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The world is in a much different place than it was a year ago. This year has been the craziest year in recent history. The pandemic, protesting, killer hornets… it just seems like one thing after another. What next? An alien invasion?

Sadly, it seems like it’s one thing after another. I know there is already so much on our “plates” right now, but there is something else we should consider, and never forget about – our environment. While we are racing to find a vaccine to present the COVID-19 virus, and trying to find a way to resolve racial inequality, there are still things happening all around us – deforestation, melting polar ice caps, pollution, too much burning of fossil fuels – and this list goes on.

I don’t know about you, but I wish I had a magic ball that could tell me what life will be like six months from now, a year from now and even three years from now. I’m sure I’m not alone in my thoughts.

What if we could take a look far into the future. Well, not that far. How about 2040. That is a mere twenty hears from now. I should be retired by then, and hopefully living in a little cottage with my husband up in Maine (or someplace else beautiful). Hopefully by then we’ll all be living in peace and harmony, and I pray that there are no more pandemics.

There is a new documentary out right now available in virtual theaters, called 2040. It’s a look into the future and what our world might be like.

Here is a brief synopsis of the film;

Motivated by his 4-year-old daughter and concern for the planet she will inherit, award-winning Australian director Damon Gameau (​That Sugar Film, 2015​), embarks on a global journey to discover what the future of the planet could look like by the year 2040 if we embraced the best solutions already available to us, and shifted them rapidly into the mainstream.

Guided by the voices of 100 child interviewees aged 6 to 11 who describe the kind of world they would like to see by the year 2040, Damon draws on the best minds from around the world across climate, economics, technology, civil society, education, agriculture and sustainability to conjure a positive portrait of what ‘could be’, instead of the dystopian future we are so often presented.

What I love about documentaries is that you get to learn about a lot of things you might not otherwise know about. This film really opened my eye to current technologies and practices currently in place that could benefit all of us, as well as our planet, if we could implement them worldwide today.

As a parent myself, I am also concerned about what our planet will be like for my children as they get older, as well as my future grandchild and God willing, great-grandchildren. I certainly don’t want to learn Earth knowing that it’s a mess.

Every day I think about what could “I” do better to make our planet a better, healthier, happier place to live. We conserve electricity, try to limit using our cars whenever possible, recycle, repurpose and re-use things… the list goes on.

This documentary features dozens of children who are also concerned about our planet – their planet – and what concerns they have and what they would like to see for THEIR future. Hearing the heartfelt thoughts from these children really brought the message home to me. We need to do more and we need to do it NOW before it’s too late.

The film’s director, Damon Gameau, travels around the world and meets with people that are doing their part TODAY to help us have a better tomorrow. He meets with people in Bangladesh that have implemented solar micro-grids to help provide energy to communities, as well as a way to help poor people make money. He learns about driver-less cars that we can all share that would help reduce the number of cars on the road.

There is so much “eye opening” information in this film. I think it’s wonderful that there are solutions currently going on around the globe. All we need now is for all countries to “get on board” with them so we can start to heal our planet NOW before it’s too late.

To learn more about this must-see film, visit WhatsYour2040.com. The film is also found on social media.

Below is the film’s trailer for your enjoyment.

What would you like to see happen by 2040? What are things you feel we need to do, as a planet, to make those changes happen? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received a free screener link to review the film. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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