Electric Friends – The ideal iPhone/iPod accessory!

I my iPhone. I’m not obsessed with it like some people I know (like my daughter), but I am very fond of it. It’s great to be able to surf the Internet while waiting in a doctor’s office waiting room, or check my e-mail while online at the grocery store. I also love some of the apps you can get for the iPhone too. I have a few games that I like to play (Angry Birds, Flow Free, Tilt-a-Bowl…), dozens of photography apps and a few handy apps like Hi-Def Radar (weather) and Realtor.com.

One thing that I wasn’t really taking advantage of with my iPhone was it’s music capabilities. My kids use their iPhones to listen to music every day.

I was thrilled when I reviewed two cars this past month, both with Blu-tooth where I was able to listen to the music on my iPhone in the car. That was pretty cool.

Normally when I’m at home and working or cleaning I listen to music on my laptop. The speaker on the iPhone isn’t really that good when it comes to listening to music from a distance. It’s not in stereo so it’s not the best quality.

Now I can listen to my music on my iPhone and easily hear it across the room or in another room (depending on the volume I have it set on), thanks to my new “friend”. My Electric Friend to be exact.

My Electric Friend are iPhone/iPod docking stations that have built in speakers to allow you to enjoy the music on your iPhone/iPod from both near or far. It also doubles as a charging station.

Electric Friends are available in four different designs, Ki Ki (Cat), Chew Chew (Dog), Sing Sing (Panda) and Kwack Kwack (Duck).

I have Ki Ki the Cat because she looks just like our youngest cat Bella.

Using the Electric Friend couldn’t be any easier. All you do is remove the cover from it’s “belly”, flip the “on’ switch in the back, insert your iPhone on to the post in it’s belly and enjoy!

You can control the volume simply by touching on the back of it’s ears. Ki Ki’s right ear makes the volume go down and the left ear makes the volume go up.

I don’t have a video camera so I asked my daughter to video tape for me using her iPhone. That is why the video looks the way it does. I’m sorry about that. 🙂

Ki Ki’s nose lights up when it’s on so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on. It’s also compact in size and barely takes up any room.

When your Electric Friend  is not in use it simply looks like a cute little decoration. Since we have 5 cats (and a dog), and one of them is black and white like Ki Ki, most people who visit our home would assume it’s just a decoration.

I tested the volume to see just how loud the Electric Friend can get. Let me tell you this gets VERY loud! I was shocked at how loud you can crank up the volume. You could easily use this to play tunes at a party or get together and not have to worry about people not being able to hear it. You can really blast music on this.

Electric Friends, like Ki Ki, retail for around $69.99. They might be a bit pricey but if you’ve priced other iPhone/iPod docking stations/speakers it’s actually an average price. Plus the Electric Friends are much cuter than a plain old docking station.

With the holiday season almost upon us you should consider giving an Electric Friend as a gift. This would be a perfect gift for a teen or college student. My ‘tween and teen LOVE Ki Ki. My daughter keeps asking me for it (no way!) and my son would love to have one but a bit more “boy’ish”. Maybe Chew Chew the dog would be a better option for him.

Don’t forget that this works for iPods too!

I’m giving Electric Friends (Ki Ki) two thumbs up. The sound is amazing and I love having the ability to charge my phone right on my desk. I’m giving two thumbs up for the cuteness factor too.

For more information visit www.BeMyElectronicFriend.com. You can also find them on Facebook, www.Facebook.com/ElectricFriends.



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.


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