Jewelry to Make You Feel Like a Hollywood Star


Each year at the Oscars, even though winning is the main event, it’s fair to say that one thing all viewers are focused on is the bling and sparkle draped over the luxurious celebrity attendees! Unfortunately for all of us, a lot of this amazing jewelry is out of the normal price range, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look a million dollars if you find the right pieces. We have scoured the internet to find some sensational jewelry trends that can do just that. Here is some jewelry to make you feel like a true Hollywood star.

Statement Earrings

Sometimes it is a good idea to substitute huge expense for huge size! Statement earrings are a simple way to pack a lot of punch with your accessories, and the different designs on display from brands like Alessandra Rich jewelry show you just how diverse and interesting the looks can be if you choose the right pieces. Large hoop design earrings, in particular, are a very on-trend design in Hollywood right now.

Fake Diamonds

If we’re being totally honest, the only people who can tell fake diamonds from real ones are those with professional eyepieces and experience! Don’t feel like you can’t accentuate your jewelry collection with costume pieces that sparkle just as brightly as the real thing. It all looks amazing when put together in a stunning outfit.

Chunky Gold Chains

Continuing the chunky theme, big statement gold chains are a huge Hollywood trend at the moment. From your neck to your wrist, gold chains are very fashionable right now, and the general consensus seems to be the bigger the better! Don’t be afraid to really push the boat and go outside of your comfort zone with thick chains.


If you are going to spend Hollywood style money on one item of jewelry this year, make sure that is on a wonderful set of pearls. Everything in fashion is cyclical, and it seems as though the time has come back around for pearls to be front and center. Pearls deliver the perfect blend of style and sophistication.


Exude some of your style and personality in the form of a beautiful broach. Much like pearls, they evoke a golden age of glamour, something that those in Hollywood are always keen to bring back.

Hopefully this has helped you to see that even though you might not be banking the same kinds of checks that Hollywood royalty does, you can still look just as glamorous and timeless thanks to clever jewelry purchases. There is nothing to stop you from achieving red carpet levels of style from the comfort of your wallet.

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