How Safe Is Your Neighborhood? Use These 5 Tools to Find Out


Love thy neighbor! Ah, you must have heard this quite often. And this seems to be quite true. If you love your neighbor and you live in a safe neighborhood, then it has a direct positive effect on you and your family. Neighborhood safety keeps your stress levels significantly lower and most important; your family feels and stays happier. Another blessing in disguise is that the resale value of your home is really high. What else could you ask for?

But nowadays, the saying ‘Love thy neighbor’ must be preceded by ‘Know thy neighbor’. Yes, this is true irrespective of the fact whether you want to decide where to live or are already a homeowner. The safety of your neighborhood is of great significance. No doubt, it is the result of a collaborative effort, but still, as the well-known saying goes-‘Charity begins at home’, neighborhood safety should begin with you.

So, now let us see what steps you can take to ensure your neighborhood safety. Here we go

Know thy neighbors

Want to know whether a neighborhood is appropriate for you and your family? Well, your search ends at Nuwber.com, Yes, you can easily compare different neighborhoods before making a decision to move to any particular place.

The site is free to use and gives you a clear report about the area or region you want to move to. You simply need to write the name of the area to see whether it promises a safe neighborhood for your family. Once you start living in any locality, you can still use this platform to stay updated about the happenings in your neighborhood.

Now that’s something wonderful and a great tool to know your neighborhood safety and make a well-informed decision. After all, the safety of your neighborhood ought to be your top priority to safeguard the wellbeing and happiness of your family.

Invest in a home security system

Yes, having a home security system can be a great tool to ensure your neighborhood safety. Hence, you must invest in a quality home security system to maximize the safety of your neighborhood.

You will be glad to know that homes having security systems are often avoided by thieves and burglars. This has been revealed by several studies. After all, the safety of your family and neighbors is a team effort. And if all the people living in your area install a home security system in their homes, it can make your neighborhood a safe and peaceful place to live in.

Better lighting means safe neighborhood

Do you know that having adequate lighting in your neighborhood can prove to be a great tool to promote the safety of your neighborhood? Yes, that is, undoubtedly, true.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the initiative to involve each and every single household in your neighborhood for making the place area well-lit in the evenings and at night. For this, ask everyone to get motion-sensor lights installed in the backyards and sides of their homes.

Of course, streetlamps are a must for making the streets safe during the night. Moreover, porch lights are a viable tool to keep you and your dear ones safe. These lights are a clear deterrent for burglars and tend to keep them at bay.

Whenever you or your family member is coming home late, you can easily unlock the door. You can easily see who is coming by peeping through your window. Now you know how porch lights keep your home and neighborhood safe. So, you must ask all households to install and always keep the porch and deck lights on in the evening to ensure neighborhood safety.

Going out of town? Become extra alert

You must make sure to inform your neighbors if you plan to go out of town. This will make them alert and keep a vigil over your house when you are away. After all, your aim is to ensure the safety of your neighborhood and your home too.

In addition, you can use timers on your lamps or lights to make them on and off as per the requirements. You can even get a smart security system at your home to keep it safe if you plan to go out of town for some time. Investing in a good security system is a viable step to ensure your home and neighborhood safety.

Nowadays, there are several good quality home security systems available in the market. Choose the one offering reliability by reading its reviews. The function of a security system is to turn lights and lamps on and off while you are away.

Seek help from your local police department

You can always seek the help and support of your local police department to ensure your neighborhood safety. Yes, the local police officials are there to help you in case of any emergency. Hence, you must approach them and tell your need of safety of your neighborhood.

Whether it is patrolling the streets at night or anything else, you have to request them of different ways by which they can help or assist you in keeping a safe neighborhood.

You can even seek their help to initiate a neighborhood watch program for protecting and safeguarding your home and neighborhood. Neighborhood programs are a wonderful way to help communities curb crime by increasing awareness among people.

Who does not love to live in a safe and friendly neighborhood? Whether it is basking in the glory of the rising sun or enjoying an evening stroll with our family or friends, we all love to dwell in a safe environment. But remember, a safe neighborhood just does not happen. Rather, it is the result of the collective and team efforts of those living in any area or neighborhood.

After all, it only takes a small effort to ensure the safety, peace, health, and happiness of our near and dear ones. Because a safe neighborhood means a happy community.

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