List of Top 10 Home Exercises for Different Group of Muscles


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You’re all looking for fast improvements thanks to gym exercises. However, it’s all about having the right exercise for the right group of muscles. Well, in this article, we’ll walk you through the various activities for different body parts. After mastering them, you stand a better chance of achieving fast results from your total gym exercises

Do you work at the office? Well, if that’s the case, then chances are you’ll be hitting the gym only after you’re done with your work duties. With such a narrow window to focus on your body muscles, you’ll have to be objective with your gym exercises, and that’s where we come in handy. Past office hours, the gym floor is crowded, and you’re forced to take what you can get when it comes to equipment. As any gym expert would advise, if you’re doing exercise with the mood that it’s the only equipment, then you’re doing the wrong thing. Get yourself together, and be ready to practice the best gym exercises you’re about to learn. If the equipment is in use, then you’ll have to join the queue and wait.

Best Gym Exercises


The best gym exercises for abs vary depending on your gym experience and desired goals. For beginners, the Low Plank exercise is a high starting point to activate and stabilize your abs. Moving forward, try the beetle for rational stability, and, finally, the High Plank once you’ve advanced the previous ones. Try involving a partner in this!


Beginners can start with proper squats for strong and healthy legs. Then move to small pauses at the bottom of your legs and master the Pistol squats. Of note, this calls for patience and moderation. You’ve got no reason to skip any of these steps as they don’t need equipment.


The best beginner gym exercise for gluteus is Fire Hydrants, and they come hard; so, watch out! You can then switch to Single-Leg Bridge for strengthening the hamstrings.


Start with the Knee Push Ups, and then switch to push-ups in all variations. Once you’ve advanced and have the concept, you can try Plyo Push Ups for more intensity for the chest.


The best shoulder gym exercises also work for the arms. Start with lighter weights, and be careful not to pull muscles. Later on, once you’ve seen results, add more weight to your arms. If you experience any shoulder pain, ask your gym instructor for guidelines.


For beginner gym exercises, start with the Bridge (it serves your abs too). Move to the Superman that activate your lats, and finally, the Limb Raises.

Triceps, Buttocks, and Thighs

Hold some little weight in your hand and stand on your feet wider than hip-width. Do squats to engage your thigh muscles. While at this, put the weights behind you and repeat this gym exercise the other way round.


With your elbows on the floor directly below your shoulders, begin with the modified straight-legged push-up position. Meanwhile, slightly lift your hips and tighten your abs.

Triceps and Chest

Basic gym exercises that engage your arms and chest are the Bench Presses and Push-ups. Do them regularly and enjoy rapid results.

Chest, Shoulders, and Arms

The recommended exercise is the Dumbbell Floor Press. A good practice is to exhale while extending the weights upwards.


While working on your gym exercises, look out for befitting lifestyle changes. Such goes hand in hand with to help you achieve considerable results. Remember, there are no exercises that will be effective without a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle!

What are the best gym exercises to lose weight, in your opinion? Share in the comment section below. 

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