Movie Review: Summerland – Available today in Select Theaters & VOD/Digital Platforms


Now playing in select theaters, as well as available on VOD/Digital platforms, is the Brittish film, Summerland.

Summerland stars Gemma Arterton (Gemma Bovery, Byzantium, Quantum of Solace), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (upcoming Marvel series Loki, Motherless Brooklyn, Beyond The Lights, Belle) Penelope Wilton (“Downton Abbey,” The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), Lucas Bond and Tom Courtenay (The Aeronauts, Doctor Zhivago).

Summerland is a film about a woman name Alice (Arterton), who lives as a bit of a recluse on a clifftop. The town’s children think she is some kind of a witch and tend to taunt her, making her have a strong dislike of children. Alice is also not the nicest person.

Alice spends her time working on her thesis about folklore, particularly debunking myths and using science to disprove other-worldly forces and magic.

Although Alice (also referred to as Miss Lamb by the people in town) keeps herself busy, she still lives a very lonely life.

One day there is a knock on her door. It’s from a social worker who needs to place a young boy named Frank (Bond)in her care. Frank’s father is in the military (pilot) and his mother still resides in London. Children have been sent away from London due to the random bombings by the Germans that took place back in WWII. Many children were sent to live elsewhere to keep them safe.

Alice wants nothing to do with taking care of a child, and demands that they send him to live with someone else. The social worker tells her that there is no place else for him to go, and asks if she could please let him stay with her for at least a week until a new family is found. Begrudgingly she accepts.

Alice makes is all too obvious that Frank is not welcome there. She doesn’t even want to provide him with a room to sleep in or a hot meal. All she wants is for him to get out of her home ASAP.

Alice is a very unhappy woman. Not only does she lead a lonely existence, but she’s also never got over the heartbreak of a love affair she had when she was younger.

In due time, Alice starts to take a liking to her house guest, and together they start to have an understanding towards one another. Alice even goes so far as to open up her heart a bit, something that has been sealed closed for a long, long time.

Just when you think you know how the story is going, it throws in an unexpected twist that you won’t see coming (I know I didn’t expect it).

Will Alice ever learn to love again? Will Frank finally be able to reunite with his parents? Will their time together have a life-long impact on their lives? To find out you need to check out Summerland. Look for it at a theater near you or on VOD/digital.

The lesson to be learned with this film is to embrace life’s miraculous unpredictability, and that wounds may be healed, hope and second chances do exist.

I watched this film with my husband. Sadly, this film would fall under the “chick flick” category. My husband lost interest in the film right away. He also said that that the film was too slow. Keep in mind he loves high-octane films with non-stop action, so of course he’s going to find a film like this a little too slow for his liking. But that is just his opinion.

I personally didn’t think that that film was slow at all. I thought the pace of the film was just fine.

I love the location where the film was shot. It’s suppose to be in Kent (U.K.), but the white cliffs in man of the scenes remind me of the white cliffs of Dover (U.K.). I went there once when I was a teenager. I’ve always found them to be breathtakingly beautiful.

My family is from the U.K. (Wales to be exact), so seeing the places where this film was shot reminds me of the places I visited as a child.

I like the actress Gemma Arterton, although she looks a lot different in this film than I am used to seeing her. I think her haggard appearance in the film was just a part of her character. She’s curmudgeonly and snarky, so her look fits her character. As time goes on, and she learns to open her heart up to young Frank, you can see more “life” in her face and her appearance.

Lucas Bond (Frank) did a fine job acting out his character.

I screened this film digitally. I am not sure if there will be any bonus content with this film. At this time I also do not know the film’s rating. I would suspect it will be rated PG or PG-13.

Below is the film’s trailer for your enjoyment.



*I viewed a free screener in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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