Coping with Stress and Anxiety When You’re at Work


If you are someone who suffers with anxiety, then it can be something that can have an impact on your whole life. You could stop going out or doing particular things because of how you feel. You could turn down promotions and other opportunities at work because of social anxiety or anxiety around interviews and being out of your comfort zone. You could even miss things like deadlines because of feeling anxious, so it can impact your whole life and your life at work. 

When you are at work, it is definitely up to you if you want to tell your employer. It can help a lot, as they can put certain things in place. You might work for a large corporation with a HR team and occupational health team that could help. But you may not feel able to share about it. If that is the case, then you need to make sure that you are able to cope when you’re at work, so that you can not only survive, but actually thrive in the workplace. Here are some things that could help you when you’re feeling anxious or having panic attacks when you are at work. Is there anything else that you would recommend?

Ask for help

We can all feel overwhelmed with our workload from time to time. But if you are having a really anxious day or feeling on the verge of a panic attack, then it can be hard to think about anything else but how you are feeling. So it is really important to make sure that you don’t isolate yourself when you are feeling like this. It is so important to ask for help if you need it. You will have a line manager at work and a team around you, so ask for help if you feel like you need it. You don’t want to add stress to your life by missing deadlines or making errors, so ask for help.

Take breaks

Taking some regular breaks at work can be a good idea if you are feeling anxious. Even just a quick walk for ten minutes can make a difference. Don’t just plow through if you aren’t feeling good. Even a minute to yourself away from work to have some deep breathing can be a good idea. You could even buy CBD gummies, for example, as something to have with you in your bag, as they can be subtly taken at work. CBD has been proven to help, but you will need to see if it works for you.

Remove yourself from toxic colleagues

One of your triggers in the workplace, that triggers your anxiety, could be the people that you are around. You could feel like you can’t get away sometimes, but if you are able to remove yourself from gossip and negativity in the workplace, then it can make a real difference to how you feel. 

Be healthy

One of the best things that you can do to take care of yourself at work if you are anxious, is to be as healthy as you can. So if you are binging on junk food then it won’t do a lot to help how you are feeling. If you eat in a healthy way, then it can help you to take control and feel better about things. You should also make sure that you get enough sleep as that can help you to feel better and more able to cope with things. Exercising is something that is also important, as it can do wonders for your mental health. Look to limit things like caffeine and alcohol, and then make sure that you have some healthy habits to look after your mind and body. It will stand you in good stead should you face some stressful and triggering situations in life, as well as at work. 

Set boundaries

Work could be something that in and of itself, makes you quite anxious. So it is a must to set yourself some boundaries, like not bringing work back with you. Then you can relax when you’re at home, and not bring more anxiety into your life. Don’t check your emails at home, even if you have your work laptop with you. It will make a difference to how you feel and be a positive change. If you work from home sometimes, then make sure you set specific working hours, so that you’re not prolonging the working day and not prolonging any of your anxiety.

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