What Happened to My Body? Tips for Treating Post-Partum Imperfections



The first few weeks after having a baby, you’re so overwhelmed with joy, excitement, anxiety, and sleep deprivation, that you’re not really paying attention to your body. It’s not until you start trying to get “back to normal” with your life that you realize…. Something’s different! Your stomach, if not riddled in stretch marks is extra flabby, your breasts droopy, and your legs have scattered spider veins.

What in the world happened? In a nutshell, the last nine months of carrying around your bundle of joy have done a number on your body. Don’t panic! There are some remedies that can improve post-partum imperfections so that you can feel like your old self again. Here are some tips:

Varicose Veins

Many expectant mothers develop dilated blood vessels that end up near the skin’s surface around the calves and upper thighs, which are called varicose veins. There are several reasons this happens including hormones, heredity, and the added weight that pregnancy can put on your legs. While some women report improvements after giving birth, others are not so lucky.

The Fix: Obviously, no woman likes the look of blue or dark-colored veins bulging out of their legs. An efficient solution that will help to treat the problem is referred to as sclerotherapy. This is a treatment that is offered by medical facilities such as Intermountain Vein Center, where a doctor would inject a solution into the affected areas.

This solution is essentially designed to close the veins so that they disappear over the course of a few weeks. You’ll need to consult with a doctor to determine when this treatment is safe to consider as some recommend waiting at least 6 months after giving birth.

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C-Section Scars

If you happened to have a C-section then you’ve likely noticed the “battle scar” going across the tummy. Though scarring is common and your body’s way of healing from the surgery, it can still be a real kill-joy to look at. Even if you vow to never wear a bikini again, you still want to feel confident and with tummy scars, it can be a bit difficult.

The Fix: While some scars will become a lot thinner over the next year or so, treating the scars early is essentially the best way to make them less visible. There are several options to consider for fixing this problem. Over the counter creams, for instance, with an active ingredient onion extract can help to significantly reduce the appearance of the scars. Medical treatment options would include solutions like laser surgery or steroid injections.

Saggy Breasts

When your body is going through the changes of pregnancy and childbirth, your breasts seem to take a serious blow. What were once perky breasts are now saggy, which can really make you feel unattractive or old. Sagging breasts are caused by hormones which cause the breast tissue to expand and the skin to stretch. While giving birth and breast feeding can often help the breast tissue to shrink, the skin doesn’t bounce back as easily.

The Fix: Before you run out and try to purchase breast firming creams you should be forewarned that in many cases they aren’t as effective. If you want to get those breasts back in shape, it is recommended that you exercise. Choosing exercises that specifically tone the pectoral muscles located near the breasts will help lift them back up. This can include push-ups and chest presses. Be sure to wait until you’ve been cleared by the doctor before you start exercising again.


Flabby Stomach

Most women report dropping their pregnancy weight after giving birth. However, there always seem to be that little bulge around the tummy area that just won’t go away. You’ve tried sit-ups and crunches but still can’t get rid of it. The reason – most of the flab is nothing more than stretched out muscle and skin.

The Fix: The trick is to switch up your exercise routine. Crunches are only designed to help deal with the lengthwise muscles in the stomach. However, the problem is in the transverse muscles or the horizontal muscles in the abdomen. First, you want to make sure that you’re doing cardio so that you can reduce the body fat altogether. However, exercises such as planks, lying leg lifts, and the stomach vacuum, for instance, are great ways to target those horizontal muscles.

Stretch Marks

Many women end up with stretch marks after giving birth. This is a direct result of your skin stretching to accommodate your growing body.

The Fix: There are a ton of creams out there that advertise the miracle of reducing stretch marks, but not all are created equally. It is ideal to select a Retin-A cream that can be used after pregnancy. The cream is said to boost the development of collagen which helps to firm the fibers where the skin stretched.

Getting your body back to what it was before the baby arrived will require a little patience and the right treatment. With time, however, you’ll be summer ready and feeling great. Remember, because your body is still changing after pregnancy you want to talk any solutions over with your doctor prior to getting started. Ultimately, your health is what matters most.


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