Beautiful and special Valentine’s Gift ideas for the ones you love from Precious Moments


It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying the flickering lights of our Christmas tree. It’s hard to believe in just a few weeks, Valentine’s Day will be here. Where did the time go? Before you know it, we’ll be making plans for the Fourth of July.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, what do you normally do to show those special people in your life how much they mean to you? After all, Valentine’s Day is all about love, and you certainly love more than just your significant other. Yes, I know, most people see it as a holiday for lovers, but not me. I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as a day to show the people you love how much you care about them, people like your mother, father, siblings, children, best friends… the list goes on.

When my kids were younger I would give them Valentine’s Day gifts (plush toy or other toys), candy and a card. My kids are young adults now and they think of stuff like that as something you do for “little kids,” not grown adults. None the less, I still give my kids a little something on Valentine’s Day (usually it’s candy).

As for what me and my husband do for Valentine’s Day, the answer is usually nothing. It’s not that we don’t love each other. We do, VERY MUCH. But we don’t necessarily need a special day to let one another know that. We tell each other every day that we love the other. We also gift each other little surprises throughout the year.

Me and my hubby – together for 24 years and counting…

From time to time I DO like to gift my husband something special for Valentine’s Day. This year I gave him an early gift, a special figurine from Precious Moments.

Precious Moments has been a part of our lives since the day we got married. We were gifted a beautiful wedding figurine from Precious Moments. From that point on we gifted each other a figurine from time to time, and our kids received them from relatives as birthday gifts. In fact, my husband bought all of his nieces and nephew’s the Precious Moments birthday train long before we even knew each other. He didn’t do it for the older nieces and nephews (that is because he was close to their age growing up), but he did it for at least six of them.

This Valentine’s Day I was fortunate to gift my husband a wonderful piece from Precious Moments called We’re The Perfect Blend. I think this is a perfect representation of our relationship. In my mind we ARE the “perfect blend.” We compliment each other. I sometimes jokingly refer to us as “Ying and Yang.” We are opposite in some areas of our lives. For example, he’s a morning person and I’m a “night owl.” He’s very meticulous and organized, and I refer to my kind of organization as “organized chaos.”

We’re the Perfect Blend from Precious Moments features a couple sitting across from one another at a table, with take out coffee cups beside them.

Just to further emphasis that my husband and I are opposite in a lot of ways, I LOVE coffee, and he cannot stand the taste of it (he does love the smell). He also buys me coffee cups for my brewer, and he know that every Friday night I love to stop at my favorite coffee place for coffee, so we walk there together. Coffee has a special place in our lives, so this figurine couldn’t be more fitting.

The figurine sits on the shelf near my coffee brewer (to the right) and next to the stove, so we both can see it every day.

Look at all the great detail, from the tiled floor to their little shoe laces. So cute!

I even have the figurine sitting on the shelf next to my coffee brewer, so I look at it every day, and my husband does too since he has to cook dinner most nights (I work late during the work week).

Precious Moments has plenty of other adorable and “precious” figurines to celebrate the day of love. Check out a few examples below.

The “I’m so Glad I Fondue” set is so cute. It’s a real fondue set, and I love the play on words. It comes with everything pictured (it uses a tea light to heat it – sold separately).

What I love about Precious Moments figurines and other gifts is that they are great for just about everyone. For example, the above pictured “Love is Patient, Love is Kind” would not only make a great Valentine’s Day gift, but also an anniversary gift for your significant other, or to gift to another couple.

Precious Moments has many great gifts at various price points, so you are sure to find a great gift for that special someone that fits into your budget.

Precious Moments products are sold both online on their official website, as well as various retail locations across the country.

To check out these and other wonderful Valentine’s Day (or any time of the year) gifts, visit PreciousMoments.com. The brand can also be found on social media. All of their links are found on the bottom left side of their website.

Are you a fan of Precious Moments? Do you have any Precious Moments pieces? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on these charming figurines and gifts.


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

The Good Valentine’s Gift Guide


With the festive period soon over, the next occasion everyone is going to be talking about is Valentine’s Day. If you are struggling to come up with ideas for the love of your life, here are some suggestions she will love.

Tresor perfume

Lancôme launched Tresor perfume in 1990. The fragrance was created by Sophia Grojsman and is one of the most popular perfumes in the world. It is a floral, powdery and amber scent, which is ideal for casual use. 

This perfume has come to be known as Lancôme’s iconic scent. It is for treasured moments, with love being the ultimate treasure. This fragrance has a smooth and romantic touch, with love embodied in every element, from the very first fragrance note to the design of the bottle. 

This floral fragrance opens with beautiful top notes of peach tree flowers, apricot blossoms, and rose petals. Heart notes are iris, heliotrope, vanilla and lily of the valley, whilst musk and sandalwood complete the scent. 

Tresor perfume is precious and radiant, just like the woman who wears it. It’s sensual, serene and desirable. The elegant design of the bottle embodies the romance of the scent. 

Needless to say, Tresor perfume would certainly make a great gift if you are buying for someone you love. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or your partner’s birthday, Tresor is an excellent choice. Not only is the scent stunning, but also it presents a beautiful way of declaring your love.


You can’t fail with a voucher. If there is a certain shop that your other half loves, a voucher is going to go down well. You can also get vouchers for dentists and cosmetic surgery places today. If your partner has been speaking about how she wants to have her teeth whitened, finding an affordable dentist and giving her a voucher to use there is a good idea. Of course, this is the sort of gift you should only be buying if you know it is something your other half wants. Giving someone a voucher for a nose job isn’t going to go down well if they have not mentioned wanting to change their appearance in this way.

Personalized gifts

Buying personalized gifts for the one you love can be a difficult challenge. Thus, to ensure that you buy a top-quality gift, you need to go for one of the best gift companies available. This section will provide you with some tips in order to help you do so.

The first thing you need to look for when deciding on a gift store is the personal customer service available to you. If you are not sure what to buy your wife then it is vital that you have the help you need in order to aid your decision. Obviously, when it comes to an online store you do not have a person there to show you around and help you. Nevertheless, there should be effective contact methods available to you.

The next thing you need to consider is the company’s reputation. In order to do this, you should do a quick five-minute search on Google in order to determine what previous customers have thought about the gifts they received and the service they experienced. This will make you aware of any red flags and thus stop you from opting for a company which has a bad reputation. For instance, if you are in a rush and you notice that a company has a reputation for delayed delivery then you know not to opt for them. 

Finally, least but not least you evidentially need to think about the price range of the goods available on the e-commerce website in question. Obviously you do not want to be faced with cheap and tacky silver wedding anniversary gifts. However, you do not need to bankrupt yourself in order to show how much you care about your other half.

So there you have it: three gift suggestions that are bound to go down well if you are looking for something special to buy your other half this Valentine’s Day. We are sure she will be more than happy with the effort you have put in.

Gift some fun and educational books from National Geographic Kids this holiday season


Are you still looking for gifts for your child?

I know that many parents try and get the “it” toys of the season for their child (or grandchild). That is fine and all, but there is a type of gift that is ideal for gift giving, whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday, or “just because” – BOOKS!

When I was a child I LOVED books. I could not get enough of them. I loved receiving books as a gift. I amassed a nice collection of books, many of which I still have. I kept a lot of my favorite books from my youth to share with my own children, and someday, my future grandchildren.

I loved to read all types of books – fiction, non-fiction, horror, comedy, drama, book series – you name it. I even enjoyed reading educational books. One of my favorite types of books to read were encyclopedias. I know that might sound a bit unusual, but I honestly enjoyed it.

Educational books are not boring. It just depends in the book that you read. Take for example National Geographic Kids books. I have been a fan of their books for many years. Not only are they filled with a lot of great information and facts about just about everything on Earth (and even space), but they are also filled with a lot of great facts.

I’m a smart person. I do very well when we watch Jeporady. That is because I know a little bit about a lot of things. Many National Geographic Kids books are a great way to let your child learn a little bit about a lot of things (that is a GOOD thing).

If you are considering gifting a child books this holiday season, here are some suggestions from National Geographic and National Geographic Kids.

I was sent a few of these books to review.

Nerd A to Z: Your Reference to Literally Figuratively Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know (ages 8-12, $14.99)

“You don’t have to be a nerd to be captivated by this combination of Guinness Book of World Records, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and short form encyclopedia…..the info blurbs are fun to know and in many instances educational.  A bushel of inviting, idiosyncratic subjects” – Kirkus

“VERDICT A treat for visually oriented and information-hungry browsers.” – School Library Journal

This super-stuffed alphabetical compendium of must-know facts from science, pop culture, history, and more is perfect for kids who already know the names of every single dinosaur or want to understand exactly how the Millennium Falcon works. It’s a book for grammar gurus, science snobs, music geeks, and history buffs. In short, it’s a book for nerds. Inside, you’ll find browsable, info-packed blurbs that’ll give you the lowdown on everything from augmented reality to zydeco, with larger features that dive deep into fascinating topics like UFOs, pirates, artificial intelligence, and daring circus acts. And you’ll hear from the world’s most notable (and quotable) Nerds of Note from history and today.

As I mentioned earlier, I know a lot about a lot of things. This book is the prime example of ways your child can be the same way.

This book covers a huge assortment of topics on just about everything you can possibly think of.

There are even fun tests you can take to find out what kind of “nerd” you really are.

I’m an adult, and I found this book extremely interesting. I learned a lot from it myself.

The book is filled with colorful photos and illustrations that bring this book to life.

The Book of Bling: Ritzy Rocks, Extravagant Animals, Sparkling Science and More! (ages 8-12, $19.99)

“Bling is all around us,” the author writes. Maybe so…but rarely is the razzle-dazzle this cranked up. Should come with a cautionary note: sunglasses a must!” – Kirkus

From upscale splurges to flashy fun in nature, this treasure trove is filled with wonders that will dazzle and delight. Read about how nature struts its stuff with tantalizing tidbits about animals, including a few that literally glitter with iridescence to confuse predators. Or maybe you’ll strike it rich after reading about Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, U.S.A., where anyone can go hunt for sparkling gems. Dig into info about the world’s mysterious minerals, gorgeous geodes, and ritzy rocks. Discover extravagant expenditures like Canada’s million-dollar solid gold coin. Learn all about the splendid science of diamonds that rain from the sky in space. Get the secret behind glowing bio-luminescence. And go back in time to uncover palatial palaces, the riches of royalty, and other ancient treasures. To show off the lush content in proper fashion, readers will be dazzled by hundreds of fun flashy photos throughout.

This is a fun book about everything that glitters, shines and costs $$$.

I love the sections on the world’s richest animals, as well as the section on “cursed” jewelry that you should never touch. The section on gems and jewelry is pretty extensive.

The cat, “Grumpy Cat,” made it into the book as one of the world’s richest animals.

I like that angle this book takes. Would would have thought about writing a book all about rich, fancy, sparkly things around the world.

Treasury of Bible Stories written by Donna Jo Napoli, illustrated by Christina Balit (ages 8-12, HC, $24.99)

“Napoli brings her literary eye to yet another ancient tradition.  Balit’s bold illustrations accompany each tale and feature a diversity of skin tone that reflects the many lands from northeast Africa to the Middle East where the drama unfolds… Sidebars throughout add historical and scientific context to the stories presented while backmatter includes maps, timelines, and brief biographies of the major players. A worthy cultural treasury with appeal to both the faithful and irreligious.” — Kirkus

Noah’s Ark, Moses, David and Goliath, the ten plagues, Daniel and the lions’ den, Jonah and the giant fish, and many more of the Bible’s most powerful stories — 27 in all — are compellingly retold in this beautifully illustrated treasury. Readers will be fascinated by the ancient people and events they encounter, surprised by some of the lesser known accounts revealed, and inspired by the lessons these tales impart. Stories cover important ground beyond religion, such as culture, history, and geography, and they touch on issues that remain relevant today–faith, loyalty, kindness, violence, generosity, greed, jealousy, and more. These accessible, readible stories give kids a rich picture of biblical times, which encourages them to think about our role in the world and to learn more.

Dream Journal by Dr. Allan Peterkin (ages 8-12, $12.99 )

This stocking stuffer is what dreams are made of — literally!  Professor of Psychiatry Dr.Allan Peterkin helps readers uncover the power of their dreams and better understand the science of sleep. With lively text, vibrant imagery, and plenty of space for writing, it’s the perfect tool to help kids remember, record, and reflect on their nighttime adventures.  Catching Z’s has never been so much fun!

Brain Candy: Seriously Sweet Facts to Satisfy Your Curiosity – (ages 8-12, $8.99)

This offbeat, “stocking-sized” book is like a sweet treat that will satisfy any reader’s fun fact cravings. Cranium “cavities” will be filled to the brim with 500 fascinating knowledge nuggets about numbers, fun facts, and cool trivia on all kinds of topics.  With features that dive into why potatoes and tomatoes are a dynamic duo, amazing animal tongues and how they are used to ”lick” their competition and dental care through the ages, Brain Candy is a tasty approach to feeding kids tantalizing tidbits about the world.

This is another fascinating book filled with interesting facts.

I like how the facts are grouped by subject, such as size, heat, speed, numbers and more.

As with all National Geographic books, this book is overflowing with interesting and useful information, as well as beautiful, colorful photos and illustrations.

Any of these books would make a great gift for that special child in your life. To be honest, I think even grown-ups would appreciate these awesome books.

You can find these great books and more on the Shop National Geographic website. You can also find these books at book retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Does your child/grandchild own any National Geographic and/or National Geographic Kids books?

Do you think your child/grandchild would like any of the books mentioned above? If so, which one(s)?


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Heading for the beach this winter? Don’t forget to bring along a Tesalate Towel – Sand doesn’t stick to it!


Winter official starts this weekend. Brrr… I’m not looking forward to the next few months of freezing cold weather. I’m NOT a fan of summer (I hate heat), but at least it’s not freezing cold.

This time of year, a lot of people travel. They travel for fun. They travel to visit family and friends for the holiday. They travel for business.

If you are planning a trip that involves spending time on the beach, or if you live where you can go to the beach any time of the year, you’ll want to check out this post.

My family and I enjoy going to the beach. We try and visit the New Jersey shore at least once a year (in the summer) to spend the day on the beach. We get there exactly when the beach opens and the life guards are on duty (10:00 AM). We stay there for a few hours, then head home. Doing it this way we get a prime spot on the beach, and we avoid the crowds. We also avoid the traffic on the way home (leaving before rush hour). It helps to go during the week too, when many people are at work and dreaming of being on the beach.

There are a few things about the beach we don’t like;

  • Garbage on the beach
  • A lot of seaweed
  • Rough waves
  • Inconsiderate beach goers

And our #1 dislike about the beach – Sand! Sand gets on EVERYTHING. Even days, weeks or months after coming back from the beach we still find sand around our home and in our car.

Here is a great tip for keeping sand off your skin – apply baby powder to your skin. There is something about the baby powder that makes sand less likely to stick to you. Try it. It works. It’s magic!

I wish there was a way to have the stand stop sticking to your beach towel and/or beach blanket. You can shake it off, but sand often sticks to it. That is the reason why most of the sand gets dragged back into your home.

There is an Australian company called Tesalate, that sells an innovative beach towel. It’s also great for to use for other activities, such as yoga and enjoying a picnic (their Towel for Two is large enough to use as a picnic or beach blanket, as well as a towel). Their towels

Tesalate towels are made from a cutting edge fabric technology. They are made with AbsorbLite™  fabric, which helps the towels to dry rapidly compared to standard beach towels. Tesalate towels can also absorb a whopping 1 (33 oz.) liter of water. I doubt anyone is THAT wet, but it good to know they can absorb that much. 

The best part about these towels is that sand does not stick to it.

PHOTO SOURCE: Tesalate’s Instagram Page

Here is some more information about the brand, Tesalate.

Tesalate has dominated the U.S. and European markets as well. In fact, their Facebook page has exploded to close to a million organic members. As far as customer feedback is concerned, the average rating of their reviews is 4.9 stars. They’ve got over 21,000 organic reviews to date, which you can read on their website. They are, by far, the most reviewed beach towel in the world. 

Tesalate has been featured in media platforms like Vogue, Elle, Harper’s, Better Homes and Gardens, Buzzfeed, USA Today, Business Insider, The Sun, Daily Mail, Lonely Planet, Conde Nast Traveller, Good Housekeeping, Travel + Leisure, Reader’s Digest, Frommer’s, Australian Geographic and many others. They have also appeared on Jetstar, Qantas and Air Canada airline in-flight magazines as well as top-ranking blogs. 


They were also featured on U.S. TV last year – Today,  Fox 8 News and Doctors TV.  

I was sent one of the towels to review. Sadly, I didn’t have the opportunity to put the towel to the “sand test.” I’m in New York. The closest form of sand for me right now is the stuff the local Department of Transportation spreads on the roads when it snows. That is not really something I can test with. 

I received the Bohemian Towel for Two. I like the “towel for two” towels because they can also serve as a beach blanket, and because I’m a “plus size” woman and I like the idea of having an ample sized towel.

What I can tell you is that this towel has very vibrant colors. Sadly, you can’t really notice that in the photo I took. The photo does not do this colorful towel/blanket justice. It’s a lot nicer in person.

The towel arrived inside a branded drawstring bag (pictured below), which is great to use to store the towel in when not in use. It also makes is easier to take with you to the beach because you can hang the bag from your tote bag or beach chair when you take it onto the beach.

I like that it’s compact when folded and very light weight.

Like I said, I really didn’t have the chance to try out the towel (yet). I can only tell you what I think of it thus far. In the summer, when we have the chance to go to the beach I will be taking this towel with me and I will update this post at that time.

This photo shows the same “towel for two” that I received in the same colorful Bohemian print.

With 21,000+ reviews and receiving an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars, there is a lot to be said about this towel as far as it’s look, feel and effectiveness.

Not only is the Tesalate towel great for you, but it would also make a great gift for beach goers, travelers and others.

For more information, visit Tesalate.com. The brand can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Those links are found on the bottom of their website.

What do you think about the Tesalate towel? Does it sound like something you would like to take with you to the beach, pool or on a picnic? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Find funny and unique gift idea at BigMouth Inc.


If you are like me (and most people), chances are you come across someone on your holiday shopping list that are not easy to buy for. Perhaps it’s your crazy uncle, or the “life of the party” co-worker. Maybe there is someone on your holiday shopping list that no ordinary gift will work for. They need something a bit more unique than a mug or a shirt. They need something a little bit more.

I personally enjoy unusual things. I’m a fun person, and in turn, I enjoy fun things. I also like to collect unique things.

I collect a few different things, such as horror memorabilia. I also collect zombie gnomes. Yes, believe it or not, there are dozens (or more) zombie gnomes out there. I have about a dozen in my collection. There are plenty of more I would love to have.

My collection started with one tiny gnome. He’s just a regular gnome. There is nothing creepy about him. One day I found out that there were zombie gnomes, and my collection snowballed from there.

It’s not just zombie gnomes that I collect. I also like to collect unusual gnomes, but with a horror-vibe or look to them. For example, I have a cat eating gnomes, and a Godzilla like creature eating and stomping on gnomes.

About a year or so ago, while searching the internet for new gnomes to add to my collection, I stumbled across a site called BigMouth Inc. BigMouth Inc. has a lot of really fun and silly gnomes that I would love to add to my collection.

As it so happens, BigMouth Inc. is the company that I purchased my Godzilla-like gnome from. It’s actually referred to as The Great Garden Gnome Massacre on Amazon. I purchased it from them back in October of 2014.

Two other creepy gnomes I purchased on Amazon that are also from BigMouth Inc. are Billy Bones and Sarah Skeleton (sold separately).

Clearly, I needed to see if the brand had a website. Sure enough, they do!

I soon discovered that BigMouth Inc not only has a variety of funny and unique gnomes, but they also have a plethora of unique and hysterical gifts. I had to bookmark the site because there are just too many cool items that I want to purchase.

Here is just a very small sampling of the crazy items you can find on the BigMouth Inc website.

Exercise Block (a great gag gift for New Year’s resolutions)

Wiener Dog Butter Dish

Potty Piano

Countdown to My Retirement Clock

Spaghettio’s Can Safe

Taco Truck Lunch Tote

As I mentioned, this is just a small sampling of the wild and crazy gifts available at BigMouth Inc’s website (they also sell their products on Amazon and other retail locations).

One of the things that BigMouth Inc is well known for are their pool floats and other summer fun items.

We have a pool in our condo complex that the residents can use. Sadly, there is a rule that you cannot have pool floats of any kind (not even for the little kids). My cousin lives on a lake, and they can use any kind of floating devices they want.

When I was a young girl, the only inflatable thing we had to float around in were those boring rings. Not only more. Now you can float around in style on a giant balloon animal, margarita or man eating shark.

If you think the pool floats are crazy, check out their version of the “pool noodle.”

As I mentioned before, the examples featured in this post are just a small sampling of the great things you can find on the BigMouth Inc website, as well as their products that are also available at other retail locations.

I was sent a couple of products from BigMouth Inc to review. I received the following goodies.

Here’s Gnomie Garden Gnome

As I mentioned earlier, I collect horror memorabilia. I love horror movies. One of my favorites is The Shining. One of the most iconic scenes from that movie is when Jack Nicholson’s character, Jack Torrance, breaks through the bedroom door with an ax and proclaims “Here’s Johnny” (the intro to the Johnny Carson Show).

BigMouth Inc has a funny “Here’s Gnomie” gnome that pay homage to the film. I think it’s the perfect addition to my horror collection, especially my Shining goodies including the autograph of the sisters and my Overlook Hotel keychain.

The Here’s Gnomie gnome have a mean looking gnome peering through a hole in a fence on one side, and there is the word “redrum” written on it. If you have seen the film, you know that “redrum” is “murder” spelled backwards. The words “Heeeeere’s Gnomie” also appear in the grass in the front of the piece.

On the backside of the gnome is the back of the gnome, as well as his hand clutching the handle of the ax.

This is a substantial sized garden gnome, and it’s a hefty weight too. It’s about 9″ tall.

On the BigMouth Inc site they link to Amazon where you can purchase this piece. I see it’s currently available for $18.99 plus shipping. If you Google the piece you might be able to find it at other retail locations.

Unicorn Attack Garden Gnome

This is another fun piece to add to my growing collection.

Even though this is not a garden gnome, per say, it does include little gnomes.

It appears that they little gnomes might have been trying to capture the unicorn, but the unicorn is not too happy about it. It looks like she/he has stomped on one of her would-be captures, and speared one of them with it’s horn.

Just like the Here’s Gnomie piece, this one is also very well made and hefty. After all, they are made for being decorative pieces around your home and in your garden. They are heavy weight to keep them from tipping over in the wind and rain.

Of course, you don’t need to use these in your yard. You can display them around your home like I do.

Here is mine next to my to The Great Garden Gnome Massacre piece that I purchased many years ago.

You should check out the fun garden gnome characters and scenes available at BigMouth Inc.

To see more about these and other crazy, weird and unique products, visit BigMouthInc.com. You can also find the brand on social media. All of their links are found on the bottom of their website.

What do you think about BigMouth Inc products? Do you have a favorite that was highlighted in this post? Would you love to give, or receive, one as a gift?


*I received free products in order to do this review. I have also purchased the brands products on my own. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

8 gift ideas for teenage girls


Teenagers can be notoriously hard to buy presents for, so you might need a helping hand if you’ve got a teen or tween with a birthday approaching. Similarly, finding the perfect holiday gifts for her or him can be difficult when they’re in their teenage years.

If you want to get them something special that they’ll enjoy but you’re stumped for ideas, there’s no need to panic. With this list of gift ideas for teenage girls, you’ll be able to find the perfect present for your daughter, niece, sister, cousin or friend…

DIY Lip Balm Set

If you know a teen girl who’s in to make-up, science or creativity, Urban Outfitters’ Handcrafted Lip Balms Book And DIY Lip Balm Gift Set are made for them. With everything they need to craft their own lip balm, the lucky recipient will have a little fun making their own product and spend even more time wearing them.


Give your teenager the gift of confidence with this inspiring bangle set. Inscribed with the words, ‘She believed she could so she did’, it’s perfect for teen girls who want to conquer the world. With three bangles, featuring silver, rose gold, and champagne gold, these delicate bangles suit any style.

With the option to add a birthstone charm pendant, you can make this present even more special by turning it into a personalized gift. Something they can wear and treasure forever, these iconic bangles are the perfect gift for any teen.

Phone Case

If you know a teen girl, there’s a 99.9% chance they have a cell phone. In fact, there’s a 99.9% chance they’re on their cell phone as you’re reading this. Providing you know which make and model they own, you can bring a smile to their face with a brand new cell phone case.

A phone case works well as a gift for her because there are so many options to choose from. From glittery personalized cases, ones with witty slogans, bold and bright hardcovers, and even poppable bubble wrap style soft covers, you can choose something you know they’ll love.

Mini Fridge

Mini fridges have never gone out of style and they’re only getting cooler. A funky addition to any teen room, this retro mini fridge comes in a range of colors and features a handy side bottle opener. While a mini fridge is a great gift for any teen, it’s particularly well suited to teen girls who love their make-up.

As you may (or may not) know, gels, creams, lipsticks, and mascara are best preserved when they’re kept in a fridge. If you’re tired of trying to squeeze milk and eggs into your kitchen refrigerator because it’s chock full of beauty products, then a mini fridge is a must. As one of the top gifts for her, teenage girls will love a handy drinks cooler and personalized cold make-up store.


Good skin care is important for everyone but teenagers, in particular, can benefit from high-quality skincare products. When your skin is changing from one day to the next, you can be prone to dry patches, pimples, and full-on acne. While top-end skincare products can be out of budget for the average teen girl, they make a fantastic gift for her.

Primers, moisturizers and BB creams are all great options, particularly if you know what your teen likes to wear. If you’re unsure, take a photo of them to your nearest high-end make-up counter and ask for some help. With experienced skincare experts and make-up artists on hand, you’ll find the right selection of products for your teen in no time.

Eco-friendly bottles

If you’re over 30, this may not sound like an exciting gift for a teen but, trust us, it will be a hit. Teens are amongst the most environmentally-conscious demographic, so a reusable bottle made from sustainable materials will really hit the mark.

What’s more, eco-friendly bottles have become something of a fashion accessory of late. You may not know what a ‘VCSO girl’ is, but you’ve definitely seen one. As one of the latest styles, VSCO girls favor eco-friendly products, laid back styles, and social media.

For the ultimate on-trend gift for her, choose a sustainable, eco-friendly reusable water bottle in a funky design.

String Lights

The perfect alternative to bedroom lamps and overhead lights, string lights will illuminate a teen’s room just enough so you can’t make out the mess. These Extra Long Mod String Lights are versatile enough to adorn rooms of any size and can be twisted into cool designs for extra effect. With copper wiring, they look fantastic even before they’re switched on, so you can be sure your teen will love the look.

Personal Charging Hub

From cell phones and tablets to fitness trackers, e-readers and headphones, teens rely on tech to get them through the day. If you want to see your teen’s face light up, treat them to their own personal charging hub this year.

With a selection of charging docks, they can keep all their tech up-to-date and never have to choose between full charge on their tablet or phone again. What’s more, you won’t find that your charger has disappeared from the drawer every time you go to plug your phone in.

With a variety of styles on offer, you can go for something minimalist and sophisticated, funny and silly or bold and colorful. Whatever your teen’s into, there’s a charging hub to match.

Choosing the best gifts for teen girls

Whether you’re buying presents for her for upcoming birthday or the holidays, you’ll want to ensure your teen gets something she loves (and something you don’t have to return). However, fast-changing trends and new releases can make it tricky. Fortunately, with these sure-fire hits, you can impress the teens in your life.