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My childhood home at Christmas time (no snow).

I pride myself on having a lovely home. OK… so it’s not always completely clean. There are the occasional dust bunnies running about. And maybe I haven’t cleaned the windows in a few days, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t take pride in our home. It just means I’m a busy person (mom, wife, blogger, teacher’s assistant).

We have five cats. Needless to say they contribute to the mess around our home (hair, litter…). My worse fear is that our home will smell like we have five cats. We are conscientious about keeping the litter box cleaned at all times, and we are quick to clean up their messes (hairballs, accidents…). None the less, I still worry that our home will smell like we have cats.

I am a HUGE fan of scented things around my home – candles, plug ins, oils, wax melts… If it makes our home smell lovely, I’m all for it. I also love how beautiful candles look when they are lit.

I have a plethora of scented things in my home. I have gone so far as to separate them by the various holidays and seasons. It seems like my most popular kind of scents are fall/autumn scents. I have a lot of those. Many of them are pumpkin scented, but I do have plenty of other scents.

Christmas would be my next most popular scents.

I am a firm believer that scent can really effect your mood. That is why I always have some kind of scent going through my home. As soon as I get home from work I light a candle or plug in a diffuser. If I’m having a bad day at work, and one of my kids are home, I’ll have them light a candle or pop in a plug in before I get home so a relaxing scent is swirling through our home when we get home.

One of my most favorite places to shop for my “scent” needs is Yankee Candle. I LOVE Yankee Candle!!!

I know some people get super excited when the IKEA catalogs are delivered to their home. I feel that say way when a new Yankee Candle brochure shows up in my mailbox. Not only does it show off what new products are available, but there are often “scratch and sniff” stickers and a coupon for something special.

Yankee Candle’s Halloween Scent – Forbidden Apple. I LOVE the jar it comes in. I’m going to re-purpose it when the candle is gone.

When it comes to the various holidays/seasons, Yankee Candle is the place to go. Of course they have plenty of lovely candles, but in addition to that they have home decor, products to make your car smell good, and so much more.

Yankee Candle also offers a variety of ways you can add an inviting scent to your home – from plug ins to wax melts and from single wick candles to the glorious two wick candles.

With the holiday season upon us, I want all guests in my home to get the sense of our home being warm and inviting. That is why I am alternating between some amazing seasonal scent.

Here are the scents I have been using since last month – and will continue to enjoy long into the Christmas holiday season.

Powdered Pumpkin Swirl

If you love the scent of pumpkin you’ll LOVE this fragrance. It’s sweet and smells delicious. It reminds me of the pumpkin cupcakes I get at the local bakery that is topped with a sweet, creamy frosting. Mmm… every time I smell this candle I crave pumpkin cupcakes.

Moonbeans on Pumpkins

First of all, I love the title of this candle. How pretty! It does have a pumpkin scent to it, but with a little more. I can’t explain it but it reminds me of a barn. NOT an animal scent – but more so “old wood.” I know that might not sound very appealing, but trust me, it works. This is kind of a more masculine pumpkin scent, if that makes any sense?

Honeycrisp Apple Cider

This smells exactly like a honeycrisp! If you were to blindfold someone and have them smell this candle the first thing they would say is apple. I was leaning more towards a golden delicious apple, but that is only because I am not familiar with all apple names/scents. When I Googled what a honeycrisp apple looked like it saw that its the same kind we usually pick from the local apple orchard, in which case this candle smell exactly like those apples. Yummy!

Warm Luxe Cashmere

This is an ideal scent for crisp, chilly nights. I can see this candle burning while we are snuggled under a blanket and enjoying hot cocoa with marshmallows. It’s a clean, fresh sort of scent. A bit masculine with maybe a touch of floral.

Sweet Fig & Pomegranate

Sweet and fruity best describes this scent. I can see me burning this candle during Thanksgiving dinner.

Sunset Fields

This is another really pretty candle name. My husband likens the scent to soap. I guess he means it smells fresh and clean. It has a lovely floral fragrance. When I close my eyes and smell this candle I can picture myself having a picnic in a meadow with lush grass and colorful wildflowers.

This might not be an idea holiday/seasonal scent but for those of you who want to rush through fall and winter, looking forward to spring and summer, then this would be the scent for you.

White Sage

This candle reminds me of the beach. It would be another great scent for people who prefer spring and summer to enjoy in their home. It reminds me of the beach with a touch of sunscreen and a light scent of flowers.

This are my person opinions on the scents. You’d have to visit your local Yankee Candle store or the website to find out the exact scents.

Take for example White Sage. Look how I described the scent. Now see what is says on the Yankee Candle website.

An elevated mixture of sage and citrus, finessed with sea salt and sandalwood to subtle elegance.

I was close when I said it reminded me of the beach.

With the holiday season upon us, and people are looking or the ideal gift for that special someone on their shopping list, I would recommend Yankee Candle. I know A LOT of people (including men) who appreciate beautiful scented candles.

Did you know you can even PERSONALIZE a candle? Talk about a wonderful gift idea.

You can upload your favorite photo and have it turned into a beautiful candle. Imagine how much a mother or grandmother would appreciate a candle personalized with their child/children or grandchild/children’s photo. As a mom I would LOVE a gift like that.

You can choose the type of candle/container you want, fragrance and label.

You can even personalize a candle for a man. Believe it or not, many men enjoy candles. Yankee Candle has plenty of masculine scents to choose from.

Yankee Candle was kind enough to personalize a candle just for me with my blog’s logo on it. How cool is this?

I keep this on my desk so that I can enjoy it’s amazing scent any time I want.

If you or someone you know has their own business, a personalized candle (or two!) with the logo on it would not only make a great gift, but would also look really nice at your place of business.

Personalized photo candles are available year round from Yankee Candle so you can give the gift of beauty all year long for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, new baby, new home and so forth.

For more information about these and other Yankee Candle products visit YankeeCandle.com. You can also find a store locator on their website.

You can also find Yankee Candle across all the social media plaforms. All of their links are found on the bottom left of their website.

Are YOU a fan on Yankee Candle? What is your favorite scent/scents and/or products? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I received free product samples to review. I am also a frequent shopper at Yankee Candle. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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