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Available today to stream on sites such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, FandangoNOW, Xbox and Playstation (to name a few) is the comedy Batsh*t Bride.

Batsh*t Bride (yes, that is the actual title) stars Meghan Falcone and Josh Covitt.

Heather (Falcone) is the bride from hell. She takes “bridezilla” to a whole new level.

Heather, by trade, is an event planner. That means she has all the connections and knows how to throw a spectacular party. Now that she’s planning her own wedding, Heather expects everything – and everyone – to be perfect in every way. She will accept nothing less than total perfection, and it’s driving her friends and co-workers crazy.

At Heather’s bacelorette party, her friends encourage her to relax and stop freaking out over everything.

To prove to her friends that she can have fun, Heather decides to play a practical joke on her fiance, Bryce (Covitt), for April Fool’s Day.

Heather thinks it will be funny to tell Bryce that she no longer loves him and doesn’t want to marry him. To her surprise, Bryce feels the same way – only he’s NOT playing a prank on her.

Shocked, Heather doesn’t know what to do. She has mere days before the wedding, and doesn’t know how she can let everyone know the wedding is off, especially because she was so mean and crazy towards them.

Can Heather find a way to fix the problem? Will she and Bryce ever get back together? To find out you need to purchase, or rent, Batsh*t Bride. Look for it at the places suggested above, as well as other places you can purchase/rent movies.

Batsh*t Bride is a fun, lighthearted, rom-com (romantic comedy) – perfect for what has been going on in the world the past few months. The last thing we need is a totally serious film. Personally I prefer comedies in stressful times. They are a great stress reliever.

The film is not rated (I would think it’s a PG or PG-13 rating) and has a run time for 81 minutes.

Since I streamed the movie in order to do this review, I am unaware of any bonus content at this time.

Overall I thought it was a cute film. I think many people can relate to the intolerable “bridezillas.” Personally I never met one (I eloped with my husband, so I never had to plan a wedding), but I have heard horror stories about them. They even showcase some on television (“Bridezilla”).

I think many people can relate to a prank gone wrong, but I would never, ever think it would be a good idea to tell your finance that you no longer love him and you don’t want to get married. Let this film be a warning of what could happen if you take that chance.

I enjoyed the story. I think you can kind of guess how it ends, but none the less, it was fun to watch. I think because you knew how you wanted the film to end.

The acting was good. I think the film makers did a good choice casting the roles. Meghan Falcone pulled off the character of “Heather” very well. The expressions on her face says it all. She doesn’t even need to say a line. You can tell how she’s feeling (angry, stressed out, sad…) just by looking at her face.

This is a fun film, ideal for your “movie night” whether you are alone or with your signifcant other (or roomate). I would not watch this on “family movie night,” simply because children wouldn’t really find it interesting or relatable.

Batsh*t Bride is from Vile Henchmen Productions. You can visit them on Twitter and Instagram (@VileHenchmen on both platforms). You can also check out what people are saying about the film on social media using the hashtags #BatShitBride and/or #BatShitBrideMovie.

Below is the film’s trailer for your enjoyment.



*I received a free screener in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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