Does frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing have your skin dry and rough?


Having to wash your hands several times per day can make your skin very dry. Add the use of hand sanitizers (alcohol dries out the skin), and chances are your skin is probably the most dry it’s ever been. I know that my skin has seen better days, that is for sure.

I tend to have dry skin year round. The pandemic has my skin much more drier than normal, sad to say. My dry hands is the reason why I have a lot of moisturizers all over my home and in my car. I have moisturizer in the bathroom, on my desk, in the kitchen, in the coffee table drawer, in my car and in my husband’s car. I never know when I might need it.

I have tried my fair share of moisturizers over the years. Some are good, and some are bad (very bad!). Others are just “ok.”

I’m always on the look out for a moisturizer that can serve “double duty,” meaning it can help with my dry hands, as well as other dry spots on my body.

I like moisturizers that absorb quickly and leave my skin feeling soft and smooth right after it’s applied. Bonus points if the moisturizer smells nice. I’m a big fan of scented products.

A while back I was sent to review an interesting type of moisturizer from Heath Wilson and his brand, Heathmade Los Angeles.

In five years, his apothecary interests transformed into something much bigger—a mission to craft cleansing and soothing skincare products out of simple and plant-based ingredients. Not to mention, they’re so sleekly packaged and effectively formulated that you wouldn’t think they came from a kid-owned brand.

Yes, you read that right, Heathmade Los Angeles is a kid-owned beauty brand. Heath was only seven years old when he started his company. WOW! At his age I was still playing with my Barbie dolls and Fisher-Price Little People. Actually, Heath’s entrepreneurial journey began at four years old as he attended a week-long potions lab to learn about the healing power of plants, herbs and aromatics. Heath is currently nine years old.


One of Heath’s products is his popular Lotion Bar. It’s an innovative twist on a liquid formula that feels luxurious as ever when applied to skin. The Lotion Bar comes in a plastic tube (it reminds me of a small, skinny deodorant bottle).

To apply, simply remove the cap, twist up the lotion, and apply to your skin where ever you need some moisturizing.

The Lotion Bar helps to nourish and soothe dry skin with a combination of argan oil, avocado butter, candelilla wax or white beeswax, and essential oils. In a way it reminds me of coco butter. It’s a bit greasy at first application, but once you rub it into your skin it absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling moisturized and soft.

A little bit goes a long way too.

There are several scents to choose from.

  • Aware –  A bright blend of citrusy lemongrass and cool spearmint.
  • Awaken – Fresh coffee is combined with sweet orange, and creamy vanilla.
  • Devote – Relaxing, bright and clean scents of lavender, citrus, juniper and rosemary.
  • Be True – The woodsy scent of sandalwood and the soft, warmth of vanilla.
  • Relax – Escape the day with the rich, floral aroma of ylang-ylang and the spicy and exotic combination of ginger and orange.

I received the scent “Devote.” I definitely smell the citrus and juniper. I can smell a touch of the rosemary too. I don’t really smell lavender, but that is fine with me. It’s still a pleasant scent.

The scent is not very strong or overpowering. It’s a subtle scent, which I like.

So far I am very pleased with the Lotion Bar. I’ve used it many times and I don’t even feel like I’ve made a dent on it. It looks like I have dozens of more uses left.

The tube is also great because it’s portable. You can put it in your purse, backpack or leave it in your desk drawer. It has a screw top so you don’t have to worry about it popping open when you travel and getting all over the place.

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing, young, entrepreneur, visit HeathMadeLA.com. Be sure to check out all his other products too.

You can find HeathMade LA on Facebook and Instagram. Those links are found on the bottom of his website.


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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