Go with the Gut: 7 Foods to Eat for Better Skin, Hair and Mood


All symptoms of the body from thin, dull hair, and sallow skin, to acne breakouts, body aches and sluggish energy all point to the gut. Gut health is incredibly important making mindful eating an essential part of longevity and anti-aging. If you want to feel vibrant and maintain a youthful appearance up to 15 years younger than your actual age, start weaving these key foods into your diet.


When we have an overgrowth of candida in the gut we experience things like acne breakouts, bloating, and constipation. Garlic mitigates all of this because it kills candida. Garlic also aids in digestion and immunity. Garlic also has anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for joint aches. Allicin, which serves as an anti-aging, antifungal benefit to garlic aids in smoothing skin and preventing acne and other skin conditions.

Ground Flaxseed:

Responsible for helping food to travel effortlessly and smoothly through the GI tract, flaxseed keeps us regular. Flaxseed also contains cancer fighters called lignans which also ward off heart disease. Flaxseed helps to minimize rashes, skin flare ups and irritation. When you consume flaxseed your skin becomes more even toned and less sensitive.

Apple cider vinegar:

One of the best ways to address any digestive issues is to combine a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water or in tea and drink it before a meal. It helps your body to break down food. It helps with to prevent indigestion and stomach issues after eating. Anytime you can aid the digestive process you’ll notice glowing skin and a youthful radiance.

Celery & Celery Juice:

Another anti-inflammatory and cancer fighter celery also lowers blood pressure and rids us of sugar cravings (and sugar makes the skin sallow and leads to breakouts). The natural salts in celery juice maintain a healthy gut pH. The common recommendation is to drink 16 ounces on an empty stomach and improvements to digestion and physical appearance will be evident within 10 days.


High in fiber, cauliflower helps the gut maintain healthy microbes. This is important because when microbes or gut flora are out of whack a whole slew of symptoms become evident. These include digestive issues, depression or anxiety, and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Fermented foods:

Kimchi is delicious and sauerkraut or pickled vegetables can make for a nice topping to a salad or mid-day snack. These fermented foods are packed with good bacteria which balances the microbiome, which is the anchor for our health and immunity.


Another “prebiotic” fiber that keeps the gut healthy and balanced is asparagus. You can add garlic to it and broil it in the oven offering a 1 -2 punch of gut friendly foods in one delicious side dish. It’s important to note that people who suffer from stomach pain may not do well with prebiotics in larger amounts. If the gut is already inflamed these foods can cause a flare up.

Pile of asparagus on the kitchen table

About the Doctor:

Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, and anti-aging medicine. Proclaimed the “The Stem Cell Guru” by the New York Daily News, Dr. Calapai is a leader in the field of stem cell therapy in the U.S. His stem cell treatments have achieved remarkable results in clinical trials on patients with conditions as varied as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, frailty syndrome, heart, kidney and liver failure, lupus, MS and Parkinson’s. Connect with him via twitter @drcalapai or at www.drcal.net

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Fight Breast Cancer with Good Nutrition – Check out these tips!

*This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect my own.

Can what you eat prevent breast cancer? October is breast cancer awareness month. The National Breast Cancer Foundation created the annual campaign to raise awareness of this devastating disease. All month it encourages individuals to host or engage in fundraising events, share educational content, and focus on early detection, education, and support. One of the ways women can reduce their risk is through eating healthy throughout their lifetimes.

Diet and Breast Cancer Risk

Diet is partly responsible for between 30 and 40 percent of cancers, according to BreastCancer.org. The research isn’t more specific, because many women with breast cancer have more than one risk factor, so it can be hard to isolate one cause from the rest. However, there’s a clear link between a diet that is low fat and high in vegetables and fiber and reduced breast cancer risk.

Healthy foods help maintain a healthy weight.

Overweight women have an increased risk of breast cancer. Fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods promote weight loss because they contain high amounts of fiber and nutrition and relatively low calorie counts. Women who gained weight after a diagnosis of breast cancer also had a higher risk of recurrence.

A low-fat diet reduces risk.

One study found that when women only got 25 percent of their daily calories from fat, they were less likely to get breast cancer. A low-fat diet often means high consumption of nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, grains, and veggies.

Research supports eating a variety of healthy foods.

Supplements help, but it’s best to get your nutrients from a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Researchers continue to study the link between breast cancer and healthy eating, but here’s what dieticians say helps reduce your risk.

  • Keep your body mass index in a healthy range.
  • Eat more than five cups of fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Limit saturated fat to under 10 percent of your calories and total fat to under 30 grams each day.
  • Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, beans, and nuts.
  • Avoid packaged foods and trans fats.

Foods that Fight Cancer

The MD Anderson Center recommends making vegetables, beans, and whole grains a major part of every meal. Build your grocery list around foods that reduce your risk and make healthy eating a regular part of your lifestyle. Try some of these cancer-fighting superfoods.

Broccoli – This green veggie contains sulforaphane, a powerful compound that flushes cancer-causing chemicals from your body and raises its level of protective enzymes. Kale, cabbage, and cauliflower also contain sulforaphane, but broccoli has the most.

Berries – All berries contain phytochemicals called anthocyanins. They keep premalignant cancer cells from growing to fight off cancer. The Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology compared dried and frozen berries with fresh ones and found there was no significant difference in their cancer-fighting nutrients. When you’re on the go, eat dried fruit for a nutritional power punch.

Tomatoes – Lycopene makes tomatoes red. It also stops the growth of cancer cells. Cooked tomatoes offer the biggest benefit, since turning tomatoes into sauce concentrates the amount of lycopene per ounce. Sip tomato juice for a tasty way to reduce your cancer risk.

Walnuts – Two handfuls of walnuts a day might lower your risk of breast cancer. If you have breast cancer, walnuts can slow the growth of tumors. Phytosterols in nuts block estrogen receptors in cancer cells. Almonds and peanuts contain the same cancer fighting compounds.

Garlic – Several studies show a link between increased garlic consumption and reduced cancer risk. The phytochemical allicin that gives garlic its strong odor also strengthens the immune system and helps the body kill abnormal cancer cells. One study indicated women taking tamoxifen to fight breast cancer reduced their risk of liver injury by consuming more allicin.

Beans – Black beans and navy beans cause your body to produce the fatty acid butyrate. In high concentrations, butyrate fights cancer growth. Fight breast and colon cancer by eating beans at least three times a week.

Fruits and Vegetables from a typical shopping trip for my family.

Quick Cancer-Fighting Snacks

Munch on cancer-fighting foods throughout the day with these quick strategies.

  • Once a week, stuff snack-sized zipper baggies with raw broccoli, berries, and cherry tomatoes. Put them where it’s easy to grab and go.
  • Stock up on 100 percent vegetable juice and keep it chilled for a delicious treat.
  • Keep reduced-fat cheese sticks on hand.
  • All natural granola bars help you get in an extra serving of whole grains, nuts, and dried fruit.
  • Bean chips are high in fiber and protein and low in sodium. Fight cancer with chips.
  • Packaged nuts don’t have to be refrigerated, and they won’t get squashed sitting in your purse or car. Keep them on hand for emergency snacking.

Healthy Vending Machines?

Sometimes no matter how carefully you plan, it’s hard to find healthy food choices. Naturals2Go makes eating right easy by providing vending machines stocked with healthy options. If you want to make good choices easy and make money doing it, consider putting in a Naturals2Go vending machine.

About the Author:

Naturals2Go is ready to partner with you to offer healthy eating in your area. Contact us today to learn more about starting your own vending business or getting one of our healthy vending machines in your location.

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10 Low-Calorie Snacks To Satisfy Sugar Cravings


Sugar is one dietary component that many of us get addicted to, and the reason is simple. Consuming foods rich in sugar triggers our brain to release dopamine, and we feel terrific. There is also an evolutionary aspect to our sugar cravings. Apparently, our primate ancestor ‘the ape,’ survived on sugar-rich fruits.

Even though we enjoy fruits now and then, most of our ‘current’ sugar intake does not include fruits but unhealthy, processed sugary snacks like confectionery items and soda. Shockingly, over 156 pounds of sugar is consumed by the average American in a year!

Fortunately, there are other healthier options of satisfying those devilish sugar cravings than eating foods with added sugar. Continue reading to find out more.

Whole wheat waffle topped with fruits and low-fat cream:

Delicious, filling and healthy, this divine treat is an excellent evening snack as well as a breakfast item.

Warm whole wheat waffle topped with sweet, and tangy berries and a little bit of low-fat cream sprinkled with cinnamon can make your day as bright as the sunshine. You can make your own waffles or grab any whole wheat waffle available commercially for a scrumptious treat.

Dark Chocolate:

When in a rush there is nothing better to soothe those craving taste buds than chewing a few pieces of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is beneficial for our health in several ways thanks to its antioxidants, cancer prevention, and low-calorie nutrient profile. Make sure your dark chocolate is made with 70% or more cocoa, and you would feel your stress releasing slowly after this snack.

strawberry in chocolate isolated on white

Strawberries dipped in chocolate:

There truly can’t be sweet snacks without chocolate, but not all milk chocolates are healthy as they use milk fats and lots of sugar. So coat the yummy, super food that is strawberry with chocolate, but make sure you use melted dark chocolate instead. You can freeze these perfect treats and save them for munching later.

Frozen Choco banana:

Another chocolate favorite, this snack is packed with the goodness of banana and dark chocolate.

Dip frozen bananas in melted dark chocolate and add raisins, oatmeal and dried nuts like almond or cashews for an energy boost. Not only you will tame the sweet tooth with this snack, but you can also find a delightful way to consume all the nutritional benefits of nuts, dark chocolate, and bananas.

Yogurt Parfait:

Eating yogurt is a healthy way to help your body absorb calcium and other nutrients from milk without the weird ‘milky’ taste that some people don’t like. It also has probiotics which are favorable for improving your gut’s health.

Take a cup of flavored or plain Greek yogurt and sprinkle your favorite fruits, granola, and nuts to enjoy a sweet combination of flavors.

Honey and lime with fresh fruits:

Fresh fruits are yummy, refreshing and hydrating but if you want your fruits to pack a punch squeeze some sweet lime and honey over it for a zesty and syrupy overhaul.

Fruit popsicles:

Perfect for the hot weather, fruits can be slightly mashed together to form a puree and then frozen to make a Popsicle!

Muesli with honey and milk:

Swiss muesli is fit for a king thanks to its creamy, rich texture, a plethora of tastes and health benefits. You can make it sweet by adding honey and mixing it with low-fat milk instead of plain water.

Peanut butter and chocolate pretzels:

Grab a few pretzel sticks and dip in melted dark chocolate or peanut butter for a sweet and savory treat.


Sorbets are fun, healthy and easy to make. Make a big bunch at home with your favorite fruits and eat a scoop whenever the sugar cravings set in.

PHOTO CREDIT https://pixabay.com/p-1209260/?no_redirect

About the author:

Brooke Whistance is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger who loves to write about prevailing trends. She has been living in Los Angeles, California with her family including, her parents, two siblings and her cats. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness industry and currently associated as a blogger with Florida Hospital Centra Care, an urgent care center in Tampa and other cities in the vicinity such as Conway, Longwood, Orange Lake and others. You can find her at LinkedIn Twitter and  Facebook.

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Managing your pet’s weight – healthy tips from Petcurean


Our obese cat Anakin who NEEDS to lose weight.

Are you concerned about your weight? Do you monitor what you eat and drink, and make sure to get plenty of exercise?

The diet industry is HUGE in this country. It seems like every day there is a new diet, or “miracle weight loss” product on the market.

People want to lose weight to not only look good, but to feel good too. Being overweight can also lead to health issues.

Sadly, many pet parents don’t think the same way about their pet’s weight.

Did you know that 22-44% of pets weigh more than their ideal body weight? Obesity can contribute to major health problems for your pet including diabetes in cats and decreasing the lifespan of your dog. I should know, we have a diabetic cat, Velcro. Velcro was once overweight. At one point he tipped the scales at almost 24 pounds. We didn’t intend for him to get that big. He just liked to eat and ate A LOT (too much!). He also liked human foods which we are guilty of feeding to him. We are paying the price for it now. Velcro has diabetes. His insulin is over $300+ per vial, syringes cost us about $40 every other month and there is no such thing as a “cheap” vet visit after all the blood test are done (his last visit for a regular check up cost us over $500+).

Velcro (orange) and Padmé (Gray) before Velcro developed Diabetes

Velcro now. He’s skinny and a “bag of bones.”

I wish we thought about this years ago. We just saw him as a happy, chubby cat. Little did we know the expense we’d incur from not being a thoughtful pet parent.

Did you know that the negative side effects of being overweight can start to appear within just a few weeks of the onset of obesity.


As pet parents, it’s our job to keep our furry family members not only happy, but healthy too.

If you are concerned about your pet’s weight, or want to ensure your pet doesn’t have a weight issue, check out these great tips from Petcurean on how to manage your pet’s weight.

Evaluate your pet’s current weight:

Weigh your pet at the vet’s office or with your home bathroom scale and check it against this Body Score chart to help you determine the current status of your pet’s weight.


An important rule you should keep in mind when managing your pet’s weight is restricting treats and resisting the urge to give them table scraps. These items make it hard for you to regulate what your pet is eating. For dogs, you can feed them a weight loss recipe with reduced calories. This option allows your pup to eat the same volume of food they’re used to eating, but with less calories. Petcurean’s GO! Fit + Free makes a great diet feeding option with a protein-rich, lower carb recipe. Alternatively, you can simply cut back on the amount of food you’re currently feeding. To ensure your dog still feels full after these smaller meals, you can add canned pumpkin or green beans as a fiber-rich and healthy topper. Cats do the best on low carb canned recipes since the wet food not only promotes weight reduction, but also helps cats feel fuller. GO! Fit + Free also offers canned recipes for cats.

Physical activity:

Decreased food intake should be accompanied by increased physical activity. Track your pet’s weight through weekly weigh ins. A rapid decline in weight can be harmful to your pet. As you monitor their progress, continue to check them against the body score chart. That will tell you when your pet’s weight goals have been reached!

Managing your pet’s weight is an essential part of loving your furry friends. They don’t know when to stop eating or what not to eat. They don’t know that they need exercise. It’s up to us – their human parents – to do that for them.

Do what you can to help your pet lose weight and get healthy NOW before it’s too late. Trust me, I know from personal experience how expensive it is to have a pet with an obesity related health issue. If I could go back in time to change things I would.

If you are interested in learning more about Petcurean, or where to purchase their products, visit Petcurean.com. The brand is also found on social media. All of their links are found at the bottom of their website.


*I have partnered with Petcurean to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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My secret to curing patients and preventing illness by By Chris Gilbert, MD, PhD


In my thirty years of practicing medicine, I have always been surprised by the attitude of the medical community.  Most physicians only spend ten minutes per patient and give a quick fix pill to treat such ailments as backaches, stomach pain, and recurrent infections, but very few take the time to ask “Why?”

Why do patients have backache?  Are they sitting at their desks for too long at a time?  Why do they have stomach pain?  Are they eating foods that their stomach doesn’t like – and is having difficulty digesting?  Why do they have recurrent infections?  Are they stressed out?  When people are under stress, their bodies secrete more cortisol, which weakens their immune system and makes healing more difficult.

For me, asking why and finding the origin of disease is essential if you truly want to treat it and prevent it from coming back in the future.  But that takes time — which is what most physicians don’t have.

In order to uncover the why” of disease, my secret is to ask this question to patients: “If your body had a voice, what would it say?”

You are going to tell me: “How can a body have a voice?”  It’s easier to listen to your body that you realize.  Try this exercise right now: Focus on what your stomach is feeling right here, right now.  If your stomach had a voice, what would it say?  Would it say: “I’m full” or “I ate too much!” or “I’m starving” or “I ate just right and I am feeling very content”?  I am sure it will take you no time to find a few words that express how your stomach feels.

Tuning in to our body gives us a different point of view.  We already know our mind’s point of view but what is our body’s perspective?

Sometimes, my mind says: “Let’s have lunch in our favorite all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.  That will be delicious!”  I grab several plates of scrumptious food that I thoroughly enjoy but after one hour, my stomach says:  “Oh, I am distended.  This feels so uncomfortable.  I am too full.  I ate too much.”  My brain says: “I need a nap.”  My back says: “ I am starting to hurt because of my belly protruding, and then my owner is going to sit at her desk for eight hours writing which will make me worse.  Hopefully she won’t gain weight because if she does, the pain will be even greater!”

It is amazing what we can discover about our bodies if we try to listen to their perspective of things.  And the consequences are golden.  For example, if we find out that the origin of our back pain lies in our sitting too many long hours at a desk without moving, the solution will be to get up and stretch every couple of hours.  This also means we can avoid taking anti-inflammatory pills that will irritate our stomach or narcotics that will make us sleepy and addicted, and will not stop the pain because the origin will not have been addressed.

So, what symptom do you have and where in your body is it located? If you give that body part a voice, what would it say?

About the author:

Chris Gilbert, MD, PhD is the author, with Eric Haseltine, PhD, of THE LISTENING CURE:  Healing Secrets of an Unconventional Doctor (SelectBooks).  An Integrative and Holistic Medicine physician, Dr. Gilbert specializes in the combination of Western and Eastern Medicine, and has dedicated her life to treating and curing symptoms and illnesses that other physicians haven’t been able to address.  www.DrChrisGilbert.com


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Curb your cravings with LiquiSlim 24 Water Drops


I have been on every diet/weight loss program imaginable – Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Slimfast, Atkins, cabbage soup, diet pills, starvation, binging/purging, exercising like a crazy person… you name it, I probably tried it. I even went so far as to have weight loss surgery.

Trust me, if there was a miracle pill that would help me to lose weight, and keep it off, I would be shouting about it from the roof tops. The truth is that there IS no miracle. To lose weight you need to exercise, drink plenty of water, consumer less calories and make smarter food and beverage choices. No pill, cookie, drink or program can replace that. You just have to make smart choices.

I do believe there are products that can help you achieve weight loss, to some degree. You still need to eat properly and exercise, but I think there are products that help you feel fuller, give you more energy and could ultimately help you on your weight loss journey.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a new beverage drop called LiquiSlim 24. LiquiSlim 24 is a water enhancer that adds not only flavor to your water, but also two ingredients that have shown to have some benefits to those trying to loose weight – Satiereal Saffron and Chromium Picolinate. I have heard of Chromium before.

Here is some additional information about the ingredients from LiquiSlim 24.

Satiereal Saffron: Saffron is a spice commonly used in cooking and traditional health remedies. Research on saffron has involved many clinical trials that suggest the spice helps in regulating mood and improving symptoms of depression, which in some cases can lead to overeating and heavy snacking.

Chromium Picolinate: Chromium picolinate (Chromax CrPic) has received much attention as a dietary supplement because good dietary sources of chromium are scarce and intake is generally low. Studies have shown chromium picolinate’s ability to help diminish carb cravings, control blood sugar levels and reduce several symptoms of atypical depression, including mood swings and stress eating.

In addition;

  • Ability to take it anytime; day or night
  • No caffeine or other stimulants
  • No jittery side effects
  • Positively affects the serotonin levels in the brain and helps prevent overeating
  • Non-dairy, gluten-free and soy-free
  • Manufactured in the USA

Sound good to me. But does it work?

LiquiSlim 24 comes in a small, plastic bottle, similar in shape and size to other products available on the market that adds flavor to your water.

To use LiquiSlim 24 simply add two squirts of the flavored product into 6-8 ounces of water (more or less depending on your taste) about 20 minutes before you eat. The product is supposed to help control your carb cravings and even help control blood sugar levels. It’s also supposed to help improve your mood.

Carbs are the worst for me. I crave carbs more than I do sweets. I’ll take pasta or pizza over cake and cookies any day.

LiquiSlim 24 is currently only available in a Wild Cherry flavor.

Initially the taste threw me off a bit. It does have a bit of an artificial taste to it, but after a few times drinking it that didn’t bother me anymore. I haven’t noticed an after taste yet, which is good (I don’t like any kind of an after taste).

I like that I am able to adjust how much of the LiquiSlim 24 I want to use in my water. I think having the ability to do that helps to make it taste good to you. What tastes good for me might not taste good to you, and vice versa. Having that flexibility without having to worry about taking too much of the product helps.

Have I lost weight in the past few weeks using LiquiSlim 24. No. Not really. In my defense I haven’t been exercising and admittedly I haven’t been eating a healthy diet either.

Did LiquiSlim 24 curb my cravings for carbs? Maybe. I tend to snack more at night (after dinner/before bed). That is probably the worst time of the day to eat (you shouldn’t really eat before bed). I have found that I don’t grab for Pringles or Animal Crackers (two of my favorites) like I normally do. I don’t feel an overwhelming urge to grab for them. I think the combination of the sweet flavor of the LiquiSlim 24 and drinking an 8 ounce glass of water, helps to fill me up and satisfy me.

LiquiSlim 24 does not prevent you from being hungry. It’s just supposed to help curb cravings.

If you drink water (flavored or not) about 15 minutes before any meal you’ll most likely eat less because your stomach is full of water. Sometimes people misinterpret dehydration as hunger too.

I have noticed that my mood is a bit better. I don’t feel as sluggish as I normally do. I’ve also had the energy to get some things done around our home that I have been putting off for a long time (too long!). In fact, my husband has been kept busy getting rid of all the stuff I’ve had the energy to purge from our home (recycle bin, dumpster, donate…). Whenever  I mention a new “project” to him he grumbles because he knows its going to mean I’m purging more stuff.

I feel a bit happier too. Not that I wasn’t a happy person before (I was!), I just think that there is a little more of a bounce in my step. Could it be from LiquiSlim 24? Possibly.

If anything, LiquiSlim 24 helps encourage people to drink more water, which your body needs to be healthy. I never had a problem drinking water (even straight from the tap) but I know some people who find plain water “gross” and won’t drink it at all unless it’s mixed with anything. LiquiSlim 24 tastes pretty good, so it would help encourage non-water drinkers to drink more water. The more water you drink the better for your body. It fills you up, removes toxins, keeps your organs healthy and your skin healthy too.

I haven’t noticed any side effects either (no “jitters”).

Do I think LiquiSlim 24 is a great weight loss product? It’s NOT a miracle. You still need to diet, exercise, drink plenty of water (which LiquiSlim 24 helps with) and make smarter choices. But I do think it does have some merit to it. If anything to get people to drink more and maybe take the edge of carb cravings and perk up people’s moods.

I think maybe using it for a few more weeks might give me better results. I’ve only used it for a few weeks and I’m not doing my normal routine (I walk A LOT at work – I don’t go back to work until September 5th). We’ll see…

If you are interested in learning more visit LiquiSlimDiet.com. The brand can also be found on Facebook and Instagram. The links are found on the top right of their website.

What do you think of LiquiSlim 24? Do you think it’s something you’d like to try?

Have you found any product/plan to help you lose weight and stay healthy? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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