Bestek Fan – A must have for your computer


As you can imagine, being a blogger I spend A LOT of time on my computer. Sometimes more than I care to admit. Even though I have a family, a home to take care of and a job outside of the home, there are days I spend hours upon hours on my computer blogging and doing other kinds of work.

All that time spent on the computer means the computer has to work hard to enable me to do what needs to be done.

I am grateful that I have a husband who is a computer tech. He keeps my computer in tip top shape. There are some things that he has no control over.

One issue I tend to have with my computer frequently is it gets too hot. This is especially true when the weather is hot.

If you have ever worked on a computer that gets overheated, you know how uncomfortable and frustrating that can be. Your wrists get burned leaning on the keyboard and you have to listen to the whirling of your computer’s fan working extra hard to keep things cool.

I have found it necessary to utilize an external fan for my laptop. It helps to keep my computer from getting too hot.

I have been fortunate that the one I had lasted me for several years. Sadly, it started to die out. It wasn’t putting out enough cool air like it used to. It was time to let it go and find a new replacement.

I looked around at many online shops, and did my research. I wanted to make sure I got an eternal cooling fan that was going to keep up with me and my computer usage.

I was fortunate to receive to review the BESTEK Gaming Portable Laptop Cooler. It might say “Gaming” in the title, but it’s perfectly OK for frequent computer use (you don’t have to be a gamer to use it). It sells for $12.99 on Amazon. 

As I mentioned earlier, I did a lot of research on laptop coolers. Some can cost an astronomical amount of money. I was a bit “iffy” about using something that is considerably “budget friendly,” but it was worth a try.

I have been using the BESTEK Gaming Portable Laptop Cooler for about two months now and I have to say, I am very impressed. For something so affordable, it has really worked out well for me. In fact, I think it works BETTER than the one I had prior to this.

This external cooler features two large high efficient 160mm diameter fans that provide constant cool air to protect your computer.

The pad features four padded non-slip feet, so you don’t have to worry about it shifting around when you are using it. You can also adjust it up or down to suit your preference and comfort.

There is even a little “lip” on it to keep your laptop from sliding off of the cooling pad too.

This is literally a “plug and play” device. Simply plug it directly into your laptop to power it on/off. You don’t have to worry about manually turning it on/off because it turns on/off when you turn on/off your laptop.

There is even a built-in dual-USB hub that allows you to connect one more USB device.

Unlike my other pad, this one is very quiet. I honestly don’t even hear it. Sometime I pick up my laptop to look underneath just to make sure it’s on – it’s THAT quiet.

It gives off a lot of cool air. Even on a hot and humid day I can feel it giving off cool air.

I have to say, for an affordable laptop cooler, this one is fabulous and well worth every penny.

If you would like to learn more about BESTEK and to see what other products they offer, visit BESTEKCorp.com. You can also find their products on Amazon, including the BESTEK Gaming Portable Laptop Cooler.

The brand can also be found on social media. All of their links are found at the bottom of their website.


*I received a free product to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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PUMPIC Monitoring App: Useful Tool to Keep Your Children Safe


Everybody might say that youth is the most fascinating time: it involves lots of fun, adventures, new discoveries, true friendship and first love. At the same time, it is the most challenging period in life, as children are to make important decisions that may have direct impact on their future. Nowadays kids are spending more and more time online: they are chatting, playing games, watching videos or simply surfing the web. According to the recent study by iKydz, teenagers spend over 5 hours a day on the Internet. So, if you are a caring parent, protecting your children online should be one of your top priorities.

Plenty of parents resort to monitoring apps – tricky tools that allow to keep track of who your children communicate with and which content they share on social media, to limit unwanted applications and overall screen time as well as to locate your kid instantly on the map. Hence, they are crucial to catch sight of first seeds of cyberbullying, sexting and other dangers that may potentially await for the kids in the digital world.  Pumpic parental control application – is a comprehensive tracking app designed for iOS and Android devices.  How it works? The app collects information on the kid’s smartphone or tablet and displays it in the dashboard called Control Panel. Parents can access it anytime from PC or Mobile via any browser.


In fact, Pumpic is compatible with the majority of smartphones and tablets. Supported operating systems are Android starting from the 2.2 version and iOS starting from the 6.0 version. Good news: Pumpic fully supports iOS 11, so Apple gadgets lovers have nothing to worry about. However, it is worth mentioning that the app will function properly only on devices with implanted SIM-cards.

Solutions and Features

Pumpic developers offer two solutions basing on the operating system on the target device: Android and iCloud (iOS).

Standard iCloud features of iOS solution include:

  • Call history (incoming and outgoing calls: number, name of the contact, type of the call, its duration);
  • SMS, MMS, iMessages (text content and supported attachments);
  • Location (current location and history);
  • Photos (camera shots and downloaded files);
  • Browser history and bookmarks;
  • Contacts;
  • Calendar (scheduled plans and events);
  • IM chats (KIK and Whatsapp).

Range of Android Features  is much broader:

  • Ability to lock device with a password, block websites, limit the usage of apps and block incoming calls and SMS by number;
  • Location geo-fences and alerts;
  • Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat monitoring;
  • Videos monitoring;
  • Keylogger that tracks all the keystrokes typed on the device.

Pumpic offers more for Android users, however, the scope of available features depends on the Android version of the device and if it is rooted.

Also, in order to get some insight on how the monitoring looks like and form your own opinion about app functionality you may check the interactive Demo on the website. 


Pumpic cost is quite straightforward and depends on the subscription duration – the longer it is, the less you pay per month.

If we take a 6-month period, the price would be:

  • $14,55/month ($87,30/6 month) for iOS (iCloud) solution;
  • $8,99/month ($53,99/ 6 month) for Android Premium subscription.

We advise checking Pumpic Store periodically, as they regularly roll out special offers. For example, until 31 October you can purchase any 1-month subscription get 10% discount. To redeem your discount, enter the code SHEWRITES10OFF at Pumpic Store.

How to install? 

Once you purchase the app, you receive an e-mail with your login details to your personal account at pumpic.com. When you log in, all you need to do is to choose the monitoring platform and follow the detailed installation guide to the very end.

iCloud solution is so called because it gathers information from iCloud backup. So, you will need target Apple ID and password as well as to ensure that the device is backed up regularly. Physical access usually is not required for installation unless you need to adjust backup settings. Furthermore, monitoring is invisible and no apps are installed directly on the device.

Physical access is required to install the app on an Android device. Although, the icon is visible in the list of the apps, you may try hiding it by one of the multitude of the third-party services from Google Play.

After installation, all the information from the target device will be loaded to the Control Panel before long and will be updated in accordance with the solution. It is really convenient and allows to navigate quickly through texts, calls, browser history, keystrokes and so on. You can log in to Control Panel via any web-browser or using Control Panel apps from Google Play or AppStore. Such apps are slightly limited in features, however, web-based Control Panel is mobile-friendly and can easily be accessed in the web-browser on your smartphone or tablet.

Actually, setting up Pumpic on iOS is really simple as it doesn’t require app installation. Dealing with Android might be trickier. Should any questions arise, contact Pumpic Support:

  • By email at support@pumpic.com;
  • Via Live Chat on the site (available 10 AM – 10 PM EDT);
  • By phone (913) 717-6477 (available 10 AM – 10 PM EDT).

To sum it up, if you are looking for a reliable parental monitoring app, Pumpic could be a good choice. With kids spending more and more time staring at the screens, the app is to become a useful tool to combat online threats and ensure that children are safe and sound.

*I have partnered with Pumpic to bring you this information. Although compensated the the opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect my own. 

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Operate Now: Hospital Season 2 is now available for free on iOS and Android


Video games have come a long way during my lifetime. When I was a kid we only had Pong. It wasn’t until my teen years that we had the Atari gaming system. Actually, I had Intellivsion. It was cheaper than Atari. Although I didn’t have the same cool games my Atari owning friends did, Intellivision did offer some fun games.

Fast forward to today. WOW. Simply WOW. Games have moved beyond just games – they almost mimic real life. Not only are the graphics realistic, the story lines are too.

Take for example the game Operate Now: Hospital Season 2. Not only does the game look like a comic book that has come to life, but it also puts the scalpel in YOUR hands and makes YOU the surgeon.

Here is a little more information about this unique and exciting game.

The story continues…

Chief of Surgery Noah Stone is becoming irritable and aloof. He’s being threatened with blackmail, but will he succumb?

Nurse Amy has spiraled into depression after her accident and has started stealing hospital drugs. Is there anyone who can help her?

Paramedic James finds himself fighting with surgeon Sirona. Will the passion in those fights turn into something else altogether?

Sirona has her own issues. One struggle dies with her alcoholic dad but then she discovers she has a brother. Will he be as messed up as her father?

PLUS — even the surgery is getting more dramatic. Are you ready to grab the paddles for a sudden cardiac arrest? Do you remember the procedure for an emergency tracheotomy?

SEASON 2: It’s just like your favorite TV hospital drama, but it’s you who’s calling the shots:

  • Manage and optimize hospital resources and staff to create a world-class medical institution
  • Deal with the human drama that goes hand-in-hand with running a hospital
  • Perform complex surgeries

Operate Now: Hospital — slick, comic-book art style and stories that deepen the more you play, this game is irresistible.

Check out the game’s trailer.


I am amazed that it has players make medical decisions and attends to wounds and perform surgery.

PLEASE NOTE this is strictly for entertainment purposes ONLY. This doesn’t make you a real doctor.

Operate Now: Hospital Season 2 is a graphic insight into what it feels like to be a surgeon through brand new levels, while also managing the drama of a hospital through all-new character story lines. It’s part game, part soap opera.

You can download the game now in the App Store or Google Play.

Fans of the game are encouraged to Join the Operate Now: Hospital discussion on Facebook.

I also have a free download (below) that you can enjoy. Simply click on the photo.

Are you a fan of the Operate Now game? Are you going to check out Operate Now: Hospital Season 2? Why or why not?

Image Map



*I have partnered with Spil Games to bring you this information. This post is not compensated but I will be receiving fun goodies in exchange for my participation. 

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This Little IT Company Just Fixed Your Phone’s Biggest Problem


We can’t seem to do anything today or go anywhere without our smartphones.  We use them for everything!  We download store apps, we take videos of everything to share on social media and we take thousands of pictures every year.  But with all that activity comes a big problem:  WE RUN OUT OF MEMORY.

Who hasn’t been there?  You are on vacation or at a big family event and you get that dreaded message:

“Out of Memory – Delete apps or files to free up space”

And with that, you are out of business, until you can sit down and decide what to delete or wait until you can get to a computer, find your connector cable and download photos and videos off your phone.  If you are away from home, it could be days or weeks before you can do that.

A little IT company on the plains of Colorado recently introduced an ingenious solution to this problem – ThePhotoStick Mobile.

Simply plug the small flash device into your phone and launch the free app from the app store.  With a couple of clicks, you can remove and safely back up all the videos and photos on your phone.  No blowing up your data plan or WiFi needed!  You can do it anywhere – on vacation, outside or even in the subway.  ThePhotoStick Mobile is available for both Android and iPhones and even has the latest USB-C connector available as well.

It only takes a few minutes and you can easily back up and remove up to 65 gigabytes of files and you are back in business to download more apps, take more videos and pictures!

After you’ve freed up all that space, you can transfer the files to your computer or laptop at your convenience by plugging the device into any open USB port.  ThePhotoStick Mobile also includes some great photo organization software (PhotoOrganizer) that will help you organize ALL the photos on your computer well – very cool little bonus.

You can get ThePhotoStick Mobile at http://ThePhotoStick.com/mobile and save 50% Off for a limited time.  PLUS, readers of She Scribes can get an extra 20% off by using the unique code “SCRIBE20”!  Go to thephotostick.com/mobile and try ThePhotoStick Mobile.  You’ll never miss another shot again!

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Sweeping just got a little bit easier with EyeVac


Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

I love a clean house. A clean house makes me feel happy and relaxed. Sadly, getting the clean house that I enjoy so much means that I have to clean. Blah!

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like cleaning. I know some people find it fun and relaxing – not me. I just like that after effect of cleaning – a squeaky clean home.

I have an almost 18 year old and a 20 year old. Cleaning is not there thing either, as the piles of laundry all over the place proves. I have to nag them often to tidy up their rooms. Most times I just do it myself. Their idea of cleaning and my idea of cleaning are apparently two different things. Ha Ha.

One room in the house that I seem to constantly be cleaning is where we keep the litter box. We have five cats and a HUGE litter box. We clean the litter box out easily a dozen times per day. We have to. We don’t want our home to smell like cats. It’s not a pleasant smell at all.

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

I pride myself on a non-cat smelling home. When we had our home on the market years ago we had real estate agents and neighbors come into our home to let us know if they smelled that we had cats. They all said “no.” Even one of the agents said if it wasn’t for the cat tree they no one would know we had cats (our cats run and hide from strangers in the home).

Kitty litter is the worst – and I do mean the WORST! It gets everywhere. The cats track is all around our home. Thankfully most of it stays where the litter box is. When they jump out of the box most of the litter falls on the floor near the litter box.

I sweep all the time. We sweep every time we clean out the litter box (so at least a good 10-12 times per day). We sweep everything into a pile, sweep it into a pan, then dump it in the garbage can. If we’re lucky all the litter stays in the pan when we toss it into the garbage. Sometimes some falls out and we have to sweep all over again. It seems like a never ending process.

I was recently sent to review a cool product that takes the chore of sweeping and makes it a whole lot easier. It’s called the Eye Vac. It’s an interesting name for a very useful product.

The Eye Vac is a sensor activated stationary vacuum. It’s not very big in size and it has a modern shape and design to it so it’s much more appealing to look at then a broom and dust pan. Best of all, you can keep Eye Vac out all the time. There is no need to tuck it away in the closet (unless you really wanted to).

Eye Vac has been featured on multiple national televised programs like Rachael Ray, Tony Danza, and The 9 Salon. In addition, Eye Vac has been featured on reputable social media platforms like Business Insider, Odditymall, and Drool’d gathering over 20 million views combined and hundreds of thousands of interactions.

I was excited to try the Eye Vac. ANYTHING that could make the task of sweeping up the litter, pet hair and crumbs quicker and easier I’m all for.

To use Eye Vac simply sweep the debris in it’s direction and Eye Vac will suck it all up. There is no need for a dust pan. No need to bend over to sweep things up, and no risk of spilling things when you try and empty the dust pan in the garbage.

The Eye Vac is small and not an “eye sore” to look at.

Eye Vac has a powerful 1000 watt motor that helps to remove 100% of pet hair, dust, litter and other debris quickly and easily.

In addition to keeping your floors clean, this awesome cyclonic vacuum has a HEPA filtration system that helps to not only clean your floors, but also to help clean the air you breathe. It doesn’t spit dust and debris back into the air after it sucks it up. It’s all confined inside the unit.

There was nothing to do to set Eye Vac up. You literally just plug it in, turn on your desired setting and you are good to go.

Easily accessible controls at the top of the unit.

We originally had ours set to “automatic” which means the moment you get near it with the broom and debris it will suck it all up. When you have cats you have pets you might want to rethink that mode. Our cats would set it off constantly – even in the middle of the night. They were all terrified of it so as soon as it would go off they would scatter. To fix this problem we don’t use the automatic mode. Instead we use the mode where it turns on only when we want it to. It still works just as great for us and our cats don’t have to get freaked out. They have since got used to the noise, but we don’t use the automatic mode so it doesn’t turn on during the night when they walk past it.

We love our Eye Vac. It makes cleaning up after the cats much easier and a lot quicker. I wouldn’t mind having a second unit for our kitchen to help keep the room free from crumbs and “tumbleweeds” (little puffs of pet hair that roll across the floor).

This brief video (below) shows Eye Vac in action. I wanted to take my own video but I couldn’t get a decent shot of it sucking up the litter and other what nots when we swept.


If you have pets, Eye Vac is a must. It’s also great for crumbs, dust, and all those other little things that make your floors dirty.

Eye Vac is available in different styles and colors, and range in price from $109 – $129. It might seem a little pricey, but for the convenience it’s well worth every penny if you ask me. It’s been a Godsend and we are grateful for the opportunity to review it.

For more information about Eye Vac visit EyeVac.com. You can save 20% on your purchase using the discount code evblog.

You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (their links are found on the top right of their website).

What do YOU think about Eye Vac? Does it look like something you want/need in your home? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received a free unit to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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This Family Business Is Seeing Red!


Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

Why is it that the older we get the more we feel like we’re “falling apart?” I know it’s not the case for everyone, but for my husband and I it seems like the older we get the more “issues” we have – from aches and pains to hip problems and skin issues. It’s all a part of aging. It’s just sad that it happens to people.

When it comes to my health, I try and stick with the most natural remedies as possible. I dislike taking medications unless it’s totally unavailable. I will go the more natural, holistic route possible to fix what ever needs fixing.

Have you seen all these commercials on television lately – the ones pushing medications? The next time you see one LISTEN CAREFULLY to the side effects and/or possible side effects. Scary!!! I think I rather deal with the issue at hand than the side effects. I’m sorry, but if cancer, bleeding, neurological problems and DEATH are a possible side effect, I want no part of it. I’ll deal with the aches and pains instead.

About a month ago I went to my doctor in regards to horrible insomnia. I have done everything humanly possible to fix the problem but nothing worked. My doctor put me on medication. He knows how I am and came right out and said to me, and I quote, “Don’t worry. You won’t grow an extra head.” LOL!

If I can avoid medications (and doctor’s visits), I’m all for it.

Have you heard of red light therapy?

Red light therapy (sometimes called LLLT or low level laser therapy) involves emitting red, low-light wavelengths through the skin to stimulate cellular rejuvenation, increase blood flow, stimulate collagen and more.

I have seen light therapy products advertised on television, online and in publications. I have seen light therapy products to help with acne and wrinkles. I honestly thought it was a bunch of hype and not really something that could work. After all, how can a red LED light help your skin, reduce inflammation and stimulate cellular rejuvenation?

Photo Source: Dreamstime.com

What I see on television are also small units. Who has the time to sit there with a little red light hitting a tiny surface of your skin for several minutes, then move it to another spot for a few minutes. They don’t seem very practical if you have a larger area to cover.

Several weeks ago I was introduced to a product called the Joovv Light. A Joovv Light is a portable red light therapy unit that can be used all over your body. It’s large enough to that you can an entire area in just one sitting.

Here is the backstory about how Joovv Light came to be, as per Scott Nelson from Joovv.com.

Joovv Mini

A few years ago, my sister-in-law, Melissa, was struggling with some health issues when she decided to buy a red light therapy package at a local salon. Within a matter of weeks, she saw huge improvements in her stretch marks and her eczema completely disappeared.

But as a mother of six, traveling to the salon 4-5 times per week was both inconvenient and expensive. When she searched for an in-home solution, the only red light devices she could find were small, overpriced units that were not powerful enough to do the job.

Melissa asked her husband, an engineer, to build a product specifically designed to maximize the results of red light therapy in a convenient, efficient design. He created a prototype and The Joovv Light   was born.

Used by well-known celebrities like Emily Skye (Forbes #3 fitness influencer) and Carolyn Radziwill (Real Housewives of NYC), the Joovv Light is the first professional grade, full body red light therapy device designed to treat your entire face and body in the comfort of your own home. The Joovv Light uses powerful red and near infrared light to boost collagen, smooth wrinkles, reduce skin damage and promote internal healing.

I have to admit, it piqued my interest. I have health issues that red light therapy is suppose to help with. I figured it was worth a try (even though I was completely skeptical).

The Joovv light is a rectangular box (for lack of a better description) that features the lights on one side.

Joovv is available in three sizes – mini, the original and max. I have the mini unit. It’s good for what I need it for. The original and max sizes are great for doing your whole body (the mini is better for more localized light therapy).

The unit is literally “plug and play.” Simply plug it in and turn it on to start using it.

You don’t need to wear any special eyewear. Red light is actually beneficial for vision. FYI… the light is BRIGHT. Our entire bathroom gets illuminated when it’s turned on.

For proactive health, it is recommend that you sit/stand about 8-12″ in front of the light for about 5-7 minutes per treatment area (at least 5 times per week).

For troublesome areas, it is recommend that you sit/stand about 3-6″ from the light for about 8-12 minutes per treatment area (ideally every day until you experience results).

The larger units can conveniently hang on the back of a door so that you don’t need to worry about finding a place to store it. The mini one that I have is small enough to tuck inside the bathroom closet when not in use. It’s only a few inches thick and roughly a foot and a half high. It’s also lightweight (I was surprised by that).

I can hang it up but I choose to prop it up where I want to use it the most. I have issues with my left leg (Bursitis in my hip, buttock, Iliotibial band and knee). I have had several cortisone shots to help alleviate the pain and discomfort from the inflammation. When I am putting on my make-up I’ll plug in the Joovv and put in on the floor (propped up) so that it’s facing my left leg. While I’m putting on “my face,” the Joovv is delivering the red light to my leg.

My husband does something similar with his right hip, where he also suffers from inflammation. He was told he had a torn quadricep, but the doctor was seriously wrong. His leg pain stems from a hip issue.

Joovv red light is very bright.

Because it’s portable I can set it up on the coffee table so that I can use it while I am reading, checking Facebook or watching television.

Because of it’s size and portability you can use Joovv in a variety of ways.

So how does Joovv really work? I’m sure you must be thinking that question. Let me share with you my personal experience so far. Every body is different and will have different results.

As far as the inflammation in my left leg – I think Joovv is helping. I haven’t been to the doctor for any issues with it (pain, discomfort) in about 7 weeks. There are days I think its starting to act up again, but usually it dissipates quickly. So far, so good. Is Joovv helping with the Bursitis/inflammation in my left leg? Maybe. Who am I to question it. I haven’t had to go back for cortisone shots, saving me time, money and the discomfort from the shots. If Joovv is helping with this then I’ll stick with it.

I have been using it on other parts of my body as well.

I don’t notice as many aches and pains that come with getting older. I don’t seem as stiff as I normally feel (until I get going that is).

I suffer from both Eczema and Psoriasis. The Eczema is usually on my eye lids, scalp and neck. The Psoriasis is on my arms and legs.

Lately I have been getting Psoiasis on my right wrist. I wear a brace at night for my Carpal Tunnel. The constant rubbing on my wrist triggers the Psoriasis from time to time. I use cream and lotions but they usually take a while to work.

I’ve been using the Joovv on my Eczema and Psoriasis spots for the past few weeks – only a few minutes a day. The light actually seems to speed up the healing time. I wish had thought to take a before/after picture of my wrist and how it looked with the Psoriasis and how it looks now. It’s like “night and day.” The only sign of the Psoriasis is a dry patch of skin (it’s not noticeable, but I can feel it’s dry).

I haven’t noticed any improvement in my skin as far as wrinkles are concerned. Everything seems pretty much status quo.

I wonder if the Joovv light therapy box has a “sun lamp” effect to it? When I use the light in the AM (when I am getting ready in the bathroom) I feel like it wakes me up a bit and gives me a boost of energy. I don’t feel so lethargic and like I am dragging myself around.

So far I am enjoying the Joovv red light therapy product. I haven’t noticed huge changes, but I am noticing some positive changes. Since using the light is easy to do and it’s not an inconvenience, I am going to continue to use it to see if I can notice more changes happening. It’s become a part of my daily routine. I take it out every morning when I go into the bathroom to get ready. I also use it at other times during the day while seated on the couch in the living room with the light propped up on the coffee table.

My husband continues to use it on his hip and he hasn’t complained about his hip in a while. My husband is someone who is very skeptical of everything, so if he continues to use it I’d say that is proof positive that he feels like the Joovv light is making a difference.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of red light therapy, or the Joovv light, visit Joovv.com. In addition you can read reviews and press that the device has received – all of which is very favorable.

Have you tried red light therapy? What was your experience with it?

Do you have an health issue you think Joovv could help with?

Feel free to share your thoughts and stories. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received a free product to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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