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Do you have an elementary or middle schooler at home? If you do, you might be familiar with the popular book series, Last Kids on Earth. The popular book series was turned into an animated series that is currently available on Netflix (I linked to the books on Amazon and the series on Netflix for your reference, they are not affiliate links).

I’ll let you in on a “family secret.” My husband has never been much of a reader. I guess you’d call him a “reluctant reader.” It’s never been his thing.

Two years ago my husband started a new job. There is a lot of downtime at his job, so his boss told him that he can watch movies if he wanted to bring in a tablet/iPad, and he was welcome to bring in books to read (how many jobs tell you that?).

One day we were at Barnes & Nobles because I was looking for a book. Sometimes when we are in the bookstore we visit the children’s section. Our kids are young adults, but we find some of the books amusing, and it’s fun to find books that we read when we were kids.

On one visit my husband spied the Last Kids on Earth books. Back then there were just three books. He was flipping through the books when he told me that they looked like cool books, and he wished they were around when he was a kid because he probably would have read them. I jokingly replied that he should find some reading material for work, so why not get one of the books. To my surprise, he did.

Initially when my husband bought the book it was more so as a joke. Turns out he LOVED it. So much so he ended up buying the other books in the series.

My husband can read. He reads just fine. He went to college where he studied journalism. Even though reading a “kids” book sounds odd to most people, it’s OK with him. He find the books amusing, and he likes that they are short (he’s not about to read a book with 600+ pages).

FYI… Diary of a Wimpy Kid books were written for ADULTS, not children, even though people assume they were for kids. I personally interviewed Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s author, Jeff Kinney. That is when he told me they were originally for adults. You can read that interview here.

My husband was thrilled when they book series became an animated show on Netflix. I was too because I finally had the opportunity to see what he liked about the books/series. I like it too. And I’m a fifty-something year old woman.

Jakks Pacific, a toy company that makes a lot of cool toys available for many different brands, has released toys based on the Last Kids on Earth books and series. Needless to say my dear husband was happy to hear that too. He’s a big kid at heart (like me) and loves to decorate his desk at work with fun things.

Jakks Pacific was kind enough to send me some of the available toys to check out for myself. Thank you Jakks Pacific!

Last Kids on Earth Plush Zombie Dolls (sold separately)

These cute (yes, I said CUTE) zombie dolls are about 9″ long and are made out of a plush body and plastic-like head.

When you squeeze the zombie’s head, it’s one eye ball (baseball on the baseball player, yellow eye on the pizza delivery zombie) pops out. It doesn’t come out of the doll (thankfully). It reminds me of those stress toys that you squeeze and it’s eyes and ears pop out (hopefully people know what I am referring to).

I kept one of these (it’s on my desk) and my husband did as well. We actually use them like squeezable stress toys. They are also funny to look at.

Battling Monster Slicer

This is a fun toy for any child that wants to re-create sceens from the books and/or series. It’s a replica of the character Jack Sullivan’s weapon. It used to be a baseball bat. Jack used it to battle the evil monster, Blarg.

This toy is about two feet long and has 50 different unique sounds, phrases and light patterns.

I TRIED to take a video of it, but every time I tried, at least one of my cats would get in the way (we have six cats). Here is a VERY brief video which does not even touch upon all the fun sounds and games this toy offers.


There are five different games you can play with this toy, and five different monsters you can battle.

To play and trigger the sounds effects and lights, simply press on the “battle button” on the handle.

This toy requires (3) AAA batteries, which thankfully are included.

There are several different play sets available. Each includes one of the main characters from the book/series, as well as two zombies.

What I love about the play sets is that they each contain a cardboard backdrop to add to the fun. In addition, each set has a toy that acts as a “shooter” (for lack of a better description) that is used in conjunction with a plastic disc to “shoot” the zombies and knock them down.

Available sets include;

  • Jack & Zombies
  • June & Zombies
  • Dirk & Zombies
  • Quint & Zombies

Here are some random photos from the Jack & Zombies play set.

Jack & Zombies Play Set

Help Jack kill the zombies by inserting a small plastic disc into the shopping cart then “shooting” it at your target to knock it down.

Smashing Dozer Play Set

Similar to the play sets mentioned above, there is also a Smashing Doser play set that comes with a 6′ Doser, disc launcher and cool backdrop that looks like it’s straight out of the book/series.

When you press the button on Dozer’s back, his arm/fish smashes down. Kids can defeat Dozer by using the disc launcher and hitting Dozer in the arm.

My husband had fun playing with the disc launcher sets. Sadly, our cats did too and enjoyed trying to catch the discs.

Biting Wretch Monster Figure 

This is a big figure (similar to Smashing Dozer). When you open up his wings, he has a whopping 16″ wing span!

Just like Smashing Dozer, this figure also comes with a disc launcher. To defeat him you need to his his stomach with the disc.

There is a button on the back of Wretch that makes his jaws move.

Tree Fortress of Awesomeness

If your child love Last Kids on Earth, they are going to want this amusing play set. This set features so much fun things to do. It comes with a Jack figure, zombies, three discs and a disc launcher.

Jack can slide down the zip line when he needs to battle the zombies. You can also attach the disc launcher to the top of the tree house to battle the zombies.

Be careful! If you hit the tree’s trunk, the tree house fortress will collapse!

Chompin’ Blarg 

This is also one of my favorite toys from the Last Kids on Earth collection. This is a big figure (9″).

When you push on the spike found on Blarg’s back, his massive mouth opens and closes (chomps!). If you press another button you can have Blarg grab a zombie and raise his arm.

You can defeat Blarg by hitting him in his stomach with a disc (a disc and disc launcher are included).

To add to the fun this figure also comes with a Jack figure, and a zombie figure, and a back drop.


Last, but not leasts… Zombie Ball.

I love this Zombie Ball. I collect horror memorabilia, and this went right into my collection. It’s a nice size too.

Kids can recreate the scene in which Jack, Dirk and Quint find themselves feeling from the gigantic zombie ball.

The ball takes (2) AAA batteries (included).

When you switch the ball on it groans like zombies. It’s pretty cool. The cats are not sure what to make of it.

This is made out of a hard plastic. It’s not a “bouncy ball.” I wouldn’t recommend kicking it around like a soccer ball either.

One suggestion to play with this toy is to use it in a game of “hot potato.” Pass it around and see who gets stuck with it when the music stops.

I love that it looks like a bunch of zombies rolled into one. That is too funny.

The Last Kids on Earth toys by Jakks Pacific are recommended for ages 6+. They are available at many retail locations including Target, Walmart, Amazon and BAM! (Books-a-Million).

If you would like to learn more about these and other Last Kids on Earth books, visit Jakks.com/LKOE. You can also look for Jakks Pacific and Last Kids on social media.

Is your child/grandchild a fan of the Last Kids on Earth books and/or Netflix series? Do they have a favorite character? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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