Help bring a smile to the face of a child simply by saying “Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots”

*I have partnered with Amazon to bring you this information. 

This morning I had a lot of errands to run. I was planning on getting everything done on Saturday, but unfortunatly my plans had to change. In order to make sure I got everything done, I got up early today and put a lot of miles on my car going from place to place.

One of the things I needed to do today was track down a local Toys for Tots collection box. Every year my family donates as many toys as we can to our local Toys for Tots program. Last year there was a donation box located inside our local Police department’s lobby. When I stopped by today there wasn’t a box. Thankfully I was able to locate a drop off location with the help of some friends.

It’s important for us to donate to Toys for Tots. As a parent, I could not imagine my child waking up Christmas morning and not finding a toy under the tree. It breaks my heart knowing that there are children who don’t get any toys, or very few, while their friends and classmates are getting the latest video gaming system, new bikes and the “hot toy” of the season. No child should ever have to experience that.

Amazon is doing something to help make donating toys much easier. All you need is an Amazon Alexa.

The one we own is in the center of the image (tall, place tube).

If you are not familiar with Alexa, it is a device created by Amazon to act as your own personal assistant. There is so much Alexa can do. They are also constantly introducing new skills that you can have you Alexa do, from ordering supplies to playing trivia games. Alexa can even tell you jokes, facts and even have it turn on/off things around your home.

I use our Alexa a lot to play music. These days I have her play holiday music. I also have her play music when I am cleaning to help me feel more motivated.

We also use Alexa to tell us the weather.

Honestly, there is so much Alexa can do. Now Alexa can help you make a donation to Toys for Tots.

Amazon kicked off Giving Tuesday (November 27, 2018) by launching a new, easy way for customers to donate a toy to a child in need. Customers can now donate a toy to Toys for Tots via Alexa by simply saying, “Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots.” This is the first time that customers can donate a product to a charity via voice shopping and better yet, Amazon will be matching customer donations throughout the end of the year – toy for toy – doubling customers’ contributions.

Check out this brief video about the program.


How wonderful is that! I love this idea.

Now you can donate to Toys for Tots without having to drive all over town looking for toys to donate, or stand on long lines. You can provide a toy to a child in need simply by uttering six little words – “Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots.”

Once you have alerted Alexa that you want to donate to Toys for Tots, you will get a different response depending on what Alexa you have.

I have seen the Toys for Tot’s “wish list.” Most of the items are under $20. Some of the items on the list include a plush Minnie Mouse, Monopoly, a Nerf football, Fingerlings and LEGO sets.

I love that Amazon is going to double the toy donation by matching all of the donations received by Alexa. Think of the thousands of toys that could get into the hands of children in need.

I know A LOT of people with various versions of Alexa (we have the original Alexa). If every Alexa owner would make just one donation it would make a HUGE difference this holiday season.

I hope that you will consider donating a toy to Toys for Tots, whether it’s through Alexa or in person. If Toys for Tots is not available in your local area, I hope there is a similar program available to you.

For more information about the various Alexa, visit the Alexa product page.

The brand can also be found on social media. Check out the hashtag #DeliveringSmiles to see what others have to say about this program.

Do you own an Amazon Alexa? Are you considering telling your Alexa device “Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots?”


*I am receiving an Amazon Alexa device in exchange for my participation (I also own an Alexa that I purchased on my own). There is no financial compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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