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When my kids were younger I put A LOT of thought into the lunches that I prepared for them for school. Don’t get me wrong – I still do (my son is still in high school), it’s just that my son tends to put together his lunch more so than I do. He tends to tell me what he wants for lunch and in addition he’ll take along whatever else he wants.

My kids were always packed a healthy lunch consisting of a protein, fruit, vegetable, water and whatever snack they wanted (a few cookies, a single serve size bag of chips…).

I still remember the day the school nurse from the elementary school called me at home to compliment me on the lunches I packed my kids. She told me that even being a school nurse (and knowing more about nutrition then I would), that she doesn’t pack lunches as healthy for her kids as I do mine. That was a wonderful compliment. I still can’t believe she made it a point to call me at home and tell me that. I guess I really made an impression.

Most moms make sure to pack a good lunch for their kids, but there is one thing that many moms (including myself) forget to think about – dirty hands and cafeteria tables.

Most kids know to wash their hands before they eat, but when it comes to lunchtime at school many kids forget to do that.

Think about all the surfaces they touch before eating their lunch (door knobs, stair rails, playground equipment…). If they don’t wash their hands they are putting themselves at risk for germs and illnesses.

I’m not sure if it’s like that at all schools, but in our schools the kids don’t get a long time for lunch. There is no way all kids could wash their hands before eating. The line for the bathroom would be way too long. School also don’t want a bunch of kids hanging out in the hallway. When my kids were younger the lunch monitors would only let a few kids to the bathroom at a time.

So what is a child to do? How can they wash their hands when getting to a sink with soap and hot water is not an option?

Wet Ones

I have a great idea – Wet Ones! Pack a Wet One package in with their lunch. That way a child can effectively clean their hands before eating their lunch. They can also use the wipe (AFTER they wipe their hands) to wipe off the cafeteria table where they are seated.

I wish I had thought to do that when my kids were younger. I actually used disinfecting wipes to clean off and out their lunch boxes but never did I think to pack one in with their lunch.

Wet Ones are available in individual packages. I even keep a few in my pocketbook and in my car. Wet Ones are available in 40 count canisters, 15 count travel packs and 24 count individually wrapped singles.

Wet Ones not only wash away dirt and grime, they also kill 99.9% of bacteria and other icky things.

Unlike a hand sanitizer which can irritate and dry out your skin, Wet Ones are made with an Aloe formula and they are hypoallergenic. They are also available in Fresh Scent or Citrus scents.

I tucked a few inside my son’s backpack and my daughter keeps a few in her bag that she takes to college every day. Even my husband has a few at his desk and in his car. You never know when you’ll need one.


There is plenty of room in all lunch bags/boxes for a Wet One wipe.

There is plenty of room in all lunch bags/boxes for a Wet One wipe.

Wet Ones is currently hosting a sweepstakes you might be interested in entering. HURRY! It ends at 11:59 PM (EST) on September 7, 2015. 

To enter simply upload a photo of the lunch you’ve packed for your chance to win $1,000, plus a year’s supply of Wet Ones for home and your kid’s classroom. I bet your child’s teacher would greatly appreciate that too.

To enter, or for more information, please visit WishIHadWetOnes.com.

Even if you don’t enter (but I hope you do!) you should check out the “Inspiration” section for some really fun lunch box ideas.

For more information about Wet Ones visit WetOnes.com.

Do you use Wet Ones? Do you pack them in your child’s (or your own) lunchbox?



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