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It’s back to school time!

My kids go back to school after Labor Day. We’re not 100% ready to go. We still have a few more school supplies to purchase before the “big day”.

Our daughter is a senior this year. The other day she said to me “This year will be my very last first day of school”. Ugh! That made me want to cry! It’s hard to accept that fact, especially because her very first day of school ever is still somewhat fresh in my mind. In fact we stumbled across a photo of her very first day of school not too long ago.

Last year out son didn’t eat lunch at school. He’s not a fan of school lunches to begin with (who is?). He also didn’t want to lug his lunch around with him all day (he didn’t like going to his locker because it was on the other side of the school). That meant that he didn’t eat all day so by the time he got home he was famished and would eat anything and everything he saw.

I want to avoid his binge eating when he gets home this year. He put on a lot of weight over the summer. We’re hoping when he goes back to school and he’s not home all day to pick at things in the kitchen that he’ll lose the summer weight he gained.

We’ve already started to bring less junk foods in our home. We don’t keep a lot of junk in our home. My kids are allowed ice cream and chips – within MODERATION. Moderation is what my son doesn’t take to heart.

I try and make up small containers of snack foods so that he knows when to stop. There is also plenty of fresh fruits and veggies on our kitchen at all times. He eats them too.

There is a great new snack option available that he loves. I need to pick up more before school starts. It’s called FIT. FIT is a popcorn snack from the popcorn makers Popcorn, Indiana.

FIT Popcorn Indiana

FIT popcorn is…

  • All Natural
  • Gluten FREE
  • Whole Grain
  • Non-GMO Corn
  • Has Zero Trans Fat

The more I learn about GMO’s and Gluten the more I worry about the things my family consumes. I’m happy that FIT popcorn is a better for your snack option – even better then most other popcorn brands.

FIT is available in yummy varieties like Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Real Butter and Parmesan & Herb.

FIT popcorn also contains 40 calories or less per serving (1 cup). Popcorn is already a low fat, low calorie treat providing that it’s not covered in globs of butter, heavy toppings (like chocolate) or cooked in grease.

FIT is available in individual snack size bags. This is what I want to pick up for my son. It’s something he could tuck inside his backpack and take to school with him to snack on and he can enjoy a bag when he gets home from school.

Popcorn Indiana Variety

My family and I tried out a few of the flavors and they were a hit with my kids and even my picky husband. I know he would take the snack size FIT popcorn to work with him for a snack too. Everyone in my home loves popcorn.

FIT is currently available at select Safeway and Bed, Bath & Beyond stores. The larger bags are available online at the Popcorn, Indiana website.

Popcorn, Indiana make other varieties such as Sriracha (I found this to be too hot and spicy for me but my kids liked it), Kettle Corn, Caramel, Cinnamon Sugar and their unique Chicago Style with is a combination of cheddar cheese popcorn and caramel. The combination might sound a little gross to some people but we’ve tried it and we love it. The flavors actually go very well together. They even make something called Chip’ins.

Popcorn, Indiana popcorn is available in a variety of sizes too from their snack size bags to their huge 23 ounce (over a pound!) bags.

For more information visit www.PopcornIndiana.com. You can also check out the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterst (links found on their home page).

Have you ever tried Popcorn, Indiana popcorn? If so, do you have a favorite flavor?



*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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  1. rochelle haynes says

    I love popcorn this sounds good

  2. I love the snack size bags which makes this an excellent option for lunch bags, day trips and commuting.
    otoh, when at home I’m frugal enough that air popping corn is the way to go for family size healthy snacking.