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Watching your children grow up is a blessing… it’s also kind of sad. It’s hard as a parent to watch your children spreading their wings and preparing to “fly” off on their own. That is why I truly appreciate that I can still get our kids to enjoy a family movie night together.

Family Movie Night is something we have done since my kids were little. We try and do it at least 1-2 times a month. Usually it’s a Friday or Saturday night, but sometimes we have to move it to another day of the week, especially now that both of my kids have job and social lives.

We just enjoyed a family movie night together watching the animated film Boss Baby. The film is currently available on digital download (iTunes). On July 25, 2017 the film will also be available on Blu-ray and DVD.

I received a Target gift card to pick up some snacks for my family to enjoy while watching the film. I guess there was a rush on popcorn because there  wasn’t much to choose from (we ended up making our own with kernels in brown paper bags). We did enjoy some chip, soda, unsweetened ice tea and we baked some chocolate chip cookies (aka – “closer cookies”).

These chips were so good!

While we were shopping at Target I came across not one, not two but THREE Boss Baby toys.

I love the doll in the diaper. How adorable is he? I should have bought him while I was there.

Boss Baby stars the voice talents of Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Buscemi, Tobey McGuire and Miles Christopher Bakshi as Tim.

I received a free digital copy of the film to enjoy with my family along with some fun goodies, compliments of the movie studio.

I received an adorable briefcase (box), just like the one Boss Baby carries in the movie. Inside the box we found some journals, pens, magnifying glasses and a schedule that we can attach to our fridge.

The notebooks with attached pens are really nice. My kids each grabbed one. I’m not sure what my son is using it for but my daughter is using it to keep track of the hours she’s working this summer (she has two jobs).

I thought it would be fun to drink from baby bottles during the film, but my family thought that was a really weird thing to do. Sigh… they have no sense of humor.

I picked up some bottles, blocks, a pacifier and a cute “I’m the Boss” bib from our local dollar store.

My most favorite goodies that I received were not one, but TWO Boss Baby Funko Pop figures – one in a diaper, the other in a suit. I happen to collect Funko Pops. I was super excited to add these to my growing collection. I didn’t even know they had Funko Pops for this film.

Movies are so much fun when you have cool goodies like this to enjoy while watching the film. A special thank you to the studio for sending these to me and my family.

The Boss Baby is about an adorable baby who doesn’t seem to fit the mold like other babies. For that reason he is not sent to live with a family. Instead he’s made to work in Baby Corp’s management program.

Back on Earth we learn about Tim. Tim lives with his mom and dad. They are a happy trio. Tim loves that his parents put him to bed every night with some books, hugs and a special song.

Tim also have a vivid imagination.

One day a taxi cab pulls up to Tim’s house. Out steps the Boss Baby, complete with a suit, tie and briefcase.

The Boss Baby has come to live with Tim and his parents… but why? They were not expecting a baby and Tim certainly doesn’t want to share his parent’s affection with a peculiar, suit wearing baby. Something is not right with the newest family member.

Tim doesn’t trust his new baby brother. His suspicions were correct – there is something different about the baby. Tim’s new brother not only talks, but he’s on a secret mission to protect Baby Corp. He needs to infiltrate Tim’s parent’s place of business, Puppy Co., to stop a secret project that jeopardizes Baby Corp and the future of babies around the world.

Tim agrees to help the Boss Baby with his mission, on the condition that when all is said and done that he’ll leave and never to return. Tim wants his family unit back to the way it was before Boss Baby showed up.

Will Boss Baby and Tim succeed with their secret mission? What top secret product is Puppy Co. hiding? To find out you need to pick up, or download, a copy of Boss Baby. Look for it where ever movies are sold.

Cute! Cute! Cute! This is a super cute movie. My whole family loved it, including my hart to impress kids.

The characters are adorable and it’s easy to get “hooked” on them, most especially Boss Baby.

The film is filled with a lot of humor. I personally found myself laughing a lot, most especially to the baby related things.

There is humor for both adults and for children (kids will probably find the baby power fart funny).

This isn’t just a silly movie. There is a really good plot in this film. It kept us entertained and interested throughout the whole film. Even the bonus features are fun to watch (check out the training video for Baby Corp).

If you are into having family movie night like my family is, and you are looking for a family friendly film both young and old can enjoy together, pick up a copy of Boss Baby.

Fore more information about the film you can visit the official webpage.You can also check out the film and Dreamworks Animation on social media – Facebook, Twitter (Dreamworks Animation) and Instagram (Dreamworks Animation). You can also check out the hashtags #BossBaby #BossBabyHE and #BossBabyMovieNight to see what others have to say about the film.

I also have a cute Boss Baby coloring page you can print out and enjoy with your family. Simply click on this link – Boss Baby Coloring Page.

Below is the THEATRICAL trailer of the film for your enjoyment. It’s now available for home viewing.



*I received a free digital code to review the film as well as branded products and a Target gift card for snacks. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 


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