A “must” have in your home and when you travel



The blackout from the other night. The lights in the distance are from a road across the way.

The other night we had a rare occurrence – a total blackout.

We live in a very large condo and townhome complex. We’ve lost power before, but usually there are some areas in our complex that still have light. We’ve lived here for twenty tree years and I would have to say that 3-4 times we’ve had a total blackout.

The worse thing about a total blackout is trying to negotiate around our condo. You see, we have parking lot lights on all night long. They illuminate the inside of our condo to the point that we never need to turn on a light in the middle of the night. The parking lot lights provide us with enough light. You get used to them being on too, so when we lost power the other night, it was really weird being in total darkness.

Thankfully I had on my flameless candles (battery operated). They provided us with ample light. My husband was also able to retrieve our flashlights and other light sources.

I made sure to text both of my kids to tell them to charge their phones before they get home from work (they both had power at their jobs). After all, the WORSE thing EVER is a young adult (or teen) without their smartphones. Whatever would they do with themselves? It’s their “lifeline.”

The power came on before they got home, so they were fine. My husband and I had already charged our phones earlier in the evening (before the blackout). Even if we didn’t, we keep extra chargers on hand just in case. That way we know we still have functioning phones in case of an emergency. We can’t watch movies (no internet), but we can call 911 or family/friends in the event of an emergency.

We have several chargers that my family and I share (me, my husband and our two children). I would honestly have to say that 90% of our chargers are from the company myCharge. The other two are generic ones that can’t even compare to the myCharge chargers.

MyCharge sent me a new charger to try out called the myCharge Hub Turbo.

The outdated USB chargers clogging store shelves and online listings—and still included in the box with new iPhones—won’t charge your latest gear as fast as possible, but the myCharge Hub Turbo will. Available in 6.7K or 10K mAh, the portable charger features built-in Apple Lightning and USB-C charging cords and foldout wall prongs on the back to directly recharge the unit. Hub Turbo is the first-ever Dual 18W powerbank that features both Apple Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge, meaning the iPhone 11 and Samsung S10 phones can recharge to 50% in about 30 minutes.

The myCharge Hub Turbo is lightweight and portable. It’s about the size of my hand (I have average size women’s hands). It might be a wee bit too big for a jean pocket, but it can easily fit in a purse, backpack or luggage.

The unit it’s self is sleek and minimalist. I like that about this charger. It’s also incredibly simple to use.

To charge the Hub Turbo simply pull out the built in prongs and insert the charger into any outlet. You don’t have to worry about tracking down a charging plug. This charger doesn’t use one. It gets its power from a regular wall outlet.

The charging prongs come out when you need to charge the device, then go back in when you are done.

There is a set of lights on the corner of the charger to indicate how much charge is left on the device. That way you can clearly see if you need to charge it up or not.

The amount of use you get in between charges will depend on how often you use it, the type of device and number of devices.

It takes about five hours to fully charge the charger.

MyCharge Hub Turbo comes with built in iPhone charger lightening cable and a USB Type C cable, so it should work with most devices.

The cables are found on the side of the device. Simply pull out the one you need and insert it into the device you would like to charge.

My only criticism would be that the cables are a bit too short. They would just fine with my iPhone 8. I just wish they were wee bit longer.

There is also a power button you need to press in order to start charging. Most of my other chargers you simply plug a device in and it starts to charge. I will have to remind myself I need to press the charging button, otherwise the unit won’t charge my device.

Built in cords to charge iPhones and other devices (my apologies for the poor picture quality).

What really sets this apart from other portable chargers is that this unit charges your device quickly, that way you experience very little downtime.

It’s a “pet peeve” of mine to charge my phone and see the percentage that it’s charged creeping along. I don’t have the patience for that. I need to see the charged percentage increase by leaps and bounds.

This particular charger is a bit on the pricey side, but you are getting a faster charger, as well as the built in cords.

It’s always a great idea to keep a back up charger just in case of emergencies. If you don’t already own one (or a few), you might want to seriously consider getting one like the myCharge Hub Turbo.

For more information about this and other myCharge devices, visit myCharge.com. You can purchase the chargers directly from their website. The myCharge Hub Turbo is also available on Amazon (NOT an affiliate link),  as well as other myCharge products.

The brand is also on social media. Those links are found on the top of their website.

Do you have a portable charger?


*I received a free sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

You too can be a amazing graphic designer with DesighCap


Are you on social media a lot? If you have Pinterest and/or Instagram (for example), there is no doubt that you have come across beautiful images that draw you in. It can be an image on Pinterest that entices you to want to click on it to read more (or pin it to one of your boards), or maybe an advertisement on Instagram that catches your attention and want to learn more about a product or service.

It takes more than just a great picture to create an eye catching design. A lot of it has to do with the layout, colors, texts and other design options. Most of those designs are created by graphic designers, but some are created by ordinary people with no formal graphic design education.

Here is an example of what I am referring to. Below are two photos. Which one do you think is more attracting and interesting, and would want you to learn more about it.


Both of the images feature a photo (or photos) of a city. Which do you think is most appealing and interesting?

I would like to think that most people would think the Montreal one looks the best. I sure do.

The Montreal image was created with a program called DesignCap. The other one (New York City) was created with another photo editing program.

I was asked to review DesignCap. I was offered a paid membership in order to do my review, because it offers me a bit more than other plans. DesignCap also has other plans, including a FREE one.

Here is what you get with the FREE plan.

I’m sure once you play around with DesignCap and see all that you can do with it, you might want to consider one of their other subscription options – $8.99/mo or $12,99/mo. If you pay for the plans in full, the price is considerable less (bringing it down to $4.99 or $5.99 per month when broken down).

The paid plans offer more “bells and whistles.” The $8.99 ($4.99/mo when paid annually) option offers you the following (compared to the free plan).

The premium $12.99/mo ($5.99/mo when paid annually) plan offers the same as above, but you can do upwards of 1,000 image uploads and save up to 1,000 designs. I would think the premium plan would be best suited for popular social media people and/or businesses. The middle plan would be best for most people. If you only need it every now and then, then of course the free option would be best for you.

You can do so much with DesignCap. Here are just a few examples.

Within each option you will find pre-made templates that all you need to do is add your own photo(s) and text.

Let’s take an Instagram post for example. Within the Instagram option you’ll find DOZENS of templates to choose from, or you can create your own.

Here are just a few examples of the Instagram templates you’ll find.

Once you find a template you like, you have total control over the image(s), text, icons and so much more.

Here is the same Montreal template that I re-did using my own New York City photos (except the bottom photo in the film strip – I neglected to swap that one out with one of my own).

My example might not be the BEST it can be (I was pressed for time, sorry), but I wanted to show you how easy it is to swap out your photos, text and more to transform any template found on DesignCap into your own.

Even if you are not into social media, you can still utilize the features that DesignCap has to offer. Say for example you are throwing a surprise baby shower for a friend. You can use DesignCap to create stunning baby shower invitations. You can even design your own Christmas cards! I know it’s way too early to think about Christmas cards, but it’s certainly nice to know you can design your own with little to no design experience. Just think about all the money you can save by doing it yourself.

Your whole family can utilize the features of DesignCap. Even your child can use it to create eye catching report covers and graphs.

You can use DesignCap to create your own logo, business cards and brochures.

Are you planning an event for your church, group or school? You can use DesignCap to create flyers and posters.

The possibilities are endless. You are only limited by your imagination.

If you are interested in learning more about DesignCap, and perhaps try it out for yourself, visit DesignCap.com. The brand can also be found on Facebook and Twitter (their links are found on their website).

What do you think about DesignCap? Does it sound like a program you would use? If so, what things do you think you could use it for?


*I received an upgraded annual membership in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

How to Find Screen Projects that are the Quietest Ever?


Not all projectors are the same, and there are not too many reasons why a projector could all of a sudden begin to sound noisy. Like any other electronic device, you need to carry out regular maintenance of your system if you want it to serve you a few good years before packing up. But before you even think of caring for your device, you have first to ensure you do well to get a quality product. And you can start by shopping for screen projectors that operate quietly.

When shopping for a screen projector, the first thing you want to do is conclude on how much you are willing to spend on one. You see, price is an important decision-maker when in the market for a product, and you could quickly find yourself spending money you don’t have, so you first want to consult your wallet before visiting the store or checking online. Once you know how much you can afford, you can now begin by looking out for the features below to help you arrive at a noiseless product.

What is the Noise Rating?

Since you are shopping for a projector that isn’t noisy, it makes sense to check the noise rating to confirm just how loud it is. Many of the top brands include an estimate of how much noise the device gives off when it is operating. And for a good product, you should settle for not more than 40 decibels if you want the machine to run smoothly. LCD projectors tend to have a lower rating compared to DLP models, but that is not to say that you can find exceptions if you do a thorough search before settling for one. You can learn more here on how to limit the noise from your projector.

What Type of Projector do you Need?

You should have an understanding of the type of projector you need to fit in your gaming room or home theatre. Some factors you will need to look at when deciding on a kind of projector is how much picture quality do you need? For me, I love to get the best image quality from any of my video devices, and you can also bet that I won’t sacrifice that for anything, not even size. The common types of projectors available in the market are the LCD and DLP type, but you can equally find others that are equally worth checking out.


The DLP projector makes use of a reflective technology instead of reflective technology like that of the LCD. The mode of operation makes use of multiple micro mirrors and a spinning color wheel to produce its image. By so doing, they tend to let out faint noises due to the rotation of the inner parts. But while they may be a little noisy, they produce a better contrast than the LCD projectors. I don’t find many comparisons between LCD and DLP projectors, as the difference can’t be noticed when you check out the two devices with the same rating.


The Liquid crystal display projectors display images, videos, or computer data on a screen or flat surface. It displays images by sending light from a lamp through a prism or number of filters that separate the light into the three different color panels (RGB). They are popular because of the excellent picture quality that it produces, thanks to the color-coding on the filters that increase the brightness. But they can also lack in contrast when compared to the other types of projectors. The good thing is they are easy to maintain and don’t gives off a lot of heat compared to DLP projectors.

But if you want me to pick one, I would go for an LCD projector over the direct light processing projectors. My reason is that, as I said earlier, I love a clear crystal picture quality, and the LCD does that for me. It doesn’t matter if it is for a TV, mobile phone or projector, I always consider the resolution and image quality, and I think you should too. You can find a comprehensive guide to understanding the different types of projectors from this link: https://electricalfundablog.com/projector-types-works/

Is it Easy to Maintain?

One thing I take seriously when shopping for gadgets is how easy it is to maintain. I do like to end up with a product that requires minimum care, and if need be that it requires regular cleaning, I have to ensure that it is something I can do without stress. For projectors, you want to check that the vent can be cleaned with a dry rag or better yet with a hand vacuum brush to get rid of dirt and dust that gather around there.

You may also need to clean around the fan every two or three months if you use it under dusty conditions. It would help if you researched how to maintain your projector so you can carry out minor repairs to ensure that it lasts long, and you can find more info here on projector maintenance.

Final Notes 

Projectors are devices that project an image on a flat surface, and for you to get the best out of your image experience, you have to consider the resolution, and noise levels, so you can get the best out of gaming or movie time. You should also remember that they cost quite a lot, so it is best you go for a product that is both durable and easy to maintain, so you don’t have to replace it after a few months after purchasing it.

Are you traveling for the holidays? Check out this must- have product to protect your safety (makes a great gift too!).


Are you traveling this holiday season? If you are, are you staying with family and friends, or are you staying at a hotel or Airbnb?

My family and I don’t travel much, but from time to time my husband and I like to go away for the weekend and stay at a hotel. We sleep on a sofa bed every night. We haven’t had a REAL bed in 18+ years. Part of the reason why we like to go to a hotel for the weekend is to sleep in a real bed (that is no exaggeration either).

When we visit hotels, I always worry about certain things. First and foremost – bed bugs. Just the thought of bringing one of those home in our luggage creeps me out. Gross!

I also worry about someone getting into our room when we are out and taking our things. Not that we pack any valuables, but sometimes we do bring our iPad or laptop.

Another thing I worry about (as does my husband) is being secretly video taped. It’s not an unnatural concern either. Many times we’ve read stories, or have seen new stories, about such a thing.

I’m sure major hotels have things in place to prevent such things from happening, but what about Airbnb places?

Did you know that Airbnb has a big hidden camera problem , yet many people are still totally unaware that some hosts are spying on guests in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Wall outlet hidden cameras from SpyGuy.com.

A new survey shows that over 50% of Airbnb guests have been worried about hidden cameras in their rental. I’m surprised that number is not higher? My #1 worry about staying at someone else’s home is the use of video cameras. I understand why homeowners would put some security cameras in place, to protect their property. But to what extent would people go? How many are trying to capture you in compromising positions or in a state of undress for their own sick benefit?

People spying on their guests at Airbnb locations has been covered in the media a lot this year. Keep in mind those are only the cameras that were found. Think about all those other cameras that have yet to be discovered that are spying on their guests?

To make matter worse, video cameras can be very tiny and hidden in objects such as clocks, fire alarms and pictures. There are even cameras hidden in what looks like a regular USB charger.

Sadly, most people don’t even thinks twice about this sort of thing spying on them in their private moments.

There is a new product available on the market that can help provide you with peace of mind when staying at Airbnbs, hotels and other places where people could be secretly videotaping you. It’s called Scout.

Scout is a high-tech product that everyone who travels needs to have.

Scout uses the best of counter-surveillance tech in a simple design. Scout is sleek, affordable and compact. It’s prefect for taking with you when ever, and where ever, you travel.

Scout employs six special, high-powered LED lights to help users easily “scout” for hidden cameras in sensitive places. Plus, it comes with a pinhole camera to practice on so you know what you’re looking for. Scout requires users to take just a few simple steps:

  • Stand in the middle of the room.
  • Hold Scout up to your eye, and turn the power on.
  • Scout flashes high-end LED lights that bounce off all camera lenses.
  • Alert local police to any hidden cameras found.

Scout draws on a decade of experience. The found of SpyGuy, Scout’s creator, has served more than 75,000 people, including new parents and law enforcement officials with surveillance and counter-surveillance solutions. Numerous high-profile hidden camera incidents and calls from concerned individuals inspired him to design this new, intuitive solution that helps everyone safeguard their privacy.

Below is how tiny camera lenses can be. This is the one that comes with Scout for you to practice on. To give you an idea of it’s size, I placed it next to one of my rings.

I was sent a Scout to review.

I have not yet had the opportunity to try Scout out in a real world situation, but I have been able to give it a “test drive” using the included mini-camera lens that comes with Scout to practice on. It’s just a camera lens. You do not get an actual camera.

Initially I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to be looking for when I turned Scout on. When I came across the mini camera lens I could see it shining back at me in red (the same color as the lights that Scout uses). The red lights from Scout bounce back to you when it comes upon a camera lens.

I played around with it and had my husband hide the camera in different locations to see if I could find it. Most of the time I did. The times I didn’t I think it’s because the camera lens was not pointing straight. It was little too high or a little too low. The lights from Scout need to hit it head on to see it. That is why it’s a good idea to maybe move your angle a little bit to make sure you can capture the lens. It would be a good idea to do that anyway in case someone has a camera pointing at you from overhead or down low.

It’s such a simple idea. This is one of those “why didn’t anyone think of this sooner” products.

Scout is also a very simple design. It comes with 2 AAA batteries, which I would assume would last a very long time. All that is required to use it is a push of a button. That’s it.

Scout is lightweight and portable. You could easily tuck it into your pocket, purse, backpack or luggage.

Scout is not only good to have when staying at hotels or Airbnbs. Scout can also help you find hidden cameras in apartments, bathrooms, dorms and changing rooms.

Learn more about the Scout hidden camera-finder, visit www.SpyGuy.com/Scout.

You can purchase the Scout hidden camera finder on the Scout website here: www.SpyGuy.com/Products/Scout-Hidden-Camera-Finder.

The brand can be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The links are found on the bottom of their website.

Scout would make a get gift for someone who travels, a college student or just about anyone else who needs that peace of mind. Scout is also a great gift you can give yourself.

What do you think of Scout? Does it sound like a product you need in your life?

Do you have any experiences being secretly videotaped? Feel free to share your stories.


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Capture precious holiday moments with Fujifilm’s Instax LiPlay


I don’t want to give away my age, but I grew up when MTV actually aired music videos, VHS tapes and it was a big deal to have a Walkman for your cassette tapes. Sigh… I feel old.

Back then, you had to purchase film for your camera. After you were done taking pictures, you had to take them to the store to be developed and wait a week or more to get them back.

It was always exciting to open up the envelope to see the pictures you took. Sadly, many of them turned out pretty bad. People had “red eye,” weren’t looking at the camera, or they turned out blurry.

When instant cameras came out it was the best thing ever (at that time). The idea of being able to snap a photo and see it instantly and not have to wait a week or more was awesome.

I am SO GRATEFUL for digital cameras and smartphones. I love that I can instantly see the photos I take, and have the ability to make edits to ensure the pictures I took look the best that they can. I also enjoy the ability to share the photos instantly with family and friends. It’s also fun to be able to add graphics and frames to photos.

It seems like instant cameras disappeared for a bit because everyone was using digital cameras. As much as I love digital cameras, it’s always nice to have a tangible photo you can hold in your hands and display on your fridge, in a frame or a cork board.

I know that you can always print out photos on your printer. However, when you are out and about, and your printer is not nearby, it’s not possible.

Thankfully instant cameras are back (well… they have been for years). The new and improved instant cameras also come with a lot of “bells and whistles” making them a lot of fun to use.

I was sent to review a Fujifilm Mini LiPlay camera. It’s a instant camera “hybrid.”

I received the black one to review. The camera is also available in silver/gray and rose gold.

Inside the box you’ll receive the camera, a USB charging cord, wrist strap and a brief start up guide and warranty information. The start up guide is just a basic guide to get you started. If you look online you can learn more about all the fabulous things you can do with this camera.

At first glance, the Mini LiPlay looks like a regular camera. Trust me, this is no ordinary camera. This is part camera, part instant camera, and part photo printer – all rolled up into one.

The camera is lightweight. I was actually surprised at how lightweight it is. But don’t let the weight fool you. This is a well made, sturdy camera. It’s made out of a hard plastic casing. It’s a very durable camera.

One of the photos on my fridge (the faces were blurred out). The picture is small, about 1/2 the size of the original instant camera pictures.

The camera has a nice texture to it. It feels comfortable in your hand. I think the texture helps you to keep a good grip on it. A smooth finish might make it a bit “slippery.”

One the front side of the camera you’ll find the lens, flash, and the button you press if you want to record sound (more on that later), as well as a tiny selfie mirror.

On the backside of the camera you have a nice size LCD screen and the release to the “door” that you need to open to insert (or remove) the picture paper. In addition, there are three buttons – go back, playback and print. You will also see the function “wheel” that allows you to navigate the different settings and “bells and whistles” that come with this camera.

One the one side of the camera you’ll find three buttons labeled 1, 2 and 3. These are shortcut buttons that you can assign your favorite effects and frames to. This is a nice feature because you don’t have to scroll around between all the effects/frames every time you take a photo. If there are certain ones that you use frequently, you can assign them to a number.

I like the Fujifilm thought of that. It makes things a lot more efficient and it’s a time saver, especially if you are shooting multiple pictures.

Ignore the cat hair on the camera.

Of course, there is also the power button.

This camera allows you to save some pictures on it (40). You can add a memory card if you’d like (sold separately) which would allow to save hundreds of photos on the camera.

As I mentioned, you can record sounds on this camera. Obviously you can’t print out a sound. With this camera, if you want to include sound with a photo, it puts a QR code on the printed picture. Using your smartphone,  you can have it “read” the QR code, which will in turn play the sound. That is a nice idea. I haven’t tried this feature as of yet. So far the pictures I have printed out really didn’t require sounds or the spoken word. It proves you with 10 seconds of audio.

Unlike other instant cameras on the market, the Fujifilm Mini LiPlay allows you to decide which pictures you want to print out. Other cameras print out the picture every time you snap a photo. Not being able to see what you’ve captured on the camera before it prints out can waste valuable print paper. With this camera, you can decide which photos you want to print out. This gives you time to edit them and add frames and other elements.

Below are some screen shots from the app to give you an idea of what it looks like. The photo is of our newly adopted cat, Callie. She is blind (and has neurological issues), which is why her eyes look a bit “off.”

I blurred out the faces of my “work kids.” This is the start up page on the app. It shows the last picture you printed.

This is our adopted blind cat Callie with one of the frames. You can see how you can scroll around the various frames on the bottom.

The “Love” frame is one of my favorites.

The photo it’s self is a poor quality, which is why it looks a bit blurry. The Fujifilm camera did NOT take this photo. This is one someone sent me that was on my phone (the animal shelter took the photo which is why it’s grainy). You can see some of the editing functions that you can slide with your finger until you get the look you are after.

I played around with the brightness on this photo, just to give you an example. Please read the comment above about why the photo is “grainy” looking.

I love the frames you can add to the photos. You can even do collages AND split photos, which is cool to do.

My absolute favorite feature with this camera is the free app you can download. The app allows you to edit photos on your smartphone before printing. You can also pick and choose with photos to print.

You can also take group photos using your smartphone as the shutter button.

The BEST part of this app is that you can print out photos already on your smartphone.

Printing out a photo.

Sometimes “life” happens, and you might not have the Fujifilm Mini LiPlay on hand to capture the moments. If you snap some great photos on your phone, you can easily print them out off the camera using the free app.

I am sure there is A LOT more that this camera can do too. I’m sure I’ve just explored the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to this camera.

You can purchase film paper for this camera just about anywhere cameras and film is sold. I see a bunch of different sellers of the film paper on Amazon. The price varies. The film paper comes 10 sheets to a roll.

If you would like more information about this fun camera, please visit the FujiFilmUSA website, or the Instax website.

This camera is sold at many retail locations including Amazon, Best Buy and Khols, to name a few.

What do you think about this camera? Does it sound like something you and your family would enjoy?


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Give the gift of safety and peace of mind


Oh no! The power is out and your smartphone just died. What do you do?

Are you done with your holiday shopping? I think we’re done. I’m just waiting on two things to arrive (hopefully by the end of the week). So far everything else we have is wrapped and under the tree (my kids are young adults, they know that mom and dad are really Santa).

Even if you done shopping, like I am, there is always room for a few extra gifts, as well as stocking stuffers.

Growing up, what was inside my stocking was often just as wonderful as the gifts under the tree. Inside my stocking was always candy (yum!), an apple and orange, small toys and my personal favorite – a new box of crayons.

If you are looking for a stocking stuffer idea, small gift, or even a gift for a “Secret Santa” exchange or a gift for someone else (hairdresser, neighbor, co-workers), why not give them the gift of peace of mind and security?

Some parts of the country experience crazy weather conditions – hurricanes, tornado, blizzards. There are plenty of opportunities for power outages – some lasting for days or even weeks.

I don’t know about you, but whenever we know a storm is coming, we make sure that all of our important devices, such as our cellphones and tables, are fully charged. We need our phone in case we need to call for help. And we like to have our tablets charged so we can watch movies that we downloaded or play games that don’t require the internet (in case that is down as well).

I personally feel that you can’t have enough charging devices. Most especially if you have a few people in your family. Trust me, if my kids’ phones die, they will go CRAZY. Their phones are their world and they are lost without them (sad to say).

My kids never remember to charge up their phones before a big storm, even if we constantly remind them . For that reason, we keep multiple devices to charge our phones just in case.

A great charging option to have on hand is the UnPlugged 10K charger. It’s from the brand MyCharge. We own a couple of MyCharge products, and we have always been pleased with the brand’s products. The UnPlugged 10K charger is no exception.

The UnPlugged 10K charger is a wireless charger for your phone and other devices. By wireless I mean that once fully charged, you can take it with you where ever you go – traveling, camping, hiking, work or just to have on hand in case your power goes out.

It has a very nice finish to it (I think I should mention that).

I keep this device fully charged (it holds a full charge for a very long time when not in use) just in case of emergencies (power outage). We have also taken it with us when we went to visit family in another state, as well as to the city. There is no charging port in the backseat (the cord won’t reach back there either) so we can use this device to charge their phones from the back of the car.

nd Samsung Fast Charge standard. It delivers up to 10 Watts of power. The 10 Watts of powers ensures the absolute quickest wireless charge on the market. It features a whopping 10,000mAh of charging power. 

What this means is that your device will charge quicker than other charging devices on the market.

To charge the MyCharge initially takes a while, but as a charging device, it does charge things pretty quickly. Not super sonic speed like my kids would like (ha ha), but certainly a lot quicker than other charging devices that we own.

There are lights on the device that let you know how much charge is left on the UnPlugged 10K charger. The blue light means it’s charging, and each of the other lights represent 25% of a charge (so two lit lights would equal a 50% charge).

A great feature about this portable charger is that you don’t need extra cords or cables. You can charge up your Apple or Samsung phone simply by placing it on top of the charger, providing that your device supports wireless charging.

If you use a phone case or have anything else on your phone, you’ll need to remove it first before you can charge it, otherwise it won’t work.

I have a case on my phone that is a pain in the neck to take off and put back on, so for that reason I use the “old fashioned” method of plugging my phone into the charger. My kids don’t use cases, so they just need to place their phones on top of it to charge their phones.

In addition to the wireless charging option, there are also two USB-A ports that can allow you to charge up to three devices at a time.

The charger comes with a plug that you can use to charge the charer, or you can use it to charge another device on the UnPlugged 10K charger. I like that it’s a short cord, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up much room in your bag, luggage or backpack.

The UnPlugged 10K charger is lightweight and very portable. It’s not much bigger than my iPhone 8.

This would not only make a great gift or stocking stuffer, but it’s also great to have on hand in case of emergencies, or if you like to have a backup power source “just in case.”

To learn more about this wireless charger and other MyCharge devices, visit MyCharge.com. The brand can also be found on social media. Their links are on their website.

What do you think of MyCharge’s UnPlugged 10K charger? Is it something you would love to gift to someone else, or purchase for yourself? What is your favorite feature about this device? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


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