Nerf Gun Activities You Can Think Of For Your Next Holiday


With a nerf gun at your disposal, you can never run out of ideas of merrymaking. You shall always find yourself amidst fun and frolic galore when you have the perfect ideas about wielding those fun guns. Christmas or a regular summer picnic, nerf guns can add variety, excitement and a scintillating edge to anything and everything. Most importantly, nerf gun activities appeal to adults and young alike. There are a number of celebrations lined up in this quarter of the year, which is why we thought it would be nice to put together a list of ideas for activities with nerf guns that can liven up your time with your family and friends. But ditch wondering “Where can I find the best nerf gun?” and get your hands on the best ones before starting with the activities, lest you should spoil the festive mood. It is crucial to have everything arranged and sorted so that you do not have to regret your mismanagement skills at the last minute.

There are several games and activities you can arrange with nerf guns, outdoors and indoors alike. We shall deal with each of these in the following sections.

Test Your Shooting Skills:

All you need for this inexpensive game are plastic cups and nerf darts. Arrange the cups in a pyramid. The more cups you have, the better it shall be. At least have a target height of 2 feet so that you can invest enough time to go through with the activity. Now, the rule is pretty basic and old school. Write points on the cups and start shooting at the cups with your nerf darts turn by turn. Add up all the points written on the cups that are knocked over. The one with the most points should be declared the winner. Neat, right?

Engage in Some Nerf Duel:

This classic indoor game cannot go amiss when you are on a mission of enlisting activities involving good old nerf games. The rules for this game are pretty basic too. There must be two teams, with more than two players at least. The players of each team should not run, walk or move from their position. They must remain at their spots and try to obstruct the nerf darts being shot at them. Once a player moves from his/her place or runs out of nerf darts, he/she is immediately disqualified. There thus, shall be only one winner standing at the end of the duel.

Nerf Jenga:

You shall be spicing up your ordinary Jenga game with this beautiful and innovative game called Nerf Jenga. Pile up some wooden tiles or plastic tiles, or whatever you have at your immediate access, enough to make an organised structure. Take turns and start shooting your nerf darts one block at a time, without toppling the entire structure. The winner shall be the one who manages to shoot as many as tiles possible without dismantling the whole structure.

Now that we have covered three brilliant indoor nerf gun games, we shall move on to some options where you can enjoy with your nerf guns under the sun.

The Zombie Apocalypse:

The game follows the usual zombie gig, where zombies would be chasing down humans and human must avoid being tagged by them. All you have to do is divide yourselves into two teams-one of the humans and one of the zombies. The human team shall be armed with nerf guns, whereas the zombies shall have nothing at all with them.

The zombies shall chase the humans on the count of ten, after being hit by a nerf dart by the humans. Once a zombie touches a human, it is the end for that one human. Therefore, if you are on the human team, you must avoid being touched by a zombie at all costs.

The Elimination Game:

This is your classic nerf gun activity where both the teams are armed with nerf guns. Both the teams must keep shooting at each other and knock down as many as possible. There must be some criteria for being declared as the winning team; for instance, a team might require at least three people standing to be declared as the winner.

Defending the Core:

This is a team game, just like the other ones where two teams shall have a basket or a bucket placed in a particular spot that shall serve as their core. Each team must try to shoot darts with their nerf guns as many as possible in their opponent’s core. The team with the highest number of darts should be declared the winner.

Nerf guns have been in vogue for a long time now, and given the popularity they enjoy, it seems like they shall be around the corner for a long time to come. Therefore, without further ado, shop for some nerf guns and make use of one of these activities to enliven your next holiday.

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