10 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life


Life can be busy and hectic at times, and lots of things are out of our control. However, there are things we do have power over that we can do to keep things running smoothly and generally allow us to feel ‘on top’ in life. Here are some examples. 

Get ready for work the night before

Most of us start work at an hour that we’d rather be sleeping. Getting up and getting ready and out of the door can be a struggle within itself, so don’t make things harder for yourself. Get your work bag sorted the night before, lay out clean clothes that you can change straight into and have a shower or bath before you go to bed. Make sure you have breakfast items in the kitchen, you could even make sure there’s water in the kettle ready to go. That way you can get up and go with no hassle or fuss, your morning runs smoothly which can be a good start to the rest of your day. 

Plan your lunches and dinners

Are you guilty of buying lunch every day while you’re at work, or ordering takeaways when you get home? Convenience food is just that- convenient, however it’s neither healthy or cheap. Cooking for yourself more doesn’t have to be complicated, in many cases just a little pre- planning is all that’s needed. Whip up a batch of pasta or rice salad and divide it into containers for example, pop them in the fridge and you have a tasty, cheap and healthy lunch you can grab for work. Create a menu for each week and when you go grocery shopping you’ll know exactly what you’re buying and what to make. This prevents that scenario we all hate- arriving home after a long day, looking in the cupboards and realizing you’ve no idea what to make and no inspiring ingredients. Lots of simple, healthy and tasty recipes can be found on sites like Pinterest. 

Declutter and organize every season

Decluttering really needs to be an ongoing process. When new things are being accumulated all the time, we simply need to ensure we’re clearing out the old and unused to make way for the new and useful. Once a season is a good benchmark, go through your car, your wardrobe, your handbag, your bedroom and get rid of anything that’s no good. You could do an intense declutter once a year, and more frequent cleans in between this of course. But if you spend the time once every few months it allows you to keep on top of things. 

Automate your bill paying

Paying bills is no fun but we all have to do it. However, if you’re spending time every week or month phoning up different companies, making manual payments online or over the phone then this is something you can change. Automate your bill paying- first open a separate bank account that’s just for bills, and then set everything to come out of it by direct debit. Each week or month when you get paid, you simply transfer a set amount into this account. Everything else takes care of itself and you only need to make one payment instead of many. There’s no risk of you accidentally spending back onto it since this account is only ever used for bills. 

Hire help if you need it

Hiring help might seem like a luxury, but there are so many services you can utilize which don’t cost a fortune and can make your life much more simple. Maybe a maid service a couple of times a week could help you keep on top of the housework, or a laundry service to keep the never ending washing pile from overflowing? It could be dog walkers, babysitters- sometimes you just don’t have the hours in the day to get everything done yourself. Pick your battles, do what you can and if you’re in a position to hire help to tackle what’s left then take advantage of that.

Learn to drive

Admittedly, learning to drive isn’t easy. It takes time and it can be expensive, however, it’s worth seeing it as an investment in yourself. Once you know how to drive, lots of things in your life become much quicker and easier. School runs, getting to work, running errands like shopping and more- you’re no longer at the mercy of public transport. You have more freedom and independence, it could improve your job prospects and make it easier to socialize as you’re able to get to your loved ones. It makes days out with the kids easy and cheap, you can simply pack up a picnic and take a drive to the beach or countryside pretty much free of charge (bar fuel and any parking fees). So much better than being stuck in the house.

Use lists

Set yourself up for success by getting into the habit of writing things down. Everything from appointments to shopping lists to to- do lists, instead of trying to keep everything in your head. When things are written down, you won’t forget and can consult your lists to ensure all of your tasks and commitments for the day are being fulfilled. 

Order repeat prescriptions to your home

If you have a chronic or long term condition and rely on regular medication, getting to the doctor or chemists to pick it up can be a bit of a pain. Save yourself the journey by ordering your medicine to your home or even your work, this can be done even for NHS prescriptions. There are lots of online pharmacies that make this a possibility and can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Utilize apps and software

Apps and software are so useful these days. Utilize organisational programs and tools to help you keep your life, schedule, home, bills and medication among other things organised. We’re always close to our smartphones, so keeping tabs on areas of our lives using them makes perfect sense. 

Organize Your Documents and Sentimental Belongings With Ease


There is no better feeling than having an organized home. When you look around and see that everything is neat and orderly, it will make you feel like you’re on top of things and ready to conquer anything. For those with a lot of clutter in their home, it can be hard to get to that point. That’s because things tend to pile up and it can be tedious work deciding what to keep, what to toss, and what to tuck away into storage. With a few helpful organizational tips, you can have a neat and orderly home.

What to Keep, What to Toss

The first thing you need to do is decide what to keep and what to toss. In order to do this, make two big piles. You can toss things like old bills you’ll never need again, handwritten notes that don’t make any sense, and junk mail. It’s easier to do this each time you get mail, but not everyone has time to keep up with it. After you’re done making your piles, toss the things you don’t need and go through your keep pile. Chances are that you’ll see some important papers that you need right now and ones you won’t need for a while.

How to Decide What You Need Within Easy Access

It’s hard to decide what type of things you should keep within arm’s reach or inside of your home on display. Do you have a plethora of artwork from your children, memorabilia from sporting events or date nights, and other precious mementos you want to hang onto? Although you don’t need to display all of those, it’s nice to keep them on hand. You can organize them into file cabinets so they’ll always be within reach, shadow boxes with pictures, or folders.

You can also follow Binding 101 to learn how to bind things that mean a lot to you. That way, you can display them proudly in your home inside of neat and cohesive little laminated books.

Binding together little books of important papers will also help you stay organized. You can use tabs and stickers to remind you of what is due when. You can also create family gifts by combining artwork. The lamination on the pages also helps to ensure that nothing gets damaged and that the finished product lasts a long time.

Organizing Your Belongings in a Practical, Creative Way

When it comes to non-sentimental belongings, it’s a little easier to get organized. One way is to take a filing cabinet, label it by the contents inside or the month, and file everything away. You can leave this in your attic, basement, or garage so that you’ll know exactly where something is that you may need. It’s important to do this with paperwork or belongings that you think you’ll need but you’re not sure when. If you’re someone who keeps track of paid bills or receipts from stores for tax purposes, filing them away is a great way to stay organized. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing them in the long run.

Get Creative With Personal Items

Once you eliminate the clutter of paperwork, it’s time to focus on your sentimental belongings. These are things that make you feel better by having them around. The fridge is a great way to display artwork from small children. You can laminate other pictures and memorabilia to hang up on walls. All of these things help to get them off of shelves and tables where paperwork normally congregates. There are some creative ways for displaying art on your walls, like using clothespins on a string or displaying with poster tape. That will help remove clutter.

Opt for Online Copies to Avoid Clutter

Finally, there’s a simple way you can cut back on the amount of junk and paperwork you receive. You can opt for online copies whenever possible. If you’re bombarded with copies of bills or statements that you don’t need, you can opt-out. Instead, choose to view everything online. This can help you stay more organized. This also frees up room in your home so that you can focus on displaying paperwork and art that actually means something to you and to your family.

Get your home organized with iDesign


Do you do a spring cleaning and/or fall cleaning each year? Do you find yourself wanting to purge your home of “stuff” and get organized? If you answered “yes” to either (or both) of these questions, ready on.

We live in a teeny, tiny one bedroom condo. There is barely enough room for us, let alone a lot of stuff. It’s amazing how much stuff four people can acquire over the year. I would have to place the bulk of that blame on me, followed by my daughter (she keeps buying clothing and beauty products).

Usually around once a year (sometimes more) I get into the mindset where I need to deep clean our home from top to bottom, organize things and get rid of stuff we don’t truly need. My husband is not a fan. He knows that means multiple trips to the recycling bin, my car (to donate things) and the dumpster. He does enjoy how nice our home is afterwards.

Recently I have been feeling that way. We started on the kitchen first because I would like to get our handyman to install a new counter top and sink.

My husband helped me by cleaning the top of the cabinets and helping me to reach things on the top shelves.

So much expired stuff! Gross!

Here is a handy tip – go through your cabinets and pantry at least 1-2 times per year and check the expiration dates on things. We found things (spices, soup…) with expiration dates in 2018, 2017, 2016 and even one from 2013! What happens is that things get pushed to the back of the cabinet and if it’s out of sight we don’t know it’s there. Most especially me because I’m short and I can’t see up in the higher cabinets.

When we did our cabinets and pantry, I wanted to make sure that they were cleaned (we cleaned them inside and out), but also organized in such a way that nothing ends up pushed back where we can’t see it, and make things easier for me.

I was sent to review (luckily) a variety of organizational products from iDesign. They have a plethora of products to organize every room in your home.

One of the products I received to review are the Expandable & Stackable Cabinet Shelves.

The iDesign Expandable and Stackable Cabinet shelves store plates, bowls and cups and maximizes the storage space in your cabinets. Expands to accommodate larger sized dishware and can be stacked to create a convenient tiered storage system.

I wanted to utilize these shelves as they were designed (stackable) but our cabinet and pantries are not that tall. What I ended up doing is using them individually to provide me with extra storage and a better way to organize the things in the pantry.

As you can see, I was able to organize things on top and on the bottom.

This is our snack section in the pantry (with left over Easter candy). The top are crackers and chips. Underneath them are nuts and candy.

Another product I was sent to review is a Lazy Susan Turntable Organizer. The brand has a variety of styles and sizes, including a two-tiered one.

Small spaces can be hard to keep organized. This turntable will make the most of narrow cabinets and small spaces and keep everything neat and orderly in your cabinets. Also perfect for table tops.

I grew up with a Lazy Susan on the kitchen table. That is where my mom had sugar, salt, pepper and everything we would need for our meals.

I needed a small one for my spices. Our cabinet is not that big, and I don’t have many spices. I DID, but 90% of them expired (I would buy them for one or two recipes, then never use them again).

I think my spices look good now AND I can easily find what I need.

IDesign has other great products for your spices, such as this expandable spice rack, which I was also sent to review but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet).

I have another expandable cabinet organizer from iDesign that I use for my medications, supplements and vitamins. Not only does it help keep me organized, but it also makes it incredibly easy to find what I am looking for.

Our Expandable Cabinet Organizer is clearly brilliant! It expands from 10-1/2″ to 20″ to organize pantry staples such as spices, small cans and bottles. A generous lip keeps items from sliding off. It’s exceptionally clear and coordinates perfectly with other organizers.

IDesign has similar products in various shapes and sizes.

I also received to review a product that does not necessarily help you organize you stuff, but it does make my kitchen look neater. It’s their fruit bowl with hanger, which is great if you like to keep your fruits readily available.

Store your fruit in style with the iDesign Fruit Bowl! This bowl is perfect for storing your favorite fruits on your countertop, keeping them handy to promote a healthy lifestyle. Metal wire construction is rust-resistant and allows you to see your food easily. With a matte black finish, the bowl matches a variety of kitchen decor styles. The integrated hanger keeps bananas away from other fruits, prolonging their life to reduce food waste. Measuring 10.78″ x 10.78″ x 7.9″, the iDesign Fruit Bowl easily fits on any countertop or pantry shelf. With iDesign home organization solutions, you can #livesimply every day.

I like keeping my bananas from lying directly on the counter top. I think that makes them brown/bruise faster. I find now that I hang them they tend to stay nicer looking a bit longer.

I also find that I tend to eat more fruit these days. When I store fruit in the fridge I tend not to think about it. However, when I see a beautiful, plump orange, or a shiny apple in front of me, I’m more likely to eat it.

IDesign products are not sold on their website, however, you can find their products on Amazon and at other retailer such as Bed, Bath and Beyond.

If you would like to check out all that iDesign has to offer, visit iDesignLiveSimply.com. The brand is also found on social media. All of their links are found on the bottom right of their website.

Do you have a need for products to make your home more organized? Do any of these products featured in this post sound like something you need for your home? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.



*I received free products to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Following recipes just got easier with the Recipe Reader from Key Ingredient



Recipe ReaderI enjoy trying out new recipes with my family. It’s always “hit or miss” because my husband and daughter tend to be picky. My son on the other hand would eat just about anything I place before him (thankfully).

Lately I have been doing pretty good finding recipes that my family enjoys. One of my goals for the new year (I refuse to use the term “resolution”) is to try at least once new recipe each week. It doesn’t matter if it’s a main meal or a side dish. Our family is in a meal “rut” that I want to get out of. We’re all bored with what I make for dinner because I tend to make the same things over and over again.

I spend a lot of time online looking for recipes. When I find something I like I usually  just bookmark it so I can refer to it later. In the past I’ve printed the recipes out, only to misplace them on the “black hole” known as my desk.

One recipe source I frequent often is Key Ingredient. It’s almost like a social networking site for recipe lovers. You can follow your favorite cooks, check out what is popular and newly posted or browse recipes by categories or ingredients.

One of my favorite things about Key Ingredient is the photos. NEVER visit the site when you are even slightly hungry because the images will make you want to devour your computer. LOL!

At Key Ingredient you’ll find recipes for all skill levels. You’ll also find basic recipes like Crockpot Baked Potato Soup to more elaborate ones like these awesome Peanut Butter Mousse in Tuile Cookie Spoons (love the cookie spoons!).

Photos Source: Key Ingredient

Photos Source: Key Ingredient

It’s great when I find a fabulous recipe that I really want to make for my family. The downside is having to go back and forth between my computer and the kitchen to follow the recipe. I can print the recipe out but it usually ends up getting dirty, wet or in the way. I also have limited counter space and I don’t have room for several pages of a recipe.

There is no way I a brining my iPad into the kitchen. I tend to be a bit of a klutz. Knowing my dumb luck I’d knock it into the sink or on the floor and break it.

It seemed like my only option was to bring up the recipe on my computer, then go back and forth between the living room and kitchen to follow the recipe. Not only is that time consuming it’s a bit of a pain in the neck to do that.

Sometimes I have one of my kids sit at my computer and shout the recipe out to me. I’m pretty sure my neighbors don’t appreciate that, unless they want to follow along and make the same recipe. Ha Ha.

I was sent to review a while back a cool device from Key Ingredient called a Recipe Reader. A Recipe Reader looks like an iPad Mini or Kindle on a stand. It also has a touch screen. The difference between the Recipe Reader and a tablet is that this device is specifically for reading recipes from Key Ingredient. It’s made to be used in the kitchen and can withstand being in the kitchen.


Kitchen-safe construction for durability and easy clean-up.

WiFi sync adds new recipes to your Recipe Reader automatically.

7-inch shatterproof touchscreen, adjustable font size, automatic screen rotation.

Full list of common ingredient substitutions with three built-in kitchen timers.

Search feature to quickly and easily find your favorite recipes.

Now all your favorite Key Ingredient recipes can be read directly from the device in your kitchen. You can also use other recipes that you found elsewhere on the Internet. Simply copy/paste the recipes into your Key Ingredient account and you can sync them with your Recipe Reader. I haven’t done this yet because I haven’t had time to sort through my bookmarks.

The built in timer has come in handy a few times. I have one timer, but sometimes you need more than one. This was especially handy on Thanksgiving when I had more than one thing I needed to keep track of it’s cooking time.

I like the substitution feature too. I haven’t had a need for any of them – yet – but I’m sure I will. I know you can substitute applesauce for oil, I am not sure the ratio. My husband did that once baking a cake (my husband is the baker in the family) and must not have used the right proportions because the cake turned out horrible. With the Recipe Reader if we find ourselves in a bind again at least I know where I can turn to for options.


I also love that you can browse recipes by categories and bookmark your favorites. The Recipe Reader comes with pre-loaded recipes to get you started (some really yummy sounding ones too).

I was surprised that you also get images of the completed recipe, when available. I initially assumed this would just show me the step-by-step directions. I was pleasantly surprised to see that most recipes come with a photo. It’s a lot like what you find on the Key Ingredient website.

Recipe Reader can be set up wirelessly using your Wifi service. Initially we had a hard time setting ours up on our router and needed to contact tech support for assistance. They were quick to get back to us which is a plus. After a little trial and error we finally got it to work.

I like that there are no wires and plugs to get in your way. The entire unit is portable and lightweight. You can move it from one side of the counter to the other when you are cooking/baking so that it’s not in your way. It has a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to keep it plugged in all the time.

If one of your goals for the new year is to try new recipes (like me) and to try out healthier recipes, a Recipe Reader would be a “must have” for your kitchen. Recipe Reader would also make a great gift (especially for newlyweds).

For more information visit KeyIngredient.com. You can also check out Key Ingredient on Facebook (KeyIngredient), Twitter (@KeyIngredient) and Pinterest (KeyIngredient).

What do you think about the Recipe Reader? Does it sound like something that would come in handy in your kitchen?



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Organize your pet’s toys & accessories with LazyBonezz

Stackable Drawer

Our pets have A LOT of toys. Sometimes my living room is so peppered with various pet toys that you would think we had toddlers running about. I think my pets make more of a mess with their toys then my kids did when they were little.

We had to get it under control. I took a HUGE wicker basket that I received as a baby shower gift when I was pregnant with our oldest child. The basket was too big to toss out. I wasn’t sure what I would need it for but I kept it anyway. I’m glad I did because it’s now our dog’s toy box. It’s the perfect height for him to reach in and grab his ever-growing-collection of toys.

With five cats it goes without saying that we have a lot of cat toys too. We used to toss them in the wicker basket with our dog’s toys, but they would fall to the bottom and were hard for my cats to reach. I ended up taking their toys and leaving them on one level of their “cat tree”. The only problem with that is they would constantly knock them down, or they would want to sit on that level and were unable to because the toys were in the way.

Cat Toys

We needed to do something because trying to walk across the living room in the dark with the cat toys all over the place was like trying to avoid tripping over a landmine. There were plenty of times in the middle of the night my husband would get up and step on something causing him to yell in pain, or he’d kick something noisy, like a ball with bells in it, across the room waking me up.

Thankfully we got the cat toy and accessory problem under control. We have a single, stackable drawer from LazyBonezz that helps us keep all the cat toys in one place. Not only that, it’s shallow enough for the cats to reach in and grab what they want. It’s also roomy enough to fit their play mats (folded). The drawer is also compact enough that we can tuck it next to their cat “tree” so that it’s not taking up much room elsewhere.

LazyBonezz Drawer

You can even collapse the drawer if you no longer need it or you want to put it away.

The box is sturdy too. Our large cats often lie on top of it. I was worried that it might cave in under their weight, but so far that has not happened. The product is also safe for pets.

The drawer measures 12″ L x 14.5″ W x 7.5″ H.

I love that I can open and close the drawer. They have yet to figure out how to open it, and I doubt they will. That way I can leave out some toys for them to play with, and keep them from pulling out anymore toys. After a couple of days I swap out the toys. That way they don’t get bored with them.

The drawer can be used for dog toys and accessories too. You can use one drawer for toys and the other for your dog’s leash, poop bags and brushes.

LazyBonezz Organization

In addition to the stackable drawer I received a really nice over the dog hanger/organizer. It has pockets dedicated to things like collars, toys, leashes and more. This would be great for our dog. The pockets can even fit a few of his sweaters too. The only problem with the over the door organizer is that it doesn’t work with our doors. We can really only use this on the bedroom closet door, but the way the molding is around the door the door won’t close with this one it. The molding is too close to the door that there is barely any “wiggle room”. That is such a shame too because I was looking forward to keeping our dog accessories in one place. Right now his collars (he has a few), sweaters, comb and brush are all over the place. They are not in one spot.

LazyBonezz Over Door Hanger

I hope when we FINALLY get to buy a house we’ll have a place to put this really nice organizer because I’m looking forward to organizing all of our dogs things.

Lazybonezz offers several different boxes to help you and your pet get organized and stay organized.


In addition to fabulous storage bins and boxes, LazyBonezz also offers the cutest bedding for your pet including a fun “bunk bed”.


Also available are feeding dishes, accessories and more.

If you would like to check out their wonderful pet products visit them at www.LazyBonezz.com. You can also follow them on Facebook nad Twitter.

When we finally move and I have a way of hanging up the hanging organizer I’ll be sure to post an updated review.



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

My Owner’s Box – Customized Storage Units & More

My Owners Box

By now your children (or grandchildren) have unwrapped most (if not all) of their holiday gifts. Chances are your home looks like a bomb exploded and there are toys and boxes everywhere. I’m fortunate that my husband is a total neat freak so no sooner are my kids done unwrapping and unboxing gifts everything is taken up to the recycle bin.

I don’t know about you but after the holidays my mind starts focusing on finding places in our home for all the newly acquired “stuff”. Living in a very small condo means that there is not that much room for stuff, so we have to get creative with how we store things or donate a lot of older things to make room for the new things.

I’m always trying to encourage my kids to be neat and organized. Take my daughter for example. She often wears two different colored socks. It’s not a fashion statement, which she would like us to believe. It’s because she never puts her laundry away right away and things get knocked around and her socks end up all over the place (under the bed, behind the dresser, under the dresser…). The reason for two different socks is because she can never find a pair. Even when she finds a clean sock she just stuffs it in any random drawer rather then keep all her socks in ONE drawer.

I love it when my kids have shelves and cubbies to neatly store things in. My son has a new storage unit from a company called My Owners Box. My Owners Box offers different sized storage units and these really cool foldable drawers that you place inside of them.

There are different size units available – 6 cubes, 9 cubes or a nice 3 cube bench. We have the 6 cube unit. It’s not too big and not too small. It actually fits perfectly in the closet, exactly where I wanted it to go.

The unit comes un-assembled. Assembly is required. I let my husband assemble the unti for me. He had the entire unit done in about 10 minutes. It was really simple to put together.

As per my husband – don’t use the tool (screwdriver) they give you in the package to assemble it. He said it didn’t work. He used his own and he recommends you use your own screwdriver too. He also said that the little nails you use on the back of the unit to put the backing on are VERY tiny and he had a hard time holding on to them when he was hammering them in. Other then that he said it was a “piece of cake” to put together.

The unit it’s self has a baseball field design on it – both on the sides and on top. The top part is really nice. The images are photos rather then illustrations.


Top of storage unit

Side of storage unit

Side of storage unit

Other side of storage unit - POOR PHOTO! It's colorful in person.

Other side of storage unit – POOR PHOTO! It’s colorful in person.

You can customize your storage unit with the logo of your favorite Major League Baseball (MLB) team. The drawers come in gray or blue and have all the different MLB team logos available. You can also get the drawers without a team logo too.

The drawers are made of a sturdy fabric with a fabric covered cardboard base. They can be folded up for easy storage. They drawers fit perfectly inside the shelf on the storage unit.

The drawers are sold individually so you can get more then one team logo. You can purchase 1-9 drawers depending on your storage unit and how many drawers you want. If you just want one drawer then order one. If you want one for all six cubbie holes, then order six. It’s totally up to you.

We happen to have three drawers, leaving three shelves open for large things.

My son likes the New York Yankees, especially after we met several of them one day at an event and when we toured Steiner Sports, which is a company that sells sports memorabilia.


My kids with Brett Gardner


My kids & hubby with Joba Chamberlain


AJ Burnett signing a baseball to give to my kids. They each received a baseball signed by several players.


My kids with Nick Swisher. He was hanging out at Steiner Sports with AJ Burnett while AJ was signing baseballs. It was a totally random meeting.

My son wasn’t really into baseball then. Suddenly he was totally into the Yankees. Humm… I wonder why? Could it be because he met several players in person that day (this happened several years ago). I think that has a lot to do with it. Plus my hubby is a Yankees fan as is my father. My grandfather it totally into the Mets.

There are two different Yankee logos you can choose from, the baseball logo or the letter logo. We opted for the baseball logo for the storage unit and the other logo for the StackIts (see more about them below).

Here are some photos of the completed unit with the drawers included. The first photo is when my husband completed the set, followed by a photo of one of the drawers a little open. The last photo is where the storage unit is now in the closet (it’s already filled up with stuff too!).

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

My Owners Box also sells storage cubes called StackIts. They are also fabric covered and can be folded when not in use. StackIts can also be stacked on top of each other, or side by side, depending on what you want to do with them.

I actually have the StackIts at my desk. They fit perfectly under the bottom shelf on my desk. They are even a great size to put folders in so I plan on using one to organize my folders and papers and the other one to store miscellaneous stuff like tape, batteries and other things that are falling out all over the place on my desk .

I love that the StackIts have handles built into the sides making them easy to tote around from one place to the next.

StackIt 2

StackIt 4

StackIt 3

StackIt 1

If they were a little lower I would pick up more to go under my son’s bed. Unfortunately they are too high to fit under his bed. He actually wants them so he can put them on top of his storaged unit but I really want them for my stuff. 🙂

The storage units, drawers and StackIts are available at www.MyOwnersBox.com. The storage units range in price from $99.99 – $149.99. The drawers are $15.99 each and the StackIts are $29.99 each. You can also save 15% on your order (see site for details).

You can even design the look of your storage unit online using the customizer option. Simply select the size unit you want (6 cube, 9 cube or 3 cube bench). Then you can mix and match the drawers and the website keeps tracks of your designs and even keeps a running total so you know how much your custom designed unit will cost.

The quality of all the pieces are very good and I can see the unit, drawers and StackIts lasting a long, long time.

My Owners Box products are a great way to add decor to your child’s room (or even a “Man Cave”), as well as storage and organization.

I hope one day they offer NFL designs too. I know my husband would get a set for his “man cave” (that is if/when we ever move and if there is a finished basement for a man cave).

You can find My Owners Box on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too.

My Owners Box 2


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.