Improve Your Hair Health In 4 Simple Steps


Your hair is arguably one of your most defining features. I think most of us will agree that we like to keep our hair as healthy as possible. Nobody wants to deal with damaged hair that falls out or turns grey really easily. Unhealthy hair can also look bad and harm your self-confidence. 

Luckily, healthy hair is just a few steps away! It’s really not that difficult to achieve, you just have to know what to do and what not to do. With that in mind, follow these steps to improve your hair health in a matter of days:

Pump your body full of key nutrients

Did you know that your hair is mainly made up of protein? As a result, if you have a diet that’s low in this nutrient, you will end up with pretty weak and brittle hair. On the other hand, increasing your protein intake can help you maintain healthy and strong hair. So, be sure you’re adding protein to your diet to fuel your hair health. 

Similarly, you should add other vitamins or nutrients to your diet as well. The most effective one is biotin, which is one of the B vitamins. Essentially, this vitamin is key for keeping your hair thick and luscious. It prevents thinning and can encourage hair growth as well. If you take a biotin supplement every day, you’ll notice incredible improvements – particularly in how much hair comes out when you brush.

Use an essential oils hair mask

A hair mask is exactly like a face mask, only for your hair. The idea is that you coat your hair in a solution, leave it to soak in, then wash it off. By letting the mask soak, you get all the goodness of the essential oils deep into your scalp. Lavender and rosemary are two of the most common essential oils for your hair. It’s believed they help promote cell regeneration, meaning your hair grows back quicker, and they also help add some strength and shine to your locks. 

Most people recommend using one of these hair masks once or twice a week, preferably before bed. It gives your hair a nice little boost that can keep it healthier for longer. 

Avoid heat


Heat is the enemy of your hair. So many people have heat damaged hair from using curlers, straighteners, and hairdryers every day. Obviously, there are cases where you need to use these items. But, there’s no reason to use them every single day. Hairdryers are especially insignificant as you can let your hair dry naturally. As such, avoid washing your hair when you’re in a rush! Do it the night before, rather than in the morning.

Likewise, turn the temperature down when washing your hair as the heat from the water can cause damage – both to your hair and scalp. In fact, hot water can lead to an itchy scalp, which can cause hair loss if you keep scratching it. It’s also recommended that you wear a hat when out in the sun to further protect your hair from heat. 

Take time to de-stress

Finally, you have to work on feeling more relaxed and less stressed. There are some pretty concrete links between stress levels and hair health. Most notably, high levels of stress are proven to lead to hair loss. You’ve probably heard of people whose hair has literally started falling out because they’re so stressed. There’s also a link between stress and grey hair, so keep that in mind too. 

Ultimately, you have to tackle the situation head-on. Otherwise, what good are all the other steps if your stress causes your hair to fall out and deteriorate? If you’re feeling stressed, you should look at the reasons behind this. Are they work-related? Is there an issue in your personal life? Confronting the cause can help you figure out how to lower your stress levels and feel a lot better. Also, practice a few common stress-relieving ideas, like meditation or yoga. Devote some time every day to relaxation and meditation to lower your blood pressure and calm your mind. This can do wonders for reducing the stress hormones your body produces, lowering the impact it has on your hair health. 

Follow these four steps to achieve healthier hair in a matter of days. It’s not too complicated, just a case of slipping into some good habits. Fuel your hair with the right nutrients and oils it needs to stay healthy, then avoid things that can cause harm. It’s not rocket science, but you will blow people away with how luxurious and healthy your hair now looks.

About Kimberly

Kimberly Vetrano resides in the suburbs of New York City with her family and "mini zoo" consisting of five cats, a dog and a Goldfish. Kimberly is a teacher's assistant for a Kindergarten class. When she is not working or blogging, Kimberly enjoys taking photos of nature and hanging out with family and friends.