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I am SO HAPPY that the cold weather is a thing of the past (well, mostly – we still have some cool days). I’m tired of the stuffy, stagnant air and scents of my home. I keep my home clean but nothing compares to a house filled with fresh, clean, outdoor air.

We don’t get much of a cross breeze but I do try and open all the windows up during the day as much as possible to let the indoor air out and the fresh, clean air in.

Nothing beats the scent of the outdoor. I’m not referring to “city” scents, I’m referring to scents like fresh air, cut grass and flowers.

Did you know that Americans spend 90% or more of their time indoors? That is sad! We all need to get outside more often.

I try and buy air fresheners, candles and cleaners that help bring that outdoor scent indoors. Some work great, others not so much.

Imagine if you could take the Outdoor Fresh Scent with you where ever you go, whether you are at home, the office or running errands. You can with Bounce Bursts™.

Bounce Bursts™ is a new in-wash laundry product that infuses fabric with a time-released Outdoor Fresh Scent. That means as you go throughout your day whether you are at home, the office or stuck in traffic, Bounce Bursts™ will release its scent so you can enjoy it all day long.


Bounce Bursts™ comes in a convenience capsule form and allows you to control the amount of scent you want to add to your wash. Bounce Bursts™ is added directly to the wash cycle to help give your laundry a boost of Outdoor Fresh Scent. You can add Bounce Bursts™  in-wash scent booster to your existing Bounce dryer sheets routine will provide your fabrics with even more Bounce Outdoor Fresh scent.

Scent can have an effect on your mood. Experiencing a delightful fresh outdoor scent all day long is sure to make you happy and feel more energetic. Spending time outdoors tends to boost your mood and overall sense of well-being. Now with Bounce Bursts™ you’ll forget that you are not outdoors.

There are other ways to enjoy the outdoors, even when you are stuck inside.

Bounce has partnered with celebrity interior designer Thom Filicia to bring you more great ways to bring the outdoors inside. Thom knows how to transform indoor spaces into outdoor spaces and creating an environment that can enjoyed by all of your senses.

“It can be as simple as using floral-inspired patterns and colored fabrics to add a fun and unexpected pop to your space and then washing them in Bounce Bursts to give them a boost of Outdoor Fresh scent,” said Thom Filicia.

If you are not familiar with Thom Filicia, he is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of New York City-based design firm, Thom Filicia, Inc. Thom’s New-American Style has earned him widespread acclaim and notable clients, including Tina Fey, Delta Air Lines, Jennifer Lopez, Peter Jennings, and others in the worlds of finance, sports, media, fashion and hospitality.

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To help bring the freshness of the outdoors inside, Thom recommends the following tips:

Don’t be afraid of bright colors.

By painting your walls with a bright color, the essence and vibrancy of the outdoors can be translated inside. For those who aren’t risk takers, focusing on one accent wall or introducing bright colors through the use of throw pillows or blankets as an easy (and maybe less daunting) way to bring the outdoors indoors.

Transform your fabrics.

By washing your clothes with Bounce Bursts, you will take the Outdoor Freshscent with you everywhere you go. You can also add the beads to a dish or vase to transform the scent of your entire laundry room.

Add fresh flowers to your space.

By placing fresh cut flowers in your favorite vase on your desk or indoor tables, you can enjoy the scent AND beauty of the outdoors while indoors. And… don’t stress… the flowers don’t need to coordinate with the color of your sofa or office furniture!

Switch up your patterns and layer your materials.

Don’t be afraid to be playful with your fabrics, adding in floral-inspired patterns and colors, along with a mix of materials, from wood to metal or stone, will help you evoke the feeling of being outside while lounging and even working indoors. You can also wash linens and other washable fabrics with Bounce Bursts for an added boost of Outdoor Fresh scent.

Blur the lines.

There’s really no difference in how you decorate from indoors to outdoors, so don’t be afraid to blur the lines. There are easy,
functional and beautiful ways to use outdoor items, such as indoor/outdoor rugs in a kitchen or laundry room, outdoor fabrics in
a children’s playroom, or all-weather baskets next to a fireplace or in a living room to hold extra blankets.

Invest in outdoor-inspired artwork.

There’s nothing better than looking up at a formerly blank wall to see a piece of artwork that evokes the spirit of the great outdoors. A favorite picture from an outdoor adventure, an abstract painting that reminds you of a meadow or a blurred image of a sunset – introducing outdoor-inspired artwork can help to boost your mood and elevate the look and feel of your indoor space.

I have not had the opportunity to try out Bounce Bursts™, but I will be reviewing them soon. I’ll also be hosting a giveaway that will give a lucky reader the opportunity to try the Outdoor Fresh Scent out for them self. Keep an eye out for that giveaway too.

Bounce Bursts™ are now available nationwide in Bounce’s signature Outdoor Fresh scent for a suggested retail price of $6.99 (the price is up to the discretion of the retailer).

If you would like to learn more about Bounce Bursts™  visit the Bursts page on the Bounce Fresh website, or www.BounceFresh.com.

In addition you can check out Bounce on Facebook (Facebook.com/Bounce) and Twitter (@BounceFresh).

Have you had a chance to try out the product yet?

What do you think about Bounce Bursts™? Does it sound like a product you’d like to try. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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  1. Oh don’t these just sound wonderful! Like you I am so over winter! I love the smell of fresh clean outdoors. There is nothing better then sitting outside and smelling the flowers and grass all the wonderful scents. I have got to try these out.