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If you read my blog on a regular basis you might recall how much I LOVE scents. I truly enjoy filling my home with lovely scents. I am a firm believer that scents can not only alter (improve) your mood, but it can also help transform your mind some place else. That’s what happens to me – a lot. I’ll happen across a scent and suddenly my mind is transformed to another place in time, usually a happy childhood memory.

I love to use oils, plugins, sprays and candles to scent my home. I also have to be careful what I use because I don’t want to trigger an asthma attack in our cat Bella. I am careful what I use around her. I also tend to go towards more naturally made products because they are better for my family.

It’s always been “hit or miss” when it comes to candles. I have wasted a lot of money on candles over the years. They smell amazing when you first purchase them and hope that the will fill your home with the lovely scent too, only to find out when you light them the scent does NOT fill the air and the only way you can smell it is to be right next to the candle. Sigh… I keep lit candles on the counter top in the kitchen so my dog or cats don’t bump into it. I don’t want to have to stand in my kitchen just to smell my candles. I want to be able to walk around my home and pick up it’s scent, especially because our kitchen is open to the dining room, living room and hallway. I would like the scent to travel a bit through these areas.

Chi Soy Candle

Recently I was asked if I’d like to review some candles from Chi Candles. Chi Candles makes all natural, pure soy candles.

Most candles are made out of paraffin wax, which is made out of petroleum. That’s right – petroleum! Do you REALLY want to burn that in your home.

Soy candles are made out of soy. They contain no paraffin, colors, dyes or additives. In addition they are eco-friendly. They are made out of an all-natural soy wax/bee wax blend. You can’t get anymore natural than bee wax.

The makers of Chi Candles had the same issues with most mass marketed candles like I have – the scent simply does not fill the room. That is why they decided to create their own candle line.

I was excited when Chi Candles sent me three of their beautiful amber jar candles. I like that they are simplistic looking. You don’t need “bells and whistles,” (overly designed). It’s a candle. I want to burn it and smell it, I don’t need to look at it (although watching the dancing flame can be mesmerizing).

I was sent to review the following scents. They were even packaged real nice with a cute burlap bag.

Chi Soy

Sea Salt – Bay Rum: Nice, fresh clean scent. Very “spring-like.” I don’t necessarily smell rum but when I close my eyes and smell it I can picture sitting on porch overlooking a bay in a little town somewhere in New England (how is that for a visual – LOL). Very pleasant scent. Not overwhelming at all.

Eucalyptus – Sage: You can really smell the Eucalyptus in this scent. Fresh and clean. I like to burn this candle after I clean my home. I know that sounds odd but it has a “freshly cleaned” home smell. It also reminds me of something else but for the life of me I cannot figure it out.

Bourbon – Brown Sugar: I LOVE this scent! This is my favorite of the three scents I received. I would consider this a “bakery scent.” It smells like someone is baking every time I burn it. To me it smells a bit like there might be some vanilla scent in this candle as well. This is the perfect scent to burn in your home around the holidays. It reminds me Christmas time – like someone is baking Christmas cookies. It’s a great scent to burn in the fall and winter months. It has a “warm and cozy” scent.


I was very surprised when I first started to burn the Chi Candles candles. I was in my living room (the candle was in the kitchen) and I could actually smell it. It wasn’t a strong, overpowering scent but rather a nice “touch” of the scent filled the air. Even my husband could smell it. The first one I burned was the Bourbon – Brown Sugar and my husband actually asked me if I was baking something.

All three candles were able to scent the air in the other rooms, so it wasn’t just that one candle.

FINALLY! Candles that do exactly what I want them to do – scent more than just the kitchen counter area.

I’ve burned all three candles many times each (at least once a day I am burning one of them). So far, so good. They still continue to scent the air just the way I want them to.

I’m a new fan of Chi Candles. I cannot wait to try out their other scents. I also love the amber glass jars. I plan on repurposing them when the candles are burned up.

If you would like to learn more about Chi Candles visit www.ChiCandle.com. The company also makes other products (not just candles). You can also visit their Etsy shop at www.Etsy.com/Shop/ChiCandle. Chi Candle can also be found on social media. The links are found on the company’s home page.

Have you ever purchased a beautiful candle only to find out you can’t smell it that well when you burn it? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

Chi Soy website


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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  1. Robin W says

    I used to love burning oils until it just became to hard to find any good ones after Bath & Body Works stopped carrying them. “Sigh” So I guess I am back to burning candles more but had the same issues with scent. So glad that you really liked these, I trust your reviews, and as soon as I have some extra $$$ I’ll have to try them for myself. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I’m excited to learn about these candles! I love candles, and these are fragrances I’d love to experience – different and inviting!!! Luv!