Looking for something fun to do Fourth of July weekend?


Are you and your family going to be in the New York City area on the fourth of July weekend? Or do you happen to live in the tri-state area? If so, and you are looking for something fun to do, why not pay a visit to the Bronx Zoo?

My family and I love visiting the zoo. We go there almost every year. My favorite time to visit is the fall when it’s cooler and the leaves are changing. “Boo at the Zoo” is also fun too.

This Fourth of July weekend the Bronx Zoo will be welcoming special guests – Latin Grammy Award-winning trio Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band for a special East Coast appearance.

If you are not familiar with Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, here is a little more information about them.

This Fourth of July weekend, join Latin Grammy Award-winning trio Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band for a special East Coast appearance at the Bronx Zoo. This popular children’s band features indie music sounds that are rooted in their whimsical and child-friendly imaginations. The all-star group recently made live appearances on CNN, Sprout, and Univision and is coming straight off a nationwide tour. This husband and wife duo, Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis, has been named ‘THE face of kindie music’ by the Washington Post, ‘SUPERSTARS’ by Red Tricycle, ‘The Rolling Stones of Kids Music’ by the Style Network, and PEOPLE Magazine called their album “The #1 COOLEST kids music!” Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band lights up the stage with their many #1 Sirius XM Kids Place Live hits. Iconic brand Coca-Cola chose their song “Falling” as their national summer campaign anthem, playing it on television and in movie theaters everywhere. Get ready for a hip-shaking, head-bopping, dance party explosion of indie fresh pop rock beats! Join us for the interactive show. Based on their award-winning recordings, it includes a range of themes aimed at exploring all of the wonder and joy in a young person’s life.

The band is award winning too!

Latin Grammy Winner: Best Children’s Album — ¡Fantastico!

Multiple Parents Choice Gold Awards

Winner National Parenting Publication (NAPPA) Gold Awards

#1 Song of the Year — ‘Thingamajig’ from Lishy Lou and Lucky Too

#1 Cool Kid’s Album — People Magazine

Best Live Kids Band — Cooper and Kid

#1 Guest of the Year — Sprout TV (PBS) Chica Show

The band will be performing at Grizzly Corner at the Bronx Zoo on July 4th, 5th and 6th. The shows are scheduled for 12:30, 2:00 and 3:30 each day. All performances are 30 minutes long which are ideal for younger children.

If you would like more information about the band’s Bronx Zoo appearance please visit the Bronx Zoo’s Events Calendar.

Don’t forget to check out all the cool dinosaur exhibits around the zoo too. The Dinosaur Safari ride is fun. You can check out my review here – Take a Ride on the Prehistoric Side at the Bronx Zoo.

For more information about the Bronx Zoo please visit www.BronxZoo.com.



*I have partnered with the Bronx Zoo to bring you this information. Although I’ll be receiving free passes the opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way. 

Härth Restaurant Review – Located at the Westchester Hilton in Rye Book, NY


Harth Restaurant Logo

Nestled in the lobby of the Westchester Hilton in Rye Brook, New York is a hidden gem. The restaurant is called Härth. Until I ate there while staying at the hotel I have never heard of Härth before. Now that I have had the opportunity to experience the amazing cuisine my husband and I plan on going back again. It’s only about a half hour drive from our home and well worth the trip.

We stayed at the Westchester Hilton. If you would like to check out my review you can find it here – Enjoy a stay at the Westchester Hilton in Rye Brook, NY. 

Härth Restaurant at the Weschester Hilton is very much a gourmet restaurant. I wouldn’t recommend taking children with you. I didn’t see any “kid-friendly” meals on the menu, unless they do have one that we did not see.

My husband and I were seated near the windows which was nice because we were able to enjoy the nice view. Too bad it was raining most of the time. Our view overlooked the outdoor seating and the hotel’s swimming pool.

Our waiter was named Angel and he was more than happy to tend to our needs and make recommendations from the menu. I had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to eat. My husband is more of a burgers and hot dogs kind of guy. He’s not into gourmet meals so he had a harder time figuring out what to eat. I ended up ordering the salmon and my husband ordered a chicken dish.

Oil Olive & Vinegar, Butter & Bacon Jam to enjoy with our rolls.

Olive Oil & Vinegar, Butter & Bacon Jam to enjoy with our rolls.

While our meals were being prepared we were served rolls and an assortment of toppings to enjoy with our rolls – Olive oil, butter and something truly unique – Bacon Jam. I have never seen or heard of Bacon Jam before. When I think “jam” I think of fruit spreads. The idea of a bacon fruit spread sounded odd, but there isn’t any fruit in this jam. It’s just bacon, onions and a few other ingredients. My husband and I loved it. We even raved about how much we enjoyed it to Angel.

Best ice tea I have ever had.

Best ice tea I have ever had.

To drink I ordered unsweetened ice tea and my husband ordered soda. I know this might sound silly, but the unsweetened ice tea had to be one of the best I have ever had. You could tell from the very first sip that it was freshly made. I would love to know what kind of tea they used. I love ice tea and I drink it often, but this ice tea was by far the best I have ever had.

The food at Härth is prepared by Chef Rafael Velazquez. He was kind enough to send out a special pita bread for my husband and I to enjoy. Looking at it you would think it was an ordinary pita bread. It’s not. I don’t know how he made it or what he did to it but it was incredibly delicious.

Warm Pita Bread - Oh so good!

Warm Pita Bread – Oh so good!

I tried to re-create the pita bread at home, thinking it was just butter with some garlic salt sprinkled on top. It’s not. My creation didn’t even come close.

As an appetizer my husband and I ordered a house salad. It was presented in a very nice way on a long, triangle plate with a decorative drizzle of dressing on the side.



My husband and I always joke about gourmet meals and how they tend to be small serving sizes. They seem small but the reality is they are the servings sizes we should all eat. Most people tend to eat way more than a serving size so when served an actual serving size of something it seems small.

I had ordered the salmon for dinner. It came with Lobster ravioli, confit tomatoes and a sweet onion cream sauce. Oh my! It was amazing. The salmon was perfectly cooked. It was big and juicy. The meat easily flaked off. It even had a bit of a crisp outer part.

My salmon dinner with lobster ravioli and sweet onion cream sauce.

My salmon dinner with lobster ravioli and sweet onion cream sauce.

The sweet onion cream sauce (the cream colored sauce on the side) was DELICIOUS! I wish I had more of it. I wish they bottled it. I would buy some. It would go great on fish, chicken and vegetables.

I loved the lobster ravioli. It was filled with nice bite size chunks of lobster. I don’t normally order lobster, even though I love it. It tends to be pricey. Having the lobster ravioli was nice indulgence.

My husband's chicken dinner. The chicken was cooked under a brick and the meal came with fingerling potatoes and kale.

My husband’s chicken dinner. The chicken was cooked under a brick and the meal came with fingerling potatoes and kale.

My husband had a chicken dish. I am sorry that I didn’t write down the exact name for it. It was chicken that was cooked with a brick on top of it to really get that cooked/smoked flavor into the meat. It came with fingerling potatoes and I believe Kale. I don’t recall what the sauce was. I do know that my husband devoured everything on his place and said delectable.

While we were savoring our scrumptious meal the restaurant’s manager came over to say “hello”. She also had two jars of Chef Velazquez’s bacon jam to give to us because she heard how much we loved it. That was very nice of her and we appreciated the gesture.

Later on in the evening Chef Velazquez also came out to introduce himself to us. That was really nice.

A jar of bacon jam that we can enjoy at home. YUMMY!

A jar of bacon jam that we can enjoy at home. YUMMY!

After dinner we were treated to dessert. I saw something on the menu that looked interesting. It was a strawberry and marshmallow “S’more” made on a flat bread. Our waiter Angel said it was made with a flat bread covered in a layer of Nutella, topped with toasted marshmallows, cinnamon sugar and fresh strawberries and finished off with a drizzle of chocolate. It sounded way too good to pass up so I ordered that. My husband orders a chocolate ganache cake with a berry compote.

Gaunache cake. Not seen is the berry compote and freshly made whip cream.

Ganache cake. Not seen is the berry compote and freshly made whip cream.

I didn’t realize that my dessert was best suited for more than one person. It was HUGE! My husband had two slices and was full but didn’t want his chocolate ganache cake to go to waste so he ate that too. Oh boy was his belly full after that.

I’m grateful that our room had a mini fridge. We were able to take home our left over dessert to share with our children the next day.

I also had a cup of coffee with dessert. Restaurant coffees can be “hit or miss”. Sometimes it’s good, other times it’s more like cruddy diner coffee. The coffee from Härth was exquisite. I consider myself a “coffee snob” and I fell head over heels for this delicious coffee. It wasn’t just a one time thing either. We had the breakfast buffet the next morning and the coffee was just as delicious as it was with dinner.

S'mores dessert made with Nutella, roasted marshmallows, fresh strawberries, cinnamon sugar and chocolate drizzle.

S’mores dessert made with Nutella, roasted marshmallows, fresh strawberries, cinnamon sugar and chocolate drizzle.

We enjoyed the breakfast buffet the next morning at Härth. The buffet had everything you would expect – eggs, french toast, pastries, home fries, sausage, bacon, fresh juice and more. And of course a great cup of coffee.

When we left the restaurant after dinner we were stuffed. We couldn’t eat another morsel. We had a full and very satisfying meal.

When we arrived back at our room I went straight to the bathroom (I had an eyelash in my eye and I wanted to get it out). When I came out of the bathroom my husband was standing by the window and he said “I think this surprise was meant for you”. I asked him “What surprise?“. He moved to reveal a table with a chocolate cake on it with the words “Happy Birthday” on it as well as plates, forks, a knife to cut the cake, glasses of water with ice and two huge glass bottles of Voss water.

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

This is what the cake looked like on the inside. YUMMY!!!!

This is what the cake looked like on the inside. YUMMY!!!!

We went back down to the restaurant to see if they had a box we could put the cake in (there was no way we could eat another bite). THANKFULLY they still had the box the cake came in. We enjoyed it the next day with our children. It was so good!

The cake is still a mystery, but I do have my suspicions as to where it came from. 🙂

My husband and I don’t normally eat at fancy restaurants, but we are going to make the exception when it comes to Härth. We plan on eating there again in the near future. There are a few more menu items we’d like to try and we must have the strawberry and marshmallow S’mores dessert again. It was so good!

Härth is open to the public. You do not need to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy a meal at the restaurant.

Härth is open seven days a week. From Monday through Saturday it’s open from 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM. On Sunday it’s opened from 6:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Breakfast is served from 6:30 – 10:30

Lunch is served from 11:00 – 2:00

Dinner is available from 5:00 – 10:00

Here are the various menus in case you would like to check them out.

Härth Breakfast Menu (PDF)

Härth Lunch Menu (PDF)

Härth Dinner Menu (PDF)

If you you are interested in experiencing Härth yourself you can always Book a table in advance or simply show up when it’s convenient for you. 

Härth also has a lounge where you can enjoy cocktails seven days a week from 4:00 PM – 12:00 Monday through Thursday and Sunday and from 4:00 – 2:00 AM Friday and Saturday. 

The restaurant is located at 699 Westchester Avenue in Rye Brook, New York 10573 in the lobby of the Westchester Hilton. 

You can check out Chef Rafael Velazquez too.

Chef Velazquez seated outside of Harth at the Westchester Hilton. PHOTO SOURCE: Chef Velazquez's Facebook page.

Chef Velazquez seated outside of Harth at the Westchester Hilton. PHOTO SOURCE: Chef Velazquez’s Facebook page.


*I received complimentary meals in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. This post also contains and affiliate link. 

Enjoy a stay at the Westchester Hilton in Rye Brook, New York


Westchester Hilton Photo Source: Hilton

Westchester Hilton
Photo Source: Hilton

I know that my readers come from all across the country – even Canada and other countries. I post about New York things (events, places…) because sometimes readers find themselves in New York, whether it’s for business or pleasure. I like to post about New York things so that you have some suggestions on what to do and where to stay while you are in the area.

Last weekend my husband and I spent the night at the Westchester Hilton located at 699 Westchester Avenue in Rye Brook, New York 10573.

Westchester County is located just north of New York City. It’s a great location that allows you to easily get in and out of New York City without having to stay in the city (hotels in NYC can be very pricey). The hotel is located approximately 30 miles north of Manhattan. There is train service available into the city and you can drive (it’s approx. 45 minutes depending on traffic).

There is a lot to see and do in Westchester County, as well as places to visit that are not too far away.

  • Bronx Zoo
  • Westchester Broadway Theater
  • Hike the Aqueduct Trail
  • Rye Playland Amusement Park
  • Empire City Casino
  • LEGOLAND Discovery Center

The area also has many historical sites and cultural centers. In addition there are plenty of trails and outdoor activities you can immerse yourself in.

Westchester is also home to many fabulous colleges and universities. If you are planning a college visit in the area and need a hotel to stay at consider the Westchester Hilton.

My husband and I arrived at the Westchester Hilton around check-in time (3:00 PM). The hotel was easy enough to find. It’s also set back from the main roads by a long drive way.

We were surprised by the massive parking lot. It was huge and to our surprise there were plenty of cars parked in the lot as well as several buses that appeared to be picking people up to take them somewhere. I’m assuming the group was staying at the hotel.

Depending on where you park it can be a bit of a walk to the front door of the hotel. We intentionally parked away from most of the cars because we were using a loaner car and wanted to make sure no one dinged it.

The hotel lobby is huge. There is a very large lounge area, complete with a beautiful fireplace. There is also another seating area with a massive bookcase that spans the entire wall.

The people in the reception area seemed “perky” and were pleasant towards us.

Our room was located on the 4th floor, not too far from the elevators.

The room was very large. It featured a king size bed, nightstands, dresser, desk and a lounge chair with ottoman. It also featured a huge closet. I have never seen a closet so big in a hotel room before.


Bathroom – features a shaving mirror and comes with a hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner and a massage soap bar.


Soft and comfy bed.


Nice lounge chair and ottoman


Desk and dresser.


Dresser features a mini fridge and a coffee maker.

Inside Closet

Really big closet with iron and ironing board. Plenty of storage.

Night Stand

Phone, alarm clock, lamp (with outlets) and remote control.


Large room.


Shampoo & Conditioner


Nice massage soap bar.


Plenty of mirrors.

Plenty of mirrors.

Mini Fridge

Mini Fridge

The bathroom was fairly large. I like that it had two different lights. There is nothing worse than a super bright light in the middle of the night when you have to use the facility. The light for the bathtub area was much gentler on the eyes.

The bed was SO COMFORTABLE. It was like sleeping on a cloud. My husband and I lied down and didn’t want to get up. My husband even did “snow angels” on the bed. LOL!

Enjoying the bed

Even the pillows were soft and comfortable. It was one of the most comfortable hotel beds I have ever slept in.

Outside our window we noticed a walking path. We decided to explore the hotel and grounds a bit before heading down to dinner.

Walking path/trail outside our window.

Walking path/trail outside our window.

The hotel is a lot bigger than it appears from the outside. We only explored the 4th floor (we didn’t go to other floors) and found that there are very long hallways. I joked with my husband that we needed a map to see where we were going.

Long hallways

Long hallways

On our floor we found the ice machine and a soda vending machine which was handy. We also found an upstairs access to two of the ballrooms. We didn’t go into either of them because there were parties going on in both.

After exploring our floor we headed down to the lobby area. As I mentioned earlier the lounge area was huge. There is more than enough seating. My favorite spots were near the fireplace and near the bookcase.


Nice lounge area with a floor to ceiling bookcase. The indoor pool is located on the other side of this bookcase.


BEAUTIFUL fireplace and plenty of places to sit and enjoy it.

The lobby also had a huge television and computer work stations (including printers).



Lobby and Computer

Lobby with plenty of tables, chairs and the computer/printer work stations.

Lobby TV

Large TV in the background (4 panels) plus a large table with chairs – ideal for a meeting.

The lobby was nicely decorated.

Hilton Sign


Aside from the fireplace and huge bookcase there is also a huge interactive display with a touchscreen that gives you access to a lot of information including airline information, local weather and hotel events. My husband and I have fun touching the screen to see all the information we could pull up.

Interactive display - it was like a huge iPad on the wall.

Interactive display – it was like a huge iPad on the wall.

We eventually headed outside to check out the trail we saw. We didn’t get too far before it started to rain and we had to head back inside. It’s unfortunate because I really wanted to see where the trail led to.

We went back inside and took a peek into a couple of the ballrooms (one was occupied so we couldn’t really get a good look at it). We also found the indoor pool. I wanted to go in and take a picture but I didn’t want people who were swimming to wonder why I was taking pictures. There were also a lot of little kids in the pool and I didn’t want their faces to appear on my blog for their safety.

Indoor Pool

Indoor Pool

Outside of the hotel (back of the hotel) there is plenty of seating (tables and chairs), what appeared to be a barbecue pit (or fire pit?), lounge chairs and a really nice looking pool. It was raining so we were unable to get too close to the pool.

Outside of party room

Outside Pool Lounge

Outside Pool

Outdoor Pool

Seating Area


Volleyball court near the outdoor pool.

Volleyball court near the outdoor pool.

The hotel does have tennis courts and a fitness room but we were unable to visit them.

The grounds are nicely landscaped.

Flower Buds


Front of Hotel

After we were done exploring we headed back to our room for a bit to watch TV before heading downstairs again for dinner. We shouldn’t have lied in bed to watch TV. We were so comfortable we almost fell asleep.

We did enjoy an amazing dinner at Harth Restaurant at Hilton Westchester, which is the restaurant located in the hotel lobby. You can read my review here – Harth Restaurant Review.

Birthday Cake

After a very satisfying meal we headed back upstairs where I was greeted by a mysterious Birthday cake. No one has come forth and taken credit for it but I do have my suspicions. Thankfully the room had mini fridge so I was able to keep the cake cool until we got it home.

We slept blissfully that night. The bed was so comfortable. Even in the morning when we knew we had to get up we tried to stay in bed as long as possible.

In room coffee maker.

In room coffee maker.

The room came with a coffee maker and supplies but I opted to wait until we went for breakfast to have coffee. Harth has a breakfast buffet and other breakfast options.

We stayed for as long as we could but we had to head back home to pick up our kids to go upstate for a Memorial Day / Birthday barbecue.

Check out was quick and easy.

Overall we very much enjoyed our stay. I don’t know which I enjoyed more – the amazing meal at Harth or the super comfy bed.

The room was large and nicely appointed. The furniture was a little outdated, but I was not there for the furniture. As long as it’s comfy I don’t care how old it is.

We didn’t like the TV set up. There was a bit of a lag when you changed channels. I guess we’re just spoiled because we have satellite TV at home. There were many channels which was nice, including HBO. There are paid movie channels as well.


The bathroom had shampoo and conditioner and only one soap. It was a massage bar, which was really nice, but I wish we had a second bar of soap instead of having to use the same bar of soap to wash our hands and take a shower.

The bathroom had a shaving mirror which was handy and a hair dryer.

When we stayed at the hotel there were a few parties going on and A LOT of young children. The children ran around the hotel – up and down the stairwells, up and down the elevators, running around the lobby, playing hide and seek in the restaurant area… The kids trashed the place too. There was garbage on the floor in the lobby area and in the hallway. I DON’T BLAME THE HOTEL. I blame the parents. The children were unsupervised. The hotel staff did what they could to control them even though it was not their responsibility. For example, when we were having dinner some kids came running in to play hide and go seek behind a table near us. The waiter nicely gathered up the children and told them to play elsewhere. There were no parents to be seen.

I feel bad for the hotel because someone checking in might think the hotel was trashy when it’s NOT. It was from the children that were running a muck around the hotel. Those parents should be ashamed of themselves.

We enjoyed our stay. If given the opportunity we would stay there again. Hopefully next time the weather would be better and we can enjoy the grounds.

If you find yourself in New York or Westchester County and you are looking for a hotel, consider the Westchester Hilton.

Hilton Logo


*I received a free hotel stay and meals in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Goosebumps Most Wanted comes to “Boo at the (Bronx) Zoo” October 26 & 27, 2013 #BooattheZoo



If you live in the New York City area, or are planning a visit this October, make sure to swing by the Bronx Zoo and celebrate the Halloween season. All month long the zoo is featuring fun activities and events for the entire family.

For a full list of events and activities you can refer to my previous post – Celebrate a New York Tradition.

Last weekend Cinderella from Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Broadway musical Cinderella was in attendance for an exclusive “meet and greet” AND a musical performance. What a treat! (no pun intended). There was even a costume parade with Cinderella and boys and girls who came to the zoo dressed up in their Halloween costumes. How cute.

Boo at the Zoo Cinderella

If you are available to visit the zoo on October 26th or 27th (2013) you’ll be able to get a FREE copy of the Goosebumps book Goosebumps Most Wanted: Dr. Maniac Will See You Now. Once you pick up a copy of the book be sure to take a fun and frightful Goosebumps photo.

This special event is presented by Scholastic and will be available from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM on each day.

This is not the only event at the zoo. Boo at the Zoo is a fun-filled, animal-themed, kid-friendly, not-to-scary Halloween experience. The fun includes a hay maze, musical theater, costume parades, magic and more.

My family visited the Bronx Zoo last year to check out the Boo at the Zoo fun. If you would like to check out our adventure and see some photos from that day visit my post – Boo at the Zoo.

Dinosaur Bronx Zoo Kimberly V She Scribes

While you are there don’t forget to check out Dinosaur Safari for a fun and educational trip back in time. Humm… I wonder if the Dinosaurs celebrated Halloween? 🙂

We also checked out the Dinosaur Safari ride over the summer. If you would like to get a sneak peek at what we saw you can read about it here – Take a ride on the “prehistoric” side at the Bronx Zoo.

For more information visit www.BronxZoo.com. You can purchased tickets online or at the gate.

You can also check out the Bronx Zoo on Facebook. You can also keep up with the  latest happenings by following their Twitter page.

Have you ever visited the Bronx Zoo during the Halloween season? Did you have a favorite event or activity during your visit? Feel free to comment and tell me about it.

She Scribes Kimberly V Bronx Zoo


*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Celebrate a New York Halloween tradition!


Polar-Bear Halloween

If you live in the New York City area, or are planning a trip to the area during the month of October, I thought I would let you know about some fun “happenings” at the Bronx Zoo.

My family went to the Bronx Zoo last year for their “Boo at the Zoo” month long event. You can read about it here – Boo at the Zoo! It was fun to see the zoo dressed up for Halloween including giant spiders and plenty of pumpkins.

During the month of October the Bronx Zoo has more fun things planned for visitors.

Come visit THE Halloween destination for Metro New York families and one of New York’s favorite Halloween celebrations! Boo at the Zoo at the Bronx Zoo is a fun-filled, animal-themed, kid-friendly, not-so scary, Halloween experience. This celebration combines this fun holiday with the Bronx Zoo’s mission of connecting people to nature. October weekends at the zoo feature hay mazes, costume parades, musical theater, magic, and more. Don’t forget to embark on a trip back in time as you ride our Dinosaur Safari!

Live Music

Gigi and the Lend Me a Hand Band is back due to popular demand and will lead zoo audiences on a zany, rollicking, good time with Gigi’s Dino-mite Prehistoric Party. Roar through the globe on the “T-Rex Express” and rock to a NEW, even more rockin’ version of the prehistoric favorite, “Tyrana.” Come participate in animal-themed musical performances, songs, and dances that are knee-slapping fun and celebrate the animals of the wild.

Presented by IKEA and New York Presbyterian Hospital

Location: by Bears

11:30am, 1pm, 3pm


Magic Shows

Join internationally acclaimed magician David Levitan for a special brand of magic that has won the heart of audiences worldwide. Be amazed as Levitan combines his magical expertise with his terrific sense of humor and encourages audience participation as a part of his spooktacular magic shows.

Presented by IKEA and New York Presbyterian Hospital

Location: by Bears

12pm, 2pm, 4pm


Costume Parade

March with mythical creatures and dinosaur creations from the Alice Farley Dance Company and the Puppet Kitchen in a fantastical Dinosaur and Dragon Creature Parade! Come see a large-scale Komodo dragon puppet, a flying Quetzalcoatlus, a Triceratops, and a zany paleontologist as they lead you on an exciting adventure around the zoo.

Presented by IKEA and New York Presbyterian Hospital

Parade: 12pm & 2pm (Zoo Center)

Photo Op: 3:30pm (Dancing Crane Plaza)


Children’s Theater

Beasts of the Magical World, a puppet musical

This BOOtacular puppetry musical tells stories of elves and sorcerers, snakes and Komodo dragons, and best of all, magic! Created by acclaimed puppeteer Noel MacNeal of Sesame Street and Nickelodeon.

Location: Asia Plaza

Times: 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm


Creepy Crafts

Create fall-themed masterpieces and design your very own Komodo dragon puppet.

Presented by DNAinfo.com

Location: Dancing Crane Plaza

Times: 11am – 4pm


Creature Chats

Join our experts as they demystify and celebrate wildlife!

Snakes: 11am (World of Reptiles)

Bats: 11:30am (Jungle World)

Birds: 2:30pm (Birds of Prey)

Komodo dragons: 3:00pm (Zoo Center)


Museum of UnNatural Mysteries

Come explore Dr. B. Zarre’s remarkable museum collection of fantastical vestiges and mysterious creatures!  Witness fascinating evidence of how the dinosaurs were destroyed and amazing artifacts collected from earth and space. Dr. B. Zarre has amassed his incredible collection through years of exploration and adventure and has brought his interesting “believe it or not” collection as a special exhibition exclusively at the Bronx Zoo.

Presented by IKEA and New York Presbyterian Hospital

Location: by Somba Village

Timing: 11am – 5pm


Hay Maze

Let yourself get lost at the zoo with a Halloween maze filled with sudden starts, stops, and lots of adventure.

Time: 11am – 5pm

Location: by Butterfly Garden


Treat Stations

Special locations around the park will help sweeten your visit.

Time: 11am – 5pm


Carved Pumpkin Demonstrations and Display

Professional pumpkin carvers from Sand Sculpture USA will be demonstrating their skill and displaying intricate pumpkin carvings that cannot be missed. From classic movie monsters in animal form, to giant insects and dinosaurs, our carvers will delight audiences with their remarkable creations.

Presented by Family Circle, New York Life, & PBS KIDS

Time: 11am – 5pm

Location: Dancing Crane Plaza


Animal Enrichment Activities

Every day keepers use toys, treats, and training to enrich the lives of all our animals. Look for special Halloween enrichment items and activities throughout the zoo.


Themed Weekend Entertainment

October 5 Come join Annie and Daddy Warbucks from ANNIE The Musical on Broadway for an exclusive meet & greet and musical performance! After the show, don’t miss the chance to march alongside Annie and Daddy Warbucks in our Costume Parade.

Time: 10:30 am – 12pm

Meet & Greet Location: Dancing Crane Plaza

Parade Location: Zoo Center


October 13 Come join Cinderella from the Broadway musical Rodgers + Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA for an exclusive meet & greet and musical performance! After the show, don’t miss the chance to march alongside Cinderella in our costume parade.

Time: 11:30am

Meet & Greet Location: Dancing Crane Plaza

Parade Location: Zoo Center


October 19 & 20 Don’t miss exciting fall-themed crafts, presented to you by Family Circle, New York Life, & PBS KIDS


October 26 & 27 Goosebumps Most Wanted are on the loose…at the Bronx Zoo! Catch a chance at a FREE copy of Goosebumps Most Wanted: Dr. Maniac Will See You Now—after all, books make the best treats! After you’ve picked up your book, don’t forget to take a frightful Goosebumps photo.

Presented by Scholastic

Time: 11am – 4pm

Location: TBD

WOW! The whole month is jam-packed with fun events for the whole family.

I am going to try and get back to the zoo this month. I want to check out the Museum of UnNatural Mysteries. That sounds fun.

We did the hay maze last year. It’s fun for the little ones. My kids were a bit too old for it but they sure loved the treat stations. What kid doesn’t love free candy. 🙂

If you are looking for something fun to do with the whole family this month don’t forget to check out the Bronx Zoo.

For more information about the Bronx Zoo visit www.BronxZoo.com. You can also find them on  Facebook (www.Facebook.com/BronxZoo) and on  Twitter (@TheBronxZoo).



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3 Tips for a Hassle-Free Visit to Lady Liberty


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One of New York City’s top attractions and a world-famous monument to American ideals, the Statue of Liberty is on many travelers’ must-do lists. However, because of strict security and the large crowds of tourists eager to catch the boat out to Liberty Island in New York Harbor, getting to the statue requires some degree of planning and patience. The following are three tips for a fun and easy trip to visit Lady Liberty in her natural habitat.

Book in Advance

If you want to ascend to the crown of Lady Liberty at any time of year or go inside the monument located in the statue’s pedestal during busy months, you’ll need to book your admission tickets in advance. The best time to book is the same time you start searching for New York hotels, i.e. as soon as you know your dates of travel (click here for more to get you started).

There’s only one company authorized to ferry people to and from the Statue of Liberty: Statue Cruises. Though the island and the statue are maintained by the U.S. National Park Service, you can’t book your tickets through the service’s website. Instead, you should call Statue Cruises at 1-877-LADYTIX or use their online booking system.  If you book early enough, you should be able to select either crown tickets, monument/pedestal tickets or regular tickets as well as choose the time you’d like to depart at.

Arrive Early

Once you get to New York City, you’ll want to double-check the route from your hotel to the Statue of Liberty ferry departure points and make plans to arrive at the pier early. If you’ve chosen to have your tickets mailed to you or have prin-outs of electronic tickets, you can go directly to the line at the ferry departure point. If you need to visit the will-call booth, you’ll have to find the ticket office and line up to get your tickets. Should you take the that departs from Battery Park in Manhattan, you’ll go inside the round Fort Clinton building to get your tickets. From the New Jersey side, you’ll go to the booth at Liberty State Park.

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Both the New Jersey and Manhattan jumping-off points to the island can be crowded, and if you aren’t familiar with New York’s public transit system, it may take you a while to get to the piers. Therefore, give yourself plenty of time so you don’t have to rush, only to stand right at the back of a long line of people.

Don’t Bring a Backpack

Like at most other important national monuments in the United States today, you’ll have to go through a security check to get on the ferry. This security check is similar to one at an airport, so prepare to put your coats and personal belongings through an X-ray machine. If you have tickets to go inside the statue, either up to the crown or downstairs at the monument and pedestal, you’ll go through another security check once on the island. The safety regulations for entering the statue are quite strict, and to get through security quickly, take note of the requirements before you leave your hotel that morning. That way, you know you won’t be carrying contraband. You will not be allowed to bring a backpack, messenger bag or other bulky item into the statue or monument. If you have a large camera, you’ll have to take it out of the bag and carry it only with a strap. There are a few lockers available in the gift shop at the statue’s base, but it may save you time to just leave large bags in your hotel room until after you’ve seen the statue.

Additionally, you may not bring liquids or food into the monument. For an updated list of what can and can’t be brought in, check the National Park Service’s security page.

About the Author: Louise Vinciguerra is a fantastic joke teller, has a million and one hobbies, and enjoys matching her fonts with her moods.

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