Jumpin’ with Jill the Rock Star Nutritionist!

This past week I have been talking a lot about nutrition and childhood obesity as well as the Warner Brothers & Safeway Eat Right Kids program. So it’s only fitting that I tell you about Jumpin’ with Jill.

Jumpin’ with Jill is great because Jill is a Rock Star Nutritionist!

Jill sings songs all about healthy eating, nutrition and having a great “food attitude”. Her songs also teach children about self esteem.

Jill’s songs are NOT your typical “kiddie songs”. Her music is like a combination of Rock, Pop and Jazz. The songs are catchy and get you moving.

Her song “Get Me Goin’“, which is all about breakfast is super up beat. WOW! Pop this in first thing in the morning when your kids are getting ready for school. It will really wake them up.

Water” is a really cute song. It kind of reminds me of an Irish drinking song, but of course she’s singing about water, not booze. LOL!

One of my favorites is “Beat of Our Body“. It reminds me of an 80’s dance tune! The song is about exercising (and yes, dancing!) as a way to keep your heart pumping.

Slow Food” is a slower pace song. Most like a Blues or Jazz song. This song is about “slow food” is much better and healthier for you then “Fast Food”. She sings about apples, not apple pies and tomatoes instead of ketchup on fries.

The Bone Rap” is just that… a rap song about bones! LOL! I didn’t know that fish and almonds are good for your bones too! I actually learned that from this song. Cool!

Special Glasses” is about reading product labels so you learn to whether or a food on the store shelf is healthy or not.


The Fellowship” is interesting. It sounds like a sci-fi TV show. Like the beginning of the “Twilight Zone” where the man is talking. The music sounds like something right out of Star Wars or Star Trek. LOL! Jill doesn’t sing on this song but rather someone else does.

Super Power Vegetables” is song a about vegetables (of course) and how they make you strong and healthy and how they are good for your body.

Energy” (I can use some of that right now!). This starts out as a Jazz/Blues song but then the speed picks up.

“Soda Pop” is super cute! It’s like a tune right out of the 50’s. I adore this song! It reminds me of Shanana in the beginning. It’s all about how bad Soda is bad for your bones and teeth.

Jumpin’ with Jill – Get Me Goin’ is the PERFECT educational “tool” to teach your kids about eating healthy and taking care of their body. It’s one of those CD’s where they are having fun listening to the music and dancing around yet learning at the same time. It’s health education in disguise!

Jill actually tours the country singing her “healthy” music to schools and other venues. She has a few tour dates still left for September through March of 2010 listed on her web site.

Jill also does parties!

To learn more about Jumpin’ with Jill visit her official web site at http://www.jumpwithjill.com/.

Check out this great video about Jill and all that she does to educate children about health and nutrition.

Check out some of the news appearances and interviews with Jill too!

*I received her CD free to do this review. There was no other compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.
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