Movie Review: Trespassers


Available now on streaming services is the thriller/horror film, Trespassers, from IFC Midnight.

Trespassers stars Angela Trimbur, Janel Parrish, Zach Avery, Johnathan Howard and Fairuza Balk.

The film starts off with a young couple being brutally murdered by masked individuals. There is a connection to that scene to the rest of the film, but viewers don’t know that until later on.

Sarah and Joseph rent an Airbnb (I assume it is) for the weekend to getaway. The home is in the middle of no where, in the desert near the Mexican border.

When they arrive there is no one in the home. The bed isn’t even made. There are even photos lying around in the room where one of the homeowners develops their photos.

Joseph is not overly keen on the idea that Sarah also invited her best friend, Estelle, and her boyfriend, Victor, to spend the weekend with them. He was hoping it was just the two of them so they could work on their relationship which has been a bit strained lately.

Estelle and Victor seem to be a bit opposite of Sarah and Joseph. They are there to party and have a good time, which includes sexy dancing, sex, booze and drugs.

When the door bell rings, the couples are faced with a neighbor (Balk) who claims that her car broke down and that she needs to borrow their phone because she’s needs to let someone know she’s going to be late to get her son. Begrudgingly they let her inside.

Even after making a call, the mysterious woman doesn’t seem to want to leave.

Did the couples make a huge mistake letting the stranger inside? Does she have an ulterior motive for being there? And what is the connection to them and the young couple that was murdered in the beginning of the movie? To find out you need to rent or purchase Trespassers. You can find it on Hulu, Google Play, Vudu and YouTube, as well as other streaming platforms.

This is one of those films where you can pretty much guess what is going to happen by the end of the movie. It’s not that hard to guess. There is a murder, people who are partying a bit too much (booze, drugs), and a stranger that comes knocking on their door late at night. If you add all these things up it’s not hard to guess what will eventually happen in the film.

As for the scary factor, I personally didn’t find the film scary. I know the film is considered a part of the horror genre, but I would put in more in the thriller category. But that is just me.

I’m NOT a prude. Not at all, but I don’t see why horror movies have to toss in sex, drugs and booze. You can make a great horror movie without those things. This film still would have worked without those elements factored in.

Balk is a great addition to this film. If anything about this film is scary it’s Balk’s character. She is creepy! There is no way I’d want to let that woman into my home, not matter what kind of a sob story she gave me. I would call 911 or a local tow truck company to come and help her out. I wouldn’t let her step foot in my home (or rental home).

I should say that the masks used by the intruders are scary.

There is a lot of violence in this film. It’s a film about a home invasion, and let’s just say the intruders are not there to show kindness or pity on their victims. They are sick bastards who love nothing more than torturing their victims.

The movie is a bit cliche. It kind of follows suit with other home invasion-like movies. It’s not too difficult to figure what is going to happen.

From about the second half of the film until towards the end, the film relies on lighting to add to it. You’ll notice that a lot of scenes are either colored with blue or red lights.

The film was OK enough to keep my attention to the very end, but it’s not the kind of movie that I would watch again.

Let this be a lesson. If you are going to rent a home, don’t rent one in the middle of nowhere. And if there is a knock at your door in the middle of the night, think twice before you open the door, and think even harder if you are asked to let a stranger inside.

Below is the film’s trailer for your entertainment.



*I received a free screener copy to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Movie Review: Abominable


Now available on Blu-ray, DVD and on digital is the animated film, Abominable.

Abominable is the story of a young Chinese girl name Yi, who recently lost her father. She continues to work odd jobs to save money to go on a trip across the country that she had planned on taking with her father. She is also a violinist, like her late father.

One night she comes across a creature that is hiding out on the roof top of the building where she lives. It’s a giant, abominable snowman. She is frightened, but soon realizes that he’s harmless. She also sees that he is injured.

Yi takes care of her new friend, and heals his wound. She names him Everest, after the mountain where he is from, Mount Everest.

Everest was captured and taken from his family by a wealthy businessman Mr. Burnish. He wanted to use Everest to prove the existence of Yetis. All he wants is to get back home to him.

With the help of her neighbor friends, Peng and Jin, Yi sets off with Everest to get him back home to his family before Mr. Burnish and a Zoologist working with Mr. Burnish, Dr. Zara, find the Yeti.

The children, and Everest, head off on a magical journey to get Everest back home, all while being closely pursued by Mr. Burnish, Dr. Zara and their military-like employees.

Along the way the children learn that Everest has magical powers. He uses these powers to help the children escape from Mr. Burnish and his people.

Will Everest ever return home to his family? Or will he finally be captured again by Mr. Burnish and his people? And what will become of Yi and the other children? Will they ever get back home to their families? To find out, you need to pick up a copy (or download/rent) Abominable. Look for it where ever movies are sold or rented.

This movie will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you angry and it will make you overjoyed. You will certainly experience a lot of emotions while watching this film.

Abominable is a visually stunning film. It’s breathtaking. Even if there was not one spoken word in this film, it would still be an amazing film based upon the animation and background music.

I love how incredibly detailed this film is. You can make out the individual hairs on Everest, you can sense the puffiness of the clouds and even so far as to see texture on things. The animation is so amazing that at times it seems like what you are looking at is REAL and not an animated drawing. To me, that is impressive enough in it’s self. The beautiful story just adds to it.

Speaking of the story, I think that Abominable is a great story that touches upon many different themes – family, friendship, perseverance, grief, and environmental issues such as protecting rare creatures (or creatures whose numbers are very limited).

I loved this film. So much so that I plan on watching it again during the holiday break. Speaking of which, Abominable would make a great gift for the holiday.

Of course there are plenty of bonus features included with this film. Here is just a small sampling.

BONUS FEATURES ON 4K Ultra Hd, BLU-RAYTM, DVD and digital:

  • DREAMWORKS SHORT – MAROONED – Marooned, tells the story of a cantankerous and selfish robot named C-0R13. Stranded on an abandoned lunar outpost, C-0R13 longs to return to Earth. With a partially built ship and his last power source, this determined robot will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.
  • SHOW AND TELL – Back home in the Himalayan Mountains, Everest puts on a magical show-and-tell for his fellow yetis after he receives a special care package from Yin, Jing and Peng.
  • DELETED SCENES with Intros by Writer/Director Jill Culton and Co-Director Todd Wilderman
    • Play All
    • Spa Day
    • Villains at the Map
    • Magic Montage
    • Yak Attack
  • MAKING A MYTH (MOVIE) – In this entertaining ‘making of’ we learn from the filmmakers and stars how they brought the heartfelt and whimsical story of Abominable to life – from the use of magic, music and humor, to the themes of family and nature.
  • ANIMATING ABOMINABLE – From production design to storyboarding and animating, the creative team behind Abominable will take us through the design and animation of the film.
  • YOUR YETI CARE GUIDE – Chloe, Albert and Tenzing provide tips and tricks to caring for your newly adopted “Yeti”. In this case YETI stands for pet – dog, kitten and bird.
  • HOW TO ABOMINABLE – Bring Everest, Yi and Nai Nai to life in your home with this How-to-Draw with a difference. Not only will we show you how to recreate your favorite characters from Abominable, but also how to magically bring them to life through a homemade Chinese style lantern!
    • How to Draw
    • Play All
    • Intro
    • Everest
    • Yi
    • Jin
    • Peng
    • Nai Nai
    • How to Make a Chinese Lantern

I also have some fun extras and clips worth checking out.

You can download the recipes here – http://bit.ly/AbominableRecipes.


Click on the above image to download the activities.

Here are a few brief clips from the film.




To learn more about this film, you can visit it’s official website. You can also follow the film on social media – Facebook, Twitter (Dreamworks Animation) and Instagram. The official hashtag is #AbominableMovie.

Did you see Abominal? If so, what did you think of the film? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received a free screener copy to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie Premiere of “Christmas in Montana” on Saturday, December 14th at 9pm/8c! #MiraclesofChristmas


My family’s Christmas tree last year.

Can you believe that Christmas Eve is twelve days away? TWELVE! Are you ready for the holiday? Have you completed your Christmas shopping? Thankfully we have. I just need to wrap (I’m not a fan of wrapping).

Me and my family have been trying to squeeze in as many holiday movies as we possibly can.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries has been airing a lot of wonderful holiday movies all season long. I love that they keep adding new movies to watch too, unlike other channels that play the same movies over and over again.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries has added 40 new original movies to their line up. Personally, I’m impressed by that. Forty brand new movies is pretty impressive. These movies are premiering throughout the holiday season. Check out the hashtags #CountDowntoChristmas and the #MiracleOfChristmas to see what others have been saying about them.

This Saturday, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is premiering a film called Christmas in Montana. The film stars Kelly Martin and Colin Ferguson.

Before the holidays, Sara goes to Montana to help resistant Travis save his ranch. Can time on the ranch help restore her faith in Christmas in time for a miracle?

The film premieres this Saturday (December 14, 2019) at 9:00 PM (EST) / 8:00 PM (CST).

I would love to visit some place beautiful like Montana for the holiday season. The furthest I’ve ever been for Christmas is my aunt and uncle’s house in Pennsylvania, and that was a very long time ago, when I was a young girl.

That year, everyone was at their house for the holiday, including my other aunts and uncles, all my cousins and my great-grandparents, as well as my family.

It was hard to fit everyone around the dinner table that memorable Christmas.

I miss my great-grandfather. I’m also wearing my beloved cousin’s hand-me-down pajamas. He passed away in October of this year, making this Christmas memory even more special.

Me, my great-grandfather and some of my cousins.

The house was overflowing with people. All of us kids had to sleep on the floor in one of the room’s because the adults took up all of the beds and couch. We didn’t mind. It was like having a giant sleep over. It was especially fun on Christmas morning. None of us slept that night (as you can imagine). We kept trying to sneak downstairs to see if Santa arrived, but we were chased back upstairs by one of the adults (and being constantly told to go back to bed – which was impossible!).

Christmas morning all of us kids dashed downstairs and were greeted by our exhausted parents, sitting around the tree sipping on coffee, and piles of gifts for all of us.

That Christmas was one of my most favorite Christmases ever. Oh how I wish I could go back in time, even for a day. I would re-live that day over again in a heartbeat.


When I think about the holiday season, I always think about my family and all those great memories. Of course, enjoying fun, holiday entertainment is always great too. I don’t think we watch much else during the holidays aside from holiday related films and television shows.

For more information about this and other delightful holiday films, please visit www.HallmarkMoviesandMysteries.com/MiraclesofChristmas.

For information about all 40 of the new holiday movies all season long on both Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, as well as the Hallmark Channel, visit the links below.



Be sure to check out both channels on social media, as well as follow the hashtag #MiraclesOfChristmas.

I will be hosting a wonderful giveaway this Saturday when I live-tweet along with the movie. The winner will receive an amazing gift package, consisting of the following items. 

I will be live-tweeting on Saturday, December 14, 2019 from 9:00 PM (EST) / 8:00 PM (CST) until 11:00 PM (EST) / 10:00 PM (CST), during Christmas in Montana

Watch the movie and tweet along with me, using the hashtags #MiraclesofChristmas and #ChristmasinMontana, as well as tag me (@She_Scribes) and @HallmarkMovie. I will pick a random tweeter to win the above prize package. The more tweets, the more entries you have to win. 

You can also enter to win a collection of 41 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments and beautiful Balsam Hill Christmas Tree here.

I hope to see you on Twitter this Saturday during the film.


It Chapter Two – Now available on Blu-ray, 4K Ultra, DVD and Digital


Available today is the final installment to the It story, It Chapter Two. 

If you have ever read the Stephen King book, it has 1,138 pages in it. The original It film was actually broken up into a mini-series, but overall it had a run time of three hours and twenty minutes.

I appreciate the fact that the remake of It was broken up into two parts. I found the overall story, and both movies, better that way.

It Chapter Two picks up twenty seven years after the first part of the film. If you have seen the first film, you know that the evil Pennywise returns every twenty-seven years.

All of the characters from the first film have returned for this film (Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Wyatt Oleff, Jack Dylan Grazer and Chosen Jacobs). In this film, all of the main characters have grown up counterparts, considering this film takes place 27 years later. Joining the cast as the “Losers Club” as grown ups include James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Jay Ryan, Andy Bean, James Ransone, and Isaiah Mustafa.

Things have been quiet in Derry, NH, ever since the kids of the Losers Club – Bill, Stanley, Eddie, Ben, Richie, Mike, and Beverly – defeated Pennywise in the basement of the abandoned house. In fact, they have grown up and moved on with their lives. They don’t even keep touch with one another anymore. It’s as if that chapter of the life ended and they forgot all about it. There is one person who has not forgot it. In fact, he has been waiting for signs that Pennywise has been resurrected – Mike.

After a brutal death at the town’s carnival, Mike is convinced that Pennywise has returned, and he needs the rest of the Losers Club to return to Derry to help him defeat Pennywise once and for all. There is just one problem – everyone that has moved away from Derry seems to have forgotten about Pennywise. It’s as if their experiences with him were erased from their memories.

Mike calls all of the Losers Club back to Derry for a very urgent matter. They all return except Stan. He has a good reason why he can’t be with the rest of them.

Once in Derry, the gang meet up at a restaurant. Things seem a little awkward at first, most especially between Bill and Beverly, and between Beverly and Ben. There is obvious some chemistry still remaining between Bill and Beverly. Ben has always had a crush on Beverly. Now that he’s gone from an adorable, chubby boy to a well built, handsome man, he might have a chance with Beverly after all.

It doesn’t take long for their memories of what happened to them in Derry to return. They don’t return right away, but the more time they spend in town, the more their memories return.

Now it’s time to defeat Pennywise once and for all. The Losers Club needs to pull together all their mental and physical strength to hunt him down and kill him. Luckily, Mike has been working on this for the past twenty seven years, and he’s found ways to find him and to kill him.

Pennywise is a force to be reckon with, as is Henry Bowers. He’s been locked up in a mental institution ever since the first film where he killed his father and tried to kill off the Losers Club. Unbeknownst to the gang, Henry has esceped and he’s looking for them so he can finish what he started twenty seven years earlier.


There is no time to waste. More and more children as disappearing in Derry, and they Losers Club know that Pennywise is behind them. They must kill him before more children fall victim to him.

Who is Pennywise? Why is her here? Why does he feed off people’s fear? Will the Losers Club succeed in ending his reign of terror before it’s too late? To find out, pick up a copy of It Chapter Two, available today where ever movies are sold and rented.

I never rented the book, and I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the original series, so I had no idea what to expect with this film.

First and foremost, I think the filmmaker did a good job casting the adult version of the Losers Club. The characters of Bill and Eddie were especially spot on.

I appreciate that this film finally gave insight into who, or what, Pennywise was. And let me just say, he’s a force to be reckoned with. You can’t easily kill Pennywise. You can’t just find him and shoot him or something “easy” like that.

There are bonus features with this film. If you are really into the It saga, you’ll definitely find these bonus features interesting. I always love the “behind the scenes” featurettes.

Commentary by Director Andy Muschietti


  • The Summers of IT: Chapter One, You’ll Float Too
  • The Summers of IT: Chapter Two, IT Ends

Behind the scenes featurettes:

  • Pennywise Lives Again!
  • This Meeting of the Losers Club Has Officially Begun
  • Finding the Deadlights

I did find two Facebook pages for It Chapter Two. I am not sure which one is the “official” one, but one page does have substantially more followers/likes than the other one. There is an official Twitter page, as well as an official Instagram page. I would suspect the official hashtags are #ItMovie and/or #ItChapterTwo.

If you are looking for a fun gift idea for a horror movie fan, why not gift them both It and It Chapter Two. 

Below is the film’s trailer for your enjoyment. It is the theatrical trailer. The film is no longer in theaters.



*I received a free screener copy to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Movie Review: Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale


The whole idea of “Elf on a Shelf” has really taken off over the years. The elves now how their own clothing, pets, movies and more.

When I was a young girl, my sister and I had elves. My mom never told us that they were watching us for Santa, and she certainly didn’t take the time to set her up around our home doing funny things. For me and my sister they were simply cute little elf decorations.

The one I had went missing a long time ago. To this day I don’t know what happened to it. My mom couldn’t find a suitable alternative, so she bought me a gold elf instead. The gold elf was smaller, but he had the same face as the one that went missing.

Fast forward decades later. I still have the gold elf. Every year when we take our decorations out of storage, I place my gold elf on top of my desk so that he can watch me while I blog.

We also have three new elves that I purchased a few years ago. They look similar to the ones we had back when we were kids (my sister and I). They have that same retro look to them. Those three elves are positioned around our home.

My gold elf is pictured above. It’s not an old photo. When I took the photo (years ago), I used a filter on it to give it an old look.

Back to the Elf on the Shelf craze.

The Elf on a Shelf franchise has released a new movie for the 2019 holiday season, and it’s available now on DVD. The new film is called Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale.

The DVD is available at places like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Meijer, Kohl’s and Party City.

A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale gives an all-new glimpse into the magical world of Santa’s North Pole, and answers the universal question: How does Santa travel the whole world in one night?

Come along with “Newsey Noel,” the North Pole’s ace Scout Elf reporter, as she rides along with Santa on Christmas Eve to learn first-hand how time pauses so Santa can deliver presents undetected and unheard.

This movie was adapted from the book, Elf Pets: An Arctic Fox Tradition, which will launch this holiday season and comes with an arctic fox plush.

I was sent a copy of the film to review.

If you have ever seen any of the other Elf on the Shelf movies, you have an idea of how the film is animated (CGI), as well as the characters. The characters are the same in all films (continuity). And just like with the other films, there are a few songs that are song. If I recall correctly, this film has three songs.

This is a sweet film. In addition to learning how Santa is able to fly across the globe on Christmas Eve without being seen, we also learn about a little boy whose missing his mother, whose in the military and might not be able to make it home for Christmas. I’m sure there are a lot of boys and girls around the world who can relate to that.

Elf Pets: A Fox Cubs Christmas Tale is also available for purchase on the shop.elfontheshelf.com website, for $9.95. The disc includes the 28-minute animated special, as well as the trailer, sing-along version and filmmaker’s commentary.

Be sure to check out the other fun goodies available on the Elf on the Shelf website. They make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

Below is the trailer for the new film.



*I received a free screener to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Movie Review: Goldfinch


Available now on Blu-ray, DVD and on digital, is the drama The Goldfinch.

The film stars Ansel Elgort, Nicole Kidman, Oakes Fegley, Jeffrey Wright, Luke Wilson, Sarah Paulson, and Finn Wolfhard, to name a few.

The Goldfinch is based upon the book by the same name, written by Donna Tartt. The book won a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014.

I never read the book, nor have I heard of it until this film. I cannot comment on how well the film mirrors the book.

Theodore Decker (played by Fegley and Elgort, as the young and old version, respectively) lives with his mother. His father is not in the picture.

Theo and his mother visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The museum experiences a terrorist attack, and a bomb goes off, killing Theo’s mom and several others. Theo survives.

When Theo awakens in the rubble, he is given a ring by a dying man, and asked to return it to his partner. Theo also takes a valuable painting of a Goldfinch, by artist Carel Fabritius. It was painted in 1654 and features a Goldfinch bird, chained on a perch.

Theo is sent to live with an upper class family, the Barbours – his estranged friend’s family.

Theo grows close to Mrs. Barbours (Kidman), who is supportive of him.

Theo takes the ring given to him by the dying man to the shop run by the man’s partner, Hobie. It just so happened that the dying man’s niece, Pippa, was also at the museum at the time it was bombed. She was not so fortunate, and she ended up in the hospital. Hobie takes Theo to visit her, and the two become friends. Theo also starts to bond with Hobie.

Theo seems to have the best of both worlds. He is cared for by both the Barbours and by Hobie.

Just when things seem to be going well for Theo, his estranged father and his new wife come back into his life and take him away to live with them in Vegas.

Things do not go well for Theo in Vegas. He even gets involved with drugs.

Theo eventually makes his way back to New York City, and under Hobie’s wing, Theo learns to restore antiques.

One day a client accuses Theo of selling him a fake piece of art. He also lets it be known that he believes that Theo has in his possession the missing Goldfinch piece of art. Theo believes the painting is safely tucked away inside a storage locker – or is it?

What is so important significance of that painting for Theo? At what lengths will he go to keep the painting? To find out, you need to purchase or rent The Goldfinch. Look for it wherever movies are sold or rented.

This film has a two and a half hour run time. It was a bit long for my husband, but I was OK with it. My husband can sit through the Godfather films, which are like a million hours long (ha ha), so I don’t know why he said this film dragged on too long. I think he “checked out” about an hour and a half into it, only occasionally peaking up from his phone to see what was going on.

This is a “deep” film. I tend to watch mostly horror films and comedies, but every now and then I can use a film that makes you think. This was such a film.

When the movie was over, I felt “heavy,” like I needed time to process what I just watched. There is a lot going on in this film, and not much of it is happy. If anything, have some tissues handy. You might need them (I did!).

This is not a “family friendly” film. It’s just way too involved and frankly, scary for children. From the bombing to the drug use… this is not a film for kids.

Both Elgort and Fegley did an amazing job as their rendition of Theo. I especially give kudos to Fegley for taking on such a serious part.

I think there are a lot of morals or meanings to this film. One I can think of is that everything happens for a reason, no matter how big or small, and that there are moments in life that can shape our destinies. There are also other “themes” that go throughout this movie like love, compassion, friendship, hope, despair, redemption… so many come to mind. This is the type of film that makes you feel, as well as think.

I did not find an official website for the film, but I did find a Facebook page. I did come across a Twitter account, but I am not sure if it’s the official movie Twitter account.

Here is the film’s trailer for your enjoyment.



*I received a free screener copy to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.