The Five New York City Landmarks You Must See


New York City – Manhattan

New York City isn’t just home to loud people and honking cars. It’s one of the most amazing places to visit and experience. And because it’s filled with so much to see and do, it’s hard to pick and choose the best places to visit and routes to take. This is especially true if you’re short on time. Which is where booking bus tours that are easy on your pocket is a great idea (but more on that later).

So you’re an NYC tourist, how exactly can you make sure you don’t miss the awesome things New York has to offer? To help you out with your NYC visit planning, here are 5 landmarks you can’t miss (and how you can be able to see them all).

Rockefeller Center

If you want to talk about a grand site to see, look no further than the Rockefeller Center. The Rockefeller Center has plenty of things to see and do. This National Historic Landmark is house to many eateries and shops and has kept the design of the original buildings spanning 22 acres. It’s a must see landmark that shouldn’t be taken off your NYC itinerary. You’ll won’t have the same New York experience without it.

Empire State Building

This huge building is quite a sight. You might just have to stretch your neck a little to take in the wholeness of the building. It even hosts a light show on its facade at night. To be able to squeeze all these landmarks into your trip you may want to take the route of booking an NYC bus tour – 10% off when booking online. That way you’ll make sure you get to see all the beautiful sites (many that aren’t even included in this list) without tiring yourself or your wallet out.

You’ve got to love the hustle and bustle of NYC

Lady Liberty

If there is one landmark that is recognized worldwide it is The Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty stands hundreds of feet tall as a beacon of freedom, making it a worthy stop in your NYC tour. You can choose to explore the actual area or simply catch a glimpse of it from a distance. Either way it’s a landmark you shouldn’t miss.

Conservatory Garden

The Conservatory Garden is a small part of the grand Central Park. It has breathtakingly beautiful landscaping and gardening, and can be a relaxing place to visit and get away from all the buildings for a bit.

It has three different gardening styles that include French, Italian, and English and spans a couple of acres all around. To top off all the natural beauty, there is a huge fountain in the middle for your enjoyment as well.


This midtown Manhattan gem is a whimsical collection of shops and eateries to please the palate. The way the shops are all close together, and the signs and decor outside will make you feel like you’re right inside a movie, which is why it’s another cool place worth seeing. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the diverse cultural component that NYC has to offer you.

NYC Sightseeing At Its Best

While there’s more to New York than these five major landmarks, this list is no doubt a good place to start. NY is filled with an immense and diverse array of things to see and unique experiences to have, whether you’re visiting with your family, on your own, or with a couple of friends. After your first visit, once you come back for your second round of New York tourism goodness, you can always see other places until you become a New York expert.

To recap, the must see places in NYC that you can easily reach by booking an affordable bus tour are: Koreatown, the Rockefeller Center, Conservatory Garden, Lady Liberty, and the Empire State Building. Now it’s your turn. Are there any landmarks you are more eager to see than others? Are you ready to make some plans and start exploring the awesome city of New York?


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  1. We’ve never been to New York city but would love to visit someday. You mentioned some places I didn’t know about like the Conservatory Garden.