Yulu Toys Pop Pop Slime Toys (Kids Will Love Them!)


I work with children in an after school program. Prior to that I worked as a teacher’s assistant in a kindergarten program. It goes without saying that I enjoy working with kids. It’s a lot of fun and a rewarding experience.

I enjoy reading books to kids, playing games with kids and simply listening to them talk and share their thoughts and ideas. On the flip side, I do have some things that I dislike about working with kids.

I am an anti-glitter person. I hate glitter. I mean, I love how it looks and all, I just hate using it as an artistic medium when working with kids. They get it all over the place. It’s impossible to clean up and it gets all over you. So much so that you see glitter all over your clothes and home for weeks to come. Case in point, I made a craft at home (really cool “floating candles”) where I used glitter. I BARELY spilled some on the dining room tables. It’s been over three years and there is STILL glitter on the table, even though it gets cleaned off several times a week. I also have glitter in my car that I have no idea where it came from, and it doesn’t go away.

Another thing I am not fond of, but I know kids LOVE – Slime! It’s not that I don’t appreciate the texture of it (it is pretty cool). I just don’t like trying to clean up after kids have played with it. It tends to get all over things, leaving behind a sticky residue. Making slime is even worse! I know kids love to make slime, and I enjoy seeing them have a good time, but having to clean up afterwards is no fun.

Even though I am not a fan of slime, I know kids are. They truly enjoy slime. Honestly, I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t like slime, and I’ve worked with, and been around, many kids over the years. Slime is all the rage. It’s “the latest craze” that proves it has staying power.

If your child or grandchild is a fan of slime, then you might want to check out Pop Pop Pets and Pop Pop Snotz from Yulu Toys.

Pop Pop Pets

Pop Pops are slime filled “pods” or “bubbles” (depending on how you look at it). In order to get to the slime you need to “pop” the pod/bubble open. You can pop it open a number of ways. You can squeeze them, push on them, smack them or hit them with your fist. It’s up to you.

Pop Pops come in two different varieties, each one seems to be geared towards a different gender. Pop Pop Pets are pink and purple, and Pop Pop Snotz are green and yellow (like snots… gross!).

Pop Pop Pets pod/bubble. You can see this one has something in it. What can it be?

Squeezing out the slime.

I’m sorry for the poor picture. You can see what was inside (I’m sorry that I don’t recall the character off hand). You can also get an idea of the size based on my fingers.

Some of the Pop Pops are just filled with slime (pink or green, depending on which Pop Pops set you have). Others come with a surprise inside – either an adorable little pet (in Pop Pop Pets) or aliens and monsters (in Pop Pop Snotz). Each one has 60 different characters your child can collect.

The figures are itty bitty. Not much bigger than the eraser on a pencil. For adults that might seem silly, but for kids, they go crazy for stuff like this. Shopkins were HUGE a few years back (I’m not sure if they still are). These little characters are just a bit smaller than those.

Pop Pop Snotz

Pop Pops are available in different sizes, 3 pods/bubbles, 6 pods/bubbles and 12 pods/bubbles. They are available at many retail locations including Walmart and Target. I’m am not sure what they cost (retail prices). I guess that would depend on the retailer.

For added fun, you might want to pick up the Pop Pop Snotz Slime Slammer Hammer. It can be used with Pop Pop Pets too. It’s literally a hammer (plastic) that your child can use to slam Pop Pops open to retrieve the slime and/or slime and character inside.

Your child can save the slime from the Pop Pops to play with again and again. Simply store it in an air tight container (I am not sure if slime actually dries up or not). The more Pop Pops they have, the more slime they’ll have as well.

Slime Slammer Hammer

With the holiday season fast approaching, you might want to consider Pop Pop Pets, Pop Pop Snotz and/or the Pop Pop Snotz Slime Slammer Hammer as stocking stuffers or gifts.

For more information about Pop Pops and other Yulu toys and games, visit YuluToys.com. The brand is also found on social media. Their links are found at the bottom of their website.

For my review of some fun games from Yulu, check out this post – Are you looking for some family fun? Check out these fun games from Yulu.

What do YOU think about Pop Pops? Do you think it’s something your child/grandchild would like? Do YOU like slime? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Are you looking for some family fun? Check out these fun games from Yulu


When I was a kid (back in the “Stone Age,” LOL), I played with my toys all the time. There wasn’t such a thing as video games (not until I was in the teens when Atari first came out). Owning a Walkman to play cassette tapes was a big deal.

Aside from playing with toys, me and my friends, and most especially my cousins, would play a lot of board games. Actual board games – not games you play on an app on your smartphone. Some of our favorite games including Monopoly, checkers, Trouble, Candyland, Twister, Don’t Spill the Beans and Ants in Your Pants. Most are still available today, but I am not sure about Don’t Spill the Beans or Ants in Your Pants.

When my kids were younger I made it a point to play board games and card games. Not only is it fun, but it also promotes family bonding and creates great memories. Although, I don’t think our daughter likes that we remember how she used to cheat playing the Little Mermaid game we had. Ha Ha.

Fast forward to today. Sadly, many families own very few board games, if any at all. Most families rely on playing video games over board games. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I think board games are more fun. That is just my opinion.

In the program I work for, children are not allowed to use cellphones, iPads or any type of technology like that. Instead they are encouraged to play outside, in the gym (cooperative games and team sports), craft and play games. We have a cabinet filled with board games. Some classic games like Monopoly, and some newer games that perhaps many people have never heard of. It’s great to see the kids having fun playing games together. Some totally forget they even have cellphones (a few whine about how they rather play with their phone and go on Snapchat and Instagram. Sigh…).

The brand Yulu has some really fun and unique games kids and family can play. I was sent some to review with my “work kids,” and let me tell you, they LOVE these games. My “work kids” range in age from 9-11, but most of these games are fine for younger and older children as well.

Oops Scoops

I was a bit worried that my “work kids” would think that this game was a bit “childish” for them, but oddly enough, they love this game.

This game does require two AAA batteries, which come with the game.

This game is ideal for two to four players.

The object of the game is to pile as many ice cream scoops as possible without the pieces toppling over.

Each player takes turns to spin the spinner to see how many scoops of “ice cream” you need to add on top of “Oops the Ice Cream Cone.” That might sound easy enough, but Oops vibrates and shakes, making it harder to stack the ice cream scoops, especially the higher the stack gets.

My “work kids” have a lot of fun with this game, although I do see them cheating from time to time. I’ve seen them use the ice cream cone stand instead of actually holding the cone in their hands (I guess it provides more stability). I also see them working together in order to build the entire stack of ice cream scoops without them toppling over (team effort). I don’t mind. As long as they are having fun, that is all that matters to me.

This brief video gives you a better idea of what the game is like.

King of the Ring

This game is hysterical, and my kids, especially the boys, LOVE this game.

Each player has a sumo wrestler (a plastic sumo wrestler with a metal ball underneath). Each player also picks a side of the game “board.”

Before you start the game, carefully turn the dial underneath the game board. I find once around is enough.

The object of the game is to roll your sumo wrestler up the game board and remain on top. It sound easy, but it’s not as easy as you think. Other players are rolling their sumo wrestler as well, and it’s very easy to get knocked back down by other players. In turn, you can knock other players as well.

To win the game, you need to have your sumo wrestler on top of the game board before the piece in the middle pops up. Any sumo wrestler that remains on top when the middle piece pops up, is the winner.

This game does not require any batteries either.

This brief video gives you a better idea about how King of the Ring is played.


My work kids play this game pretty much every day. We’ve found that playing on the floor was easier. When the kids would play on the cafeteria tables the little sumo wrestlers would roll off the game board and on to the floor when someone knocked them from the top. That was not a problem, per say, but we worried the long drop from the top of the table on to the hard cafeteria floor might damage or break the game pieces. Plus they would sometimes roll under the table. Playing on the floor made it a lot easier to retrieve their game piece.

My “work kids” enjoying King of the Ring

Fish for Fish

Fish for Fish is a “survival” game of sorts.

This game is for two to four players. I find that four players works best with my “work kids,” but each family is different.

Each player has to quickly assemble their fishing spear consisting of a rod, elastic cord, handle, feather and a suction cup piece. You need to assemble it quickly because you need it to spear fish. The person who gets their rod assembled quickly and catches the most fish wins.

I find it better when each player knows how to assemble the rod. Once you’ve done it you pretty much know how to do it so that gives someone an unfair advantage over someone who has never played the game before and needs to figure out how to assemble the rod. As far as the “spearing” fish part, that is pretty much a level playing field for all players. It’s just a matter of getting your suction cup to adhere to the fish piece.

Unfortunately I don’t have a video for this game. I also don’t have any photos of my “work kids” playing it. They don’t play this game as much as the other two games mentioned in this post. It’s not that it’s not a fun game, they just seem to prefer the other two over this one. It might be that this game is a little too juvenile for them (my “work kids” range in age from 9-11).

It is a cute game. I like the idea of  it. This is one game I have not played with my “work kids” yet, but I have played the other two with them.

If you are interested in learning more about these and other Yulu games and toys, visit YuluToys.com. The brand can also be found on social media. All of their links are located on the bottom right of their website.

Yulu toys and games are available at many retail locations across the country including Target, Amazon, and Walmart to name a few.

For my review of other fun products from Yulu – Pop Pop Pets, Pop Pop Snotz and Pop Pop Snotz Slime Slammer Hammer – visit this post – Yulu Toys Pop Pop Slime Toys (Kids Will Love Them!).

I’ll be doing a review of another Yulu product shortly. They are called Pop Pop Pets and Pop Pop Snotz. They are mini “pods” of ooey gooey slim (kids LOVE slime). Some of them contain tiny little toys (60 in all) that your child can collect. There is even a Pop Pop Snotz Hammer (sold separately) that you can use to quickly open up the pods (or “slime bubbles”). I’ll link to the review here once it’s finished. In the mean time you can visit the Yulu website to learn more about them.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

Nerf Gun Activities You Can Think Of For Your Next Holiday


With a nerf gun at your disposal, you can never run out of ideas of merrymaking. You shall always find yourself amidst fun and frolic galore when you have the perfect ideas about wielding those fun guns. Christmas or a regular summer picnic, nerf guns can add variety, excitement and a scintillating edge to anything and everything. Most importantly, nerf gun activities appeal to adults and young alike. There are a number of celebrations lined up in this quarter of the year, which is why we thought it would be nice to put together a list of ideas for activities with nerf guns that can liven up your time with your family and friends. But ditch wondering “Where can I find the best nerf gun?” and get your hands on the best ones before starting with the activities, lest you should spoil the festive mood. It is crucial to have everything arranged and sorted so that you do not have to regret your mismanagement skills at the last minute.

There are several games and activities you can arrange with nerf guns, outdoors and indoors alike. We shall deal with each of these in the following sections.

Test Your Shooting Skills:

All you need for this inexpensive game are plastic cups and nerf darts. Arrange the cups in a pyramid. The more cups you have, the better it shall be. At least have a target height of 2 feet so that you can invest enough time to go through with the activity. Now, the rule is pretty basic and old school. Write points on the cups and start shooting at the cups with your nerf darts turn by turn. Add up all the points written on the cups that are knocked over. The one with the most points should be declared the winner. Neat, right?

Engage in Some Nerf Duel:

This classic indoor game cannot go amiss when you are on a mission of enlisting activities involving good old nerf games. The rules for this game are pretty basic too. There must be two teams, with more than two players at least. The players of each team should not run, walk or move from their position. They must remain at their spots and try to obstruct the nerf darts being shot at them. Once a player moves from his/her place or runs out of nerf darts, he/she is immediately disqualified. There thus, shall be only one winner standing at the end of the duel.

Nerf Jenga:

You shall be spicing up your ordinary Jenga game with this beautiful and innovative game called Nerf Jenga. Pile up some wooden tiles or plastic tiles, or whatever you have at your immediate access, enough to make an organised structure. Take turns and start shooting your nerf darts one block at a time, without toppling the entire structure. The winner shall be the one who manages to shoot as many as tiles possible without dismantling the whole structure.

Now that we have covered three brilliant indoor nerf gun games, we shall move on to some options where you can enjoy with your nerf guns under the sun.

The Zombie Apocalypse:

The game follows the usual zombie gig, where zombies would be chasing down humans and human must avoid being tagged by them. All you have to do is divide yourselves into two teams-one of the humans and one of the zombies. The human team shall be armed with nerf guns, whereas the zombies shall have nothing at all with them.

The zombies shall chase the humans on the count of ten, after being hit by a nerf dart by the humans. Once a zombie touches a human, it is the end for that one human. Therefore, if you are on the human team, you must avoid being touched by a zombie at all costs.

The Elimination Game:

This is your classic nerf gun activity where both the teams are armed with nerf guns. Both the teams must keep shooting at each other and knock down as many as possible. There must be some criteria for being declared as the winning team; for instance, a team might require at least three people standing to be declared as the winner.

Defending the Core:

This is a team game, just like the other ones where two teams shall have a basket or a bucket placed in a particular spot that shall serve as their core. Each team must try to shoot darts with their nerf guns as many as possible in their opponent’s core. The team with the highest number of darts should be declared the winner.

Nerf guns have been in vogue for a long time now, and given the popularity they enjoy, it seems like they shall be around the corner for a long time to come. Therefore, without further ado, shop for some nerf guns and make use of one of these activities to enliven your next holiday.

What Are Breakout Games?


Getting the urge to escape ordinary life and jump into a real life mystery adventure with a group of your favorite friends? Learn how breakout games work.

Most people avoid getting trapped in building with strangers. There’s a whole genre of horror film dedicated to this idea. 

Who knew that this would actually turn into an entertainment craze?

The New York Times reports that there were only 22 escape rooms, or breakout games companies in the U.S. in 2014. Now, there are well over 2,000. 

So what’s this all about? You’ve probably seen one of these pop up not too far from where you live. 

What are they and what should you expect if you go? 

Let’s run through that real quick. 

Breakout Games Require… Breaking Out!

The whole point of the breakout game or escape room is to get out. You enter a room or a series of rooms that require you and, often, a group of people to complete puzzles or tasks based on clues to escape. 

Sounds simple in concept. In practice, it’s a lot more complicated. 

These games are often timed and some don’t forgive when a group fails to accomplish a goal. 

The tasks often require teamwork and communication on top of a great deal of cunning. It’s one thing to figure out a problem on your own and another to incorporate others into that process. 

It’s About the Experience

Breakout Games often have puzzles and rooms that are designed around some kind of theme or setting. Further, there is often an underlying story that you and the group play out. This is meant to give an engrossing, real-life adventure. 

Here’s a rundown of some common themes: 

  • Science labs;
  • Space adventure;
  • Trapped in an airplane;
  • Detective/investigator work;
  • Horror/haunted settings;
  • Western
  • Archeological/ancient culture

Because it’s all about the experience, permanent breakout games will mix up the settings, stories, and puzzles every so often. There is no hard and fast rule on how often this should happen. So, don’t go back to one expecting the same experience. 

Safety, Safety, Safety

Respectable establishments will go out of their way to keep people safe. Many have cameras in all of the rooms with limited to no blind spots. And those cameras are watched by security or by game masters to ensure things go well. 

It’s well within reason to question escape rooms or breakout game companies about safety. Ask about the use of cameras, age limits, and rules on unaccompanied children and adults. 

But these kinds of live-experience venues are never 100 percent safe. So, don’t be surprised if an escape room asks everyone to sign a waiver that effectively says you give up the right to sue in the event of an accident. 

Want to Escape?

This is just one way to look at breakout games. What was your experience like? What adventure did you go on? What do you wish you knew going in to make it a better experience? 

Leave a comment below or reach out to me to let me know what you think. 

Playing cards like you’ve never seen before


Do you enjoy playing cards? My youth was filled with more “War” card games with my cousins than board games. We used to play “War” all the time. Even to this day I play “War” with the kids I work with.

We also used to build houses out of decks of cards. We were always looking for ways to “cheat” to make sure the house stayed up. We’d use salt and pepper shakers or grooves in the table to add some strength to the card houses.

Every summer growing up me and my cousins were always together. My aunts, uncles and cousins would come and stay with my grandparents. We lived next door to my grandparents, which was convenient.

Every night the adults would sit around a poker table, playing poker and telling stories. My Uncle Richard told the best stories. Oh how I miss those days.

Cards have always been in my life. For that reason I keep a couple of decks in my home in case the mood strikes for a card game, or if my husband wants to play Solitaire (I don’t know how to play Solitaire).

There used to be the classic red or blue Bicycle brand cards. They are still available today, but there are also a plethora of card designs also available.

I was recently sent some playing cards from PlayingCardDecks.com. They have taken playing cards to a whole new level. They have over 2,000 different designs (including other types of playing cards). I know that saying “something for everyone” might sound a bit cliché, but in this case, it’s true! PlayingCardDecks.com LITERALLY has designs for everyone, including children (Disney, Marvel characters, dinosaurs).

I was sent to review some cards that are available from PlayingCardDecks.com. Since I enjoy things that are a bit “odd,” I was happy with their fun selection.

I am using photos from the company’s website. I felt like they provided better detail than the photos I took.

Bicycle Monster Premium Playing Cards

LOVE the artwork!

Monster Bicycle Playing Cards

Anyone who knows me knows that I love horror things. I collect horror memorabilia as well as creepy and usual things. These cards are right up my alley. Along with the Circus cards I received to review (see below), these are my favorite cards.

These are limited to 3,000 cards. There is a one time only printing for these cards, so if you like what you see, I would suggest you hurry up and buy them now. At the time of this writing there are only 52 left in stock.

I love that these cards feature classic monsters like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein, a werewolf and Nosferatu, to name a few. The cards also feature other creepy things like skulls, hearts and bulging eye balls.

The back of the cards is just as cool to look at. As for the front of the cards, the background reminds me of the gauze from a mummy (hopefully people know what I am talking about).

Cybertech Bicycle Playing Cards

Original illustrations by Jamie Meza

Cybertech Bicycle Playing Cards

These cards feature original illustrations from artist Jamie Meza. The images are cool, but they are not really my “cup of tea.” Some of the cards are cool looking, but most are not really something I would like looking at. None the less, these cards might appeal to many other people. This all goes back to what I said originally, that PlayingCardDecks.com has cards for everyone.

Circus Nostalgic Playing Cards

I LOVE the artwork on these cards – especially the vintage/classic clowns.

Circus Nostalgic Playing Cards

I loved the circus when I was a child. It was truly a special occasion to see the circus. I loved everything about it – the animals, the clowns, the acts. It was a fun part of my childhood, that is until I got older and read stories about how poorly a lot of the circus animals are treated. None the less, it’s hard not to look back on my youth and smile when I think about how excited I was to see the circus.

I love these cards. I love the designs. They are more of a vintage, classic circus design. My favorite are the pictures cards, but even the numbered cards are artfully designed.

Of all the cards I received to review, I love these designs the most.

Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

I love the interesting take the artist took when creating these cards.

Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

I love Alice in Wonderland. Of course the Disney film is a classic, but so is the actual book by Lewis Carroll. I have an old copy of the book somewhere in our condo. The artwork in that book is classic looking, and I’m sure many people have seen the images I am referring to. The images on these cards are truly unique. At first glance I didn’t think “Alice in Wonderland,” but after looking at them for a while, I do see it now.

The original artwork is from artist Sasha Dounaevski.

These are fun cards, and I think they would make a great addition to any family game night. People young and old can appreciate the unique artwork on these cards. I think the artwork is cute.

Armageddon Post-Apocalypse Playing Cards

Armageddon Post-Apocalypse Playing Cards

I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and zombie movies. When I think post-apocalypse, I think of zombies. However, that is not really a zombie situation. I think most zombie movies/shows use some kind of an apocalypse as their background. An apocalypse could happen – the rise of zombies, most likely not.

For some reason I was thinking these cards would feature zombies. They don’t. They feature men and women dressed in make up armor (think Mad Max). The artwork is pretty cool, but it’s not really my “cup of tea.” I think people who enjoy things like Fortnite might enjoy cards like this.

There were only 30 sets printed, making these extremely limited. Currently they are unavailable on their website, but you can have them email you when they are available again.

Ancient Warrior Playing Cards – available in black/silver or red/gold.

The artwork is stunning!

Ancient Warriors Premium Playing Cards

This is a NICE set. I am not into warriors or history, but the images on these cards blew my mind away. The artist’s recreations of ancient warriors is spectacular. These cards are colorful and they used a lot of metallic inks to really make the designs “pop” off the card.

A lot of thought went into the design of these cards. I was going to bring them to work with me and let the kids play with them, but seeing how spectacular and beautiful these cards are, I’m keeping them safe at home.

The deck is available in a black/silver or red/gold combination. These are also limited edition to 1,400 of each color combination.

The Guard Playing Cards

The Guard Playing Cards – Suite Cards

The Guard Playing Cards

These beautiful cards are made out of high quality material (these are not “dollar store-type” cards). They have a classic design, with the picture cards designed by well known Polish artist Artur Rajch. They also have an embossed finished.

This is a limited edition set, limited to 1,300 and it’s available on both slate color (the one I received) and a copper color set, which is only available through a special promotional code.

These are nice cards that can be used for a friendly game of Texas Hold’um at a backyard barbecue, to a serious game of poker with friends.

As you can see, PlayingCardDecks.com has a huge variety of cards for everyone who enjoys playing card games. If you would like to check them out for yourself, the website is easy enough to remember – PlayingCardDecks.com.

The brand also carries card accessories (such as cases), Tarot cards, playing card displays (which are very nice I might add) and more.

Are you a fan of playing cards? What is your favorite thing to play with a deck of cards?


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

The Ultimate Toy Gift Guide for Kids and Toddlers


We love our kids, and that is why finding the perfect gift for them can sometimes be difficult. These days you can find all sorts of different toys and gift ideas! In fact, if you walk over into the toy department of just about any store, it can be a little overwhelming. It is sometimes hard to know what toys are best for our kids, or for their age group. Well, look no further. You can breathe easy now. You’ve come to the right article.


Let’s begin with toddlers. If you’ve got a kid between the ages of 1 and 4, you want to focus on toys that will not only entertain them but help build their cognitive skills. Your child’s young years are when their brains absorb the most information. They mentally devour everything they see, touch, hear, and experience. So, getting them a gift that promotes early learning is a really fantastic idea.

Early Learning Toys

You could maybe give them a gift that teaches them their colors, the alphabet, or numbers. There are many electronic games you can buy for a toddler that teach early learning skills and can actually be vital for your child’s growth and brain development. Another fun gift idea you can get for a toddler is building blocks. These often come in different colors and sometimes even come in different shapes and sizes. These blocks can not only help teach them things like colors and shapes, but those aspects also entertain toddlers as well.

Toy Cars and Dolls

You also can’t go wrong with toy cars or dolls. They might not do as much on an educational level, but the moving around of the toy cars and the dressing or moving of the dolls will help your toddler to develop muscle movement and also keep them entertained.


Easy reading books are also a fantastic idea, even for toddlers. A toddler may not grasp the concept of reading yet, but studies have proven that if you read to a baby, they will not only learn a language faster but also associate reading with something comfortable and familiar. In the long run, reading to your child at an early age can actually promote an enjoyment of reading later in life.

Older Kids

Now, when it comes to kids that are a little bit older, you want to consider slightly different kinds of gifts. Around the ages of 4-10, your child’s learning abilities are at their absolute highest! Their brains are essentially sponges, so, what you put in there is going to stick! Educational toys, as well as fun toys, are the best gift ideas for kids this age.

Bigger Books

Once again, the books are never a bad idea. Encouraging your child to read and finding what genres they enjoy can seriously be one of the best gift ideas ever! Challenge them with trying to read something a little bit beyond their reading level and see how well they comprehend it. You can also still read to them too, if they maybe struggle to read it independently.


Legos are another great gift idea for kids that age! Playing with Legos not only enhances their logic and building skills, but it also tests their creativity as well. The website thetoyreport.com also backs up this fact! Kids absolutely love Legos and will stay entertained for hours by them, while also learning and developing important skills.

Coloring Books

Coloring books are another really wonderful idea! This activity can help them to develop creativity and self-expression. Many parents claim that coloring is also a calming and soothing activity for their kids. It can be a great way to wind down from a tough day at school or to calm down when they’re angry about something.

Outdoor Gifts

Pogo sticks, bikes, and roller blades are other kinds of toys that are not only a blast for kids, but also help to develop motor skills. Mastering one of these toys, which can take a bit of time to learn, also gives your child a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. These toys also help to work off that excess energy that kids never seem to run out of and that us adults only wish we could have.

Board Games

Board games are also some really great toy, gift ideas for your child. Board games can be fun for the whole family too, so it’s an activity that you can enjoy with them. Not only are these games a whole lot of fun but they can teach your child strategy as well as being a good sport about winning or losing. It’s also a wonderful activity for those family days.

Hopefully, this article was informative and fun and gave you some neat ideas about what gift to get for your little one. There are so many cool options out there and tons of fun to be had.