Holiday Hacks That Will Stretch Your Dollar Further This Christmas


Buying the perfect gifts for the holiday season is the aim of the game, but you’ve got to have the money. Without a decent budget, you’re not going to be able to afford Christmas this year. Isn’t that a horrible thought! Thankfully, you’re a resourceful, creative person regarding a small budget, and are willing to do what it takes to complete the job.

The excellent news is that you don’t have to look far to find money-saving methods. The tips underneath should make sure you can afford great gifts so that Santa visits your home this year!

Pay In Installments

You don’t have the money now, but you will have it down the line. It’s merely down to the fact that Christmas is expensive and you don’t get paid as much due to the holiday season. After the festive period is over, you’ll be back to earning a full wage, which is why you should put off paying for gifts until January or February. And, you can if you click the Klarna or Afterpay option at the checkout. Typically, there are zero fees for service and the payments are taken automatically every four weeks to one month. You only need to make sure the money is in your account.

Apply For A Loan 

A loan isn’t as desirable as paying for presents in installments, but it’s still a fantastic option as long as you use it wisely. Mainly, this means using it as a short-term method rather than a long-term one. Applicants who opt for a payday advance from Snappy are informed about this from the beginning to save them money on interest and missed payment fees. How much you ask for is your choice, yet it’s vital to consider your incomings and outgoings before signing on the dotted line. Otherwise, you might not be able to clear the balance as soon as you would like.

Cut Back On ‘Essentials’

Almost every feature of Christmas is classed as essential. The reality is that you do without some things and save yourself a small fortune in the process. Gifts will always be on the expensive side, but there’s no reason to splash out on a massive dinner. Two things usually happen with the leftovers: they go to waste or you spend months eating them for every meal. Why not save the hassle, and money, by scaling back? Instead of a turkey, you can go for beef or ham. Rather than all the trimmings, you can cook the veggies that will get eaten.

Track Prices

Prices will skyrocket at Christmas, leaving you with one option – to pay top dollar. However, this only applies to the people who are last-minute buyers. If you’re organized, you can use promotional offers and sales to cut a significant sum from your budget. Two prime examples are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, rather than forking out for Thanksgiving, you can use these holidays to prepare for the 25th.

Are you on a tight budget? How do you stretch your budget to breaking point during the holidays?

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