Helping A Loved One With Their Chronic Health Problem


There are few things more distressing or upsetting than being diagnosed with a chronic health condition. If it happens to you, that’s one thing – but when it happens to a family member or your partner, that is just as likely to affect your life profoundly. In many ways, it will affect you even more, especially if that person is not expected to last very long. You will probably be looking for ways that you can help that individual along, and that is the right approach to take. In this article, we will look at a few of the things you can do to help a loved one with their chronic health problem. 

Be On Medication Duty

It is not always the case that those with chronic health conditions have to take a lot of medication. But it is often true, and in such instances you might want to put yourself forward as the person who helps them with their medication duty. This is likely to be especially useful if you are the person closest to them. If it is your partner, for instance, then obviously you live with them and you are the best person to be on medication duty. This is an important role to play, so it is vital that you take it seriously.

Arrange Future Plans

Depending on the nature of the illness, there might be many things that the individual in question needs to plan for in the future. It might be that their illness is going to degenerate, and that they need to start thinking about what sort of medical treatment they are happy to receive, and which kinds of treatment they would rather never have, including extreme measures such as resuscitation. Helping them with these decisions and with putting them in place on paper is a great thing to do for them. If you take a look at willtemplates.com you will see that there are templates you can get for a Living Will, which is the legal document that highlights this very thing.

Provide Space

Sometimes the best thing a person can do for the sufferer is to merely allow them the space they need to breathe. If you look at practicalpainmanagement.com you will see this in some detail. If your loved one is in a position where they don’t actually need someone there with them permanently, then there is a chance that they will prefer to be alone for much of it. You should provide them with whatever space they are asking for, as overcrowding them is unlikely to be beneficial in any way. Providing space is often the kindest thing you can do, and it is the kind of thing which is hardly going to take anything away from yourself – but will still provide them with much comfort. Make sure you give them whatever space they ask for, and they will be much happier.

These three things are all simple ways of ensuring that you are helping your loved one with their chronic health condition. Remember to also look after yourself, and consider switching with someone else in the family should you need a break.

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