect on that, I don’t know.

My hair still has slit ends, but I am also in need of a haircut. My hair normally starts to split when it gets to a certain length (I don’t know why). I can’t blame the shampoo and/or conditioner for not mending my split ends. That is not the products fault. It’s mine for not taking the time to get my hair trimmed.

Overall, honestly, I didn’t notice too much of a difference compared to my regular shampoo. Cloud 10 did leave my hair clean and soft. I didn’t have any issues with it at all. It’s a nice combination. Maybe it’s just my hair in general. Maybe there might be a more noticeable difference with a different hair type (non-thick, non-course)?

Just because a product didn’t work for me the way it should, doesn’t mean that it won’t work for others. After all, a review is just one person’s experience with a product. It doesn’t mean that EVERYONE will have the same experience. I’ve purchased many products that others didn’t like, that I loved. I have also seem movies that I think were fantastic that critics brutally massacred with their reviews.

I LOVED the way my hair looked and felt after using the products. I just didn’t notice any long term revitalization or restoration.

If you are interested in learning more about these products, or if you’d like to check them out for yourself, please visit Cloud10CBD.com. The brand is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can find those links on the top right of their website.

Have you tried CBD infused products before? What has been your experience with them? Do you have a favorite?


*I received free products to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

How to Reuse Your Pumpkins After Halloween to Benefit Your Skin

*This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect my own. 

From pumpkin spice lattes to Halloween decorations, when fall hits, it is pumpkin season-mania. With approximately 65,900 acres of pumpkins harvested in the United States last year alone, and most pumpkin patches closing up after Halloween, what are you to do with all the leftover pumpkins you used as decorations for your spooky festivities?

Dr. Gretchen Frieling, a Boston-area board-certified dermatopathologist, explains that instead of throwing out the pumpkins you used this October 31st for decorative functions, you can reuse them for various beauty and health purposes. “Pumpkin is a great way to incorporate more vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E as well as essential fatty acids that help reduce markers of aging while also moisturizing the skin,” says Dr. Freiling, who is a Harvard-trained physician with a 10+ year background in the Dermatology and Pathology fields.  

So how can you incorporate your leftover pumpkin into your daily regimen?

Dr. Frieling suggests “mashing it up into a facemask to moisturize, using it as an ingredient in an exfoliant mixture with brown sugar and honey, or using some of it in your meal prep to garner some of the benefits of pumpkin from the inside out.”

Dr. Frieling shared four reasons why you should incorporate your Halloween pumpkin leftovers into your wellness routine.

Addresses Age marks: Wrinkles and brown spots

Pumpkin contains Vitamin A derivatives that aid in reducing the depth of fine lines over extended periods. Excessive sun exposure may accelerate spots of hyperpigmentation and the degradation of the skin’s firmness. Pumpkin can add an extra nudge to your beauty routine to address this.

Alleviates Acne and helps with Oily Skin

Pumpkin contains a healthy portion of zinc in its seeds. Zinc can help alleviate acne in some people. While not nearly as powerful as a prescription acne treatment, adding pumpkin seeds to your daily routine as a snack can help give you extra zinc, iron, magnesium, fiber, and even protein. It will also work to regulate oil production in the skin, helping to prevent the build-up of excess oil in the pores.

Uneven skin tones and smoother texture

Many patients experience problems with their skin texture and uneven skin tones. Today, a variety of beauty products use pumpkin as an additive to aid in smoothing out skin tones and textures. Pumpkin can get the job done because it contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which are naturally found in food and which is often used to improve dry, wrinkled, or acne-prone skin. What AHAs do to the skin is clear out the outermost layer of dead skin cells and thickening the deeper layers to create the appearance of tighter skin.


Nutrients and minerals such as zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin E also reduce inflammation. These are found in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Some examples include carrots, pumpkin, squash, beans, spinach, kale, sunflower seeds, broccoli, blueberries, and brown rice. Vitamin C in pumpkin helps reduce inflammation, puffiness, and redness in the skin while also calming the epidermis. Vitamin C is also popular for its collagen-boosting effect.

About the author: 

Dr. Gretchen Frieling (“Dr. G”), MD is a Harvard-trained, board-certified Dermatopathologist, with over 10 years of experience in Medicine and Dermatopathology.  With a background notable for intensive ballet, including the Juilliard School, Dr. G combines her artistic eye, perfectionistic qualities, and medical expertise, to give her patients the ability to be better versions of themselves.  Dr. G has an extensive academic background, including numerous publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, selected Editor of medical journals, an author of noteworthy medical textbook chapters, an educator at the Harvard Medical School, and speaker at many national medical conferences. 



Check out the Grecian beauty products from BIOselect


I always enjoy doing beauty product reviews. I feel like it’s a great way to discover and explore brands and products that I might not otherwise know about. I also read blogs and follow people on social media so I can learn about the latest and greatest beauty products and trends.

The older I get, the more I regret not taking better care of my skin when I was younger. For those readers who are in their 20’s or 30’s… DON’T WAIT! Start taking care of your skin NOW! Wash it, moisturize it, protect it from the sun… whatever you can do, START NOW!

As a teen I was horrible when it came to keeping my skin cleaned. I would actually go to bed with make up. Ugh! Just the thought of it now makes my skin crawl! I was literally just wash my face in the morning before school, slap on more make up and dash out the door. Eww!!!

As a teen I would also put on baby oil and lie out in the sun. Eight “suspicious” mole removals later and I truly wish that I never, ever did that.

In my 20’s and 30’s I didn’t think much about skin care either. I took better care of my skin, but not enough care. I would wash my face in the AM and PM, and add moisturizer, but that was pretty much it. I figure I had plenty of time to worry about wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, dark circles under my eyes and a dull complexion. Ha! I couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Now as a “more mature” woman (I rather not discuss my actual age – I’m still in denial. Ha Ha), I wish I had taken better care of my skin. Sadly, some damage is already done, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t fight the signs of aging and either prevent it or have it take longer to show up on my face.

Now you see why I enjoy doing beauty product reviews.

Several weeks ago I received a wonderful package in the mail from a company called BIOselect.

BIOselect is a Grecian beauty brand that offers all the beauty products you will need. From hair care products like shampoo and conditioner, body products such as body wash and mists, to face care products such as scrubs and hyaluronic boosters, you’ll find the perfect products for you (they also make great stocking stuffers for everyone in the family – not just for women). This brand is a one stop shop for all natural beauty products and daily care.

BIOselect was kind enough to send me many of their products, and when I say many I mean MANY. Thank you BIOselect.

BIOselect has two product lines – Natural and Organic. I didn’t think about that when I took the product photos. In hindsight, I should have grouped the product lines together instead of mixing them up.

I have linked to each product under each photo. I also included the product description off the BIOselect website. In addition, I also included a brief review for each product.

Some products I have not noticed much of a difference (as noted), but they might be the types of products you need to use for several weeks, or a couple of months, before you see the benefits. Not only that, everyone is different, so some people might have different experiences with the products than I did. There is certainly nothing wrong with that.

I’m sorry about the pictures too. They are not the best, but at least you get some idea what the product looks like.

Aloe Vera Multi-Use Soothing Gel for Face & Body

Refreshing aloe gel, with softening action suitable for use after sun exposure or after shaving. Organic aloe, panthenol and organic olive oil hydrate, soothe and protect from oxidative stress. Ideal for irritated skin.

I tried this product on my face, but I found it a bit too “heavy” for me, personally. I do however enjoy this on my body, most especially after shaving.

I use shaving cream and shaving lotion on my skin when I shave, but sometimes I makes my skin feel really dry. Worse yet is that feeling on your skin if you are using a dull razor (that is the worst!). This gel product feels really good after shaving, so much so that it’s the very first thing I do after I dry off (apply the gel to my legs).

Hand & Nail Cream 

Gentle, fast-absorbing cream, with no oily traces, for your hand and nail care. Enriched with natural avocado oil, almond oil, organic olive oil and shea butter, which nourish and sooth the skin. Pomegranate and ginger extracts are strong antioxidants and prevent premature aging, while honey nourishes your skin.

I NEED this product. My hands are ALWAYS dry, even in the summer. My cuticles are horrible too. They are so dry that they start to peel up and bleed. It’s gross (and painful).

This cream feels really good and I feel like it provides excellent moisturizing, even for my cuticles.

I keep this in my purse so that I always have it handy (no pun intended).

It goes on well. It’s not greasy and it absorbs quickly.

Olive Hand Cream 

The special rich texture of this cream offers an intensive hand treatment. Dictamelia*, shea Butter* and calendula oil* hydrate, nourish and protect skin from oxidative damage. Hyaluronic acid and allantoin boost skin’s elasticity and treat chapped hands.

This hand cream is also excellent.

When I think about Olives, I think Olive oil. And when I think Olive oil, I think about grease and greasiness. That is what I thought this cream would be like. It’s not greasy at all.

Of the two hand creams, I think this one is a bit better than the other one. I like how my skin feels after I use this. It feels touchably soft and smooth. It feels good on super dry spots too.

I can’t comment on elasticity because I haven’t noticed a difference. This might be one of those products that you have use regularly for a few weeks to notice a difference. All I know is that this feel so good on my dry skin.

Hyaluronic Booster +

Α fortifying and plumping daily booster with low and medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid that boost elasticity and fortify your skins natural barrier. They moisturize and fill the fine lines around the face, eyes and lips contour area. Day by day your skin feels more toned, plumped, hydrated and it radiates with a healthy glow.

As a moisturizer, this feels good on my skin. I feel like my skin is adequately moisturized. I like how my skin feels after I use it too.

I honestly cannot tell you what Hyaluronic acid is, but I see it advertised on television, and I see many products with these words. Sadly, I have no clue what Hyaluronic Acid really is.

I still see fine lines and wrinkles, but I do feel like my skin is hydrated and maybe even a little plumper (I’m overweight so it’s hard to tell – I’m already plump).

I’m sorry that I cannot be more descriptive with this product. All I can say is that I like it and I like how it feels on my face.

Cleansing Micellar Water

Its light texture, allows easy and effective daily cleansing of both face & eye area demake-up. It is enriched with organic olive leaf – chamomile extracts and provitamin B5 for extra soothing care, antioxidant protection and hydration.

I love micellar water. My daughter first introduced me to it (another brand). If you haven’t used it before, it’s worth trying.

Micellar water is a way to clean your face. It’s like a magnet for dirt and make up. Simply pour some on a cleansing pad, or cotton ball, and gently wipe your skin. You’ll notice your make up coming off with little to no effort.

I prefer to wash my skin the traditional way, but I do use this micellar water when I am in a rush, or if I just want to freshen up my face.

Natural Facial Foam Wash

I cannot find this product on their site. I see a different foaming facial wash, but it’s not the same one. The one I found on the website is a Face Foam Cleanser 3 in 1 product.

The product I was sent to review is really nice. In fact, I use it most every day. A little bit goes a long way.

The Natural Foam Wash I was sent to review is gentle on my skin. I feel like it does a great job removing all the dirt and make up. My face feels almost “shower fresh” when I use it (meaning my face almost feels as clean as it is when I come out of the shower).

Of all the products sent to me, this is in my top three products.

Face Scrub & Mask 2 in 1

Face scrub and mask for deep cleansing, rich in natural ingredients that gently cleanse your skin. Bamboo seeds remove dead cells, while green clay offers deep cleansing and gives  a glowing radiance. Shea butter & natural oils of organic olive, calendula & hemp nourish dry/ dehydrated spots, while vitamin E nourishes and tones your skin.

I have not used this product as a mask, only as a scrub. I use it in the shower instead of at the sink.

This is a good exfoliater. I feel the need to exfoliate 2-3 times per week to remove dead skin cells and give my skin a better appearance. This product does the trick.

Some exfoliaters make your skin feel dry afterwards, but the shea butter and olive in this product makes your skin feeling refreshed and not tight at all. Your skin feels so nice that you won’t want to put make up on afterwards

Foot Cream

Gentle, fast-absorbing foot cream with no oily traces, that treats cracked heels and tired feet. Enriched with natural almond oil, calendula oil, organic olive oil and shea butter, which hydrate and soothe the skin. Ruscus extract and natural mint essential oil have toning properties and offer a refreshing and relaxing effect.

I love, love, love this product. This has to be my most favorite out of all the products sent to me.

I hate having dry feet. Not only is it ugly to look at, but it’s also uncomfortable.

I used a buffer on my feet the first time I used this product, in order to get rid of all the dry skin I could. I’ve been using this product twice a day (morning and night) and so far my feet look and feel good. The dryness has not returned, nor do I feel the need to use the buffer on them.

This is a bit on the greasy side, and does take a bit to absorb. I recommend applying it when you have the time to sit for 5+ minutes to allow it to seep in, otherwise put cotton socks on afterwards so you don’t slip and get hurt.

Hair & Body Fragrance Mist (Dreamy Candy)

An intense, sweet and sensual fragrance. Enriched with sweet almond oil & vanilla extract that pamper your hair and skin.

I love this product. This is my second most favorite BIOselect product. It’s like a body spray, but you can spray it all over your body, including your hair.

I wash my hair every other day, otherwise it would get too dry. In between wash days I spritz this on my hair to get rid of any “dirty hair smell” that might be present (I don’t have an issue with that, but it’s always in the back of my mind that my dirty hair could smell).

This is also great for all over your body (except your face). It smells wonderful!

This mist is available on the BIOselect website in different scents too.

Olive Shampoo for Colored Hair

With Dictamelia*, oligopeptides from sweet almond* & aloe vera*

Natural shampoo for maintaining gloss and color on treated hair, thanks to the antioxidant ingredients of sage water* and rosemary extract*. Aloe Vera juice* nourishes and hydrates the hair shaft, while the oligopeptides of sweet almond* protect the keratin of the hair shaft and restore the healthy glow in treated/damaged hair.

I was worried that this product might leave my hair feeling greasy since it contains olive, but it doesn’t.

My hair tends to get dry, especially the ends. I need a shampoo that moisturizes, but also one that does not weigh my hair down. So far, this shampoo has worked pretty good.

I don’t think it extended the life of my hair color, but in their defense, my hair is porous and hair color doesn’t stay in my hair that long. I also use cheap boxed coloring from the drug store. It would be better to test this out on hair that has been professionally colored.

Hair Toning Shampoo

With Dictamelia*, laurel oil** & vitamins

Mild, SLES free, shampoo specially formulated for the gentle cleansing of the hair and the natural prevention of hair loss. Dictamelia* and provitamin B5 nourish and regenerate the hair shaft. Laurel oil** (Cretan/ certified self growing, organic) is well known for its ability to create healthy, shiny hair, while biotin has a proven action in strengthening the hair bulb and preventing hair loss. Enriched with organic sage water*, which soothes the scalp.

I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary when I tried out this shampoo. I still had hair loss. Maybe not as much (I honestly didn’t compare “before and after” hair loss).

As a shampoo it’s nice. It works well, rinses easily and leaves my hair feeling nice.

This is one of those products that might need to be used for several weeks to get a better feel for it. For that reason I can’t really comment much because I haven’t been using it exclusively for a while. But it is a nice shampoo as far as shampoo goes.

Olive Shower Gel Revitalizing

With Dictamelia*, green tea* & mint**

Thanks to its special natural formula this shower gel cleanses the skin deeply and gently. Dictamelia* and green tea* extract, with antioxidant properties, leave the skin toned and extremely soft while its refreshing scent from mint essential oil** revitalizes the senses. It is a mild, SLES free cleanser, ideal for your skin.

I rather use shower gel than soap. I feel that soap is just way too trying. I also don’t like to deal with slimy shower soap.

This is a nice shower gel. It works well and rinses cleanly with no residue left behind. I enjoy the scent too. It’s lovely.

Olive Shower Scrub

With Dictamelia*, honey* and olive pits

This exfoliating body shower gel with olive and rice* pits removes naturally dead cells leaving the skin fresh and rejuvenated. The combination of Dictamelia*, honey* and aloe vera* extract nourishes the skin leaving it smooth and radiant. Ideal for all skin types.

Just like the exfoliate that I use on my face, I like to exfoliate my body as well. I feel like when you exfoliate and use moisturizer, your skin looks and feels it’s very best.

I exvoliate my body every time I take a shower (every other day). It keeps my skin from looking dry and dull.

This is a nice exfoliate. It’s not hash on the skin, it rinses off well, and it doesn’t make a mess out of the shower.

Naturals Embrace Serum

Natural face serum. Α formula that creates a fine silky textured veil which protects and reinforces skin defense. It contains anti-aging agents made of oat and hyaluronic acid, that offer an instant ‘lifting’ effect, leaving the skin supple and tight. Organic olive oil, olive leaf extract and hemp oil prevent the formation of free radicals, hydrate and nourish the skin. They reduce and prevent the premature aging signs.

Age Embrace Cream

Natural face cream for mature skin. A rich formula that gently nourishes the skin offering a silky softening after feel. It contains anti aging agents made of oat and hyaluronic acid, that offer instant ‘lifting’ effect leaving skin supple and tight. Organic olive oil, olive leaf extract and hemp oil are hydrating, nourishing and prevent the formation of free radicals. They reduce and prevent the premature aging signs.

Rather than comment individually on these products, I’ll combine them.

These are another set of products that I feel like you need to use exclusively for weeks, or even a month or two, before you notice it’s full benefits.

As products, I have no complaints about either of them. They are nice products. They absorb well, they don’t leave any residue, and they feel nice on the skin.

As far as fine lines, wrinkles, and other “mature skin” problems, I have not noticed any differences. That doesn’t meant that they don’t do what they are suppose to do, it just means that I haven’t noticed a difference. Everyone’s skin is different too, so my skin and skin issues might be different than yours, and you might notice a difference quicker than I do. It doesn’t mean that the products don’t work.

I know this is a long review (so many products to review!). Hopefully it gave you a good overview about BIOselect products.

I have linked to all the products above, but if you would like to check out other BIOselect products, visit BIOselect.gr (notice it’s not .com). The site is in English.

The brand can also be found on Facebook and Instagram. Their links are on the bottom of their website.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.