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Do you suffer from any type of a skin ailment? I personally suffer from eczema. Thankfully it’s not a constant issue. I used to have break outs of eczema like crazy. It used to form on my hands, shoulders, arms, face, neck and scalp. It was a nightmare! The past few year, however, I only have eczema form on my hands, face and scalp. And it’s not a constant thing. I only have break outs every few months. Right now I have eczema on my scalp and right hand.

My dermatologist has prescribed several different medications for my eczema, but I am not a fan of taking prescription medication. I take enough as it is. I also don’t like applying creams with steroids in them on my body, since steroids are not something you really want to mess with.

I’ve tried a boatload of products for eczema and dry skin, as well as products to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy.

As a blogger, I am fortunate to be introduced to a variety of brands and product I wouldn’t normally learn about. Once such brand is HoneySkin. HoneySkin offers consumers a variety of products made from organic ingredients.

I was sent a couple of HoneySkin products to try out for myself.

One of the products I received to review is HoneySkin’s Aloe Vera Gel.

To be honest, the only time I have ever use Aloe Vera gel is when I get sunburned, which is pretty much every time I leave the house, compliments of my overly fair skin.

I’ve never been a fan of using the aloe vera gel for my sunburn because it leaves my skin feeling sticky, and I’ve even have it sting/burn at times, which I know it’s not suppose to do. Then again, the store bought aloe vera gel that I’ve used in the past contains a lot of extra ingredients, some I can’t even pronounce. It’s not straight up aloe vera gel.

My aunt used to use aloe vera gel from the aloe plant whenever we got burned. I know that worked well.

The bottle of Aloe Vera Gel I received from HoneySkin says that it’s organic aloe vera, and that is also contains Manuka honey, apple stem cells, and orchard stem cells. I’m not really knowledgable about the steam cells, but I do know that Manuka honey is used in a variety of ways, and has a lot of health benefits.

There are other ingredients in the HoneySkin Aloe Vera Gel, but it’s the ones featured on the front of the bottle that intrigues me the most.

I honestly thought that this gel was going to be clumpy and gooey. It is when you pump it on to your hands, but once you rub it on to your skin, it absorbs very quickly. It’s also NOT sticky, which is great.

Your skin feels soft and smooth once you apply the aloe vera gel. It feels lovely!

The gel has a subtle scent to it. I find it pleasant. It’s a fresh scent.

I keep the bottle of gel on my desk, and I use it on my hands often. My hands were dry and rough, however, since using this aloe vera gel a few times a day, my hands look better and feel better too.

I’ve also used this gel on my elbows, which get dry and “ashy” at times. My elbows look and feel great!

I initially thought I could use this gel to make hand sanitizer, but after using it a few times, and seeing how nice it makes my skin feel, I opted not to do that and use the gel as it was intended.

If I could buy this gallon size I would. I’m really pleased with this product.

Another product the brand sent me is their Ultimate Face & Body Cream in Coconut Mango scent.

I’m not a fan of mango, but I do like coconut. I smell more coconut than I do mango. In fact, I don’t really smell mango at all.

This cream is more on the thick side. When I use this on my legs and body, I put a clump of it in my hand and rub my hands together, then apply it to my skin. When I use this when I get out of the shower it applies more easily than on dry skin.

This takes a little longer to absorb into your skin, but once it does, your skin feels hydrated and soft. I especially love how it makes my legs feel. Even my husband commented on how nice my legs feel.

I wouldn’t recommend using this as a hand moisturizer, only because it takes a bit to absorb into the skin. If you want a hand moisturizer, use the aloe vera gel instead.

I had eczema on the back of my neck, near my hair line. I used this cream a few times and it helped to clear up the eczema, which was great. It also helped to take away the itchiness associated with the eczema.

I have eczema on my scalp still, but I am not sure how I can apply this product to my scalp.

I have also used this on dry patches on my face. I haven’t used this as an all over facial moisturizer. Instead I use this with my finger and pat it on to the dry patches on my face. It has really helped to clear them up quickly.

The HoneySkin Aloe Vera Gel is my favorite of the two products, but I would certainly re-order the face and body cream too, because I do like the end results of using it.

If you are interested in learning more about these and other HoneySkin products, visit HoneySkin.com. The brand is also found on social media. You can find all of those links on the top right of their website.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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