Hellman’s for the Holidays!


Hellmann's for Christmas

When you think of the holiday season, what comes to mind? Gingerbread? Homemade cookies? Presents? Long checkout lines? Fighting for parking spaces? Christmas music? Hellmann’s?

Hellmann’s? Why would anyone think of Hellmann’s during the holiday season?

Many people might associate Hellmann’s with warmer weather activities. After all, Hellmann’s (or Best Foods in some parts of the country) goes great with summer time foods like egg salad, macaroni salad, sandwiches and spiced corn on the cob. Did you know that Hellmann’s mayonnaise is also great in holiday recipes too? For example, Hellmann’s helps to make mashed potatoes smooth, moist and creamy.

Hellmann’s mayonnaise not only adds flavor and creaminess to a recipe, it also helps to add moisture.

One holiday meal that you don’t want to get dried out is your holiday turkey.

When I think of turkey I something think about the scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when Clark cuts into the dry turkey and everyone is left to gnaw on the dried up pieces of meat.

Having a dried out turkey is always a concern of mine. Chicken too for that matter. Adding some Hellmann’s to your holiday bird can help prevent it from drying out.

Check out this mouth watering holiday turkey recipe from Chef Tim Love.


Does that look good! I’m sure you can use this recipe on a roasting chicken too.

In addition Chef Tim Love has some delicious recipe ideas for your left overs.



Of course these recipes can be enjoyed year round.

One recipe that I have wanting to make is the infamous Hellmann’s Chocolate Cake. I have tasted this cake a few times and it’s amazing. I just haven’t made the attempt to make it myself. I’m a good cook, but not a great baker. I tend to burn things, even if I use a timer. Either that or they end up sticking to the pan or baking lopsided.

Hellmann’s not only makes a great cake, but also chocolate chip cookies. How many people do you know go all out this time of year and bake enough cookies to feed an army? Chocolate chip cookies are very popular to make because they tend to be everyone’s favorite.

Hellmann’s has recipes on it’s site for treats that are sure to thrill holiday guess including Holiday Spiced Chocolate Layer Cake, Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Brownies and Pumpkin Spice Cake – all of which would be great to serve guests.

Hellmann’s works great in appetizer recipes too. Check out some quick and easy holiday recipes from Chef Tim Love.


There are hundreds of recipes found on the Hellmann’s website, not only for appetizers and desserts but also main meals.

As you can see Hellmann’s mayonnaise is for so much more than backyard barbecues and tasty sandwiches. It’s an essential and delicious ingredient in so many recipes.

To see what other yummy things you can make with Hellmann’s (or Best Foods) this holiday season and beyond visit www.Hellmanns.com. Visit the “Recipe” tab on the top of the page.

Be sure to stay connected with Hellmann’s via the social networking sites too such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can find even MORE recipes on their social media sites too.

Do you use Hellman’s in your recipes year round? What is your favorite holiday recipe made with Hellmann’s? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Chef Tim Love Turkey


*I was not compensated for this post. I am sharing these recipes for the enjoyment of my site readers. The opinions expressed are my own and no influenced in any way.


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