Happy National Nurses Day!


Did you know that today, May 6th, is National Nurses Day. A special thank you to Top Agency PR for reminding me of what special day today is.

I think today, more than ever, we should all come together to celebrate these incredible women and men who put their lives online day after day to ensure the health and well being of their patients.

I have always thought that nurses didn’t get as much praise as they deserved. I felt that way long before COVID-19. Nurses are often the first medical professional that people see when they go to a doctor’s appointment, Urgent Care or the hospital.

Nurses help you to feel more relaxed about the situation. They comfort you and help you to feel calmer about the situation – or at least that is how it’s always been for me.

Nurses also do a lot of the tests and procedures necessary for the doctor or surgeon to do their job. Taking blood, inserting IV’s, checking blood pressure, hooking up EKGs… nurses do it all, and then some.

I’ve been to more doctor’s and hospital visits than I care to remember. I have always had wonderful experiences with nurses. To give you a few examples.

I have to get iron infusions delivered through an IV, once a week for several weeks, every year. I have those veins that don’t like to cooperate. Just when you think you’ve found a good one for the IV, the vein “disappears” or doesn’t want to cooperate. The nurses that have worked with me over the years are so patient, kind and understanding. They always apologize to me when the first poke doesn’t work. They know that I don’t want to be there, and I don’t want to be in pain, so they do the best they can to minimize any discomfort I might have.

Another great example of why I appreciate nurses is our pediatrician’s office. My son was born 9 weeks premature. Most of the nurses knew him from the first day he came into their office (when he was around 34 days old). They remember him being so tiny.

Every time my son would come to the office, the nurses all fawned over him. Seeing him was like seeing one of their own. They always talked to him and asked him how school was going. The older he got (at taller!), the nurses would always comment on how much he’s grown, and how handsome he was (he would blush in response).

Nurses are truly angels that walk among us. They are compassionate individuals that don’t get enough recognition.

With this crazy pandemic, nurses are working 16+ hours shifts, staying away from their families for long periods of time, and putting their own health on the line day after day to help those affected by the virus. Some nurses even put their lives on hold to travel to other cities and states to help out where needed. Talk about a commitment to their jobs!

Today, and every day, you should celebrate nurses. Let them know how much you appreciate all that they do. And I don’t mean only during the pandemic. I mean that year round. Nursing is one of those “thankless” careers and we need to change that. We need to make sure we thank them every time they offer their services to you.

Are you a nurse? Do you know a nurse?

I’d love to hear some of your nurse stories. I would also love to know how you are celebrating National Nurses Day. Please comment and share your stories and thoughts.

For more about National Nurses Day, please visit National Nurses Day on the National Day website.


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