“Interesting” People

I am sure every community has as least one. Someone who is a wee bit “off their rocker”. Someone who leaves you scratching your head as to what is going on in their minds? We sure have our fair share, and they are all our neighbors!

We live in a condo complex. There are 40 condo buildings (400 units) and 200+ town homes. Needless to say there are A LOT of people who live here. All we need is a gas station, grocery store and a post office and we can be our own little town within a town.

We have a few people in our complex who are certainly unique. However there seems to be a large collection of characters living in the buildings around me. I think this side of the complex is for the nutty people.

First we have Phil. Phil won’t utter a word to anyone. He spends his days roaming our complex and the three other condo complexes next to ours (our area is nothing but condo complexes). He carries numerous bags with him (reusable ones). He goes around and picks up garbage. He takes garbage to the dumpsters and he takes recyclables to the recycle bin.

Rain, shine or the dead of Winter you’ll find Phil outside cleaning up every one’s mess. I commend him for that but it shouldn’t be his responsibility. Its those who just drop there garbage of where ever that should be cleaning up.

The only time we’ve heard Phil speak is if we meet up with him at the recycle bins. If you don’t flatten out boxes he WILL lecture you on it. Seriously, we have seen him physically dive into the recycle bins (they are HUGE) to grab boxes to flatten them. My poor husband meets up with him there all the time and actually waits if he sees Phil because he knows he’s going to do something wrong to get a lecture from him.

Next we have “Cat Lady”. She passed away a few years ago but her memory still carries on.

Cat Lady LOVED cats. She had AT LEAST 8+ that lived with her, much to the dismay of her neighbors. She also took care of all the stray cats in our complex.

Cat Lady would buy FULL roasted chickens from the grocery store (the pre-cooked ones) and leave them all around the complex for the stray cats to eat. She would also take aluminum pans (the kind an Apple Pie would come in) and fill them with cat food (canned and/or dry) and slide them underneath random cars. Trust me, I have ran over a few myself. The lady didn’t think that a cat or kitten would be under the car eating when the car moved. A LOT of stray cats were killed that way. In the Winter the cats would eat and then crawl up inside the car’s engine to keep warm. Again, many cats and kittens were killed that way. I guess Cat Lady didn’t realize that she was doing more harm then good for the strays.

Cat Lady was NASTY! She also hated dog owners – BIG TIME!

Years ago most of my husband’s family lived in our complex (trust me, I was NOT thrilled about it either). There was my family, my mother in law, two of his brother’s and their families and one if his sister’s and her family. His other sister even owned the laundromat across the street. There was no escaping them.

One day my brother in law was walking his dog around the complex. He met up with Cat Lady who was SCREAMING at him that he was not allowed to walk his dog in this part of the complex because he lived on the other side. My brother in law, not one to shut his mouth and walk away, went right back at her. We heard the commotion because this all transpired in the parking lot in front of our building. My husband and I watched from our balcony in awe, thinking to ourselves that our brother in law just needs to walk away. But did he? No.

All of a sudden Cat Lady freaks out BIG TIME and starts to scream RAPE!!!! at the top of her lungs. OMG! My husband quickly ran down there to help diffuse the situation. Before you know it the Police were there questioning my husband, my brother in law, Cat Lady and a few other people. Both parties were told to leave each other alone and go home. Little did we know at the time that Cat Lady had put us on her “hit list”.

A few weeks passed and all was quiet in our crazy condo complex. That is until one day when me, my husband and our infant daughter were out on our balcony. We noticed Cat Lady lurking between the cars. At first we thought she was feeding the cats but then we noticed she had a camera, and she was pointing it at US! My husband, being a total butt head, started to wave at her and shout down to her that he wanted copies of the photos for our photo album. The whole time I was telling him to keep quiet.

As (bad) luck would have it Cat Lady’s niece lived in the condo next door to us. We saw Cat Lady run across the parking lot and into our building. My heart dropped into my feet because I thought she was coming ot our condo (I don’t take confrontation well). Instead we hear her pounding on her niece’s door saying stuff like “I got it! I got their picture!”. That is all we heard before her niece let her inside.

We never did find out what Cat Lady did with those pictures or WHY she took our picture. We assumed she was going to use them against us some how. She was clearly ticked off that my husband got involved with the situation between her and our brother in law.

By the way, her niece and her husband who lived next door to us were drug dealers, drug users and drunks. They would fight VIOLANTLY pretty much every other day. We called the Police so many times that they eventually stopped coming (I’m not kidding!). Every other day we either called because of the violent fights or because they would BLAST their music in the middle of the night. They must have had a Police scanner because the music would suddenly turn off as the Police arrived. They would never answer the door when the Police knocked so the Police would leave and the music would be back on again. UGH!!!!

We were convinced that our daughter’s first word was going to be a choice four letter one because that is all we’d hear from our neighbors. We were also NOT please with the 3 AM knocks at their door from people coming to pick up drugs or what have you. Sigh… Thankfully he got arrested and tossed into prison and she moved away to Florida.

I did come face to face with Cat Lady about 3 years ago. I was out walking our dog when he was a puppy. I made the mistake of going near her condo. She came running out to me (I ALMOST DIED!) but instead of screaming at me she was asking all these questions about our puppy, petting him and going on and on about stuff. That is how I knew her niece moved to Florida after her husband was thrown in prison. She was actually NICE to me.

Later on that week she died from a heart attack.

Are you getting jealous yet? Come on, admit it, you want to move into our condo complex too! LOL!

We also have Nasty Lady. Yes, we give nicknames to people. Nasty Lady lives in the building next to ours. She has a bottom unit that faces the parking lot and the side walk. She is CONVINCED that ALL dogs ruin the grass. She blames dogs for the dried up patches of grass in our complex, especially around her building. She doesn’t stop to consider that the heat, humidity and lack of rain kills the grass. I’d love to see a dog who can pee so much he can take out a hundred feet of grass in one shot. That must be one hell of a dog!

We try to avoid walking on the side walk by her. It never fails. If she sees you she will come RUNNING OUT at you and start blaming YOU for the grass being dead. UGH!!!

One day I was out in the parking lot walking our dog. I heard an Owl whoo-ing and I turned to see where it was coming from. The Owl was on top of Nasty Lady’s condo building. She saw me looking up at her building and ASSUMED I was looking at her. She actually started to yell over at me asking me why I was looking at her and did I have a problem with her (oh how I had to bite my tongue on that one). I tried to tell her that I wasn’t looking at her but she didn’t believe me and actually came out of her condo and walked over to me to question me some more. I told her I was looking at an Owl, NOT her, and walked away from her. Of course that only ticked her off some more. Now when she sees me she goes out of her way to make nasty comments at me.


Lastly we have Jackie. Dear, sweet Jackie.

Jackie lives in one of the town homes that face the condos. Jackie must be in her mid-50’s. She lives with her alcoholic husband. He’s really mean to her. He won’t let her drive, go anywhere or even do anything. The Police have been there more times then we can count. Many people have tried to help Jackie but with no luck.

We’re convinced that her husband locks her outside of the home. Jackie does nothing but walk around our complex and the one down the street from us. We see Jackie outside as early as 6 AM and as late as 9 PM. She walks in the rain, the hottest weather, Winter…you name it. Jackie’s hair is bright white and she’s so tanned she looks like a piece of leather. She’s also super skinny because all she does is walk, walk, and walk.

Jackie is our resident “dumpster diver”. We’ve seen her in the dumpsters. We’re not sure what she’s looking for but we suspect its cigarettes. Jackie has been seen picking up cigarette butts in the parking lot and bumming cigarettes off of residents. Yes, she smokes other people’s cigarette butts! GROSS! GROSS! GROSS!

We feel sorry for Jackie. I always stop to talk to her when I’m out walking our dog. She tries to talk to our kids but she scares them. They are nice to her but won’t really have a conversation with her. Jackie also doesn’t remember one thing  you say to her. She’ll ask me something one day and then ask me the same thing the next day. She has no memory whatsoever.

Jackie pounces on the delivery men. Not literally but she’ll wait outside their trucks when they are off delivering packages. That way when they come back to their truck she can hit them up for a cigarette and some conversation. Most of the guys literally RUN to and from their trucks to avoid Jackie. Only our regular UPS guy, Tom, will actually have  conversation with her.

These are just SOME of the interesting people where I live. I can’t say there is ever a dull moment around here. LOL!

How about where YOU live? Do you have some colorful characters where you live? Please tell me that we haven’t cornered the market on loony people. Ha Ha.


About Kimberly

Kimberly Vetrano resides in the suburbs of New York City with her family and "mini zoo" consisting of five cats, a dog and a Goldfish. Kimberly is a teacher's assistant for a Kindergarten class. When she is not working or blogging, Kimberly enjoys taking photos of nature and hanging out with family and friends.


  1. Wow the cat lady brings back memories from previous homes. I cant believe she started screaming rape. That tops the list of crazy things Ive seen in a developement.

  2. oh my! that is quite a list. well i think u shud have asked that old caty lady why she took ur hubby’s pic that day when u met her aftr 3 yrs!! (b4 she died). i cant live with curiosity. i just have to know whats going on!! 🙂

    well i think u shud move. weird neighbourhood.

    btw..whatever happened with ur hubby’s new job?? did u mention it here ? did i miss reading bout it?? still waiting…for some good news!

  3. Reading this makes me very glad my nearest neighbor lives a half mile away!! I remember our days of apartment living and the associated joys of having so many people living in such close proximity. You do seem to have more than your share of “interesting” neighbors!

  4. Lauralee Hensley says

    Wow, I kind of do think you have the market cornered on crazy people. I live in the suburbs kind of, the rural suburbs of sorts. We did have a neighbor half way down the block that was a drug dealer, and the sheriff’s dept., came after him one night for busting back into that house when he got kicked out of it by his landlords. I guess he had a gun and was threatening the deputies, so the deputies were telling everyone to stay in their houses. Both me and the husbter were working nights and had to call our bosses telling them we’d be late to work because of the situation and also a couple of deputies cars blocking our driveway.
    We have the lady across the street who never seems to know where her elementary school aged boy is. He runs wild and is even out late at night sometimes. He’s thrown large rocks over 8″ in size and busted a whole in the side of my house, a house down the block, a neighbors car window, and has even started a weedy grass fire behind his house before that the volunteer fire dept. has had to put out.
    The rest of our neighbors are nice and quiet though, so that’s our block. We even have two deputies that live on it. A retired preacher of some faith, not sure which one. A daycare family. Some retired military, one with a wife from Germany who can speak German if you ask her too. I think that’s cool because my husband is half German, but doesn’t remember how to speak any of it.
    We have lots of dog owners on this block too.