Mattify Costmetics Review & Giveaway

A long, long time ago, when I was a teenager (back in the Stone Age) I used to love to wear make up. I was a teen back in the 80’s… need I say more? Big hair and blue eye shadow was all the rage. 🙂

The older I got the less make up I wore. These days I rarely wear make up at all unless I’m going out. There is no point in putting a lot of make up on just to sit around at home and work on the computer. I’m pretty sure my dog and cats don’t care what I look like. Ha Ha. If I could get a face lift Austin I certainly would. I hate the effect age has on my skin.

When I do wear make up I like to stick with the bare minimum.

Several years ago I discovered mineral make up. I fell instantly in love with it. I love how light weight it is and how easy it is to wash off. It also doesn’t clog my pores and cause me to have break outs.

I only used mineral make up as an over all face powder. I’ve never mineral make up for my eyes, blush or other reasons other than to dust across my face.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive some cosmetics from Mattify Cosmetics. I received a face powder, blush, body and face shimmer and eye shadow.

I have been using mineral face powder for years so I was interested in seeing how the Mattify face powder compared.

Mattify face powder can be used under or over your foundation. I personally don’t use a foundation. I just moisturize my skin then apply the face powder. It works fine for me. I have a very fair (pale) complexion. The face powder is enough to give my skin a shine free finish. I don’t have oily skin, but it can get shiny at times. The face powder gives me coverage and reduces any shine.

So far I have enjoyed the Mattify facial powder. It works just as well as the pricey mineral make up I’ve been buying from the drug store.

Mattify Cosmetics sent me three eyes shadows. The colors I received were Mysterious Aurora, Fields of Gold and Twilight. These eye shadows not only add color to your eyes but they can also be used as eyeliner, nail polish and lip gloss!

I am IN LOVE with Fields of Gold. It truly looks like gold dust. I love wearing it, even if I’m just running around town doing errands. I love how it adds brightness and a bit of sparkle to my eyes.

You can apply the eye shadow to get different looks. Use it dry for just a dusting of color (that is how I wear the Fields of Gold powder) or you can use it with a dampened brush for a more dramatic look.

Twilight is a much darker color. I have been using this as an eyeliner. I have an eyeliner brush that I wet and then dip into the Twilight powder. Then I gently brush it across my lash line. I mostly use it for my eye lid lashes and a little bit in the outside corner of my lower lashes.

This is the only eye liner I have been using for the past few weeks. I find that it stays on my upper lash line all day. On my bottom lash line it lasts most of the day. I think blinking might make some of it come off. I’m not complaining. I still love using it. It works well for my needs.

I was interested in the color called Mysterious Aurora. I contains a lot of shimmering colors all in one. I have used this as both an eye liner and an eye shad0w. I applied it dry becuase I think wet would make it too dark.

The jars are very small for the eye shadows. I was concerned that I would go through the jar in just a week or two but I was wrong. A little bit of powder goes a long way.

I did try the Fields of Gold powder as a lip coloring. It really does work, but the gold tinted sparkly lips just didn’t seem to suit me. 🙂 Maybe if I was going to a club or a night out with the girls I would certainly go for that look. But running around town it just made me look too made up.

I didn’t try it as a nail coloring. I bite my nails (I know, it’s a horrible habit).

Also from Mattify Cosmetics I received a blush called Harmony. Like the face powder its more of a “mat” then something to add sparkle and shine. I probably should have picked a darker color. Even though the Harmony color looks dark enough for my pale skin I think I could have gone with the next darker color. That is OK. I still use it. I love that it’s so light weight. I don’t feel like I’m wearing any make up at all.

Lastly I recevied another product that I really love. It’s a sparkling body shimmer that you can use on your face or your body. I LOVE this stuff! I use a spray on bottle shimmer almost every day. Call me crazy but I love how body shimmers add some sparkle to your skin. I don’t use a lot. Just a little.

Unlike the spray I can use the Mattify Cosmetics Body Shimmer on my face and body. It’s light weight too. Just a little dusting is all you need.

Price wise you can’t beat Mattify Cosmetics. You could easily spend a small fortune on similar make up at your local beauty store or drug store. Mattify Cosmetics are great for people like me who are on a budget and need  to make very penny count. Eye shadow is only $4.99 and the body shimmer is only $6.99 to give you an example. They last a long time too. You only need to use a little bit at a time.

FYI… make sure to tighten the lids on well. If one opens up it can be very messy, as it would be with any mineral powder. My daughter used some of my body shimmer and didn’t screw the lid on good enough and it opened up in my cosmetic bag. Thankfully only a little bit came out.

If you would like to check other the other cosmetics Mattify Cosmetics offers visit www.MattifyCosmetics.com. You can find some handy make up and beauty tips on their site too.

Mattify Cosmetics has generously offered to give a lucky winner a cosmetic bag filled with three eye shadows, a facial powder, blush, body shimmer and brush in the same colors I received. This an almost $50.00 value! Thank you Mattify Cosmetics. *The cosmetic bag might be a different design/color.

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*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.


About Kimberly

Kimberly Vetrano resides in the suburbs of New York City with her family and "mini zoo" consisting of five cats, a dog and a Goldfish. Kimberly is a teacher's assistant for a Kindergarten class. When she is not working or blogging, Kimberly enjoys taking photos of nature and hanging out with family and friends.


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