How to Keep Pets and Wildlife Safe This Halloween

*This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect my own.  

With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to do to keep our pets and wildlife safe on such a fun night. While it’s enjoyable to dress up and trick or treat for humans, it can be quite scary for pets and wildlife. Dr. Gary Weitzman, veterinarian and president of San Diego Humane Society gives tips to keep both wildlife and pets safe this holiday.

Six Tips to Keep Pets Safe and Happy This Halloween:

  • Halloween causes pets stress:Keep pets inside away from trick-or-treaters and other Halloween activities. To reduce stress levels, keep pets in an enclosed room with their favorite toys and with the television or radio on.
  • Doorbell stress:Excessive ringing of the doorbell can make some dogs bark and raise their stress levels. Consider leaving a note on your door that asks trick-or-treaters to lightly knock rather than ring the doorbell.
  • Candy is a trick, not a treat:Chocolate and other ingredients can be toxic to animals, so keep candy somewhere they won’t be able to get into. Also, be mindful of wrappers and foil – they can be a choking hazard to animals.
  • Be careful with costumes: Just because animals look adorable in costumes, doesn’t necessarily mean they like it! Don’t make your pet wear a costume unless you’re sure they enjoy it. A simple Halloween bandana can be a more comfortable alternative to a full costume.
  • Use caution with Halloween decor:Keep jack-o-lanterns with flames out of reach of your pets or use flameless candles to prevent curious pets from getting burned. Also, use caution with fake cobwebs and other decorations that could be a choking hazard for your pet.
  • ID your pet:Make sure that all of your pets are microchipped and wearing tags with a current ID. Opening the door repeatedly for trick-or-treaters creates plenty of escape opportunities for your pet. If your pet does go missing, a pet ID and microchip will help ensure a quick reunion.

In addition, here are some important tips for helping to protect wild life during Halloween season.

Don’t use fake spider webs or other decorations made of entangling fibers on the outside of your home. Wild animals can easily get trapped and may not be able to break the material to free themselves.

Avoid decorations with loops or closed circles. A foraging animal can inadvertently put its head through a loop or circle and choke itself.

Avoid decorations with small, dangling, edible-looking parts.

Candy, and the plastic it’s wrapped in, can also be a hazard for animals. Don’t leave candy out where wildlife may find it, and dispose of all candy wrappers properly.

Carved pumpkins may be attractive to wildlife as food, so properly dispose of them if you don’t want post-holiday trick-or-treaters. (After Halloween, you can donate your pumpkins to Project Wildlife rather than throwing them away. Pumpkins are used for enrichment for raccoons, providing stimuli to enhance their well-being, but also allows them to practice their foraging behavior before they’re released back into the wild!)

Be alert for nocturnal wildlife while trick-or-treating. Avoid cutting across lawns and through brushy areas to avoid accidental encounters with your wild neighbors.

Drivers on Halloween night know to be on the alert for children, but we encourage you to also be aware of wildlife that may be scared out of hiding by all the unusual nighttime activity.

What cat doesn’t love cardboard boxes?


Our cat Bella as a kitten sleeping in a tissue box.

Do you have a cat? We do. We have five to be exact. For long time readers of my blog you probably remember them. I have written about them often. Sadly, both our boys, Velcro and Anakin, had to be put to sleep two months apart (Velcro was old age and diabetes, and Anakin was from a liver disease). We never got over them, and that was a year ago.

Over the past few months we adopted two kittens, Emma and Loca (“Loca” is the female version of “crazy” in Spanish – and she is crazy!). Now we have five cats again, but this time around they are all girls.

Emma is especially unique. She has deformed front feet and extra toes on her back paws (Polydactyl). She does NOT have extra toes on her front paws (she has five, like she’s suppose to). It looks like she has extra toes, but she doesn’t. Poor baby sticks to everything and they get in the way of her jumping around.

Loca is a domestic short hair. Emma I suspect is a Norwegian Forest Cat or Siberian (she doesn’t have the face of a Maine Coon). She is going to be H-U-G-E!!! You have to see the thick legs and monster feet on this baby.

It goes without saying that when you adopt kittens (or a cat), you want to have plenty of play toys for them and things to keep them amused occupied. Actually, we adopted Loca for Emma. Emma, being a kitten, want to play with our older cats (9, 17 and 19). Needless to say our older cats didn’t have the energy to keep up with an active kitten. We adopted Loca so that Emma could have a playmate. It’s worked out beautifully. They are best friends. They play all the time and during downtime, they are also together.

Emma (on top) and Loca (bottom) enjoying the sun by a window.

We have it all… catnip toys, things that jingle, things that squeak, things that bounce… you name it. There is another toy the kittens, and my older cats, love – cardboard boxes. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, they will find a way to enjoy it until we take it out to the recycle bin.

Why do cats like boxes?  Behaviorists claim that they are cryptic hiders, which means they pounce then retreat to their safety place. They also sleep on an average between 18-20 hours a day. That’s a long time and so they seek a den like shelter that keeps them safe from predators-it’s in their DNA. Also, the comfort temperature for a cat is 82-97 degrees! By staying in a box like shelter, they don’t expend as much energy and stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

In addition…

Ethologist, Claudia Vinke, Utrecht University in the Netherlands has  independently observed that when boxes are provided in shelters for cats, the cats with the boxes are less stressed, play more and acclimate much faster to their new environment.

Our late cat Anakin was HUGE, but he always managed to squeeze himself into the littlest box. It was the funniest thing to see.

Anakin some how fitting in a narrow flower box (he was a huge/fat cat).

There is a company that offers cardboard boxes specifically designed for cats. They are called Kitty Cardboard.

Kitty Cardboard has developed high-quality designer cardboard boxes for cats that are colorful and whimsical. You will be proud to put them anywhere in your home-they’re that nice!  These designer boxes have been flying off the shelves since their inception. They have also been a huge hit with Instagrammers (sic) who have kitty-cat influencers, because the boxes are POST PURRRRFECT!  The current designs are: Jungle BoxMeowter-Space and Purradise. The brand also has seasonal designs for Halloween, and soon a design for Christmas.

Kitty Cardboard sent me a box to review. I received their Halloween box to review.

The boxes are made in the USA. They arrive flat but they are super easy to assemble (I did it in about a minute).

The box has cute Halloween images all around it including a ghost, pumpkin and bats. In addition, there are holes of different sizes on four sides of the box (the box has six sides) to allow for plenty of easy entrances and exits.

When they pop their head out of the holes, it’s suppose to make them look like the figure surrounding the hole. For example, when your cat pops it’s head out of the hole for the ghost, it looks like their face is part of the ghosts face. Hopefully that makes sense.

Here is an example of what I mean.

PHOTO SOURCE: Kitty Cardboard 

Both of our kittens high energy, so it was not always easy to get a photo of them with their heads popped through the holes the right way. I almost got Loca’s photo that way, but she popped her head out too much so it doesn’t look like the ghost’s face like it’s suppose to. I have seen the cats pop their heads out just right, but by the time I grab for my camera, they have already moved or they are out of the box.

Here are my cats enjoying their Kitty Cardboard box.

Peek-a-Boo! Emma says “hello.” As you can see, our cats like to play in the Kitty Cardboard box. You can see one of the toys in the box with her.

Emma peeking out to say “hello” again.

Loca is saying “hello” too. Look… she’s a ghost. LOL!

Loca in our Kitty Cardboard box

Emma trying to get in the box that Loca currently occupied. Emma is a HUGE kitten (she’s as big as our adult cats), but she fits in the box just fine.

Emma not too happy that Loca won’t let her have a turn in the box. You can see Loca inside.

Our cat Bella looking to see if Loca is out of the box yet. Even our adult cats love to hang out in the box, most especially Bella. She usually kicks the kittens out of it so she can use it.

Since I received the Kitty Cardboard box to review, I’ve never gone a day where I haven’t seen at least one of the cats in it. In fact, the box gets moved around (I’m not sure who does it). I’ll put it in one place, and come home from work and find it on the other side of the room. I guess as they jump in and out of it, they are moving it. Either that or my home is haunted. Ha Ha.

If you are interested in learning more about Kitty Cardboard box, or if you’d like to purchase one for your own kitty (it would make a great Christmas present for your cat), visit KittyCardboard.com. The brand is also on Instagram and Facebook. Those links are found at the bottom of their website.

Kitty Cardboard is charitable and devoted to homeless cats. They donate one box to a shelter for every box sold. You can read more about it on their site.


*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

The Secret Life of Pets 2 – Available on Blu-ray & DVD Aug. 27, 2019


Coming to Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow (August 27, 2019) is the hilarious sequel to the hit film, The Secret Life of Pets. The sequel is appropriately entitled The Secret Life of Pets 2.

The sequel features returning voice talents, as well as new ones, including Patton Oswalt, Keven Hart, Lake Bell, Tiffany Haddish, Nick Kroll, Dana Carvey, Ellie Kemper, and Eric Stonestreet, to name a few.

The sequel takes place a few years after the first film. Max and Duke’s owner, Katie, is now married. Her and her husband have a young son name Liam. Max wasn’t too keen about the baby at first, but grew to love the little boy, to the point where he is very over protective of him and it causes him to have an itch that Katie takes him to see the vet about.

The family take a trip to the country, where the dogs get to experience life on the farm. It’s there that they meet a dog named Rooster (voiced by Harrison Ford), who eventually teaches Max some valuable life lessons.

Back in the city, the rest of the animals are also having a bit of an adventure.

Gidget was asked to keep an eye on Max’s favorite toy. She ends up losing it when it bounces into a crazy cat lady’s apartment. She must find a way to sneak into the apartment to retrieve is, but the only way to do that is if she can pass herself off as a cat so as not to be noticed. She asks resident cat Chloe to assist here.

Crazy Snowball – the little puffy bunny voiced by Kevin Hart – is also in the city. That is where he meets a little dog named Daisy who needs his help to help rescue, of all things, a baby tiger from a circus. That is because she heard that he’s a “superhero” (he fancies himself as one).

Even though there are three different story lines going on, they all come together towards the end of the film.

Will Gidget get back Max’s toy before he returns home from the country? Will Snowball and Daisy rescue the tiger cub from the circus? And what valuable lessons did Max learn from Rooster when he was in the country with his family? To find out, you need to pick up a copy of The Secret Life of Pets 2. Look for it where ever movies are sold.

The film is also available for purchase or rental on digital download.

Here is the film’s trailer for your enjoyment. This is the theatrical trailer. The film is no longer in theaters.


I was sent a copy of the film to review, as well as some fun goodies.

I received a gift basket of goodies including a plush Duke, a soft branded blanket, craft supplies and some baking supplies. I also received a “handbook” on how to throw a The Secret Life of Pets 2 party.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 branded blanket, plush and gift basket.

So many fun goodies!

First of all, my whole family was suppose to be available to watch the film. Sadly, our son had a party to go to in New York City, and our daughter had to work. So what was suppose to be “family movie night” turned out to be just me and my husband. That’s OK. We can watch the movie another time with both of my kids.

Our cats LOVE the blanket. It’s too warm to snuggle up with a blanket right now (seeing as how it’s summer), however our cats really seemed to enjoy it. So I think I might just give the blanket to the cats to snuggle on.

Emma enjoying the blanket.

Loca enjoying the blanket and red ribbons.

Our kitten, Emma, is seen above getting ready to lie down and get cozy on the branded blanket. Our other kitten, Loca (in the second photo) is enjoying the red ribbons that were used to tie up the gift basket. Cats love ribbon!

We were sent some baking supplies to make “Duke’s Doggie Donuts.” Unfortunately, we no longer have a dog. I might try and make them for our local animal shelter. I need to check with them first to see if they will accept homemade treats.

The party handbook also had recipes for “Daisey’s Crockpot Dog Food,” which looks really good (our dog would have loved it!) and “Pop’s Pupsicles.”

There is also a recipe for “Captain Snowball’s Super Salad” for rabbits. We actually fostered a rabbit several months ago.

There are a lot of fun recipes in the party planning book.

The party planning guide also has recipes for human’s including a delicious sounding “Sweatpea’s Peaches and Burrata” that I MUST try. There is also a “Gidget’s Cool as a Cucumber Salad” which I am definitely going to make too. I love cucumber salad.

The fun book also has printables, a BINGO game you can play as you watch the film (that is a fun idea) and coloring pages. I LOVE to color, so this is great for me.

I love coloring! These coloring pages are great.

There are also some fun craft ideas that I am going to try and do with the kids that I work with in the after school program.

I think the cutest thing I received was the supplies to make little party hats for our cats. I thought at least Emma would let me put a hat on her. Ha! That was no so easy at all.

The supplies include colorful pom poms and ribbon. Pom poms and ribbon to cats are TOYS. Needless to say, trying to not only get one of the cats to wear a hat long enough to take a photo, and trying to make them, was easier said than done. I REALLY wanted to get at least one of our cats (if not more) to wear the cute party hat. They are so easy to make too. All you need is colorful paper, pom poms and ribbon. I suppose you can make them for a small dog, or maybe a wee bit bigger for a larger dog.

Loca trying to catch the ribbon on the party hat.

There is no way this hat is going on Loca’s head.

In the above photos I was trying to get the hat on our kitten Loca, but she was too busy trying to get the ribbon used to wrap the hat on their head.

I’m not giving up! I’m determined to get at least one of the cats to wear the party hat. If I can get our cat Bella to wear Halloween costumes, I can get one of them to wear a hat.

I even tried with Emma (below), with no luck. I’m sorry the pictures are fuzzy… she was moving too quickly, trying to get the ribbons.

We tried to get the hat on Emma, with no luck.


As for my thoughts on the film…

I think this is an adorable and fun sequel to the original. There are three different story lines, which initially I thought was a bit odd, but I like how they all came together at the end.

You can’t help but love all the characters in this film, including secondary characters. They have such personalities, and it’s hysterical to see some of their antics on the screen.

The film makers continue with the original film as far as what pets do when their humans are not around. It’s funny to think of our pets really doing the stuff the animals do in the film.

We have always wondered what our pets did when we were not at home. That is why we have a security camera set up – so that we can see what they are doing. Of course our cats are less amusing than the ones in the film who do crazy things to pass the time while their humans are at work or away.

The animation is wonderful. It all looks so realistic. It’s also bright and colorful.

Pom Poms and ribbon are CAT TOYS… not craft supplies in their eyes. LOL!

The animals are all adorable. It makes me want to go out and adopt more animals (I think we’ve hit our quota with five cats and a fish).

I think this could pass as a stand alone film, so if you didn’t see the first film, you’ll be OK seeing this film. Of course, you’d enjoy the second film a lot more if you saw the first film, but it’s OK if you didn’t.

I love this film and it’s a great addition to our family’s movie collection. I’m looking forward to watching it again with my kids. I already have the popcorn ready, as well as some cookies.

I failed to mention that there are plenty of bonus features, including two mini-movies featuring Gidget from the film, and another one featured the beloved Minions. They are both adorable and funny.

I don’t know if there is an official website for the film, but I did find a Facebook page, as well as a Twitter page and an Instagram account.

The official hashtag is #TheSecretLifeOfPets2.

Did you see The Secret Life of Pets 2? If so, what did you think about it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section of this post.


*I received a free screener copy, some goodies and a gift card to buy supplies in exchange for my participation. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Therapy Pets: 9 Ways Dogs Help with Depression


Over one-third of households in the US have a pet dog. At the same time, up to44 million Americans suffer from a mental illness.

Have you ever considered how an animal can help alleviate a mental health condition? You may be surprised that pets have a highly therapeutic power that can help people with depression.

In this article, we’ll explore 9 ways in which dogs help with depression. Let’s go.

  1. Love Is the Answer

Petting an animal has been proven to lower stress levels and release oxytocin, the “love hormone“. This hormone is key for good relationships.

Relationships with dogs or humans can help show us the light. This can make you feel as though there is a purpose to your existence during tough times.

Although you won’t necessarily feel great every time you pet a dog, it’s definitely worth giving it a go and getting a boost of hormones.

  1. Help Your Helpless Animal

When you’re depressed, you’re likely to feel completely hopeless and helpless. Remember, your furry friend depends on you for pretty much everything.

Just knowing that there is one being that needs you can make you feel a lot less helpless. Your animal asks for help, so perhaps you should try doing the same.

Thinking about someone else can help with depression. When you have a pet, suddenly you need to remember to get out of bed, pick up their food, and ensure they have enough to eat and drink.

  1. Dogs Need Exercise and So Do Humans

Less than one-quarter of Americans exercise enough. However, the body produces endorphins when we move which can work as nature’s own anti-depressant.

Other benefits of exercise include increasing blood flow to the brain and reduced feelings of anxiety. There are also improvements in other health conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

By owning a dog, you’ll be required to get up and out every single day to walk your furry friend.

  1. Forest Bathing Isn’t Just for the Japanese

In Japan, “forest bathing” is a well-known practice where people spend time in nature, being mindful of their surroundings.

It’s thought that forest bathing or nature therapy can help reduce diseases of both the mind and body. Now, doctors are also prescribing such methods to those suffering from mental illness.

Being in nature can boost your immune system, help you sleep, and lower your blood pressure. If you’re walking your furry friend, make sure you visit a beautiful park or, better yet, head out into the forest.

When you’re there, turn your phone off and leave it in your bag and practice walking mindfully and concentrate.

What do you see, what can you hear? How does all this greenery make you feel? You may even want to take refreshment with you to enjoy next to a tree.

  1. Pets Need Routine

Those suffering from depression may find themselves sleeping in late, missing breakfast, and sitting around the house all day.

However, if you have a dog, this simply isn’t possible. Your dog provides you with routine. They need you to let them out in the morning, encouraging you to step outside yourself.

They require feeding, which may encourage you to turn the kettle on and prepare yourself some tea and food. Furthermore, as we’ve discussed, a pet dog needs a walk and they will get you out of the house every day, preferably for them at the same time.

Having this routine can provide you with a strong sense that you are needed. This is a powerful feeling which can help people even on the bleakest of days.

  1. Never Feel Lonely Again

What’s great about dogs are that they really are furry friends. When you’re feeling sad or alone, they’ll curl up next to you. Even if you have a depressed dog, you can get through it together.

Having companionship at home has been proven to prevent the development of illnesses. In fact, isolation can trigger depression in some people. You won’t feel isolated when a dog is wagging its tail and happy to see you.

If you’re feeling lonely, why not talk to your pet? Just voicing your concerns out loud can sometimes make you feel better and no-one is a better listener than a devoted dog.

  1. Meet New People with Dogs Easily

When you’re out walking your dog, you may be surprised by the sheer number of people who will say hello to you.

Most of these people will be fellow dog owners who you may recognize over time and get to know. Your dog will ensure you meet lots of fellow dog-lovers.

If you’ve met a few people while walking your dog that you enjoy talking to, why not get their numbers and plan to walk your pups together every other day.

This social activity isn’t too demanding either. You’re simply walking and occasionally chatting but will help bring you out of your shell.

  1. A Pet Provides a Sense of Security

In a world where sometimes it feels like everything we do is criticized, returning home to a pet that has nothing but love for you is a wonderful thing.

Your dog will provide you with a loving sense of security and you can guarantee they’re not judging you.

  1. Take Inspiration from Your Pooch and Be Mindful 

Ever wonder what your pet is thinking about when they’re sitting next to you and staring into space? Perhaps the answer is absolutely nothing and that’s a beautiful thing.

Your dog doesn’t hold a grudge, it doesn’t ponder over why you’ve said something a certain way, it simply moves on.

We are, of course, very different from our pets. However, why not try being mindful the next time you notice your dog staring off into space! You might be surprised by how many benefits this can bring you.

How Can Dogs Help with Depression?

If you already have a pet, now’s the time to truly appreciate everything then bring you.

However, if you don’t have a dog you may now be tempted to run out and buy one. Before you do this, make sure you truly can take care of a pet.

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Mutual Rescue: How Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You, Too


Not my dog or cat. This is a stock photo.

I am the proud “mom” to five adopted shelter cats. Over the years we have had many cats and dogs (even a hamster!) that we adopted from our local shelter. One of our cats was a feral kitten we took in and raised.

I can understand why people want pure bred animals, but for me, personally, I would much rather “adopt than shop.” There are literally millions of dogs, cats and other animals looking for their “fur-ever” homes in shelters and at pet rescue facilities around the globe.

Homeless animals are not just an issue here in the United States. It’s an issue in every country.

There is a local rescue group where I live that rescues dogs and puppies from the Caribbean countries, flies them to New York, and send them out to rescue groups and foster homes, in hopes for finding these beautiful creatures a home.

If you read my blog frequently, you might recall that we had five cats and a dog. Sadly, our dog passed away two years ago and our two boys (cats) last summer. We had just our three girls, but recently adopted two more kittens (two more girls). I haven’t posted about them as of yet. Let me introduce you to Emma and Loca.


This is Emma. She’s 11 months old. She’s a big goof ball! We has so much personality.

Emma is a Polydactyl. She has extra toes. Cats normally have five toes on their front feet, and four toes on their back feet. Emma has extra toes on her back feet (five instead of the normal four). Her front feet look like she has extra toes, but actually, she doesn’t. She has five toes on her front feet. Her front feet are actually a deformity (possibly from inbreeding as she was a feral kitten). As a result, she’s a little klutzy and she tends to get caught on things.

Loca asleep on my husbands leg.

This is Loca. Loca means “crazy” in Spanish. This little muchkin is NUTS! But we love her.

We adopted Loca as a friend for Emma. Our older cats – Kitty (18), Padmé (16) and Bella (9) wouldn’t play with Emma. Bella has on occasion, but Bella has severe asthma and can’t run around enough to keep up with an active kitten. So we went back to the shelter and adopted Loca.

They look like sisters, but they are not. They are also 7 month apart in age. They are BEST friends. They are always together. They even sleep together. Adopting both of them was a great decision. They have already provided us with so much love and entertainment (kittens are fun to watch).

If I had the money I would open my own rescue facility. There are still so many beautiful animals out there who are in dire need of homes. Shelters are busting at the seams and it’s not easy for them to take in all the animals. It’s so bad that locally they trap feral cats, neuter/spay them and release them back into the wild. They don’t have the homes they deserve, but at least they can’t have more kittens. The kittens are taken in by fosters until they can find them homes. Sometimes that takes many months, and longer.

It breaks my heart. I believe that ALL of God’s creatures deserve love, respect, and appreciation and those considered pets deserve a loving home to care for them until their time is up on this Earth.

There is a book that reflects how I feel about animals. It’s called Mutual Rescue: How Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You, Too. It’s written by Carol Novello. 

It’s a wonderful thing for people to rescue animals. Finding a forever home can change an animals life for the better. But what about the person rescuing the animal? How does it change THEIR life?

Mutual Rescue explores how much WE get from the animals we rescue. We not only recuse animals, but sometimes, animals in return rescue humans.

It’s true! All of the animals I’ve ever had have always given me unconditional love. After a rough day at work, or a devastating loss, the knowing look form your dog, or your cat purring as it rubs up against you, does more for you than anything else.

I have always referred to being with my pets as “fuzz therapy.” And I’m not alone – science has even proven that animals have a profound effect on us – in a positive way.

Mutual Rescue explores not only how people rescued animals, but how animals in return rescued them, through a series of true stories. Have some tissues handy because some of them will really tug at your heart strings.

Mutual Rescue was inspired by Carol’s own personal experience and years in the animal-welfare industry. Carol is also the founder of Mutual Rescue™, a national initiative that highlights the connection between people and pets in order to inspire and support life-saving efforts in communities across the nation and world.

“In a recent survey,” Carol writes, “60 percent of doctors said they prescribe pet adoption, and a staggering 97 percent believe pet ownership provides health benefits.”

Isn’t that amazing? I would love for a doctor to “prescribe” me to adopt a pet to help with whatever is bothering me. I’d take adopting an animal over medication any day.

Watching Emma (L) and Loca (R), makes my heart smile. They are such little goof balls, but at the same time, they are so loving toward each other, as well as my “human” family – including me. The same applies to our other cats, as well as our Goldfish, Fishy.

Some of the stories from Mutual Rescue have been turned into short films. You can find them on the Mutual Rescue YouTube page.

The short films are around 5 minutes each (give or take).

The book is available on Amazon, as well as other book retailers.

Whether you are an animal lover, or just curious, Mutual Rescue: How Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You, Too. is an interesting read, especially the parts about scientific research. It’s truly very interesting. 

If you are interested in learning more about Mutual Rescue, visit MutualRescue.org. They are also found on social media.

Have you ever rescued a pet? Do you think they rescued YOU in some way? Feel free to explain your story. I always love to hear from readers.

Author Carol Novello. PHOTO SOURCE Amazon author’s page.


*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

4th of July Safety Tips for Pets


While the 4th of July can mean fun, food, friends and fireworks for people, for our pets, it can feel more like a scary alien invasion! Each year over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S.1 and more pets are lost on the Fourth of July than any other day. According to the ASPCA, nearly one-in-five lost pets go missing after being scared by fireworks. In fact, July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters, which fill up quickly with animals who panic and flee the bright lights and loud noises of holiday celebrations.

Make July 4th a more pet-riotic holiday by following these steps for a stress-free day for both you and your fur-kids from Michelson Found Animals Foundation Executive Director, Aimee Gilbreath. Found Animals created the first, free national microchip registry to help keep your pup safe.

Be Prepared. The Fourth is a great annual reminder to be prepared in case your pet escapes or gets lost. There are three key steps to follow to increase the safe return of your pet:

    1. Make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag with the correct information
    2. Make sure your pet is microchipped.
    3. Double check that your pet’s microchip is registered and contains the correct name and your current phone number and address, otherwise there’s no easy way to reach you if they’re found! If your pet is chipped but not registered, you can register for free here.

Head indoors before the fun begins. Don’t wait for the fireworks to be in full swing before taking care of your pet. It’s best to bring him or her indoors or put them in a cozy spot well ahead of the first boom of fireworks. In addition, create a safe, escape-proof space in your home. Lower the blinds, close the windows, provide a bed or crate where they feel comfortable, offer a special chew or toy to distract them and turn on the TV or radio to help mask the noises outside.

Try a calming aid: If you’re worried about a pet that stresses easily, talk to your vet in advance about CBD and anti-anxiety treats, chews, drops or other remedies that can help your pet relax. There are plenty of prescription and homeopathic solutions out there that can help your pet get the extra dose of relaxation he or she needs. According to a recent study commissioned by Michelson Found Animals, nearly 1/4 of pet parents have used CBD or hemp-based products as a form of therapy for themselves, and of those who have tried CBD products, almost 3/4 have also given CBD oil or hemp products to their pets as well.2

Wrap them up. Confining movement in dogs and cats actually has a calming effect on them, which is why you might want to consider an anti-anxiety wrap or coat.  In a pinch, you can even create one from a scarf.

Check the Locks:  Make sure that your doors, gates and windows are all closed prior to the fireworks display. Not only will this help muzzle the loud sounds that frighten pets, but will help prevent an escape!

1 According to American Humane Association estimates

2 Furred Lines: Pet Trends 2019; online survey to 1,056 dog or cat owners aged 18+