The Secret to Survive a Family Move


Moving is stressful—it’s no secret—but what if it didn’t have to be? By using these simple moving secrets, your family will not only survive the moving process but also bond over the experience.

So, what’s the big secret? Making your move more family-oriented and getting the kids involved. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Let Them Pack Their Stuff

Get older children to pack their bedroom. Getting your whole family involved in the packing process is a simple way to prepare your kids for the move and save you time. Plus, it presents the perfect opportunity for them to declutter. 

Hold A Yardsale 

Speaking of decluttering, hopefully you are also putting aside items you don’t want as you pack up. If you find you have enough stuff, it can be a good idea to hold a yard sale with the kids. Get younger children involved by letting them decorate signs, set up tables, and put price stickers on items. Have older kids? They might be able to handle the yard sale on their own, or at least with minimal assistance.

Put any money the yard sale makes aside to later spend on a family outing once you’ve settled into your new home. Or, if you want to get your kids extra excited, let them keep the cash.

Get Creative

Give your kids a few boxes to decorate with stickers or crayons. Better yet, ask them a label the boxes with art. For example, if the box belongs in the kitchen, get them to draw a picture of a kitchen on paper, then tape it to the box. Alternatively, you can also get them to doodle directly on the cardboard. This tip is especially great for younger children that quickly lose interest in packing.

Another idea for moving-related art includes having the kids draw pictures of activities they want to do in their new home or neighborhood. This is particularly a good idea since it can make them start visualizing themselves in their new environment. Which, in turn, can get them excited about the move.

Throw a Goodbye Party

Gather up the whole family one evening for some cake to say goodbye to your home. Other ideas for the party may include watching a movie or setting up a tent in an empty room to have a camp out—or should we say camp in! During this party, go around and have everyone talk about their favorite memories in the home. You can also go around to individual rooms to say goodbye, which can give kids a bit of closure.

Make It A Road Trip

Are you moving long-distance? Make the car trip a special one by planning a few activities ahead of time. Car games, audio books, and snacks are all great ideas to make the trip less boring and more like a fun adventure!

Consider making each kid their own road trip binder filled with games and activities like coloring pages, car bingo, the license plate game, and road sign scavenger hunt.

Redecorate Bedrooms

One of the most exciting parts of moving as a kid—and let’s be honest, also as an adult—is the chance to redecorate. Lean into this opportunity and allow each kid to pick the color of paint for their new bedrooms. Can’t paint because it’s a rental? No problem! Consider allowing each kid to get a new or thrifted item for their room. Small options that make a significant impact are bedding, rugs, and curtains.

Ask Their Opinion

Let your kid’s sense of decor extend outside of their bedroom and get their opinion about other small things around the house. What flowers should we put in the front flowerbed?  Where should the sandbox go in the backyard? This not only shows them that you value their opinion, but the activities associated with these questions can also get them excited about the new house.

Make A Scrapbook

Take lots of pictures during the moving process and work on a moving scrapbook together once you’ve settled into your new home. Print the photos and decorate the pages with everything from glitter glue to stickers. Alternatively, you can also have each kid make a mini-scrapbook.

Better yet, give your kids control of the camera so they can take candid shots. You may think you look horrible in the surprise photos they snap, but your kids will love them. It can be a really great memento for them down the road!

If you want to make your move a positive experience, getting the kids involved is the way to go. With the above tips, not only will you survive the move, but you can come out of the experience a closer family.

Author Bio:

Nancy Zafrani is the general manager of Oz Moving & Storage in NYC. A day-one employee of Oz, she has 25 years of experience in the moving industry. As a New Yorker, Nancy also has lots of experience dealing with small apartments and organizing.

Spring cleaning? Why not do some spring decorating too.


The Robins are back! Spring is finally here.

So… how have you been holding up during the quarantine? I know there are still several states that do not have “shelter in place” procedures in place, but here in New York, we do. I live about 30 minutes outside of New York City. We have a lot of COVID-19 cases in my tiny county. I’ve been out twice in three weeks – once for a doctor’s appointment, and once to get quarters from the bank so we could do our laundry (we have a paid laundry in our building’s basement).

If you are not in quarantine, let me tell you, it’s BORING! Most especially when you live in a tiny condo. To say that I have “cabin fever” is an understatement.

I’ve been trying to find things to do around our home to keep me busy. There is only so much Netflix and Disney+ I can watch.

Let me tell you, our condo has not been this cleaned and organized in a very long time. I’ve even thinking about how you use carpet rakes to clean the bedroom carpet. Don’t get me wrong, I do clean, but mostly on the weekends. These days I am dusting and vacuuming pretty much every day. I still hate cleaning, but I appreciate it giving me something to do.

Have you started spring cleaning yet? If not, now is certainly a great time.

With the change of the season, it’s also not a bad idea to do a little spring decorating too. You don’t have to go crazy and decorate your entire home, or even each room. However a few new pieces here and there, some fresh (or realistic looking) flowers and/or plants, and lighter, brighter colors.

I love decorating for the holidays, but I also enjoy switching things up for the change of season as well. In the spring I like adding flowers (realistic ones – I don’t have a “green thumb”). I also like to add some color around my home. I even switch up our shower curtain (our spring/summer ones has a lot of pretty flowers on it).

For most people, going to a store to pick up some accent pieces to spruce things up for the change of season is easier said than done these days, when all non-essential stores are closed. You can shop online for pieces, but that takes a lot of time, not to mention all that individual shipping fees.

I can’t wait for the Lilacs to bloom!

There is a way to get some new accent pieces for your home all in one shop. It’s called Decocrated. If you follow my blog, you have probably seen other posts about the brand.

Decocrated is a business that curates beautiful home accent pieces and more, and crates seasonal boxes to send to it’s customers.

Decocrated is a subscription service, but you can purchase an individual box and cancel your subscription at any time. Trust me, once you’ve received your first box, you’ll be hooked.

Whenever my Decocrated box arrives, it’s like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one.

I try desperately not to look online for spoilers. I like the element of being surprised with what’s inside the box. You never know what you’ll get.

Each box features several full size products such as candle holders, framed artwork, throw blankets, wreaths, baskets, pillow covers, signs and more.

Not too long ago I received the spring box from Decorated. I hate to give away any spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what is in the box, you might want to scroll down to the bottom of this post.

The Decocrated box is a fairly large box. Inside you’ll find all the pieces individually packaged. Decocrated takes care into making sure all of your items arrive safely to your home.

Inside you’ll find some extra cardboard pieces, which are used to buffer the product boxes. Those cardboard pieces are clearly marked that they are not a box, this way you don’t have to worry about accidentally not opening something up.

As always, I was extremely pleased with all the goodies that came with the spring Decorated box. Some of the pieces I can easily utilize year round, not just for the spring months.

This is what came with this seasons’s box.

I LOVE this metal “house.” I can see this being using in many way. I can also see me using this outside on our (covered) balcony.

Currently I have a flameless candle inside this piece. Once I am able to get out and do some shopping, I would love to put some flowers inside of this. Maybe even have some ivy vines (fake) wrapped around the outside.

It’s a lot bigger in person that it looks in the photo.

I have so many ideas for this piece! This is one of my most favorite pieces from this box.

This is a really pretty magnetic chalkboard with wood accents on the side (the wood is a bit darker than it appears in my photo).

There are hooks on the back so you can hang it up. Currently mine is not hanging up, only because I have not committed to where I want to hang it up. There is not a lot of room in our kitchen.

Currently mine is resting on the counter top. I use it to make notes to myself.

It doesn’t come with chalk, but you can get chalk at your neighborhood dollar store.

The magnets on the chalkboard also came with this seasons’ box. They are beautiful in person! It’s hard to tell from my (horrible) photo, but the magnets are very colorful, and some of them have inspiring words on them.

Sadly, my photo for the framed piece of artwork didn’t turn out that well either. This piece of art is a lot more colorful in person.

This framed 8″ x 10″ (guesstimate) piece of art is by Kelly Merkur. She also created the artwork on the lovely magnets that came with this box.

I like the simplicity of this piece of art. Most of the art I have on my walls is of places and nature. This piece is different than what I typically have. I like that it’s different. I also appreciate that it came already framed. That way I was able to hang it up right away and not have to worry about going to a store to find a frame for it.

Also in the box are these really interesting metal “tubes” (for lack of a better description) and tray. The “tubes” are different sizes (heights) and are empty on the inside. You can fill them with whatever suits your fancy, from flowers to flameless candles, or anything else you can think of.

You can also separate the pieces and use them in different areas of your home. The possibilities are endless.

I took a photo of one of the “tubes” on it’s side, so you can see what they look like from that angel. They do not have any images or text on them. They are plain, inside and out. It’s up to you and your fabulous creativity to come up with the many fun ways you can utilize these.

Even thought it’s not really a decoration for your home, this season’s box came with a lovely burlap-like tote bag with the expression “It’s what’s inside that counts” printed on the outside of it.

You can never have too many tote bags, most especially because most stores have done away with plastic bags.

I like to keep a few tote bags on my front seat for when I run in and do a small shopping, or visit the local drug store. I save the grocery store bags for when I do a large food shopping.

I also use tote bags like this to bring stuff to work with me. This bag is going to get a lot of use out of it.

Often Decocrated boxes come with throw pillow cases for 8″ x 8″ size pillows. These are typically the size pillows that come with couches. You can also pick up the insert for a few dollars on Amazon.

Normally I love the pillow case covers from Decocrated. Sadly, this time around they don’t match with our couch or any other furniture. That’s OK. I’m still holding on to them just in case that changes in the future.

The pillow cases are always very well made and made out of really nice material. These are NOT “cheap” pillow cases.

Let me show you have I displaying the contents of the spring box into my home decor.

I am using the metal tray and three out of the four “tubes” to house a flameless candle and flameless candle tealights. I like how it looks with the tealights better, but sadly, I only had two left. Once I get the chance to purchase more I am going to swap out the flameless candle (in the middle) with a tealight.

I also placed a fake potted succulent on the try for a pop of color.

To the right you can see the metal “house” that also came with the spring box. Inside of that is another flameless candle. When I can get out and do some shopping, I want to add some colorful flowers to it.

The metal sign in the middle came from the Decorated fall box. I love it so much that I keep it up year round.

Here is how that display looks at night.

It looks so pretty displayed in our hallway.

I hung the framed art print near by to this display on the wall. I like how it looks with the green wall color.

I use the tote bag often. I haven’t thought of a way to incorporate it into a decorative piece, but I’m sure some super creative people could do that.

Remember how I said I didn’t hang up the chalkboard yet? I still keep it on my counter top and use it often. I like that it’s both a chalkboard and it’s magnetic. The magnet you see it from the spring decorated box (not the Easter one, the round one).

Please excuse my horrible handwriting.

The magnets are housed on our refrigerator. Please excuse the marks (the downside of owning a stainless steel fridge – it always gets marks on it).

You can see how colorful they are, as well as make out some of the beautiful words.

If you are interested in seeing what other goodies I’ve received from Decorated’s seasonal boxes, do a search for “Decocrated” in the search box on the top right side of my website.

If you are interested in learning more about Decocrated, or to purchase a box or subscription, visit Decocrated.com.

Save $10 on a Decorated box with the code SHESCRIBES10, or $30 on a subscription with SHESCRIBES30.

Be sure to follow Decocrated on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest). Also, check out these hashtags on social media to see what others are saying about Decocrated’s spring box – #SpringBox #FeaturedArtist #Decocrated @KellyMerkurArt #iDecocrated


*I received a free box in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. Decorated links found in this post are affiliated links. 

Decorate your home with Easter décor from Precious Moments


It’s hard to believe that an important family holiday is right around the corner, and many of us will not be able to celebrate it with family and friends. This horrible Covid-19/Corona Virus has really reaped havoc on our lives.

Easter is an important holiday for religious reasons. It’s also a special day for children. After all, they are expecting the Easter Bunny to show up with baskets full of yummy goodies. I hope and pray that those of you with young children have found a way to get them some Easter treats, in hopes of keeping life as normal as you possibly can.

My family is really going to miss our big family dinner with spiral cut ham. Mmm… just thinking about it makes my mouth water. We have not been able to get our free ham from our local grocery store, because they simply don’t have any.

Even though Easter is not going to be like it normally is, I still decorated our home for the Easter holiday. My family thought I was being silly doing it, but I am trying to keep our lives as “normal” as possible during these trying times.

Thankfully, I don’t have as many Easter decorations compared to Halloween and Christmas. My Easter decorations are kept in a large Rubbermaid box in my bedroom closet.

One of my favorite photos of our son at Easter time. It’s hard to believe this little cutie will be 21 years old soon. Sigh…

Despite the fact that I don’t have a plethora of Easter decorations, that doesn’t mean that I am not always on the look out for more decorative pieces for our home.

Are you familiar with the brand Precious Moments? If you are like most people (myself included), you probably think of fine collectibles when you think about Precious Moments. That opinion is certainly correct. I myself have about a dozen Precious Moments figurines that I have been collecting since my husband and I got married almost 23 years ago. However, Precious Moments has an array of products aside from what most people think about. Precious Moments also has kitchenware, home décor, tableware, stuffed animals, books, blankets, piggy banks, and so much more.

When it comes to Easter, Precious Moments has plenty of items you might be interested in checking out. They have both religious and non-religious Easter items available.

One of my favorite Precious Moments Easter pieces is their “Angeled” Egg Platter.

How adorable is this platter? Imagine serving your guests deviled (or in this case angel) eggs at your next gathering on this adorable platter. This platter could actually be used year round. I’ve had deviled eggs at summer time gatherings too.

The platter would look even nicer paired with these super cute “angel” salt and pepper shakers, also available from Precious Moments.

Here are just a few more Easter products available from Precious Moments, some of which can be appreciated year round, not just for the Easter holiday.

I was asked if I wanted to review some Precious Moments products for Easter. Of course I said “yes.” I love Precious Moments (which is why I collect them). I was sent to review the following items.

He is Risen, Flameless Pillar Candle – This candle is 6″ tall and takes 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Hallelujah, Flameless Pillar Candle – This candle is 4″ tall and takes 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Both of these candles feature inspiring words on one side, and a plain lace looking design on the other. If you wanted to use these candles year round you could easily just keep the text to the back where it’s not easily seen.

I have both of these candles on my dining room table. I absolutely LOVE their light purple color. Not only is it a very pretty color, it’s also a nice Easter color.

At night, when the sun goes down, I turn the candles on. Each one is on a pillar candle holder, which is also available from Precious Moments in two different sizes, small (linked about) and large.

The pillar candle holder is a nice, creamy white color and six inches tall (small) and eight inches tall (large) (they are sold separately). They can be “dressed up” or “dressed down,” meaning they look elegant for a fancy dinner party or an elegant dining room table, or they are fine for year round use. I intend on keeping mine out year round. I can think of several ways of decorating them for each season.

Check out my Precious Moments flameless candles and pillars on my dining room table. I have included images of them taken at night as well.

My dining room table featuring the beautiful Precious Moments candles and pillar candle holders.

Larger candle.

Smaller candle.

Larger candle at night.

Smaller candle at night.

Backside of each candle features a lovely lace-like design.

Candles with the inspirational messages.

I was also sent another lovely item from Precious Moments, Rejoice In The Little Things Pedestal Plate. Oh my goodness! This is adorable! I love that it’s both spring-like and also great for Easter. It’s too cute!

This stands about 6″ high and is 11″ wide (plate part).

On top of the plate reads the following inspirational message;

How beautiful.

I plan on using this pedestal plate for our holiday cake when we have Easter dinner. In the mean time I am going to use it to proudly display our colored Easter eggs, whenever we can find eggs (eggs are not easy to find around here). In the mean time I have an Easter egg plastic plate resting on top of the pedestal plate, waiting for our decorated eggs.

I also have this on our dining room table, so that we can look at it whenever we have dinner (we eat in the dining room – we don’t have room in our kitchen for a table).

As you can see, the pedestal plate features a sweet little happy bunny holding a bouquet of lovely flowers. I image this can also be enjoyed all spring long. After all, you see rabbits in the spring time, not just around Easter.

As you can see, Precious Moments carries a lot of products to decorate your home for the Easter holiday and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about these and other Easter (or non-Easter) products, simply visit the Precious Moments website at PreciousMoments.com.

Precious Moments are sold on their website as well as fine retailers across the country.

You can also follow the brand on social media. All of their links are found on the bottom of their website.

Do you collect Precious Moments pieces? Did you see a product on this post that you would love to have in your home? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received free products to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Decorate Your Child’s Room or Nursery with 54kibo’s Contemporary African Designs


New parents are always looking for ways to teach their children a new thing or two. These days there are sites online that sell home decor pieces made by artisans and designers from different countries around the globe. Shopping on these sites is an opportunity to bring a well-made product into the home that also has a great design story behind it. 54kibo is one of these sites; it includes handmade items from over 30 designers who have their roots in Africa or its diaspora including wall art, pillows, towels, blankets, ceramics, jewelry, and kids items, too.

54kibo’s mission is to share stories about African heritage, spark conversations about our past, and hopefully ignite new conversations about family history, too. It is exciting to decorate a child’s room with decor pieces that are beautiful, interactive, and create a greater sense of meaning and tradition.

Founder Nana Quagraine began offering functional art and home decor when 54kibo launched in 2018, but the mother of two quickly expanded into a children’s line after a limited edition blanket became one of their best sellers.

Organic Baby Swaddles and Kids blankets

54kibo created an exclusive line of baby swaddles and toddler blankets in collaboration with Njoki Gitahi, a Brooklyn-based designer from Kenya. Inspired by the traditional symbols of West Africa, 54kibo’s baby swaddles are made from breathable organic cotton providing a plush experience for the newborn. Swaddle patterns originate from African Adinkra symbology. Two symbols – Nkyimu (n-chi-moo), standing for high quality and excellence, and Kyemfere (che-mm-fe-re), representing experience – are joined to create designs rich in cultural significance.

The blanket design provides visual stimulation for baby’s eyes. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that newborns prefer high-contrast, black and white images rather than colored or pastel visuals. These soft organic cotton swaddles are the only baby wraps on the market inspired by contemporary African design and tradition.

Minimalist Nursery Mobiles 

Another designer of children’s home decor produces hanging nursery mobiles that are as much room centerpieces as they are entertainment for the baby. Handmade in Tanzania, these unique pieces incorporate a beading technique used by the Maasai African women for centuries.

Non Toxic Dolls and Toys by Little Pine Tree

It’s love at first sight with this collection of hand-crocheted dolls and toys made in South Africa by the design team Little Pine Tree. Crafted with love, these unique toys are excellent examples of contemporary toy design using time-honored techniques. 100% cotton, no harmful chemicals, and crocheted eyes, these soft toys are suitable for babies and young children. Shop an assortment of dolls and toys, including the Inyosi Bee Doll, Dube Zebra, and newly released Ndlovu Elephant in pink and blue.

To learn more, visit www.54kibo.com. You can also find the brand on social media. Their links are found on the bottom of their website.

Spring is almost here!


The official start to spring is almost here (March 20, 2020). Normally that is something to look forward to because it signifies the end of winter. However, winter wasn’t really that bad this year (I live in New York). We barely got any snow (thankfully). So dreaming of the non-snowy weather of spring is not something my family and I have been doing this year (or son is very disappointed about the lack of snow).

I have no started my spring cleaning (yet). I know I need to get it done, but I’m not exactly looking forward to it. Thankfully I did a lot of cleaning and organizing this past summer, so mostly what I need to do is refresh some things (curtains, carpet…) and some minor cleaning and organizing.

I am anxiously waiting for the opportunity to open up the windows and let fresh air in.

Our cats will LOVE the opportunity to sit outside on our balcony and take in the fresh air and sunshine. I wouldn’t mind that myself either.

Do you swap out your home decor to reflect the seasons? I do. I have several spring pieces I want to put out. I’m also looking forward to post-Saint Patrick’s Day so I can put out my Easter decorations.

I do enjoy decorating for Easter, but I don’t decorate for it as much as I do Christmas and Halloween. I used to decorate more for Easter when our kids were younger. These days I just put out some simple decorations.

We used to have holiday dinner with our extended families for Easter as well. Sadly, after the passing of both sets of parents, the siblings have all gone their separate ways. Easter dinner now consists of just me and my nuclear family. None to the less, I enjoy setting up a lovely table and cooking a fabulous holiday meal.

I’m sure many people are familiar with the brand Precious Moments. They are often associated with collectible gifts. Personally I have about a dozen Precious Moments figurines and sets that were giving to me by friends and family over the years for our wedding, anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas and more.

My husband used to give Precious Moment figurines out as gifts before we ever met. He gave all his nieces the pieces to the birthday train.

Precious Moments offers more to consumers than just lovely gifts. They also have beautiful home decor pieces. as well as pieces that will look wonderful on your holiday table. I was sent two such pieces to review.

Toss With Plenty Of Love Serving Bowl

  • This large serving bowl from Precious Moments is the perfect dish to turn to when hosting a crowd.
  • Designed with a motif that sets the scene for relaxed entertaining, it also offers a sweet sentiment that serves as a reminder of the most important ingredient – love!
  • Give this lovely gift to anyone who loves to cook or entertain. It makes a thoughtful gift for weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, and holidays with a design that will be treasured and used all throughout the year.
  • Carefully crafted of glazed ceramic, it measures approximately 5”H x 10.25” Dia. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

This bowl is HUGE. I didn’t realize just how big it was going to be. I saw the measurements, but they really didn’t “sink in” when it came to the size of this bowl. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing!

This beautiful bowl could be used for break, fresh fruit, salads and side dishes. It also looks good “as is” as a piece of home decor instead of a serving piece.

The bowl is heavy as well. Not too heavy, but you can tell that it’s a quality made piece.

As mentioned in the product description, this piece is not just for spring and/or Easter celebrations. It’s ideal for any entertaining situations. It also makes a lovely gift for a newly wed couple and a housewarming gift.

I love that the bowl is not a perfect circle. It’s hard to tell from the photos but the rim of the bowl is a bit wavy, which adds a nice detail to the piece. There is also a sweet little heart etched inside the bowl.

Moments Are Better When Shared Platter

  • Designed to be front and center for gatherings with family and friends, this stylish platter serves main dishes or scrumptious desserts while sharing a message of togetherness.
  • Whether holding delicacies or decorations, this platter allows loved ones to add a nature-inspired accent to their table all year long and makes a wonderful hostess, housewarming, wedding, or ‘just because’ gift.
  • This platter is crafted of ceramic and measures approximately 17”L x 12”W. Hand wash only.

This platter is a perfect addition to the serving bowl mentioned above.

This is a very large platter that could probably easily fit a Thanksgiving turkey (although I wouldn’t recommend carving on it). An Easter ham would look nice on this platter as well (I would cut it on a cutting board, not the platter). Vegetables, bread, desserts… you could serve just about anything on this delightful serving platter.

The overhead light “washed out” part of the text. The platter reads “Moments are better when shared.”

Some people like to display beautiful plates. I think you could easily display this piece as well (you would need something strong enough to hold it upright).

I love the saying on the platter, “Moments are better when shared.” That is so true!

The serving platter has the same “wavy” rim as the serving bowl.

There are other pieces available at on the Precious Moments website that would go great with these pieces.

I think these pieces would make a great gift for a newly wed couple. Family and friends could gift them a different piece to add to their collection.

If you are interested in learning more about these pieces, and other Precious Moments gifts, visit PreciousMoments.com.

The brand is also on social media. Their links are found on their website.

Precious Moments pieces can be purchased on their website, as well as retail locations.


*I recieved free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

How to Find Screen Projects that are the Quietest Ever?


Not all projectors are the same, and there are not too many reasons why a projector could all of a sudden begin to sound noisy. Like any other electronic device, you need to carry out regular maintenance of your system if you want it to serve you a few good years before packing up. But before you even think of caring for your device, you have first to ensure you do well to get a quality product. And you can start by shopping for screen projectors that operate quietly.

When shopping for a screen projector, the first thing you want to do is conclude on how much you are willing to spend on one. You see, price is an important decision-maker when in the market for a product, and you could quickly find yourself spending money you don’t have, so you first want to consult your wallet before visiting the store or checking online. Once you know how much you can afford, you can now begin by looking out for the features below to help you arrive at a noiseless product.

What is the Noise Rating?

Since you are shopping for a projector that isn’t noisy, it makes sense to check the noise rating to confirm just how loud it is. Many of the top brands include an estimate of how much noise the device gives off when it is operating. And for a good product, you should settle for not more than 40 decibels if you want the machine to run smoothly. LCD projectors tend to have a lower rating compared to DLP models, but that is not to say that you can find exceptions if you do a thorough search before settling for one. You can learn more here on how to limit the noise from your projector.

What Type of Projector do you Need?

You should have an understanding of the type of projector you need to fit in your gaming room or home theatre. Some factors you will need to look at when deciding on a kind of projector is how much picture quality do you need? For me, I love to get the best image quality from any of my video devices, and you can also bet that I won’t sacrifice that for anything, not even size. The common types of projectors available in the market are the LCD and DLP type, but you can equally find others that are equally worth checking out.


The DLP projector makes use of a reflective technology instead of reflective technology like that of the LCD. The mode of operation makes use of multiple micro mirrors and a spinning color wheel to produce its image. By so doing, they tend to let out faint noises due to the rotation of the inner parts. But while they may be a little noisy, they produce a better contrast than the LCD projectors. I don’t find many comparisons between LCD and DLP projectors, as the difference can’t be noticed when you check out the two devices with the same rating.


The Liquid crystal display projectors display images, videos, or computer data on a screen or flat surface. It displays images by sending light from a lamp through a prism or number of filters that separate the light into the three different color panels (RGB). They are popular because of the excellent picture quality that it produces, thanks to the color-coding on the filters that increase the brightness. But they can also lack in contrast when compared to the other types of projectors. The good thing is they are easy to maintain and don’t gives off a lot of heat compared to DLP projectors.

But if you want me to pick one, I would go for an LCD projector over the direct light processing projectors. My reason is that, as I said earlier, I love a clear crystal picture quality, and the LCD does that for me. It doesn’t matter if it is for a TV, mobile phone or projector, I always consider the resolution and image quality, and I think you should too. You can find a comprehensive guide to understanding the different types of projectors from this link: https://electricalfundablog.com/projector-types-works/

Is it Easy to Maintain?

One thing I take seriously when shopping for gadgets is how easy it is to maintain. I do like to end up with a product that requires minimum care, and if need be that it requires regular cleaning, I have to ensure that it is something I can do without stress. For projectors, you want to check that the vent can be cleaned with a dry rag or better yet with a hand vacuum brush to get rid of dirt and dust that gather around there.

You may also need to clean around the fan every two or three months if you use it under dusty conditions. It would help if you researched how to maintain your projector so you can carry out minor repairs to ensure that it lasts long, and you can find more info here on projector maintenance.

Final Notes 

Projectors are devices that project an image on a flat surface, and for you to get the best out of your image experience, you have to consider the resolution, and noise levels, so you can get the best out of gaming or movie time. You should also remember that they cost quite a lot, so it is best you go for a product that is both durable and easy to maintain, so you don’t have to replace it after a few months after purchasing it.