Make your home smell delightful year round with Aroma Delights


Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE scented things, most especially things that will make my home smell amazing.

I own a lot of scented products including oils, plugins, candles, sprays and wax melts. Every day I use at least one or more of these products.

For me, scents can evoke memories, make me feel relaxed and make me feel more “awake.” My favorite scents are a REAL Christmas tree scent and a REAL lilac scent. I have found only a few brands that make such products.

There is one brand that makes the most scrumptious, heavenly and a-m-a-z-i-n-g scents – Aroma Delights.

I did a review for Aroma Delights several years ago. I fell in love with the scents, so much so that I reordered more.

I enjoy hosting guests in my home. I always try to create a welcoming atmosphere, which includes things like playing holiday music, setting out holiday plates and platters, and of course, making my home smell like the holidays.

Aroma Delights was kind enough to send me some new scents that I’ve never tried before, old favorites, and some fun new products.

I was sent to review the following goodies.

Monster Repellent

This product would not only make a great stocking stuffer, but it’s also great for year round use.

Many kids (myself included) are worried about what can be lurking in their bedroom closet, or under their bed. Is the Boogeyman lurking in your home? Do vampires hide in the closet? Are creepy clowns hiding under the bed? Sadly, kids who worry about such things often don’t get a good night’s sleep. They stay up at night worried about what can get them in the middle of the night.

Aroma Delight’s Monster Repellent has come to the rescue. Just a few sprays on your child’s linens (pillow, blanket), in the closet, under the bed, furniture, clothing or anywhere else your child fears monsters are lurking, creates and invisible shield that monsters can’t get through. The soft and gentle formula is skin safe and alcohol free. It also dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry about damp linens.

The Monster Repellent spray doesn’t really create an invisible shield, but your child doesn’t need to know that. It’s just a way of helping your child feel protected.

Monster Repellent is a spray scented with essential oils. Monsters “don’t like the smell” of it, as another form of “protection” for your child against creepy monsters.

Monster Repellent is available in six kid-friendly scents:

  • BUBBLEGUM BLAST: Sweet bubblegum!
  • COOKIE CRUSHER: Butter shortbread cookies!
  • FEARLESS FRUITY O’s : Fruity cereal blended with sweet cream!
  • GRAPE GOBBLER: Juicy grapes blended with whipped cream!
  • GUMMY GUSHER: Sweet mixed fruit gummy candies!
  • PEPPERMINT POWER: Cool peppermint blended with vanilla!
  • REBEL ROOTBEER: Rootbeer blended with creamy vanilla ice cream!

I was sent a few bottles of Monster Repellent to test out for myself. I received “Cookie Crusher” and “Fearless Fruity O’s.”

The scents are true to their titles. Cookie Crusher smells exactly like a shortbread cookie. You can smell the vanilla and butter. It’s mouthwatering!

I was surprised by the Fearless Fruity-O’s. WOW! It smells like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles (or similar cereal). It’s crazy how identical the spray smells compared to the real product.

My husband still eats “kid’s” cereals, including Fruity Pebbles. I sprayed some of this spray for him, and even he was surprised at how identical the scent is to the cereal.

Auto Scents 

Does your car smell? Sometimes cars get a bad smell to them due to foods, drinks, pets, and a variety of other sources. Aroma Delight’s Auto Scents can take care of that.

Auto Scents is a scented spray that you can spray on upholstery, fabric and even linens (you can use it around your home as well). The spray dries immediately and a couple of squirts of the spray lasts a long time. The spray is also alcohol free.

The spray is available in 30+ different scents, including seasonal scents, food scents, floral scents and unique scents, such as “Monkey Farts” and “Yummy Gummy.”

Just like with the Monster Repellent, the Auto Scents smell amazing. I was sent to review “Lemon Kiss” and “Orchid Dreams.” I currently have Orchid Dreams in my car. Orchid Dreams is a subtle, floral scent. It’s not overwhelming. Lemon Kiss on the other hand has a bold, lemon scent. I am currently using the Lemon Kiss scent in my kitchen. Whenever we take out the garbage, I use a spray or two in the garbage can to freshen it up. The scent carries around my kitchen, so my kitchen has that fresh lemon scent. I love it!

Roll On Perfume

Perfume is a popular holiday gift. Aroma Delight’s roll on perfumes make great gifts and stocking stuffers. They are also great for year round use, since many people use perfume on a daily basis.

I used to use roll on perfumes a lot when I was a teen and young adult. It’s not something you see that much of anymore. Most of the time perfume comes in a spray.

I actually prefer rolls on perfumes. I feel like you have better control of it compared to sprays. Sprays go all over the place.

We have a cat with severe asthma and I try not to spray anything when she’s in the room. I don’t want her to breath it in. With the roll on perfume from Aroma Delights, I am able to apply perfume anytime, anywhere (it fits nicely in my purse).

The roll on perfume is available in 40+ scents. Some of the scents have the prettiest names, like “Garden of Eden,” “Disco Diva,”” Fairy Dust” and “Wishes.”

I was sent to review “Cashmere Glow” and “Flower Child.” Cashmere Glow is a lovely scent. I don’t see it on the website, so I am not sure if it’s still available or not. Cashmere Glow is a lovely scent for the office, or a night on the town.

Flower Child is a pretty, floral scent. You can definitely smell the jasmine in it. I think this scent would be a great “every day” scent.

In addition to these great products, I also received a few bottles of essential oils AND a super cool burner to review.

I had a burner to warm my oils, but unfortunately the bulb part start working, even after replacing the bulb. I am grateful to have a new one.

This is not a great photo. Hopefully you can tell that it’s dolphins under the sea. It’s very pretty in person.

I think warming oils is the best, and quickest, way to scent a home. Since the oil is warmed by the heat of a light bulb and not a flame, it’s safer than a candle. I do recommend that you keep it away from pets and young children. You wouldn’t want them to get burned by the oils or consume the oils.

I received the following scents;

‘Twas the Night – This scent is made with citrus, spices and a hint of pine. When you smell the scent in the bottle, you can pick up the citrus and spices very well. When you warm it up in an oil warmer, the scent of pine is a lot more noticeable.

This is a beautiful scent for your home for the holiday season. The scent screams CHRISTMAS! I love it!

Christmas Morning – As I mentioned, I love the scent of a REAL Christmas tree. This scent has my beloved Christmas tree scent, but a bit more. There is a touch of cinnamon in it, and possibly other spices (it’s hard to tell).

This scent is a delightful way to make your home smell like Christmas. I really love this scent too!

Silver Bells – For the life of me, I cannot pin point what this smells like to me. I can’t find the scent on the Aroma Delights website, so I am not sure what it’s suppose to smell like. I honestly smell different things each time I smell it. It’s kind of sweet…then it’s not. It’s kind of a clean (soap-like) scent…but then it’s not. It’s kind of a fruity scent… then it’s not. It’s definitely a unique scent. I do like it. I just wish I knew what I was smelling.

Summer Rain – This is a clean, soft scent. It’s made with amber and violets. I definitely smell the floral scent, but not so much the amber. That is OK with me. This is the type of scent you want wafting through your home after you clean it. It’s a nice, fresh, clean scent.

Country Cottage – This has been one of my favorite scents for years. It’s a floral and powdery scent, but, that is not what I smell. It’s honestly hard to describe it, but it’s a very spring/summer like scent. I’ve enjoyed the year round, but it does smell like something you would want to use during nicer weather months, and not necessarily winter.

Bonfire – WOW! This scent is totally marshmallow! If you love marshmallows, this is the scent for you.

I would think this would have a wood-like scent. I don’t really smell that, but I sure do smell marshmallows. Yum!

Tea for Two – This is another favorite of mine that I have purchased on my own from Aroma Delights. If you love tea, this is the scent for you. It truly smells like a cup of tea!

Drinking tea is something I’ve done since I was a child. My mom was from Wales, and we had tea time every day. To this day I still love drinking tea. When I smell this scent it reminds me of tea time with my family.

Pumpkin Latte – I love any kind of an autumn scent, including all form of pumpkin scents (pumpkin pie, pumpkin caramel, pumpkin spice…). I have these kinds of scents from well name brands (the kind of stores you’d find in the mall). Aroma Delights’ Pumpkin Latte scent smells EXACTLY like the scent you’d find from other brands, except Aroma Delights’ is cheaper AND you get A LOT more of it. Other stores give you small vials where as Aroma Delights gives you a generous sized bottle.

Aroma Delights bottles compared to two other scented oils. You get A LOT more with Aroma delights.

Hopefully these photos give you an idea of the amount you get with Aroma Delights.

Oatmeal Cookie – Some bakery scents can be very strong (I am referring to all brands, not Aroma Delights). So much so they can become too much. Aroma Delights’ Oatmeal Cookie gives you the sweet, mouth-watering scent of freshly baked oatmeal cookies without being overpowering. It will make you crave cookies! I know that is how it makes me feel. With this scent you can have the scent of the cookies without the calories. Ha Ha.

Vanilla Woods – You can definetly smell the vanilla in this scent. I also smell a touch of floral notes as well.

My husband LOVES the scent of vanilla, and he thinks this scent is wonderful. He enjoys when I use it in my oil warmer.

This is just a small sampling of all the great scents and products available at Aroma Delights.

I find that the prices are fantastic, considering the amount of product you are getting. Not only that, a little bit goes a long way. You only need a few drops in your warmer to scent your home (depending on your home’s size of course). We live in a 900 sq. ft. condo and I can smell the scents in the kitchen, dining room, hallway and living room (they are all open to each other – I warm the oil on the kitchen counter).

You also don’t need to use a warmer, as there are other ways to use essential oils. I like to put a few drops in a spray bottle with some vodka (or you can use water) and use it as a an air freshner/fabric freshener.

Aroma Delights does sell several oil warmers. A warmer, combined with a few oils, would make a great gift.

If you are interested in checking out the available products and scents at Aroma Delights, visit AromaDelightsOnline.com. Be sure to check out the brand’s Facebook page for customer reviews, new products announcement, giveaways/contents and more!

What do you think of these products from Aroma Delights? Are you interested in trying any of them? Do any of the scents sound like something you’d like to experience for yourself? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Decocrated, a NEW Home Décor Subscription Box Company


Have you started to decorate for the holiday or season yet? My family and I are all done. Since we have a lot of holiday and seasonal decorations, we decorate the weekend before Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving we put up our tree. I know that seems early to a lot of people, but we enjoy our holiday decorations and we want to enjoy them as much as possible before packing them up and putting them back downstairs in our basement storage area.

I do have some seasonal decorations that I will keep up all winter. I tend to pack those away in March.

I’m one of those crazy people who love to decorate for all the holidays and seasons. I decorate every part of our home including the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and even outside on our balcony.

I’m sure you are well aware that there are many subscription boxes these days (they make great gifts too!). You can get a subscription box for books, movies, crafts, goodies for your pet, pop culture and so much more. Did you know you can also purchase a subscription box for home décor? You can! It’s called Decorated. Here is some additional information.

Decocrated (pronounced DECO-CRATED), a unique home décor subscription box service. 

Each Decocrated subscription box includes interchangeable items from tabletop décor to textile elements and wall accents that can work together as a “seasonal look” in one room or can easily be distributed around your home for a greater purpose. 

Decocrated cares genuinely about their subscribers and every item they choose carries the deepest of consideration and love.  Subscribers enjoy the home refresh every season and often gift a subscription to friends and family for birthdays, holidays and weddings.

Decocrated also supports local artists from across the nation and includes a curated, exclusive art print in each box. Their art also inspires the design and prints that are incorporated into many of the items such as wall art, pillows, etc.

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you might recall a recent post I did for Decocrated’s Fall box, which contained beautiful pieces for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. You can read that post here – Decocrated – the Home Decor Subscription Box.

Decocrated does a lot of research to make sure that they match what is in stores at the time, so that you can buy complementing decor. Also, the fun of this subscription is trying new things. Decocrated wants you to venture outside of your comfort zone for a season or two. Décor is always changing, and they want to help you grow and be comfortable with it.

The Decocrated box includes 2-3 interchangeable items per box. This ensures that you can get the maximum usage out of each piece. For example, their art work often has a seasonal message on one side and an “everyday” message on the other.

Decocrated was kind enough to send me their winter box. I say “winter” because the contents are more so winter related than Christmas related. I think that is a fabulous idea since not everyone celebrates Christmas. No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year (or no holiday at all), this box is still a great purchase.

This box’s featured artist is Katerina Fonte.

Katerina Fonte is back at it again. Designing all the cozy art for Decocrated’s Winter box. She is the visual heart (AKA Senior Graphic Designer) for Decocrated and our featured artist for Winter. Kat used her talents this season to craft a cozy winter tale through her
colorful illustrations.

Let’s see what’s in the box…

Everything about this box is perfectly done. I love all the words on the box to get you super excited about the contents (I’m already excited to see the box arrive). I’m sorry that I neglected to take a photo of the outside of the box.

Once the box is opened, you’ll find several boxes inside. Everything is so neatly packed inside. It’s almost like a puzzle the way they put the boxes inside the shipping box. I’ve tried to put the boxes back the same way (after removing the contents) but I can never do it.

Sometimes you’ll find pieces of cardboard that you might think contains something, which is why Decocrated will label those in a way that you know they are just fillers to keep stuff from bouncing around during shipping.

So what is in the winter box?

This is a beautiful, lightweight throw blanket. I love the color! I also love how soft it feels. Our cats enjoy this blanket too. LOL!

I love how the blanket is wrapped in a lovely ribbon. If you wanted to, you could give this away as a gift. This would make a wonderful hostess gift.

Often Decocrated sends covers for standard size throw pillows (I believe 8″ x 8″). Sometimes they are double sided too.

This is probably the only item in the 2019 winter box that could be seen as Christmassy (if that is a real word). It does say “Fa la la…” on it (in reference to the holiday song). It also features ugly holiday sweaters, which tend to be more about Christmas as well. None the less, I intend on keeping this pillow cover on our throw pillow all winter long.

This is a beautiful, and exceptionally well made, wooden serving tray. The inside almost has a bit of a texture to it as well.

This would be great for serving appetizers, finger foods and snacks at holiday parties. You can use this year round too.

You could also use this tray as part of your holiday décor. I plan on using it both ways. 

I love these modern looking winter trees. They are made of ceramic (or porcelin).

You can’t really tell from the photo, but all three trees are a different shade of green.

You can use these as a group, or spread them up to decorate different areas of your home.

Our holiday/seasonal decorations tend to be a bit kitschy and whimsical, but I think these will fit in nicely with our things.

I initially thought these were ornaments. They are actually pretty wooden gift tags. If you used these as gift tags, it would really take your gift wrapping to a whole new level.

You can also hang these up around your home, or lie them on a side table for a touch of seasonal decorating.

This is a fun idea. It’s a metal “envelope’ that you can hang on your wall to house your keys or incoming/outgoing mail. You can also use it for other trinkets or supplies.

This is “different” and not something I would purchase in the store if I saw it. However, now that I have it, I really like it and it’s coming in handy.

The above two photos are of the same art print. The print is double sided with a lovely quote on one side, and a cute winter hat on the other side.

These types of art work can be hung up or left standing on a table top or shelf. I love that you can enjoy them without hanging them up, as wall space is limited in our home.

I’ve already started to incorporate these fabulous décor items in my home. 

I have the metal envelope hanging on the wall next to our keys. We’ve been using it to store incoming/outgoing mail.

I am currently using the tray and trees on our hallway table. I just happened to have the small deer from a Playmobil set. I think them, combined with the trees and the snowy-look on the inside of the tray make it a cute, little winter scene.

I am using the wooden gift tags as ornaments on our tree. I didn’t even need a hook. I simply tied the ends of the twine and used that as the “hanger.” I think they look really cute.

I have the art print on my kitchen counter, near my son’s coffee pot (I use a Keurig, he prefers a regular coffee pot). The Santa and Mrs. Claus salt and pepper shakers belonged to my grandparents. I put them out every year because they bring back wonderful holiday memories from my youth.

Once we un-decorate for the holiday I am going to put this art print on the hallway table.

I haven’t take a picture of the throw blanket and pillow together because every time I try and set up a nice picture, one of our cats “photo bombs” it. Once I can finally get a photo without a cat trying to curl up on the blanket, I’ll update this post with it.

As you can see, you get a lot of wonderful pieces with each Decocrated subscription box.

Decocrated boxes come out each season (quarterly). You can purchase the boxes individually, or you can sign up for a whole year. Quarterly is $79.99 and yearly (4 boxes) is $287.99. If you opt to do it quarterly, make sure you order the box ASAP because they sell out quickly. Each box has $200 worth of products in it.

When you break it down, each piece cost roughly $10 each. Where else will you find such beautiful pieces for that price? You are also enjoying a a service that sends a cohesive home decor collection that takes the guess work out of decorating.

The winter box is still available. If you use my special code, SHESCRIBES10 to save 10% on the quarterly option, or SHESCRIBES30, to save 30% on the annual/yearly option.

This would make a GREAT holiday gift!

Decocrated also has three online communities for subscribers. This gives everyone that subscribes a connection to a community that shares the same love of decor that they do!

  • The Decocrators is a community that showcases how people use the product in their homes.
  • DecoHacks are for those that love a good DIY project and like turning pieces into their own.
  • Decocrated’s marketplace is a great place to buy, trade, sell any item.

If you are interested in learning more about Decocrated, visit Decocrated.com. Be sure to look for the brand on social media as well. Their links are on their site.

Which is your favorite piece from the winter box?

Do you think you’d be interested in subscribing? Why or why not?

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received a free box in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Make Your House Feel Like Home With These Changes


To make a house feel like a home, sometimes, you need to do more than furnish it. You need to feel that you’ve put your own personal touches to it.

What the inside of your home looks like and how it makes you feel at the end of a long day is important. There’s a real difference between a necessary place you just live in and a home. Here are some ways you can make your house feel like a home.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is arguably the center point of any house. It’s a place you probably spend more time than you think! It’s where you cook meals, do the washing, and even where you eat family dinners on some occasions. So, why not make it feel more like a place to relax rather than a place where chores are carried out?

There are many ways to make a kitchen feel homier; some of these might even surprise you. For instance, have you considered bringing in a TV? Having a TV fitted into the kitchen is becoming more popular in modern homes and breakfast bar worktops. It lets you eat breakfast and watch TV from your kitchen.

An open plan kitchen also can make your kitchen feel like an extra room to relax than a place of ‘work’. With more space to hang out, it can make the family feel that bit closer.

If you’re looking for design ideas, or you’re ready to renovate your new kitchen, companies like MG Construction can help! They will design your perfect kitchen with modern floor plans, updated layout, or whatever your heart desires.

Unique Decor

How you decorate and what you put up on your walls is nobody’s choice but yours – why not make it as unique to you as possible?

One great way to make your house feel like your home is to display family photos. Proudly displaying your family photos around your home is something for which you should feel there is no limit. Photos of family vacations are amazing ways to keep happy memories alive when you come home from a trip. From school portraits to family vacation snapshots, plant these throughout the home to make the whole family feel the space is theirs.

Unique decor also can include your own art and pictures. These are additional personal touches you can make. Art is always a matter of opinion, so displaying yours is truly a way of showing your personality.

The more you look around your house and see things that make you happy the more it will start to feel like your home.


It’s not just appearance that you can change – the way your house smells also can be unique to you. A true home always has that unique aroma. Whether it’s from certain air fresheners or freshly baked food, each house exudes a personal scent.

Candles are vastly popular in modern home decor. With all different kinds of scents to purchase, you can have your own unique smelling home.

An Activities Room

A dedicated room or space for your hobbies or activities means there is always room for fun in your home. Whether it’s a grand piano room or an arts & crafts haven, an area that is yours to practice these hobbies is a great way to claim your space.

The activities room can be a place just for you where you can let off some steam. It’s also a place where the decoration and furniture is all your choice.


Although getting your house right can be stressful, it will be worth it in the end. Whether it’s your 1st home or your 100th home, it is where you spend a lot of your time, so it’s important that the space works for you.

Enjoy un-fried foods with New Air’s Magic Chef air fryer


How often do you fry your food?

My husband and I used to fry foods, especially french fries, many years ago. We stopped frying our french fries not so much for health reasons (although eating fried foods is not good for you), but for our kid’s safety. When our kids were little, we worried one of them would grab up at the pan and spill it on them.

Many decades ago, when I was around ten years old, my mom was frying food on the stove (I forget what she was frying). The pan caught fire. She asked my sister to hold the front door open so she could throw the burning pan out the front door, to avoid catching the kitchen on fire. As she ran down the hallway to the front door, the flames were burning her hands and arms. She couldn’t handle the pain anymore, so she threw the pan out the door. Unfortunately, my sister wasn’t completely out of the way and got hit with the flaming hot oil. Both my mom and sister suffered from horrible, painful burns as a result and were left with bad scars.

It was this situation that made me not trust frying food. We stopped frying things and switched to baking things instead.

I have heard about air fryers. I have seen them advertised on television as well as online. I’ve watched many YouTube videos about air fryer, and I’ve been impressed by the outcome.

I was fortunate to receive an air fryer to review from NewAir. They sent me their Magic Chef® 3.7 Quart Digital Air Fryer.

The Magic Chef® 3.7 Quart Digital Air Fryer cooks up crispy, delicious snacks without added oil, making it the perfect companion for your healthy lifestyle. Intuitive digital controls and presets make it a snap to use, and the included recipe book will take your cooking way beyond basic french fries. Trust Magic Chef® to make air frying safe and simple enough for everyday eating.

To be honest with you, I couldn’t wait to try this out. Just the thought of air frying our favorite foods without cooking them in oil, as well as baking our french fries, sounded too good to be true.

The Magic Chef 3.7 Quart Digital Air Fryer has a large cooking basket. I have seen other air fryers that had baskets that looked way too small to cook a meal in, especially dinner. The cooking basket for this air fryer is one of the largest I’ve come across. I believe there might be larger ones, but for me and my husband, the 3.7 size works just fine. It even works well when one, or both, of our children are home for dinner (they have various work/school schedules.

The basket, as well as the inner part of the basket (where you place your food), can both be fully removed from the unit to be cleaned. It’s even dishwasher safe.

Crispy fries air fried to perfection.

The inner basket (cooking surface part) is non-stick. So far, with everything we’ve cooked in the air fryer, nothing has stuck to the basket. It’s so easy to clean, more so than trying to clean a pan.

This air fryer is super easy to use. You don’t even have to worry about trying to figure out the proper time and temperature settings for most foods. This air fryer comes with several presets, such as steak, fries, fish and chicken, to name a few. Simply select your option, press start and let the air fryer do the rest.

My husband and I like to stop the unit about half way through it’s cooking time to move around the fries, or to flip the meat. It’s not that the air fryer doesn’t cook both sides of the foods (it does!), we just like to give each side equal amount of time to be close to the heating source.

We’ve even baked in the air fryer, like the delicious “breakfast bombs” my husband made for me a few times. They are made with scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage and/or bacon (it’s up to you). They cooked perfectly in the air fryer. He did place a piece of parchment paper on the bottom of the basket (I guess to prevent them from oozing all over the place until they cooked).

“Breakfast Bombs”

Look at how perfectly baked the breakfast bombs are. Yummy!

The Magic Chef 3.7 Quart Digital Air Fryer has a digital control panel that allows you to easily select the food you want to air fry, or change settings (heat, time) to suit your needs. You can cook things up to 400 degrees.

This air fryer beeps to let you know when your food is done, so you can go on and do other things while it’s cooking.

You can also pull out the basket while it’s cooking to check on your foods progress or to flip/shake foods around, and when you put the basket back into the air fryer, cooking resumes exactly where it was when you took the basket out. You don’t need to reset anything. Plus it actually turns off when the basket it out, which is a great safety feature.

I didn’t think we’d use this air fryer as much as we do. I thought we’d use it from time to time. I honestly thought we’d use it to “fry” our french fries, which we have once a week. The truth is that we use the air fryer almost every day. So far it’s mostly at dinner time, but my husband does make the breakfast bombs frequently, and I’ve used the air fryer to cook fish sticks or warm up left over foods for lunch.

Personally, I think the air fryer cooks steak better than in a pan. In a pan I feel like it dries out the meat too much. The air fryer cooks steak meat perfectly (for me), and it stays moist.

Steak getting ready to be cooked in our air fryer.

We haven’t tried to cook two different foods in the The Magic Chef 3.7 Quart Digital Air Fryer as of yet.

Some of the other foods we’ve cooked in the air fryer include breaded pork chops, pork cutlets, potatoes, zucchini fries, chicken cutlets and fish filets. I want to try “baking” a potato in the air fryer too. Baking potatoes in the oven seems to take forever. I am hopeful that the air fryer will cut down the baking time while giving us the same baked potato result.

The The Magic Chef 3.7 Quart Digital Air Fryer comes with a cookbook as well with several delicious recipes inside.

A great addition to this air fryer (or any air fryer) is the cookbook, The Easy Air Fryer Cookbook: Healthy, Everyday Recipes for People with Diabetes, the newest collection of recipes from writing and cooking partners Kathy Moore and Roxanne Wyss. You DO NOT need to be diabetic to enjoy the recipes in this book. I have diabetes, but no one else in my family does. We’ve tried some recipes in this book, and everyone in my family enjoys them.

There are 80 recipes in this book. I’m not kidding when I say you can cook A LOT of things in the air fryer.

This recipe book features recipes for meat, vegetables and even desserts. Some of the recipes in this book include;

  • Sunday Morning French Toast
  • Diner-Style Pork Chops (these are the pork chops that we’ve made in the air fryer)
  • Crisp Parmesan Broccoli Florets
  • Pecan Baked Apples
  • Southwestern Egg Rolls
  • Nashville Hot Chicken

The book starts off with tips on a healthy lifestyle, followed about more information about what air frying is all about.

The book has recipes for appetizers, desserts, snacks, meat, seafood, side dishes – even vegetarian meals.

I love mushrooms, and there is a mouth-watering recipe for stuffed mushrooms in this cookbook (yes, cooked in the air fryer). I want to try this recipe, but I’m the only person who enjoys mushrooms, so I haven’t made it yet.

There is a recipe for stuffed potato skins that I’m looking forward to trying.

From this cookbook we’ve made the pork chops, zucchini fries (“sticks” in the cookbook, my family calls them fries), and the herb marinated chicken.

I have half of this cookbook “dog earred” with recipes we want to try. And like I said, just because this is a “diabetic” cookbook does not mean it’s only for diabetics. The recipes in this book are for anyone who enjoys cooking with an air fryer, as well as for those who want to eat healthier.

The book features many great tips, as well as a few photos. I wish there were more photos. I love to see what food looks like when it’s cooked.

There are plenty of recipes in this book that would be great for the holiday season, like these Pecan Baked Apples. I haven’t tried them yet, but I am looking forward to making them one day.

You can find this book on Amazon (linked above – NOT an affiliate link), or do a search for The Easy Air Fryer Cookbook: Healthy, Everyday Recipes for People with Diabetes, by Kathy Moore and Roxanne Wyss.

This air fryer is large in size (due to it’s large capacity basket), but it doesn’t take up that much space. We keep ours on top of the pantry. It’s not one of those appliances that gets pushed into the closet, like our blender and popcorn maker, because we use the air fryer so often.

The air fryer measures 14.00″D (w/handle) x 11.25″W x 11.80″H and weighs in just under 10 pounds (my cats weigh more than this!).

I’ve totally jumped on the air fryer bandwagon. I am totally hooked on air frying, so much so that I am collecting more recipes to try in our NewAir Magic Chef air fryer.

If you are interested in learning more about the Magic Chef® 3.7 Quart Digital Air Fryer, visit the NewAir website at NewAir.com, then click on the “shop” tab on top.

NewAir carries several different size air fryers, as well as ice makers, portable air conditioners, wine fridges and more.

The brand can also be found on social media. All of their links are found at the bottom of their website.

An air fryer would make a great gift for people who love to cook, college students, senior citizens or anyone who wants healthier alternatives.

Are you into air frying? What is your favorite food to make in an air fryer?


*I received a free product to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Shopping Review and Top Products from Amazon Online


Money can be earned in many ways. Some work eight hours a day to earn a living and others invest their money to make more money. A few may start businesses to earn a profit, while others create arts, literature, and music to earn money. When you earn, you will have a chance to spend it. One of the best things in life is spending the money that you have earned so well. With your earnings, you can buy the things that you want; food, clothes, jewelry, music, and even tickets to other places.

Spending your money on the things that you want is one of the best feelings in the world. This is what is called shopping. Shopping is buying a thing or multiple things from a shop. It can be food, groceries, medicine, clothes, etc. It can be anything as long as you need it or want it. Shopping can give you a feeling of euphoria. The fact that you have the capability to buy the things that you want can give a feeling of empowerment and satisfaction. Shopping can even change moods from a very bad one to an absolutely good one.  Click here to learn more about the effects of shopping.

Some people even use shopping to help with depression. This might be an expensive way of treating depression but if it works, then it works. Basically, buying things makes people happy. That is why cities are centered on such activities. You can find shopping centers anywhere. This is good for both the buyers and the sellers.

Online Shopping

Nowadays, because of the advancement of technology, buying activities have also become more convenient and have shifted to the internet. Instead of having to go out of your house and go to a store to buy the things you want, you can just hop on to your computer or log in to your phone to check on items and buy the ones that you want. You can even get medicine and groceries with a click of a button and you don’t have to step a foot out of your house for anything. Amazon which is the biggest online retail shop now is basically selling everything that you need.  Here is a link to learn more about online shopping: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_shopping.

However, the change in the way that products are bought is not yet perfect. It is very convenient to buy things online but one of the biggest problems with this setup is that you can’t physically see the product. This is a problem because if you can’t physically see it and touch it, then you can’t fit or feel it. A picture will never be the same as when you are looking at it as you are holding it with your hands. You also can’t smell a picture nor can you taste it. The only senses that can be stimulated through the internet are your sense of sight and your sense of hearing. Aside from that, you will just have to imagine it.

Importance of Reviews

This is a potential problem but if there is a problem, then there is a solution. To solve this problem, there are reviews online to help you decide if you should buy a product or not. These reviews are honest opinions by reviewers that you can trust. This makes the whole buying online experience an even better one. With the help of online reviews, you can learn about the products thoroughly and they can tell you about the pros and cons of the item that you are planning to buy. Good reviews will give you both the good and the bad about the product as it is supposed to be an honest opinion of the things that you want to buy.

You can find a lot of reviews online including the top products from Amazon in sites like https://ryansbestreviews.com/  which can help you choose the things that you want. Just make sure that you can trust these reviews and that what they are saying is legitimate and true. You should also be careful as some of these reviewers can be paid to write good reviews about a certain product.

With the help of online reviews, you can enjoy shopping online. Take time to read reviews online before buying a product so that you won’t regret it when the item arrives. These write-ups online can give you a better picture using their words and tame your expectations so that you won’t be shocked when you receive the product you bought on the internet.

Seven Energy-Saving Tips to Help You Reduce Your Usage And Save Money


Image Source: Pexels CC0 Licence

If you’ve calculated what your energy bill will be this month and the figure is giving you grey hairs, you may be relieved to hear that just a few simple changes to how you run your home could significantly impact your energy use, and bring those bills down.  

Whether you’re willing to invest in major gains efficiency-wise, or you’re going to be limited to smaller adjustments for the foreseeable future, these tips will help you reduce your energy use and save money. 

Small Savings Add Up 

Before you start putting in the effort to save energy in your home, it’s important to recognize that you won’t always feel like your efforts are making much of an impact. While it may be hard to believe that each of the little changes you make will have a significant impact on a day-to-day basis, they certainly add up. If it helps your motivation, keep in mind some of the things you’re keen to buy but can’t afford right now. Whether it’s that black backpack you’re drooling over, or a new winter coat, your day-to-day energy savings will soon add up to some exciting rewards! This is an especially useful tip if you have kids who struggle to see why they should switch off the lights when leaving a room, or stop leaving doors open to the draft. Perhaps there are some end of season treats that your combined family energy efficiency could fund. After a while your family won’t need the incentive to save energy in small ways, as the habit will have become ingrained, but when you’re just getting started, why not do what works. 

As is all too often the case, the more cash you have available, the more you can potentially save. Energy efficiency in the home is no exception. Those who can afford to spend significant sums on modern energy saving features are able to enjoy the benefit of significant savings down the line. If you’re in a position to afford a little extra, here are some impactful things you can do.

Rethink Your Doors 

While your door may be perfectly serviceable (i.e. it opens, closes and locks) it’s worth asking whether the materials that your doors are made of are helping or hindering your quest to reduce your energy use. If you don’t know about composite doors yet, time to meet the new kid on the block. Improved energy efficiency is only one of the reasons that many people find that composite doors are superior to standard UPVC doors, the most commonly used solution in American homes. Another great way to prevent loss of heat through your doorways is to install storm doors, especially if you live in a cold climate. Your added protective barrier will be great when you want to block the chilly wind.  

Insulate The Attic 

Attics are notorious for losing heat. Improving the insulation in the attic will prevent much of the heat escaping from the other parts of your house, bringing your energy bills down. New insulation can be reasonably cheap, but it will be a more pricey investment if you’re insulating a large attic and you live in an extremely cold climate. Of course, the upfront investment might be a pain at first, but your bank balance will thank you later, when you stop losing heat through the ceiling, one of the main sources of energy waste in American homes. 

Go Green With Solar Panels 

One of the more pricey home energy solutions, solar panels have started to snow-ball in popularity because of their eco-friendly design. If you’re interested in saving money on your monthly energy bills, consider taking the opportunity to reduce your fossil fuel use while you’re at it? Installing solar panels on top of your home means you’ll benefit from all that free energy gifted to us by the sun. Whether you use the saved-up energy to warm your shower or power the filter in your swimming pool, supplementing your regular energy use with eco-friendly solar power is a great way to bring your overall usage down.  

Of course, not everyone can stretch their budgets enough to make major updates at the drop of a hat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save cash on your energy bill. Try these simple, more affordable solutions.  

Lower Your Thermostat 

While being chilly in your own house should never be considered as a cost-saving approach, it’s will be well worth your while to lower the temperature of your thermostat during periods of the day when you are going to be out of the house anyway. (Certainly, if you’re going on vacation for a week—just don’t lower it so much that your water pipes risk freezing! The sweet spot is a cold enough temperature that you have to wear jackets indoors for a few hours after your homecoming. Of course, it’s not ideal to be cold inside, but you’ll save loads, so it will be worth it!) Just a couple of degrees on your daily temperature settings are likely to make a huge difference to your monthly energy bill. Forming the habit is useful, of course, but if your system allows, you should be able to schedule automatic pre-set temperatures to correspond with your work schedule.  

Seal Your Windows 

Sealing all those pesky nooks and crannies around your windows shouldn’t be too difficult. Windows are prime culprits for letting drafts in, so it’s well worth taking the time to seal them off properly, especially if your windows don’t benefit from double glazing. (Also, if you can afford to invest in double glazing, definitely do—you’ll save money over time.) Weatherstripping is a brilliant and cost-effective solution for drafty windows. An even cheaper solution (if you don’t mind the strange aesthetics of it) is to install plastic wrap across your window panes, using tape to affix it around the edges. Seal any cracks you find in your drywall with silicone, and you won’t be disappointed with the resulting reduction in your energy use this winter.  

Up Your Laundry Game 

If you regularly set your washing machine to run on a warm or hot cycle, you could be adding an additional 90% onto your energy use, compared with the energy required to run a cold wash. Of course, a hot wash is really useful (sometimes essential) for heavily soiled items, but the fact is, most of your clothing, towels and bed linen will come out perfectly fine after a good cold wash. While you may not expect that one load of laundry will make a huge difference to your overall energy usage, think for a moment about how many loads you usually do every week. Or, if you’re so inclined, do a little experiment: stick to cold laundry cycles for a month, then check out your energy bill and feel your jaw drop. Go back to hot washes if you want, but that is unlikely once you’ve seen your monthly savings. 

There’s one thing worse for your energy bill than running a hot laundry cycle, and that’s unnecessarily drying the clothing in the tumble dryer. Of course, it’s understandable that you’d need to use a dryer for those heavier items in the winter, but the issue arises when it’s a habitual step in your laundry procedure to simply chuck everything in the dryer. Make allowances now and again when conditions dictate and you need a dryer, but hang your clothes out on the line whenever you can.  

Whether you live in a big house or a tiny rented apartment, these adjustments to your home and energy use habits will help you get your bills down to a more manageable level. 

Image Source: Pexels CC0 Licence