Great Family Travel Advice For Surviving Taking Your Kids On Vacation


Taking a look at the top tips and family travel advice for parents going on vacation with children. How to survive taking your young ones on the road. 

Let’s face it, no family vacation is perfect. When you’re planning a family trip, you probably have a perfectly idealized vision of how the trip should go in your mind. Those visions don’t always come to fruition, and some trips even come with lots of speed bumps. Family trips might not turn out the way you planned, but there are ways to make your trip a little bit easier for you and your kids. 

Read on for some family travel advice to keep everyone happy on your trip.

Choose a Family-Friendly Vacation Spot

One of the best ways to make your family vacation run smoothly is to pick a destination that’s geared toward families. These spots will have options available that’ll keep family members of all ages entertained. For example, Disney World has tons of rides and kid-friendly food that’ll keep your kids happy. On the flip side, Disney World also has tons of gourmet food options and adult beverages that’ll make navigating the family vacation a little less stressful.

Bring Backup for Boredom

Kids are unpredictable. You might think they’d love a day at the beach — who doesn’t enjoy sandcastles, splashing in the waves, and eating sweet treats? Well, sometimes, your kids don’t, even if they were super pumped for it this morning. Counter boredom by bringing backup. Pack a sufficient amount of toys, books, and tech to keep your kids entertained when they lose interest in the current activity and you’re not ready to leave.

Take Lots of Breaks

Planning a road trip? Be prepared for “are we there yet?” to come from your kids’ mouths at least 500 times. All joking aside, road trips can be rough for children. Keep them entertained by breaking up the road trip into smaller chunks. Take lots of bathroom breaks, and hey, maybe the world’s biggest ball of yarn will actually be kind of interesting.

Family Travel Advice for Kids with Special Needs

Traveling with kids with special needs can add another layer of stress to your trip. Between coordinating the travel, wrangling the kids, and keeping everyone happy, you won’t have the same amount of time or resources available that you would have at home. One great way to counter this stress is to have a helping hand in the form of a service dog. Service dogs can serve as a source of comfort and emotional stability, and they can be trained to warn you when your child’s blood sugar is too low or a seizure is coming on. Service dogs are so great for your special needs kids that you will be asking “where can I find dog training near me” sooner than you’d think.

Traveling with kids can be super stressful, especially if they have special needs or medical conditions that require constant monitoring. Thankfully, even if your trip isn’t the perfect trip that you planned, family trips make for wonderful memories that’ll you and your kids will cherish for a lifetime. Happy trails to you and your family! Did you love this family travel advice? There’s more where that came from. Check out the rest of our blog for articles about everything from family to relationships, to pets.

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