How To Feel Better During Lock Down


Depending on where you are, life might not be so good at the moment. You might be somewhere which is experiencing a resurgence in Coronavirus cases. You might be slightly ill yourself and need to self isolate. Or maybe you’re quarantined after visiting somewhere else. With everything shut, or under new rules, it can be hard to feel good. Especially if you’re an avid gym goer, or someone who likes to socialize a lot with friends. But there are things you can go to feel better about yourself. These of course vary from person to person, and the ideas below are just that. Apply them to yourself in a bespoke way and you might find it a lot easier to navigate these strange times.

Try To Relax

Try to see the positives. Coronavirus is awful, of course. But the time you’re getting to spend at home, with loved ones, or simply with yourself is unprecedented. Use it to really kick back and relax. Recharge your batteries. People relax in different ways. You might want to look at more dab rigs here. Or, you might want to get your head stuck into a new book. Whatever your method, try to use the time the best you can. Especially if you have an extremely busy job in usual circumstances.

Attack A New Hobby

Most people have hobbies, if they have the time. You’ll now have the time unless you’re a key worker. So get stuck into a hobby. Again, this might vary completely. If you want to socialize with your friends, think about gaming. It means you can keep your distance while still being able to talk to them and catch up, all while doing something fun. If you wanted to do something more solitary, you could take up drawing, or maybe reading. Learning a new skill is always fun. Think about learning a new language, or even taking an online class in something. If you attack a new hobby you’ll be far less bored and you can even make your time in lock down somewhat productive. 

Get Fit

What an excuse to finally get yourself into shape. If you can’t do it now, in all honesty, when can you? Being healthy is important to a full and long life. You know yourself better than anyone and it’s time to be hard with yourself. This could be the perfect opportunity to pull yourself into shape. There are many ways to get into shape too. You can start off by simply walking. Get into a routine and do this every day. You can make it harder as you get used to it by going for longer or increasing the hill climbs. When you’re comfortable, start running instead. If you don’t like the thought of slogging it in the rain, then there are dozens of YouTube workout videos you can watch and learn from. These cater to all different kinds of skill level too, so don’t be put off. You can work out in your own home. You could purchase equipment if you wanted to too, but the cost can be prohibitive.

About Kimberly

Kimberly Vetrano resides in the suburbs of New York City with her family and "mini zoo" consisting of five cats, a dog and a Goldfish. Kimberly is a teacher's assistant for a Kindergarten class. When she is not working or blogging, Kimberly enjoys taking photos of nature and hanging out with family and friends.