Keep Your Companion Pets Comfortable This Winter


Winter is coming, and so is cold weather — something many cats often loathe but dogs love, thanks to the changing landscape the snow brings. But when the temperature drops, it can be outright dangerous for them if it’s too frigid. So what’s a pet parent to do? Keep them cozy, comfortable and prepared for the cold season. Here’s how you can get your furry friend ready for the frigid weather.

1. Protect the Paws

If you’ve ever taken your dog on a winter walk, then you know that icy weather can lead to icy feet. It’s worth checking the paws of your pets to make sure no toxic rock salt or ice is caught in it. You can opt for some comfortable booties to put on your pet’s feet to keep them safe and cozy when outdoors.

2. Opt for a Box or Bed

There’s no question that cats love to cozy up in a plain cardboard box. Opt for corrugated boxes, as they often provide more insulation and will give your furry friend more warmth.

Dogs usually prefer cozy beds and blankets. A pillow and warm blanket can do the trick, too. Some breeds, such as chihuahuas and dachshunds, love to bury themselves in warm blankets. Plus these scenes are great for cute pet photos for holiday cards.

3. Pack a Sweater

There’s always a great debate about whether or not a pet needs a sweater. But when the weather is cold outside, it’s actually something you want to consider. There are some breeds of dogs that are built for freezing weather, including Chow Chows and Alaskan huskies. But many dogs will need a sweater once the temperature drops below freezing. Putting a sweater on your cat might not be so easy, but if they let you, why not go for it?

4. Bring Your Pets Indoors

Whether you have a cat condo or a dog house, it’s a good idea to keep your pets indoors when the weather gets too cold. Unless your pet’s outdoor accommodations come with a heater or proper insulation, leaving them outdoors unsupervised can be a hazard to their health. Your pets could freeze if the temperature drops below freezing. Cats can get frostbite or hypothermia. Instead of taking a chance, you can just bring them indoors to keep them safe and comfortable.

5. Work on Winter Wellness

Cold weather can make some medical conditions worse, such as arthritis. It’s also tempting to forgo taking preventative measures when you think the pests, such as mosquitoes and fleas, are long gone. Sure, dog fleas and mosquitoes may not be as prominent in the winter months as in summer, but why take the chance of your dog coming in contact with the few that are still hanging around? Fleas can survive in temperatures as low as 37.4 degrees for weeks, and it’s not hard for mosquitoes to find a way into your home near a warm, sweaty heater or crawl space. That’s enough time for Fido to catch a case and come down with the “doggie blues” — just in the form of heartworms — and nobody wants that.

It’s a better plan to work on your pet’s winter wellness and continue taking preventative measures, such as giving your dogs heartworm medicine. Allivet offers a variety of discount pet medication options, including Heartgard Plus’ Chewable for Dogs heartworm medicine.

Final Thoughts

The harsh winter weather doesn’t have to stop your companion pet from having year-round fun. By using these tips, you can keep your furry friend comfortable and safe all winter long.

Our dog Espn enjoying the snow. We miss him so much!

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