Movie Review: Devil’s Domain


Now available on Blu-ray and DVD is the horror flick Devil’s Domain.

The film stars Michael Madsen, Sticky Fingers (yes, that is the person’s name), Fred Rose and Rene Nezhola. The soundtrack features music by Iggy Pop, DMX, The Onyx, and more.

Whenever I am pitched a horror movie I always ask to do a review. I am a big fan of the horror genre. Sadly, they simply don’t make great horror movies anymore – ones that truly make you jump out of your seat and sleep with the lights on. I did review a great horror film a few months ago, but this post is about Devil’s Domain.

I knew from watching that trailer that this was going to be more of a teen type of movie – the type of film teens watch when having a sleepover with their friends.

I am a die hard fan of the genre, so I wasn’t expecting to have the film “knock my socks off.” I was simply looking for something to entertain me.

Devil’s Domain is the story about a teen girl named Lisa. Lisa has “issues” including bulimia (binge eating then throwing it all up), cutting herself and confused about her sexuality. In fact, she loses her best friend when she mistakes something she said and attempts to kiss her.

The kids at school tease Lisa. She is bullied online and in person. There is a particular group of students that torment her the most.

Enter Destiny. A mysterious sexy stranger donning a tight red dress that offers to help Lisa get back at her tormentors. Lisa agrees, not knowing what Destiny has in store for all of them.

It turns out that Destiny is the devil in disguise, and if Hollywood has taught us anything, NEVER make a deal with the devil.

One by one Lisa’s tormentors meet with a gruesome demise. Lisa had no idea that Destiny would take it to such extremes, and Lisa is powerless to stop her.

What will become of Lisa now that she ha made a deal with the devil? Will anyone survive? To find out you need to pick up, or download Devil’s Domain. Look for it where ever movies are sold. You can also order online at the MVD Shop or on Amazon.

Meh… the movie was alright. I honestly wasn’t expecting too much from it. It’s a typical, silly horror film geared more towards teens. There is a lot of sexual references and plenty of over-the-top gore.

Seriously… at one point did film makers decide that they only way to make a horror movie is to be overly gory and/or rely on scantily clad teens obsessed with sex? Sigh…

The movie was OK. I was able to sit through it, although I did try not to laugh a few times because it was comical than it was scary. It’s not something I would watch again. It wasn’t my “cup of tea.” Even my husband got bored with it about half way through and ended up going on his laptop, only occasionally looking up to see what was happening on the screen.

I know that bullying is a horrible thing. I have been bullied myself. However the gruesome “pay back” for Lisa’s tormentors really pushed the envelop.

The ending of the film was NOT what I expected either. I don’t want to give it away, but I honestly thought it would end differently (in a more positive note).

I wish I could have given this film a better review. I guess I was expecting the film to be a bit different than it was. It just goes to show that sometimes movie studios put the best parts of a film in a trailer as a way of luring people into seeing it. I think that was the case here.

Please keep in mind that this is just ONE person’s opinion on the film. Other people might love it. It’s up to YOU to determine whether or not you are interested in seeing it. Like my mom always said, “One man’s meat is another man’ poison.”

Here is the trailer for your enjoyment.



*I received a free screener to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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  1. Terra Heck says:

    Like you, I’m a fan of the horror genre. And, like you, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a really good one. I just watched the trailer for this film and it looks super cheesy. I’ll be avoiding it.