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Me back in 86' - I've always had a lot of hair.

Me back in 86′ – I’ve always had a lot of hair.

Back when I was a teen and young woman I would literally spend hours doing my hair. I’d wash it, dry it and curl it. Having long, thick hair made it take longer then I wanted it to. But it was the price I had to pay to look my best.

Fast forward decades later. As a busy mom, wife, blogger and working part time outside of the home, I simply don’t have the time to dry, curl and style my hair. My hair is almost always in a ponytail. I would love to style my hair, but it’s just too time consuming.

I was recently introduced to a nifty new product called Click n Curl. Click n Curl allows you to dry, curl and set your hair in one step. The result is hair full of body, volume and loose flowing curls… well for most people. My hair is super thick and course so “flowing” is not something my hair does. LOL.

Click n Curl takes care of multiple hair styling products with just the one product.

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Click n Curl is a set of brush “barrels” and a single brush handle.

To use simple place one of the brush barrels onto the handle. Use the brush to the way you normally would (if you blow dry your hair with a brush) and instead of removing it from your hair, curl it into the position you want it to be in and then press the release button on the side of the brush handle to release the barrel. The barrel should stay in your hair resembling a large hair curler. You are then free to use another barrel in the same manner.

Once you have used all the barrels in your hair you can apply a little more heat to set them, then let them cool before you carefully unroll them from your hair.

It is easy enough to do, but it does take practice. It took me several tries before I got it right.

The barrels also don’t always stay in my hair. I think it’s because my hair is so thick and heavy. I have found that the less hair I use on the barrels the better the hold.

Here is me practicing with the Click n Curl.

Click n Curl

Not a great look for me – ha ha.

Click n Curl was created by Kim Nimsgern.

“I came up with the idea of Click-n-Curl after fussing with a round brush and rollers, all while trying to get my kids ready for school in the morning,” says Kim Nimsgern. “I realized there had to be a better way, so I worked on combining the two tools and realized it produced great body and volume.”

Here is how Click n Curl really works.

Click n Curl’s detachable handle turns brush heads into rollers allowing each section of hair to cool and set achieving results superior to a standard round brush. Heat is what alters the molecule bonds in your hair and permits a temporarily change in shape (straight to curled), but it’s the cooling of the hair that allows the new shape (the curl) to be retained. The process of going from hot to cool is what “sets” and creates a curl. After drying a section of hair with your blow dryer, simply detach the Click n Curl brush barrel and allow your hair to cool. Without delay, use the handle to click on the next brush barrel and move on to the next section of hair. The longer it cools the better results.

I use the same kind of brush to blow dry my hair, so it’s not much different using the Click n Curl. What makes Click n Curl better is that I can release the barrel and it stays in my hair long enough to set the curl instead of me having to hold it in place with my regular brush.


The results for me are more volume and more waves. It doesn’t actually curl my hair. In all fairness even hair curlers (the heated ones you plug in) don’t give me much more of a curl either. I think it has a lot to do with my hair.

Here are some additional details about Click n Curl.

  • Includes six brush barrels and one universal handle.
  • Each Add On set (available in three sizes) includes four brush barrels.
  • Both Full and Add On sets are available in three barrel dimensions (1.5, 2 and 2.75 inches)
  • The brush barrels are super light and do not weigh down hair.
  • The ceramic coating minimizes frizz, is easier on the hair shaft, heats fast and evening and cools just as fast.
  • The barrel is vented for quicker drying time.
  • The brush heads have a flat top making them free standing which allows for used to attach each barrel with one hand (which is important because the other hand is holding the hair dryer).
  • The nylon bristles are stiff enough to create tension when styling but soft enough to avoid tangles and long enough to hold the roller in place without clips.
  • The handle is light weight, shaped for comfort, textured for a no-slip grip and has an easy release button for detaching the brush head.
  • Click n Curl is designed to be used in conjunction with a hair dryer (not included)
  • Retail Price: $49.99

This could make a great gift for a teenager or someone who loves to style their hair.

With all the holiday parties coming up this could be an easy way for you to do up your hair.

If you would like to learn more about Click n Curl visit www.Click-n-Curl.com.

To learn more about how to use Click n Curl visit www.Click-n-Curl.com/using-click-n-curl.

What do you think about Click n Curl? Does it look like something you you would like to try?

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*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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  1. Eileen Richter says

    ooooh. you look FANTASTIC in the pic!
    I dont know, i”d like to try this but. BUT. I’ve had the brushes themselves to roll when drying, and they have gotten caught in my hair so often and SO bad…like, ready to call the FIRE department bad! :0 I love how “roll drying” my hair looks. So Im gonna give this the benefit of the doubt. It looks like it worked for you awesomely!

  2. I swim 3 times a week and keep my hair short so these wouldn’t work for me. My sister would be a good candidate for this.

  3. Natalie Brown says

    I too pretty much always have my hair in a pony tail only because it’s easy. I really like that this can be used with wet hair and it dries the hair. If I could take out the blow dry part of hair styling, I’d wear my hair down more for sure. This is a super cool product!